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Arrow, The Flash, and More Go Lego to Promote Lego Batman

lego batman arrow the flash warner bros
Warner Bros.

A whole bunch of Warner Bros. TV shows have been bricked in order to help promote the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie.

On February 6, Warner Bros. revealed a series of Lego-inspired billboards advertising some of the studio’s biggest shows — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, 2 Broke Girls, Gotham, and The Middle all got the Lego treatment. Warner Bros. said in a press release that over 10,000 Lego bricks were used to create the whimsical posters.

And because banners alone are not enough, there’s video fun to be had as well. A short animated video came out as well, featuring Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) interacting with some of The CW’s own superheroes. Batman, it turns out, isn’t so impressed by the Flash, the Green Arrow, Supergirl, or Atom (each voiced by their TV actors Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist, and Brandon Routh, respectively).

More Batman and more Lego will be seen between February 6 and 8, when Batman will be crashing through the Berlanti Productions logo at the end of episodes of Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow.

All of this is leading up to the theatrical release of The Lego Batman Movie on Friday, February 10.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Arrow Season 5 Video: Stephen Amell and More at Comic-Con

Arrow season 5 promises to be a big one for Oliver Queen and company. After all, at the end of the previous season, most of the team abandoned their vigilante mission for… well basically, anything else. It’s like they don’t want to be in life-and-death situations all the time!

Fortunately, this is Arrow and the whole gang is likely to be back, fighting for justice and their very lives, within the near future.

Who better than to tease when this might occur than the cast of Arrow themselves? Watch these Arrow season 5 video interviews shot at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Stephen Amell

Emily Bett Rickards

David Ramsey

Willa Holland

Echo Kellum

Paul Blackthorne

Executive producer Wendy Mericle

Arrow season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm on The CW.

Arrow Season 5 Spoilers: 5 Things to Know About the Premiere

arrow season 5 premiere spoilers legacy 501 oliver queen stephen amell cw
The CW

It’s been a long summer, but Arrow season 5 is about to premiere with new episodes. What does that mean? Well, for the premiere episode, “Legacy,” it means a whole lot of changes for Oliver Queen and company. Remember — most of the team dropped the whole vigilante gig after the season 4 finale.

Oliver and Felicity Smoak are still in the game, a fact complicated somewhat by their breakup and by Oliver’s new job as mayor of Star City. And they’ve got Curtis Holt hanging around the lair, but everyone else is keeping their distance.

Will the team come back? Will Oliver be forced to hire some new blood? Arrow will most likely spend much of the coming season answering these questions. In the meantime, however, here are a few Arrow season 5 spoilers from the premiere.

1. Thea hasn’t gone far.
While Thea Queen may have hung up her Speedy hood at the end of last season, Oliver’s baby sister is sticking close to family — she clearly has a major role in the mayoral office, often covering for her absent brother.

2. The more things change, the more crime stays the same…
Sure, Damien Darhk is as dead as his creepy, subterranean utopia, but other bad guys are happy to pick up the slack. We meet one of them — Tobias Church (Chad L. Coleman) — in “Legacy,” and he’s all kinds of evil-awesome. Another baddie, Prometheus, seems to be in the mix as well. Who he (?) is and what he wants, we’ll be finding out over the next few episodes.

3. Killing is back on the menu.
You know how Oliver hasn’t been doing much in the way of killing over the past couple of years? Yeah, that’s over with. There’s some violence both in flashbacks and in the present-day. Not everyone is OK with this turn of events.

4. Oliver and Felicity aren’t exactly on the same page, relationship-wise.
Things are impressively friendly between these former significant others — think season 1/2 friendliness with occasional reminders of the attraction between them. Interestingly, one of these two may be reading more into this attraction than the other.

5. Always a triangle…
As anyone who has watched the Arrow season 5 trailer knows, Felicity has a new man in her life. The character is more than just a pretty face and appears elsewhere in the episode. Who is he and how does he figure into the new season? The episode doesn’t give a lot of answers. The character is clearly related to law enforcement.

Arrow season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm on The CW.

Watch the Arrow Season 5 Trailer from Comic-Con

The Arrow season 5 trailer was released at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. What’s in it? Well, there is a whole bunch of Green Arrow fighting, along with some clues that things will be changing the new season. For one thing, Oliver Queen seems ready to take on some apprentice vigilantes in his ongoing quest to save Star City.

In addition to Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt, the wannabe vigilantes include Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin) and Wild Dog (Rick Gonzales). There’s no word on which of these trainees will remain on the team.

The new trailer does make it clear that supposedly departed team members Thea Queen and John Diggle won’t be gone for long. Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity are still working together to save the city — even while Oliver takes the office of Mayor.

Arrow season 5 will premiere on Wednesday, October 5 on The CW.

Arrow Season 5 Spoilers: Stephen Amell’s Abs-tacular First Photo

arrow season 5 stephen amell oliver queen naked abs sweaty russia cw
CW (via Stephen Amell on Twitter)

Thanks to star Stephen Amell, fans got their first look at Arrow season 5 on Tuesday. And… wow. It’s a rather abs-tacular view.

That’s what happens, after all, when the Arrow star tweets a photo of his character, Oliver Queen, dripping in sweat and naked as far as the camera angle can see. There’s also an unusual amount of hair — a style more in keeping with flashback Oliver than present-day Oliver — so this may be a scene from the Green Arrow’s heretofore mysterious time in Russia.

Whatever the case, Oliver is very muscular and very unclothed. So enjoy!

Arrow returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm with an episode (directed by longtime fight coordinator James Bamford) called “Legacy.” Keep checking this space for more Arrow season 5 spoilers as we get closer to the premiere!

Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Legends of the Future?

legends of tomorrow star city 2046 oliver queen stephen amell cw

This week on Legends of Tomorrow

So, after the ship went down, the legends were stranded on whatever space and time they landed in. That just happened to be Star City, 2046. Yep, you heard me — it’s the future, baby.

Only problem? Star City looks positively post-apocalyptic. Not to fear, because who guards over this city and always makes it right? The Green Arrow. Except, when the legends run into the emerald archer, it’s not Oliver Queen.

This young archer has never heard of these legends before, and so presumes them to be a threat and attacks. The team is unprepared and is forced to retreat back to the ship.

The Science of Flirting

Since the ship is broken from the crash, Rip has Jax and Ray stay to fix it — with the help of Kendra and Stein. Kendra has been assigned by Rip to work with Ray to help fix Gideon’s controls, and Stein and Jax are assigned to fix the ship’s mechanics.

Stein notices that something is off with Jax as the two overhear Kendra and Ray flirting, and Stein discovers that Jax may have a little crush on our resident hawk goddess. He encourages Jax to exude confidence, and go for it, despite Ray.

Stein decides he’s going to help his young friend out by playing wingman and takes it upon himself to speak to Ray. He tells him he’s noticed him and Kendra flirting, which is news to Ray, who had not previously thought of their relationship romantically. Stein tells him that hooking up amongst the team would be a bad idea, and Ray agrees.

Unfortunately, Stein’s plan backfires and Ray decides that he does, in fact, like Kendra and would like to pursue something with her. Stein feels guilty, which leads to Jax discovering just what Stein had done. Though disappointed, Jax agrees he should still be confident.

Ray asks Kendra out, and she turns him down gently. After everything she’s gone through, she’s not ready to be dating. Naturally, as Ray leaves the room he runs into Jax who has been listening the entire time.

Ray apologizes to Jax, claiming that he knew about his crush and went for it anyway. Jax forgives him.

In an amazing twist, Kendra ends up fixing the ship while the men around her were too busy fighting over who gets her.

Next Generation

When Sara, Rip, Leonard, and Mick leave to steal an important piece of technology from Smoak Technologies (yes, you heard me correctly) that might help them, they run into the new Green Arrow and a band of criminals.

Sara watches as the Green Arrow gets shot down, and rushes to his side. She’s shocked when she discovers that he’s fine (kevlar, man) and she demands to know where Oliver Queen is. The new Green Arrow pulls back his hood and turns off his modulator, before telling Sara that Oliver Queen is dead.

He apparently went missing after something called The Uprising and was presumed dead. The Uprising was the result of someone bringing an army with him. That person? Deathstroke.

Kidding, this Deathstroke is very much like our new Green Arrow friend, meaning he is of a next generation (so, no Slade). Although, this new Deathstroke just happens to be related to Slade. His name? Grant Wilson. When Grant has his army attack them, Green Arrow manages to grappling hook them out of there just in time.

He brings her back to the old foundry (where Felicity had all of her old projects relocated to), telling her that Oliver had tried to fight off the army — but he didn’t have one of his own, and that everyone was more concerned with getting to safety than fighting.

When they get there, they’re confronted by the OG GA himself, Oliver Queen. Though, this Oliver Queen looks a little different — he’s got a full on beard, some wrinkles, and oh yeah he’s missing an arm. He tells them to leave, especially the new Green Arrow who he reveals to be John Diggle, Jr. Though John refuses to go by that name anymore, since he could not save his father and feels he has not earned it. Instead, he goes by Connor Hawke.

Oliver has given up. Everyone is dead. Except Felicity, who left after things started to fall apart. Sara is upset that he’s no longer the man she once knew. They leave and go in search of the prototype they need.

When they finally find it, they’re attacked by Grant’s men. They try to fight them off, but they capture Connor in the process.

Baddie Breakup

Post-apocalyptic worlds are about as good as it gets for two power hungry thieves like Leonard and Mick. Whereas Mick is absolutely thrilled to be placed in a world that needs his unique skillset, Leonard is more concerned with staying on track of the mission.

After Leonard and Mick are sent out to steal Felicity Smoak’s technology, they are attacked by an army of criminals. Mick shoots the leader with his heat-gun and kills him, then claims his fancy fur coat and his army.

They are welcomed into this world of drinking and debauchery (think the Snugly Duckling from Tangled, but with no songs), but when Grant Wilson shows up and tells his men to kill the Green Arrow, Sara, and Rip by morning, Leonard insists that they leave to help Rip and Sara.

They argue, but eventually table the discussion until later. When Mick suggests that they take down Grant and then take over and stay forever, Leonard knocks him out and takes him back to the ship.

Later, when they talk, Leonard tells Mick that he is the brains behind the operations, whereas Mick is the muscle. It’s always been that way, and always will. But Mick is done with Leonard’s heroic actions. Leonard has decided, somewhere along the line, that he wants to take down Savage, and be remembered as one of the two biggest bad guys to do it. Mick, however, just wants to see the world burn. And if Leonard ever lays a hand on him again? He’ll burn too.

Mi Future es tu Future

From the beginning of the episode, Rip was adamant that Sara and Ray not be very involved in this world, as they are too close to it. If we know anything about Sara, though, it’s that she doesn’t take a backseat when she can be of help.

Though Rip insists repeatedly that this world is not a real one, but just a possible future that they can prevent, Sara finds it difficult separating herself from the fact that in this world, her friends and family are mostly dead.

Sara blames herself when Oliver explains that because she and Ray were not there for The Uprising, he had no one left to fight with him. Because of this, when Connor gets captured, Sara feels responsible for helping save him.

Rip refuses to help her, claiming once again that this future is not real. Though Sara had the support of Jax and Stein, Rip tells her she’s on her own. The ship is fixed, and will be leaving in one hour — with, or without her.

Sara leaves to go find Oliver. She asks for his help, but he’s not up for it. She tells him that she needs him to be the Green Arrow again, to save Connor. She hands him his old bow (which she had grabbed while they were looking for Felicity’s prototype) and he agrees.

Back on the ship, Stein convinces Rip that they need to go help Sara. Because to her, this future is very real, and as her teammates, they need to support that. Reluctantly, Rip decides that Stein is right.

At Connor’s public execution, Sara gets captured and brought up to the front. However, she’s only the distraction. Oliver shows up and shoots Grant, stopping him from killing Connor, and a fight breaks out. They are clearly outnumbered, until the legends show up to help.

At one point, Oliver loses his bow and Grant is about to kill him, when Connor picks up Oliver’s bow and shoots him (symbolic, right?) In the end, Oliver finally approves of Connor as the new Green Arrow, and the two of them decide to work together to start rebuilding the city.

Sara wants to stay and help, not wanting to leave them again. Oliver tells her that she needs to go back with the legends and do what she was meant to do.

Back on the ship, Sara thanks Rip for sending the team in. Rip agrees that every future is worth fighting for, he just needs to know that she is definitely a part of this team.

Watch Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays at 8pm on The CW!

Arrow Season 4 Spoilers: What Happens to Felicity Smoak?

Here’s the good news from the latest Arrow season 4 spoilers: Felicity Smoak is not dead.

But then there’s the bad news, delivered by Mama Smoak in a spoilery promo from Australia (previously posted by GreenArrowTV):

“The damage to her spinal cord is permanent. She’s never going to walk again.”

So that’s a problem… or maybe it’s an opportunity to actually answer the long-running speculation that Felicity would someday be Arrow‘s version of the comic-book character, Oracle. Of course, this dire announcement might not lead to anything permanent. It might just be enough to get Oliver Queen to fight Damien Darhk in a big way. That would be OK.

Whatever the case, it does sound like Felicity will be alive and maybe-well when Arrow returns with new episodes this month!

Arrow Midseason Finale Recap: ‘These Guys Don’t Stay Dead’

arrow midseason finale season 4 dark waters oliver queen felicity smoak olicity stephen amell emily bett rickards cw olicity
The CW

Are you all still alive, Arrow fans?

Considering the carnage of the Arrow midseason finale, “Dark Waters,” one might wonder whether the audience was among the dead. Assuming there are any dead — as Felicity (RIP???) herself said in a moment of brilliance: “These guys don’t stay dead.”

There were two big “deaths” in the episode: Damien Darhk and Felicity Smoak. Neither one seemed to take.
Darhk met his maker — only, you know, not — thanks to a whole bunch of arrows (and deviousness) brought by Malcolm Merlyn, who was dressed as the Green Arrow at the time. Not only did this have the effect of almost killing the unkillable villain, it also “proved” to Darhk that Oliver Queen couldn’t possibly be the man behind the mask.

That will definitely be important later.

Alas, thanks to some mumbled words that were presumably a spell, Darhk didn’t actually die after being shot and exploded. In fact, in the next scene, he looked perfectly fine. Darhk was even spry enough to take his fellow HIVE overlords on a tour of a corn field (???) before going home to his lovely wife and daughter.
Because of course the evil villain has a Christmas card-like family.

And then there is Felicity, whose heavily foreshadowed death became merely shadowed by the episode’s end. She didn’t get killed by poisonous gases, fortunately, but that just made her an easier target later on. You knew she was doomed too, having just (finally) gotten an engagement ring from Oliver.

No sooner had Felicity remarked upon her fancy new bling but a group of unknown assailants opened fire on her and Oliver in their car.

The important thing here is that we didn’t see Felicity die. Sure, the previews for the upcoming Arrow episode (how soon until it’s January?) indicated lots of worry and medical procedures, but none of those things mean death. What they do mean is a misdirect. When you want an audience to freak out as much as possible (before killing someone else), this is exactly how you do it.

That being said, Arrow could totally pull a double fake-out and actually let Felicity die in the next episode. Or later. TV is mean that way.

Other important, non-death things to note about “Dark Waters” include:

  • Lance and Donna Smoak are totally getting it on. Much to the chagrin of Felicity and to the ignorance of Laurel.
  • Darhk’s whole Star City harbor thing was about harvesting some form of toxic algae that also makes corn grow. That should be both vague and nefarious enough to carry **Arrow through the rest of season 4.
  • Andy Diggle hasn’t repented of his Ghostly ways yet. Hopefully, there’s more of his story to come.
    Donna’s scream at finding Oliver’s hidden engagement ring might be the best thing that has ever happened to Arrow.
  • Even if he were not running unopposed, Oliver would win the mayoral election in a landslide at this point, thanks to all the Darhk-related publicity.
  • There were flashbacks in this episode too. In them, Oliver went diving for something that was probably important. To be honest, I wasn’t paying attention to the Island scenes.
arrow midseason finale season 4 dark waters donna smoak quentin lance paul blackthorne cw
Quenna? Dontin? Smance?

Arrow Midseason Finale: Is Felicity Smoak Dead?

arrow season 4 dark waters felicity smoak dead death dies emily bett rickards cw
The CW

Did the Arrow midseason finale just kill Felicity Smoak?

Despite trailers showing Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) asphyxiating in front of her beloved Oliver (Stephen Amell), that didn’t happen. She survived — as did everyone else. Yay?

But then there was a twist. Because of course there was a twist. That’s what finales of any sort are for, after all. Plus, there’s no way Arrow was going to leave its audience enjoying a happy ending (complete with an accepted Olicity wedding proposal), not after the super-mega-happy season finale last year.

The big question, therefore, is whether or not Felicity survived being shot in the final moments of “Dark Waters.” Is she the person Oliver will be mourning at that ominous gravestone? Will she pull through somehow?

No clue. Offer your opinion in the poll below! As for the answer, we’ll get that in January. Sigh…

Arrow Recap: John Constantine to the Rescue in Haunted!

arrow season 4 haunted john constantine matt ryan oliver queen stephen amell laurel lance katie cassidy cw
The CW

Sometimes it takes more than an entire TV show’s worth of heroes to save the day. Sometimes you need to bring in a pinch hitter. The Arrow episode, “Haunted,” is one of those times, bringing in extra help from the always awesome John Constantine. His arrival is, in a word, magical.

How does Constantine save the day? Find out in this Arrow recap!

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sara?

As this Arrow begins, a pretty waitress gets jumped by two thugs in an alley. Just when things look to be especially dire, the waitress is saved by the sudden and violent arrival of a blonde woman: Sara Lance.

Sara quickly dispatches of the two men and initially seems to be once again defending women. At least, that seems to be the case until Sara turns on the waitress, choking her while hissing something in what might be Arabic but is more likely just mystical gibberish.

A well-timed cop car saves the waitress at the last second, and Sara gets away. But the situation leads Captain Lance to suspect his new criminal might be Sara. That’s pretty much confirmed when Laurel grudgingly admits that Sara got loose. Lance is not pleased. Laurel, however, defends her decision to look for Sara alone, saying that everyone would just be all disapproving if they knew the situation.

She’s totally right about this. Oliver is more than a little angry when he sees Sara himself after a second attack. He points out that this whole situation is totally messed up (because zombies), and gets angrier when Laurel refuses to acknowledge that she’s being very unreasonable here.

arrow season 4 haunted oliver queen stephen amell laurel lance katie cassidy constantine cw
The CW

Oh and One Other Problem

It’s not only Sara’s general mayhem that proves to be a concern — the two women attacked by Zombie Canary bear a strong resemblance to none other than Thea Queen. Sara seems to be targeting Thea, the person most directly responsible for her death.

Thea is surprisingly cool about this situation, even after an attack by Sara puts the youngest Queen in the hospital. That might be because Thea herself isn’t exactly over her Lazarus Pit issues. In a move that is fortunately not witnessed by anyone else (who would freak), Thea even tells Sara to go through with it and kill her.

arrow season 4 haunted thea queen willa holland sara lance constantine cw
The CW

Sara doesn’t quite manage it, but her tie to Thea later allows the undead assassin to be captured.

Got a Light?

Surprising the others, Oliver does not intend to kill Sara now that he has her captured. He instead calls up an old friend for help: John Constantine.

Those of you who foolishly missed last year’s Constantine TV series might be a little lost when it comes to this guy (played excellently by Matt Ryan). A beloved comic-book figure, the TV version of John Constantine was a world-weary, rough-around-the-edges guy who fought against demons, monsters, and general forces of evil using magic. Constantine was very good at this and was in the process of saving the world from certain doom when NBC canceled him.

Thank goodness he’s back now!

arrow season 4 haunted john constantine matt ryan cw
The CW

On Arrow, Constantine makes his first appearance in a flashback on Lian Yu. He’s there with what looks like a treasure map and is captured by Baron Reiter and his men. As it turns out, this is great timing for Oliver (who would otherwise have to answer awkward ARGUS backpack questions). After Constantine quickly turns the tables on Reiter and the soldiers, he takes Oliver hostage and heads out.

Constantine is looking for a grimoire called the Orb of Horus, which is located in a Lost-style bunker. In a revelation that probably doesn’t surprise Oliver by this point, Lian Yu is at some sort of supernatural nexus that draws people back and provides a convenient storage location for your standard mystical items.

This item in particular was left with a booby trap, something Constantine forgot to think of. Only Oliver’s quick actions save his new acquaintance. As a sign of thanks, Constantine hands over the orb bit of the Horus thing to take back to Reiter — only the staff actually matters — and magically gives Oliver some new tattoos. They’re likely to be important at some point. But not now.

Then Constantine heads off to his boat, leaving Oliver to deal with whatever is happening on Lian Yu.

Returning the Favor

Present-day Oliver remembers Constantine when it comes time to deal with Sara. The problem, you see, is that Sara’s body came back but forgot to bring along her soul. Oliver rightly figures that Constantine would know how to get that part back.

One Aramaic shopping list (which Felicity can read?) and a few candles later, Constantine is ready to journey to the Other Side. Oliver is going along, of course, and he asks Laurel to join him. Mystical chanting follows, sending all three of them over to this Other Side place. There, Oliver and Laurel have to drag Sara out of an Other Side version of the Lazarus Pit while faceless warriors attack. The good guys quickly win, and everyone wakes up in the Real World.

Sara is back (although rather confused and really tired), leading just about everyone to engage in much hugging. Except for Constantine. He’s not really the hugging type.

arrow season 4 haunted oliver queen stephen amell felicity smoak emily bett rickards thea queen willa holland constantine cw
The CW

Political Moves

Oliver’s mayoral campaign may be one of those plots that takes place in almost-incidental spurts throughout the season — and that’s probably a good thing. In this episode, most of the political action comes with the hiring of a campaign strategist named Alex Davis. He’s probably meant as a love interest for Thea in the long term, but his first appearance focuses on creating a bit of a wedge between Oliver and Laurel.

It seems that Oliver’s one-time dalliance with both Laurel and Sara Lance is the kind of thing that can come back to haunt a politician (even one running unopposed in a city where the mayors get killed). Alex compares the whole thing to a Quidditch Chappaquiddick moment and says that Oliver should distance himself from Laurel in order to keep people from thinking about the situation.

While Oliver initially seems to take that advice to heart — especially when fighting with Laurel over the whole Sara situation — he eventually rejects it. Team Arrow is sticking together for at least the duration of Oliver’s political campaign!

Other Things of Note

Even the minor plots of “Haunted” actually have a lot going on.

Damien Darhk, for example, continues his nefarious doings by sending Lance to sabotage a server farm. Why this isn’t a job for his Ghost IT guys, I don’t know. But it proves to be important, because Lance takes Diggle along with him. That allows Diggle to notice that his brother, Andy, is on a list of names getting deleted.

Feeling even more guilty than usual about his Darhk association, Lance demands Darhk tell him why Andy was on the list and gets a distressing answer. It seems that Diggle’s brother got into some bad business in Afghanistan and was eliminated for being a rival to HIVE.

As you might expect, Diggle doesn’t take this news well.

Elsewhere, Oliver and Thea pretty much mend their strained relationship with some sparring and conversation. He isn’t even mad at her for lying about the whole Nanda Parbat/spa weekend thing.

Finally, Felicity and Curtis (who is an Olympic decathlete!) make a rather important breakthrough with Ray’s final recording. Background static is eventually decoded — with the help of way too many energy drinks — to reveal a surprising message:

“What I need you to know is: I’m alive and I’m in trouble.”


  • “What, like that game from Harry Potter?” – Thea, upon hearing the word “Chappaquiddick”
  • “Any of you squabbers got a cigarette?” – Constantine
  • “That is some serious Nicholas Sparks-level stuff. Don’t judge! The man can write emotion.” – Curtis
  • “Don’t worry. It’s not going to destroy the city or anything.” – Damien Darhk
  • “This is your overlord, Felicity Smoak!” – Felicity
    “We have a P.A. system?” – Thea
  • “Did you two spend your spa weekend in Nanda Parbat?” – Oliver
    “It’s the only place we could get a reservation.” – Thea
  • “I think there are certain situations in life where the word OK does not apply.” – Lance
  • “Her marble collection’s a little incomplete.” – Felicity on Sara
  • “Are you sticking around for a cupcake or something?” – Damien Darhk
  • “If I knew you were surrounded by so many pretty girls, Oliver, I would have stopped by sooner.” – Constantine
  • “Where’d Oliver find this guy? The Luxor?” – Diggle on Constantine
  • “Don’t worry. If something goes wrong, we’ll all be too dead to care.” – Constantine
  • “Well, he’s a very specific kind of yummy.” – Thea
  • “A gut punch doesn’t deserve a thank you.” – Lance to Diggle