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Teen Wolf Season 6 Video: Watch the First 10 Minutes of the Final Season

The final season of Teen Wolf is nearly upon us, so it’s only fitting that the creepy show released the first 10 minutes on Saturday at the New York Comic-Con.

What’s in the video? Well, there’s a date horribly ruined by paranormal phenomena (and by a failure to have proper repair equipment), a brave attempt to stop a helium theft, and a brief glimpse at what could be Teen Wolf‘s newest Big Bad — a creepy, gun-wielding fellow on a black horse.

It’s a bit nuts. But that’s what you should expect in a Teen Wolf season 6 video like this. Watch for yourself below.


Teen Wolf returns with new episodes on Tuesday, November 15 at 9pm on MTV.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Trailer: Senior Year Is Scary

Teen Wolf will soon be back on MTV for season 5. But this is not a happy, fun romp through the woods with Scott and friends. As the trailer for the new season shows, dark forces are coming for the Pack. Forces even worse than SAT tests and college-admissions essays.

What are those forces exactly? Teen Wolf is keeping silent for the moment, but they may come in the form of creepy figures with gas masks or as hot new guys with potentially evil ulterior motives.

Teen Wolf season 5 begins with a two-part premiere on Monday, June 29 at 10pm and Tuesday, June 30 at 9pm.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Video: The Doctors Will See You Now

Teen Wolf season 5 may be a little bit crazy.

MTV released its first trailer for the upcoming season on Sunday. While there isn’t a lot of footage — mostly the video just shows flashes — there’s already plenty of fear. Who are The Doctors? What do they want from Scott McCall and his motley pack of creatures.

And what’s up with those creepy tubes???

The 20-episode season of Teen Wolf, which is expected in the summer of 2015, will focus on the kids heading into their senior year of high school (other than Liam, of course). They’re growing up… assuming their newest foes don’t kill them all first.

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4 Finale: ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ and Season 5 Questions

teen wolf season 4 finale smoke and mirrors tyler posey

Teen Wolf has come to the end of another weird, twisted and often-confusing chapter with the season 4 finale, “Smoke & Mirrors.” But you might still have a few questions that season 5 will need to answer. I sure do.

First, however, a short recap of everything that happened and why it matters:

  • Thanks to (I guess) the Vet’s visit to Eichen House, everyone knows that Scott and Kira were kidnapped and dragged back to where the whole season started — Mexico.
  • Sheriff Stilinski really needs to figure out that Stiles never, ever, under any circumstances, listens to his father.
  • Lydia misses the road trip because she would totally know that Scott has been berserker-fied. But at least she gets some quality bonding time with Mason in the school basement. Also, that kidnapping allows Stilinski to work out his “I’m gonna kill Stiles” issues in a productive way.
  • The Calaveras are back — fitting, since the final showdown is on their turf — and mostly dead. Except Mama Calavera, who may be taking some time of Jane the Virgin for future Teen Wolf appearances (yay!).
  • Kira knows how to heal herself now (hint: it’s not pretty) and earns her first tail, which seems to take the form of an obsidian throwing star.
  • Scott gets over the whole berserker thing thanks to Liam repeating that whole “We’re not monsters” line from earlier in the season. It’s sweet and totally justifies the addition of this little brother.
  • As many suspected all along, the root of all villainy this season (other than the Benefactor story) is an unholy alliance between Peter Hale and Kate Argent. In return for showing Kate how to dominate berserkers and whatnot, she was to turn Scott into another berserker, thus allowing Malia, Peter or whoever to kill the Alpha. That way, Peter gets to be in charge again.
  • Obviously, this plan was doomed to failure.
  • Argent doesn’t quite manage to kill his sister, but he’s hooking up with the Calaveras now, so she’s on the run.
  • Despite almost dying, Derek is now a full-on shapeshifter who can turn into a wolf. He also has a girlfriend who doesn’t want to kill him. Season 4 is full of win for Derek Hale!
  • Scott defeats Peter (by going all Neo on that bad man) and still manages not to kill anybody.
  • And Peter gets his just desserts, stuck in a mountain ash prison at Eichen House with Mr. Gross-Third-Eye.

So that’s season 4. Now for some questions that season 5 really, really needs to answer.

  • Is there a reason why or how Deputy Parrish is in Mexico? Is his supernatural-ness represented not only by miraculous fire-survival but also by random trips south of the border?
  • And oh yeah, what is Parrish anyway?
  • Do we know who the Desert Wolf is? Or is this just a set-up for next season? It doesn’t appear to be Kate Argent anymore.
  • Is Chris Argent gone for now?
  • Where is Danny? Weren’t we supposed to get a return of Beacon Hills’ most popular guy by now?
  • Are the many creatures hidden away in Eichen House coming to get the teens next season?
  • Does Malia live with the Stilinskis at this point?
  • That whole Kira-is-going-to-move storyline has been shelved, right? She and Scott are far too cute for long-distance.
  • Can we get a web spinoff that details nothing more than the life and times of Coach? Because that would be incredible.

The questions may have to wait awhile, but at least there is a Teen Wolf season 5 coming at some point to MTV. It’ll be a long wait until then though!