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Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Pirates of the Space Time Continuum

legends of tomorrow wentworth miller leonard snart caity lotz sara lance cw

This week of Legends of Tomorrow

Being stuck in space and time can make anyone go a little stir-crazy, right? Well, that’s certainly no exception for our legends. Since the previous damage to the ship, Rip has been stuck trying to figure out where to look for Savage next — without Gideon’s help.

You see, when you become a rogue timemaster and launch a personal vendetta mission to save your family from being killed in the future, your former time friends aren’t so keen on helping you out with the necessary software update that Gideon requires to find our Big Bad.

So, when Rip receives a request for a critical rescue of another timeship belonging to one Eve Baxter, he jumps on the opportunity to not only save a fellow timemaster, but to access the ship’s computer to update Gideon’s software.

No Time(masters) For Love

A common theme threaded throughout the episode was Rip’s relationship to the Timemaster Council, which we know he’s estranged from. The episode opens with an old holographic message (think the future of visual voicemail) of his son and wife telling him they miss him and hope he comes home soon.

In order to reiterate some of his past — we traveled back in time. But not with a spaceship — with a flashback!

In the flashback, a younger looking Rip hunter is under attack. He and his partner Miranda, his future wife, fight back. She manages to get them to safety — and then the simulation is over. Looks like we’ve flash-backed to a little Timemaster Council Academy (of sorts). They are praised for their success, though they seem to be in a constant state of disagreement.

Guess that passion translates directly to the bedroom too, because the next shot we see of them they are caught making out by their superior, and sentenced to a disciplinary hearing. Relationships are strictly forbidden for timemasters.

They appear before a disciplinary board and plead their cases. It doesn’t bode well for either of them, and they are told to wait for their verdict. Rip is prepared to be discharged when his superior comes back and tells them that Miranda took sole responsibility for the affair, and resigned.

Later, when Rip finds Miranda, he is upset with her — claiming she is the better timemaster, anyway. He wants to resign also, but she encourages him to do this. He agrees and all is happily ever after?

Well, you know (and I know) it’s not for long…

Aye Aye, Captain!

When Rip, Jax, and Mick go off to the other timeship to help Captain Baxter and get the update for Gideon, they run into one teensy problem — SPACE PIRATES.

Oh yes, space pirates. It’s all been a trap. In walks Captain John Valor, who has commandeered this ship. Apparently, there’s a long standing rivalry between space pirates and timemasters (who knew?), and Captain Valor has heard of the infamous Rip Hunter before.

Rip attempts to explain the situation of the future and Savage, but Valor wants none of it. He wants The Waverider (Rip’s ship) and he’s going to take it.

Though Captain Baxter was not a part of the takeover, she has her own issues with Rip. She doesn’t approve of him breaking away from the timemasters and betraying the rules they were meant to abide by. She doesn’t want to be saved by a criminal.

Fire and Ice, Nothing Nice

Following the events of last week, Leonard and Mick are still on shaky ground. Mick is clearly done with playing superhero, and Leonard is starting to like it more and more.

When the opportunity comes for Mick to get away from his partner for a while and join Jax and Rip on the rescue mission, he takes it.

While he’s gone, Sara talks to Leonard about it. She understands why Mick is so upset, seeing as Leonard made him leave “Disneyland for Felons.”

When the ship comes under attack, it blasts a hole through the ship, and Leonard and Sara go to fix it. As Leonard patches it up temporarily with his ice blaster, an emergency shutdown protocol leaves the two trapped in the room together — freezing to death (literally).

Star Date – Wait, But Really?

While Rip is gone, Ray asks if he can look over the ship — with the help of Kendra. As one does, Ray has way too much fun play-acting captain. That is, until, the Waverider comes under attack. Ray is forced to take the ship over manually, and manages to get the main system of the other ship down. Unfortunately, in all of this, Leonard and Sara get trapped.

In order to save his teammates from freezing to death, Ray has to put on his A.T.O.M. suit and go out and fix the ship himself. Kendra talks him through it, with some incredibly awkward small talk that has Ray lamenting about it being a good thing she said no to that drink.

In the process of fixing the ship, Ray begins to lose oxygen. Kendra tries to talk him through it, tries to keep his focused, as his body starts shutting down. He manages to fix the ship, and just barely makes it inside before he passes out.

Kendra tries desperately to resuscitate him, and get him to stay with her. She tells him she can’t lose him too, and that she needs him. He finally breathes again (after maybe dying for a second in there).

Later, Ray tells Kendra that he heard what she said and that she doesn’t need him, and he’s glad that they’re friends. Then Kendra kisses him — so much for that.

Space Ranger Stein

While everyone else is busy doing their own thing, Stein is enamored with the fact that not only can they jump from place to place and time to time, but that they can also explore deep space. This comes as an utter delight to a man who once dreamed of becoming a space ranger. Shocking, I know.

Since nothing seems to be going as planned, Stein decides to take it upon himself to save the day. He somehow finds his way to the other ship, beats up a pirate, and steals his weapon (and hat).

He finds the team, and tells them he has a plan. They find Valor and his men and Rip shoots at them. They get into a fight, with Rip losing, when suddenly Stein tells him it’s time to initiate the plan.

The team each grasps something tightly before the doors of the ship are released open and Valor and his men are sucked out into space. They shut the doors, saving themselves just in time.

Baxter thanks Rip, and apologizes. She believes he’s still a true timemaster. She hands him what he needs to locate Savage.

It’s Getting (Too) Hot in Here

It’s no secret by now that Mick Rory runs hot. After getting into an argument with Rip, Mick decides he’s done helping the team and asks to speak to Valor to make a deal. Mick tells Valor that he can get him the Waverider, so long as he returns him (and Leonard) to Central City 2016, the day they decided to join the legends. He agrees.

When the team hears word that Mick is okay and on his way back, they don’t consider the fact that he has brought an army of space pirates with him. Mick tells Leonard it’s time to go home. Leonard responds that it’s time to choose — the team, or him — and he chooses the team.

Sara and Kendra fight off the pirates while Leonard goes in search of Mick, who has headed towards the time drive. It’s Sara who finds Mick first though, and she stops him.

The two fight, and Mick gains the upper hand. Leonard blasts Mick just before he has the chance to kill Sara. Later, once the team is safely back on the Waverider, and Mick is knocked out — the team discusses what to do with him.

Leonard doesn’t want to leave him back in present day Central City. Their families are all there, and Mick is a vindictive man. Leonard tells everyone that he will take care of it.

He drags an unconscious Mick out somewhere in the middle of nowhere. When Mick wakes up he sees Leonard with his gun pointed at him and tells him he doesn’t have the guts, and that only one of them is walking out of there alive.

Then Leonard shoots his blaster. Dun, dun, dun. 

So that device that tells us where Savage is? It’s in Harmony Falls, Oregon. 1958.

Don’t miss Legends of Tomorrow, Thursdays at 8pm on The CW!

Arrow Recap: John Constantine to the Rescue in Haunted!

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The CW

Sometimes it takes more than an entire TV show’s worth of heroes to save the day. Sometimes you need to bring in a pinch hitter. The Arrow episode, “Haunted,” is one of those times, bringing in extra help from the always awesome John Constantine. His arrival is, in a word, magical.

How does Constantine save the day? Find out in this Arrow recap!

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sara?

As this Arrow begins, a pretty waitress gets jumped by two thugs in an alley. Just when things look to be especially dire, the waitress is saved by the sudden and violent arrival of a blonde woman: Sara Lance.

Sara quickly dispatches of the two men and initially seems to be once again defending women. At least, that seems to be the case until Sara turns on the waitress, choking her while hissing something in what might be Arabic but is more likely just mystical gibberish.

A well-timed cop car saves the waitress at the last second, and Sara gets away. But the situation leads Captain Lance to suspect his new criminal might be Sara. That’s pretty much confirmed when Laurel grudgingly admits that Sara got loose. Lance is not pleased. Laurel, however, defends her decision to look for Sara alone, saying that everyone would just be all disapproving if they knew the situation.

She’s totally right about this. Oliver is more than a little angry when he sees Sara himself after a second attack. He points out that this whole situation is totally messed up (because zombies), and gets angrier when Laurel refuses to acknowledge that she’s being very unreasonable here.

arrow season 4 haunted oliver queen stephen amell laurel lance katie cassidy constantine cw
The CW

Oh and One Other Problem

It’s not only Sara’s general mayhem that proves to be a concern — the two women attacked by Zombie Canary bear a strong resemblance to none other than Thea Queen. Sara seems to be targeting Thea, the person most directly responsible for her death.

Thea is surprisingly cool about this situation, even after an attack by Sara puts the youngest Queen in the hospital. That might be because Thea herself isn’t exactly over her Lazarus Pit issues. In a move that is fortunately not witnessed by anyone else (who would freak), Thea even tells Sara to go through with it and kill her.

arrow season 4 haunted thea queen willa holland sara lance constantine cw
The CW

Sara doesn’t quite manage it, but her tie to Thea later allows the undead assassin to be captured.

Got a Light?

Surprising the others, Oliver does not intend to kill Sara now that he has her captured. He instead calls up an old friend for help: John Constantine.

Those of you who foolishly missed last year’s Constantine TV series might be a little lost when it comes to this guy (played excellently by Matt Ryan). A beloved comic-book figure, the TV version of John Constantine was a world-weary, rough-around-the-edges guy who fought against demons, monsters, and general forces of evil using magic. Constantine was very good at this and was in the process of saving the world from certain doom when NBC canceled him.

Thank goodness he’s back now!

arrow season 4 haunted john constantine matt ryan cw
The CW

On Arrow, Constantine makes his first appearance in a flashback on Lian Yu. He’s there with what looks like a treasure map and is captured by Baron Reiter and his men. As it turns out, this is great timing for Oliver (who would otherwise have to answer awkward ARGUS backpack questions). After Constantine quickly turns the tables on Reiter and the soldiers, he takes Oliver hostage and heads out.

Constantine is looking for a grimoire called the Orb of Horus, which is located in a Lost-style bunker. In a revelation that probably doesn’t surprise Oliver by this point, Lian Yu is at some sort of supernatural nexus that draws people back and provides a convenient storage location for your standard mystical items.

This item in particular was left with a booby trap, something Constantine forgot to think of. Only Oliver’s quick actions save his new acquaintance. As a sign of thanks, Constantine hands over the orb bit of the Horus thing to take back to Reiter — only the staff actually matters — and magically gives Oliver some new tattoos. They’re likely to be important at some point. But not now.

Then Constantine heads off to his boat, leaving Oliver to deal with whatever is happening on Lian Yu.

Returning the Favor

Present-day Oliver remembers Constantine when it comes time to deal with Sara. The problem, you see, is that Sara’s body came back but forgot to bring along her soul. Oliver rightly figures that Constantine would know how to get that part back.

One Aramaic shopping list (which Felicity can read?) and a few candles later, Constantine is ready to journey to the Other Side. Oliver is going along, of course, and he asks Laurel to join him. Mystical chanting follows, sending all three of them over to this Other Side place. There, Oliver and Laurel have to drag Sara out of an Other Side version of the Lazarus Pit while faceless warriors attack. The good guys quickly win, and everyone wakes up in the Real World.

Sara is back (although rather confused and really tired), leading just about everyone to engage in much hugging. Except for Constantine. He’s not really the hugging type.

arrow season 4 haunted oliver queen stephen amell felicity smoak emily bett rickards thea queen willa holland constantine cw
The CW

Political Moves

Oliver’s mayoral campaign may be one of those plots that takes place in almost-incidental spurts throughout the season — and that’s probably a good thing. In this episode, most of the political action comes with the hiring of a campaign strategist named Alex Davis. He’s probably meant as a love interest for Thea in the long term, but his first appearance focuses on creating a bit of a wedge between Oliver and Laurel.

It seems that Oliver’s one-time dalliance with both Laurel and Sara Lance is the kind of thing that can come back to haunt a politician (even one running unopposed in a city where the mayors get killed). Alex compares the whole thing to a Quidditch Chappaquiddick moment and says that Oliver should distance himself from Laurel in order to keep people from thinking about the situation.

While Oliver initially seems to take that advice to heart — especially when fighting with Laurel over the whole Sara situation — he eventually rejects it. Team Arrow is sticking together for at least the duration of Oliver’s political campaign!

Other Things of Note

Even the minor plots of “Haunted” actually have a lot going on.

Damien Darhk, for example, continues his nefarious doings by sending Lance to sabotage a server farm. Why this isn’t a job for his Ghost IT guys, I don’t know. But it proves to be important, because Lance takes Diggle along with him. That allows Diggle to notice that his brother, Andy, is on a list of names getting deleted.

Feeling even more guilty than usual about his Darhk association, Lance demands Darhk tell him why Andy was on the list and gets a distressing answer. It seems that Diggle’s brother got into some bad business in Afghanistan and was eliminated for being a rival to HIVE.

As you might expect, Diggle doesn’t take this news well.

Elsewhere, Oliver and Thea pretty much mend their strained relationship with some sparring and conversation. He isn’t even mad at her for lying about the whole Nanda Parbat/spa weekend thing.

Finally, Felicity and Curtis (who is an Olympic decathlete!) make a rather important breakthrough with Ray’s final recording. Background static is eventually decoded — with the help of way too many energy drinks — to reveal a surprising message:

“What I need you to know is: I’m alive and I’m in trouble.”


  • “What, like that game from Harry Potter?” – Thea, upon hearing the word “Chappaquiddick”
  • “Any of you squabbers got a cigarette?” – Constantine
  • “That is some serious Nicholas Sparks-level stuff. Don’t judge! The man can write emotion.” – Curtis
  • “Don’t worry. It’s not going to destroy the city or anything.” – Damien Darhk
  • “This is your overlord, Felicity Smoak!” – Felicity
    “We have a P.A. system?” – Thea
  • “Did you two spend your spa weekend in Nanda Parbat?” – Oliver
    “It’s the only place we could get a reservation.” – Thea
  • “I think there are certain situations in life where the word OK does not apply.” – Lance
  • “Her marble collection’s a little incomplete.” – Felicity on Sara
  • “Are you sticking around for a cupcake or something?” – Damien Darhk
  • “If I knew you were surrounded by so many pretty girls, Oliver, I would have stopped by sooner.” – Constantine
  • “Where’d Oliver find this guy? The Luxor?” – Diggle on Constantine
  • “Don’t worry. If something goes wrong, we’ll all be too dead to care.” – Constantine
  • “Well, he’s a very specific kind of yummy.” – Thea
  • “A gut punch doesn’t deserve a thank you.” – Lance to Diggle

Arrow Recap: Original Team Arrow Rides Again… as the Canary Flies Once More

arrow 403 season 4 restoration original team arrow oliver felicity diggle stephen amell emily bett rickards david ramsey cw
All photos courtesy of The CW

The most recent Arrow episode, “Restoration,” has just about everything. An “original Team Arrow” adventure, some Malcolm-Thea repartee, a metahuman visiting from Central City, and a trip to Nanda Parbat. Most of it didn’t really turn out so well, as you will soon see in this Arrow recap.

The OGs: Original Team Arrow…

Those nostalgic for Arrow season 1 get a treat in “Restoration”: With Thea and Laurel off on a girls’ weekend to Nanda Parbat, the only crime-fighters left in town are Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity.

Not that Original Team Arrow (aka, the “Original Gangstas,” a term I only got defined thanks to Felicity in this episode) is functioning at optimum performance right now. Oliver and Diggle chase down some ghosts in a massive, dimly lit lumber yard (or something like that) but can’t seem to catch any of the bad guys. Diggle does managed to subdue one — and remove his cyanide tooth with his bare hand — but the guy uses an electroshock to get away before Oliver can show up to help.

These guys are so not in sync. Diggle doesn’t even want to join the others for celebratory margaritas while the team analyzes the truth.

Instead, Diggle goes home to find a guy with info on who hired Floyd Lawton to kill Diggle’s brother. Oh, and just by coincidence, she’s in town to hang with Damien Darhk!

She’s an emissary from H.I.V.E., it seems, an organization that thinks Damien is way too slow about killing vigilantes. She has brought with her Jeremy Tell (aka Double Down), a Central City transplant and metahuman with the ability to toss deadly playing cards at his opponent.

You wouldn’t think that this would be so dangerous. But Double Down is played by JR Bourne, who has proved repeatedly on Teen Wolf that he can kill anyone with anything at any time. So of course he can kill with playing cards.

arrow 403 restoration jr bourne jeremy tell double down teen wolf cw
What’s up, Papa Argent?

But he can’t kill Oliver, because Oliver’s all heroic and has impressive reflexes. The bad guy thus moves on to hunting Felicity.

One Terrific Fight

Because turning tattoos into deadly cards isn’t weird enough, Double Down can use the ones he’s thrown as a homing device. That means he can find a missing card, even when it’s in Curtis Holt’s Palmer Tech lab.

arrow 403 restoration felicity smoak curtis holt emily bett rickards echo kellum cw
What a terrific employee!

That’s just where Tell shows up, ready to throw cards at both Felicity and Curtis. The two science types survive by taking the elevator down to Lair 2.0. Curtis, terrific as he is and shall be, is pretty cool with everything, even when he is injured in the struggle. Mostly he’s just impressed by Felicity’s badassery and gun-slinging.

arrow 403 restoration felicity smoak gun emily bett rickards cw
Everybody run, Felicity Smoak has a gun!

Fun Times in Nanda Parbat

Over on the other side of the world — which might, judging by flight times, be within a few hundred miles of Star City — Thea and Laurel interrupt Malcolm and Nyssa trying to kill each other. Since the new Ra’s al Ghul and the former Heir to the Demon are cheerfully casual about their sword fight to the semi-death, this might be a common activity for the pair. Too bad for Nyssa that Malcolm still has a bit of an edge.

They do seem to welcome the distraction provided by Laurel and Thea, especially Thea who is greeted as a daughter and as a sister-in-law. I guess Nyssa and Oliver’s forced marriage is legal then?

But the visit isn’t just a family reunion… Kind of. Laurel wants Malcolm to use the Lazarus Pit to revive Sara. As everyone points out — repeatedly — this is a very bad idea.

Meanwhile, Thea gets some answers about why she suddenly is really into killing people. Malcolm tells her that the Lazarus Pit absorbs anger and violence from everyone who uses it. And Thea has inherited a bunch of that. She can only get rid of the blood lust for good by killing the one who nearly killed her. Since that was the now-dead Ra’s al Ghul, Thea is basically screwed.

Her loving daddy does provide a temporary remedy though: murder. If Thea kills someone, she won’t want to kill for a while. Kind of like a fix for a junkie. Only deadlier. She isn’t a big fan of this, so Malcolm decides to make up for his paternal deficiencies by bringing Sara back from the dead. Thus Malcolm continues his Worst Dad Ever reign.

Whatever the motivations, Sara gets revived amidst bubbles and feral jumps. It all looks to be going as well as Malcolm expected.

arrow season 4 caity lotz sara lance canary lazarus pit cw
Yeah, she’s doing just fine…

And then it gets worse. Not wanting Malcolm to use the Pit at all in the future, Nyssa destroys it. No more take-backs, Arrow people!

Love and Death in the Poppy Fields

Back on Lian Yu, Oliver isn’t taking well to his new guard job, despite what the hot and dismissive slave lady says. Thanks to a very chatty co-worker, Oliver learns two things: They’re growing a heroin-cocaine hybrid on the island, and the guards are expected to be brutal.

A short time later, this is proven when some of the “product” is found to be missing. Oliver gets the fun job of torturing workers in order to find out who took it. He is really, really good at torturing people, by the way. I wonder if that’s going to come up again this season?

Anyway, the culprit turns out to be the hot slave lady. Oliver manages to save her from an immediate bullet by saying he can make her body just disappear elsewhere on the island. Of course, since Oliver is at least nominally a good guy — even at this point — he doesn’t actually kill her. He just fakes it with a landmine, thus setting up a flashback romance for season 4.

Friends Once More

Oliver and Diggle spend much of the episode a part, much to the detriment of their vigilantism. It takes an “I’m turning this quest around!” lecture yelled by Felicity to get them back together.

It’s too little too late though, at least for Diggle’s attempts at getting answers about H.I.V.E. That’s because an irritated Damien Darhk has already killed her. So they go after the next best bad guy: Jeremy Tell. That metahuman is trying really hard to go home, but the combined efforts of Oliver and Diggle do manage to stop him.

Oliver even takes a bullet playing card for Diggle, thereby cementing the return of that friendship. They don’t learn much about H.I.V.E. though, because Double Down is way more scared of Damien Darhk than he is of a couple of good-guy vigilantes. But Oliver and Diggle are friends! Drinks all around and all’s right with the world!

Except for Felicity’s phone. That’s not quite right. But it’s probably just a message from the not-dead-just-shrunk Ray Palmer, so we shouldn’t worry too much.

Arrow Video: Does ‘The Climb’ Clip Reveal Sara Lance’s Killer?

Wait, who killed Sara Lance on Arrow? According to a clip released from the upcoming episode, “The Climb,” the killer is none other than Oliver Queen.

Watch the Arrow video to see for yourself.

These guys have a big a problem.

Is this true? Did someone mess with the evidence? Is there another explanation?

Find out when “The Climb” airs Wednesday, December 10 at 8pm on The CW.

Arrow Season 3 Photos: Katie Cassidy Suits Up as Black Canary

arrow cw katie cassidy laurel lance black canary
The CW

That didn’t take too long.

Sara Lance’s body has barely cooled on Arrow season 3, but her sister, Laurel Lance, is already working to step into her sister’s rather tough shoes. New photos released by The CW make it clear that the Black Canary will return sooner rather than later to Starling City.

It looks to be a costume similar to that worn by Sara in her assassin’s garb. Laurel will even be wearing that weird, blonde wig! The question is: Will Laurel have the skills to back up her new badass look?

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.

arrow cw katie cassidy laurel lance black canary
The CW

‘Arrow’ Video: Did Ray Kill Sara? ‘Guilty’ May Have the Answer

Arrow season 3 has had its fan asking about Sara Lance’s murderer since the premiere. But there haven’t been any leads at all — not until the end of “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak.”

That’s when the show revealed that Roy Harper has been having bad dreams. Bad dreams about killing Sara, seen from the exact perspective of the killer. Bad dreams in which Roy, perhaps mirakuru-fied again, hurls the arrows into Sara’s chest. Could they be real? Is Roy experiencing some weird post-monster PTSD? Is he regressing?

The answers may be coming in “Guilty,” airing Wednesday, November 12 at 8pm on The CW.

Watch the Arrow video above to make some guesses for yourself.

‘Arrow’ Recap: Everything You Need to Know about ‘The Magician’

arrow 304 oliver queen nyssa al ghul stephen amell katrina law cw
The CW

In “The Magician,” Arrow does something rather important: The show finally lets Oliver know that his deadly adversary from two seasons ago, Malcolm Merlyn, is alive. This is a big deal. But it’s not the only thing that happened in the episode.

Thus, here are the important things you need to know about “The Magician,” all wrapped up in one nice little Arrow recap.

Nyssa is back… and pissed
Here’s the thing — it’s best not to anger a trained-from-birth assassin by killing her beloved. Somebody on Arrow did that though, which means Nyssa al Ghul is going to go nuclear on someone at some point. It’s going to be awesome for the audience, although slightly less awesome for whoever shot those arrows into Sara Lance.

For now, Nyssa has pretty much one suspect, Malcolm Merlyn. She and the League of Assassins had heard from Moira Queen (in season 2) that their rogue member was still alive. Sara had been sent to hunt down The Magician (that’s Merlyn’s appropriate assassin name) and confirm his continued existence.

Instead, she died. To Nyssa, this means that Malcolm was responsible. It’s a sensible assumption.

Surely we can trust Malcolm Merlyn…
With the sudden revelation that the Black Archer is still around and causing trouble, Oliver and company spring into action. They find the man in the home of someone named Jansen (who was a Buddhist monk or something like that) and angrily confront him.

But Oliver isn’t much into killing these days, even if the target is the man responsible for oh-so-very-many deaths. He just shoots Malcolm full of tracers and waits for the results.

That doesn’t work out so well, since we’re talking about a man who successfully avoided being dead. Surely he can get away from microscopic tracer robots.

Merlyn, however, wants to meet with Oliver. He also wants to insist that Sara wasn’t his kill. If you can believe Malcolm (big if), he’s just around to keep Thea all safe and happy and all that. And he would really like Oliver’s help in continuing this particular quest.

Something Oliver never mentioned
You know how Malcolm Merlyn is Thea’s secret biological father? Well it turns out that no one on Team Arrow (other than Felicity, of course) has this information. They are, to varying degrees, rather annoyed to hear about it too.

Nyssa and Laurel are probably the most annoyed. In Laurel’s case, this means some extra recriminations after Oliver failed to kill Merlyn for her. The more dangerous one is Nyssa — she decides to take action by kidnapping Thea.

Can we talk?
Naturally, Oliver chases down Nyssa and Thea as well, easily freeing his little sister from her upside-down captivity. Then Malcolm shows up. He is still insisting on his innocence and even hints that it could have been Ra’s al Ghul himself who killed Sara (since he didn’t want Nyssa to care about anyone that much).

Nyssa isn’t buying it, but Oliver is sufficiently convinced that he won’t kill Malcolm. Not right now anyway.

Returns, revelations, punches, and Papa al Ghul
That’s pretty much it for this Arrow. Laurel finishes off the episode with a lot of punching and absolutely no telling her dad that Sara is dead (again). Felicity returns from Central City and The Flash (wearing the same dress from her final scene on Tuesday, by the way). Thea and Roy reach a detente about reopening Verdant and not dating anymore. Oliver insists on keeping Malcolm Merlyn under his protection, which is bound to be a horrible idea.

And then there are two rather important things.

1. Thea calls her bio-daddy to update Merlyn on the kidnapping and whatnot. From this conversation, it becomes clear that Malcolm has not told his daughter about Oliver’s secret identity. This will definitely come back to haunt everyone later.

2. Nyssa rushes home to the loving violent arms of her father. The Demon is not exactly pleased about Oliver’s stubbornness with regard to Merlyn and vows a war. Also, he totally seems like the one who killed Sara.

And that’s “The Magician.” Sure there were some other details in the episode (stuff happened in Hong Kong, and it all links back to China White, but that’s not really important yet), but now we’ve got Ra’s al Ghul. So who cares about other stuff!

‘Arrow’ Video: Nyssa Al Ghul Returns (Angry) in ‘The Magician’

Now that Arrow season 3 has reconnected Thea Queen/Merlyn with the rest of the characters, there is plenty of fallout to come. Considering that this adds to the continuing fallout of Sara Lance’s death — a situation that brings an angry Nyssa Al Ghul to Starling City — get ready for plenty of tension in “The Magician” (airing Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 8pm on The CW).

Check out the official description for “The Magician” below:

In the “The Magician” episode of Arrow, a furious Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) confronts Oliver (Stephen Amell) about Sara. When Oliver learns Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) is alive, he suspects Merlyn killed Sara. Oliver and Nyssa join forces and go after the Dark Archer, intent on bringing Sara’s killer to justice. Laurel (Katie Cassidy) keeps her distance from Nyssa, as she blames her sister’s death on her involvement with the League of Assassins. Meanwhile, Oliver and Roy (Colton Haynes) work on repairing their respective relationships with Thea (Willa Holland), who has returned home. Nyssa discusses Oliver with her father, Ra’s al Ghul (guest star Matt Nable).

‘Arrow’ Recap: Tommy, Thea and More Heartbreak in ‘Sara’

arrow 302 recap felicity smoak oliver queen emily bett rickards stephen amell cw
The CW

Every once in a while, Arrow needs to remind its audience of one very important thing: These are really, really dysfunctional people. We’re talking murderers, trauma victims, former psychopaths, barely recovered alcoholics, and shy IT girls who fit in a little too well with vigilantes.

All of this is painfully obvious in the second episode of season 3, “Sara.” Death, after all, brings all dysfunction to the surface.

Pain and Suffering and Ray Palmer
There are several different emotional responses in the immediate wake of Sara’s death. Laurel takes the death of her sister understandably hard and talks about a stuffed shark. Roy gets all stressed and sad about Thea, finally admitting to Felicity that the youngest Queen/Merlyn left town with no intention of returning.

As for Felicity and Oliver, it’s notable that they do not discuss their oh-so-recent kiss directly. Instead, they snap at each other and deal with their emotions in their own ways. Felicity turns to Ray Palmer, taking the high-paying job he’s offering (despite the stalking and BTWs). Oliver, meanwhile, reenacts the crime before chasing down a whole bunch of people.

They should have just kissed. Kissing is more fun.

Random note: How did Laurel get her sister’s body to the Arrow lair? Could she carry another human body?

Like Some Low-Rent Assassin Could Take Out Sara…
Who did it?

Laurel gets a witness description (by assaulting said witness) of an archer who wears a black mask. Combining that bit of information with the fact that there aren’t too many archer-assassins in the world, Team Arrow quickly figures out that Simon Delacroix, aka Komodo, is in town.

Strangely, his other victims seem to be connected to some foreign oil deal — Sara’s only tie to that would be some long-ago assassinations. It all makes sense when Oliver and Laurel learn that Komodo was out of town at the time of Sara’s death. While he did kill everyone else, Komodo is not Sara’s murderer.

This is why it’s a good thing that Laurel finds only a gun in the Arrow lair and not the bullets. She could have done an awful lot of damage otherwise. As it is, she just gets to be frustrated that no one yet knows who killed Sara or why.

Before we move on, think about this: In the span of one week, there are a minimum of five people in Starling City capable of assassination by arrow. That can’t be normal.

Seeing Tommy = Pain
In theory, Oliver seeing his best friend in Hong Kong should have been a good thing. In reality, however, the whole thing was just painful. Not only does the audience have to deal with “OMG WHY DID YOU KILL TOMMY?” emotions all over again, but Oliver is supposed to assassinate his buddy.

Conflicted doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Oliver is clever though and comes up with an attempted-kidnapping ruse to keep Tommy alive. It is entirely possible that this hurts Oliver even more than killing his friend would have. Poor Tommy! Poor Oliver! Poor still-grieving audience!

An Empty Coffin No More
Fighting and searching and angst may take up most of this episode, but it all has to end in that place where everything does: the grave. Fortunately (?), Sara Lance already has one of these, conveniently empty, so it’s simply a matter of lowering the body to rest under the existing piece of stone.

Laurel cries, Felicity throws some dirt, Oliver comforts, and Diggle breaks the news that he and Lyla are naming their little girl Sara. It’s very sad.

But sadness doesn’t end when people leave the cemetery. While Laurel can’t face telling her father about Sara’s fate, Oliver sits alone in the lair and realizes that he doesn’t want this place to be his death. We would all like Oliver to avoid this as well — death of the hero makes for some really depressing television.

“Thanks Dad!”
Despite numerous texts and the phone messages, no one in Starling City hears from Thea before the episode ends. That’s probably because a) she’s in another country, and b) she’s fighting off ninjas. Never text and swordfight, people.

But at least Thea seems happy now with her short hair, violent activities, and new daddy. Enjoy it now, kid — this is going to end very, very badly.

‘Arrow’ Video: Lance Doesn’t Know about ‘Sara’

One of the big questions going into Arrow season 3, episode 2 — “Sara” — is whether or not Oliver, Laurel and the rest should tell Lance about what happened to his youngest daughter. Judging from a video clip released by The CW, they do not. At least, they don’t tell him right away.

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