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Arrow Recap: Things Oliver Queen Sucks At

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Yes, I know that’s technically not good grammar. But it sounds weird any other way. So there.

Arrow season 5 is giving fans a different view of Oliver Queen than before, and it’s not always a view that show’s our favorite arrow-wielding vigilante in his best light. Sure, Oliver is still kicking butt and shooting arrows better than everyone else, but this new season is showing that he isn’t always great at everything else.

The most recent episode, “The Recruits,” showed clearly that Oliver totally sucks at a bunch of things. And they are…

1. Training

Faced with the task of rebuilding his team, Oliver has reluctantly recruited Curtis, Mad Dog, and Evelyn Sharp. Now he just has to train them… You would think this wouldn’t be so hard, as all three have previously proven themselves to be badasses (even if Curtis can’t salmon-ladder as well as Oliver).

You would be wrong. Oliver mostly just yells at the new recruits and then makes them wear ugly t-shirts. Unsurprisingly, this makes them all quit. They only come back when Oliver reveals his identity and gets off his whole “stand on the line and ring the bell!” kick.

2. Being the mayor

We can only hope that the good people of Star City don’t notice how Thea is the one doing everything in the mayor’s office (including hiring Lance to… not be drunk? His specific job is vague otherwise).

3. Not making deals with people who turn out to be doing bad things

In one of Oliver’s rare attempts to be mayoral, he sets up a free clinic with what seems to be a lovely bit of corporate sponsorship.

They’re evil, of course. It takes many octopus-like attacks by Ragman (or whatever we’re calling them, see point #6) before Thea catches a corporate-type being bad.

4. Getting over Felicity

Does Oliver even know that Felicity is dating the world’s most trusting detective?

5. Keeping in touch with Diggle

Because he’s still a main character, it’s important for Arrow to catch up with John Diggle, even if Oliver does not. Too bad for Diggle though — he’s in Latvia (why not?), where his supposedly decent commanding officer decides to set-up John for stealing a nuclear warhead and killing a subordinate.

Oliver (or maybe his bratva buddies?) may need to help out.

6. Helping the audience get clarity on the various bad guys

Is it just me, or is keeping track of the villains on Arrow particularly hard this season? I mean, I know we’ve got Tobias Church being all crime-lordy. And there’s Ragman, who might be a good guy or he might be a bad guy or he might be out for something else. Also, is he the same person as Prometheus? Dark shadows and face-concealing costumes make that really hard to tell.

7. Keeping other people alive

While Oliver does do a better job of not causing deaths in the present-day (only maybe killing a henchman or two), the same cannot be said of Mr. Queen back in his bratva days. That bell-ringing exercise? However awful it seems in Star City, it was way worse back in Russia.

Oliver did ring the bell, but it cost everyone else their lives. Whoops.

What else does Oliver suck at? We’ll find out in the next Arrow, airing Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.


Arrow Season 5 Video: Stephen Amell and More at Comic-Con

Arrow season 5 promises to be a big one for Oliver Queen and company. After all, at the end of the previous season, most of the team abandoned their vigilante mission for… well basically, anything else. It’s like they don’t want to be in life-and-death situations all the time!

Fortunately, this is Arrow and the whole gang is likely to be back, fighting for justice and their very lives, within the near future.

Who better than to tease when this might occur than the cast of Arrow themselves? Watch these Arrow season 5 video interviews shot at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Stephen Amell

Emily Bett Rickards

David Ramsey

Willa Holland

Echo Kellum

Paul Blackthorne

Executive producer Wendy Mericle

Arrow season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm on The CW.

Arrow Season 5 Spoilers: 5 Things to Know About the Premiere

arrow season 5 premiere spoilers legacy 501 oliver queen stephen amell cw
The CW

It’s been a long summer, but Arrow season 5 is about to premiere with new episodes. What does that mean? Well, for the premiere episode, “Legacy,” it means a whole lot of changes for Oliver Queen and company. Remember — most of the team dropped the whole vigilante gig after the season 4 finale.

Oliver and Felicity Smoak are still in the game, a fact complicated somewhat by their breakup and by Oliver’s new job as mayor of Star City. And they’ve got Curtis Holt hanging around the lair, but everyone else is keeping their distance.

Will the team come back? Will Oliver be forced to hire some new blood? Arrow will most likely spend much of the coming season answering these questions. In the meantime, however, here are a few Arrow season 5 spoilers from the premiere.

1. Thea hasn’t gone far.
While Thea Queen may have hung up her Speedy hood at the end of last season, Oliver’s baby sister is sticking close to family — she clearly has a major role in the mayoral office, often covering for her absent brother.

2. The more things change, the more crime stays the same…
Sure, Damien Darhk is as dead as his creepy, subterranean utopia, but other bad guys are happy to pick up the slack. We meet one of them — Tobias Church (Chad L. Coleman) — in “Legacy,” and he’s all kinds of evil-awesome. Another baddie, Prometheus, seems to be in the mix as well. Who he (?) is and what he wants, we’ll be finding out over the next few episodes.

3. Killing is back on the menu.
You know how Oliver hasn’t been doing much in the way of killing over the past couple of years? Yeah, that’s over with. There’s some violence both in flashbacks and in the present-day. Not everyone is OK with this turn of events.

4. Oliver and Felicity aren’t exactly on the same page, relationship-wise.
Things are impressively friendly between these former significant others — think season 1/2 friendliness with occasional reminders of the attraction between them. Interestingly, one of these two may be reading more into this attraction than the other.

5. Always a triangle…
As anyone who has watched the Arrow season 5 trailer knows, Felicity has a new man in her life. The character is more than just a pretty face and appears elsewhere in the episode. Who is he and how does he figure into the new season? The episode doesn’t give a lot of answers. The character is clearly related to law enforcement.

Arrow season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm on The CW.

Watch the Arrow Season 5 Trailer from Comic-Con

The Arrow season 5 trailer was released at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. What’s in it? Well, there is a whole bunch of Green Arrow fighting, along with some clues that things will be changing the new season. For one thing, Oliver Queen seems ready to take on some apprentice vigilantes in his ongoing quest to save Star City.

In addition to Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt, the wannabe vigilantes include Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin) and Wild Dog (Rick Gonzales). There’s no word on which of these trainees will remain on the team.

The new trailer does make it clear that supposedly departed team members Thea Queen and John Diggle won’t be gone for long. Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity are still working together to save the city — even while Oliver takes the office of Mayor.

Arrow season 5 will premiere on Wednesday, October 5 on The CW.

Arrow Season 5 Spoilers: Stephen Amell’s Abs-tacular First Photo

arrow season 5 stephen amell oliver queen naked abs sweaty russia cw
CW (via Stephen Amell on Twitter)

Thanks to star Stephen Amell, fans got their first look at Arrow season 5 on Tuesday. And… wow. It’s a rather abs-tacular view.

That’s what happens, after all, when the Arrow star tweets a photo of his character, Oliver Queen, dripping in sweat and naked as far as the camera angle can see. There’s also an unusual amount of hair — a style more in keeping with flashback Oliver than present-day Oliver — so this may be a scene from the Green Arrow’s heretofore mysterious time in Russia.

Whatever the case, Oliver is very muscular and very unclothed. So enjoy!

Arrow returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm with an episode (directed by longtime fight coordinator James Bamford) called “Legacy.” Keep checking this space for more Arrow season 5 spoilers as we get closer to the premiere!

Arrow Recap: Saying Goodbye to the Canary Cry


This week on Arrow

It’s the episode we’ve waited an entire season for. Ever since that premiere we’ve been speculating who exactly would end up in that grave. Tonight we finally found out.

Brothers in Arms v Brothers in Blood

Andy Diggle has been staying with his brother and Lyla since his rehabilitation from Darhk’s mystical persuasion powers. Digg runs into Andy, who is mysteriously retrieving a gun from the Diggle’s home.

Andy tells Digg that Malcolm Merlyn came to see him. He warns him that there’s something going on between Merlyn and Darhk and that they want him to help hijack a shipment of missiles.

Back in the foundry, Oliver tells the team that he has seen Damien’s idol before — on the island. It’s the same one that Reiter had.

When comes time for the missile hijacking, Oliver and Digg await the signal from Andy to help stop the operation. They are able to stop the shipment, but Oliver finds that it was just a little bit too easy of a mission.

Oliver’s initial assumption was right, because while they were out, Malcolm and his merry band of former league misfits took the opportunity to show up in the foundry to find Thea and Laurel.

Merlyn demands that they hand over the idol. Thea fights him, and she almost bests him with two swords crisscrossed over his neck, but he knocks her out of the way and disappears with the idol.

When Oliver and Diggle return, Oliver feels guilty about not being there to help them. While talking to Laurel, Oliver comments on just how easy the mission was. He tells her that he has doubts that Andy isn’t still working for Darhk.

The team tracks Merlyn to a warehouse. Things go awry and Andy ends up getting shot with an arrow. He survives it, and tells them that they need to get to Darhk before Merlyn has a chance to give him back his idol.

When Digg is patching up Andy in the foundry, Andy expresses his fear that Darhk will find them and kill them. Digg tells him that he can’t do anything, because there’s a crucial piece missing from the idol that prevents it from working.

Overhearing this, Oliver snaps at Diggle for revealing information with Andy (whom Oliver is having a hard time trusting). Later, when Oliver finds Andy snooping he confronts him about looking for the missing piece and tries to intimidate him into telling the truth.

Unfortunately, this is the exact moment Digg walks in to see his best friend torturing his brother. Digg takes Andy’s side and kicks Oliver out. When he sees him in the foundry later, he tells Oliver that he is stuck in self-pity and self-righteousness and that is why Felicity left him.

Oliver tells Digg that he is the one who always told him not to let family be a blind spot, but it seems he’s having a hard time taking his own advice.

Baddie Boys Club

After stealing the idol, Malcolm heads to Iron Heights to deliver the idol to Darhk.

If you’re wondering why Merlyn has been doing some of Darhk’s evil bidding, it’s because he struck himself a little deal. When Darhk gets out and H.I.V.E. moves forward with Genesis, Malcolm and Thea will be saved.

Merlyn gives Darhk the idol, but that crucial piece is missing. He sends him back out to retrieve the last piece so that the idol will work again for him.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

Oliver and Taiana are on their way to take down the guards and release the prisoners when Taiana breaks down. She sits and pulls out an old photograph, one of her brother. Oliver is reminded of the photograph he kept of Laurel, but tells Taiana that she can’t stay rooted in the past, not if she wants to survive.

Taiana comes running out of the cave screaming. She is convincing enough that the guards are drawn to go and look inside. Once there, Oliver begins to attack them while Taiana begins to free the other prisoners.

Once Oliver shoots the guards, they realize that they need to find a way to trap Reiter inside. Luckily for them, there just happens to be a massive pile of C4 at their handy disposal. They place the bombs and knock down the front of the cave.

Taiana tells Oliver that he was right, the island did change him. Oliver shares his picture of Laurel with her, and wonders what she would think of him now. Taiana says that is he doesn’t make it out alive, she will go and explain everything to Laurel. And if she doesn’t make it out alive, he must go to Russia to find her parents and explain (helllllooooo, Bratva.)

Unfortunately for them, Reiter still has the idol. And with great idols, comes great power. He blows out the blocked entrance and he’s obviously not too happy about their little plan.

Fallen Hero

When Laurel goes with Oliver to lend his vocal support to Ruvè on her mayoral win, Ruvè introduces herself to Laurel and asks her if she would be the next District Attorney (since she’s promoted the current one).

She ends up discussing the possible career move with multiple people. Most notably, with her father. They meet for some tea (at that Chinese restaurant the Lance’s love so much). Lance tells Laurel that he doesn’t really want her working for Ruvè, and finally approves of her status as the Black Canary. However, being the new DA means putting away the mask.

When she finds out about Malcolm bringing the idol to Darhk, she uses her status as current Assistant District Attorney to have all of the cells checked in Iron Heights. She comes up empty, but not before a verbal showdown with Darhk.

Laurel talks to Oliver about taking the position. She tells him that she wants to turn it down and remain on the team. However, Oliver tells her that he thinks she should take it. She’s spent a long time with the goal of becoming DA and it’s time that she lets herself be the hero she can be — without the mask.

She decides to take the job, but not before suiting up one last time, to stop Darhk.

Meanwhile, Murmur (who works for Darhk) walks around the prison, handing out books to all the prisoners. These books? They’re not just filled with literature. They’ve actually got some knives stashed. The prisoners break free of their cells and attack the guards, taking two hostages.

While Lance provides a distraction, the team arrives (with Andy) to the prison. They go off to fight. Thea finds Malcolm. She’s a worthy opponent but (According to Malcolm) since she’s been cured of her bloodlust, she lacks the necessary drive to defeat him.

Darhk orders the prisoners to kill their hostages, but Oliver, Laurel, Digg, and Andy save them just in time. Darhk trains a gun on Andy and demands that everyone lower their weapons. Andy pulls the missing piece out of his pocket and hands it to Darhk.

Just as Oliver had suspected, Andy had been working for Darhk the whole time. He just needed to get close to Digg to find out where the piece had been hiding.

Thea shoots Damien with a couple arrows, but it’s too late, he’s already absorbed the power of the idol. He needs more however, so the hostages are killed to provide Darhk with more soul power.

Darhk reveals that he knows the identities of everyone. He turns to Laurel and tells her that he made a promise to her father. If he didn’t do what he said, he’s hurt her. He decides he wants to make good on that promise. He stabs her with an arrow.

Oliver rushes Laurel to the hospital. Diggle, Thea, and Felicity join him. The doctor tells them that Laurel is going to be okay. Laurel tells everyone that she’s not giving up the Black Canary, because it makes her happy.

When everyone leaves the room except Oliver, she asks him to get something from her gear. It’s an old photograph. (Sound familiar?) She tells him that she’s happy he found Felicity and that she knows that she is not the love of his life, but he will always be hers.

She starts seizing, and everyone rushes into the room while the doctors try to resuscitate her, but she flat lines.

Dinah Laurel Lance dies at 11:59 pm.

(Say hi to Tommy for us, BC. You finally got your wings.)

arrow season 4 11:59 laurel lance death katie cassidy black canary cw

Arrow returns Wednesday, April 27th at 8pm on The CW.

Arrow Spoilers: Who Is Dead and in the Grave?

arrow season 4 spoilers grave laurel felicity death thea diggle oliver cw

It’s come to this, Arrow fans. Someone important is going to die. The teaser that has lasted for a full season is about to be a teaser no more. That grave is about to be filled.

So who is it? That’s the big question, and one whose answer has been at least maybe spoiled by sneaky Internet people (if you don’t know about this, a quick Google should tell you). Who and how and why? Those are the questions that are about to be answered. I personally have no clue of the how or why, but we do have clues about the who.

Who It Isn’t

Unless Arrow is going full ghost on us with the grave teaser, there are three people who cannot be dead: Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, and Felicity Smoak. Felicity was the early choice for many (and the show itself started out by implying this), but she was seen in the graveside limo with Oliver a few episodes ago.

Some have theorized that she wasn’t really there (see Zap2it for a full explanation of the theory), but otherwise she’s still alive and kicking.

Might Be Safe

Fans of Legends of Tomorrow know that there is one probable reason why the Diggle clan — John, Lyla, and baby Sara — are all probably safe. At some point in the future, a second child is born to the family, a boy who later calls himself Connor Hawke and takes on the mantle of the Green Arrow.

Since he hasn’t been born, that means that Lyla is safe for now. John Diggle’s future son also kept his father safe by expressing feelings of guilt in the man’s eventual death. And we’re going to just assume that the family’s toddler daughter is fine, because that alternative would be way dark, even for Arrow.

In Danger

If you leave out people we’ve seen alive and people whose continued life has been given away by spinoff shows, there are still plenty of dead-person candidates. (Note: For those of you not reading this for Arrow spoilers, I’m not going to give away who has been leaked as the corpse. Figure it out for yourself.)

Thea Queen: Oliver’s little sister has certainly seen her fair share of danger, and the girl now reluctantly answering to Speedy has even died. Could she be doomed once more?

Laurel Lance: This would be awfully hard on her father (a man who has already had his other daughter die… twice). But Laurel is in a rather dangerous profession, both publicly and as a superhero. She has also earned the open enmity of one Damien Darhk.

Quentin Lance: Grieving, drinking, fired, promoted… Lance has seen it all. He hasn’t died yet though, massive heart attack in season 2 notwithstanding. With the police and Darhk likely gunning for Lance by now, he needs to watch his back.

Andy Diggle: Just revealed as a double agent (or is he?) for Darhk, Andy clearly has issues. He’s probably doomed at some point, but I’m not thinking he’s grave-bound, if only because I can’t see Barry Allen running all the way from Central City for the guy’s funeral.

Malcolm Merlyn: I mean, he could die. And maybe — just maybe — people would be sad about this if Malcolm did something super-nice before kicking the bucket. But probably not.

Donna Smoak: This would certainly upset Felicity. It would also make Oliver ready for full-on, kill-everyone revenge. Donna’s death would be depressing as anything, but it’s hard to see how it would happen.

Curtis Holt: With actor Echo Kellum just upped to a series regular for season 5 of Arrow, this is either the biggest fake-out ever or else Palmer Tech’s resident invention whiz is totally fine.

Oliver’s son: Would Arrow go such a dark route? Probably not, but the kid’s been in danger more than once already.


Who do you think is dead? Vote in the poll below and find out for good when Arrow airs at 8pm on The CW.

Arrow Recap: An Arrow to the Heart

arrow season 4 broken hearts olicity wedding oliver queen felicity smoak stephen amell emily bett rickards cw

This week on Arrow

Our favorite love-struck foe isn’t so love-struck anymore. When Cupid returns to town on a revenge mission, she brings up some tough stuff for team Arrow, especially for Oliver and Felicity.

Stupid, Cupid

The episode opens with a pair of young newlyweds strapped to chairs, and they look more than a little roughed-up. An eerie love song is being sung by their captor, and why look who it is — Miss Carrie Cutter, well hello lover.

The couple pleads for her to not hurt them, but Cupid is all about the hurt these days. So, she shoots ‘em each with an arrow.

In another part of Star City, Felicity is throwing herself into a complicated algorithm — for packing up her stuff. A heartbroken Oliver stands by while Felicity moves on in her recovery, from both the accident and from him. She asks him to cancel the venue, and she will take care of telling the guests. However, she plans to continue working for team Arrow. Is there hope on the horizon?

In the foundry, Felicity informs the rest of the team about the breakup, though she refuses to speak about it. Oliver gets a call from Captain Lance informing him that their old friend is back at it.

When Oliver arrives to the scene of the crime, he sees the young newlyweds dead, and formed into the shape of a heart on the ground, with a note that reads “love is dead” attached to them.

Thea identifies the couple as celebrity newlyweds and guesses that Cupid is targeting celebrities who are about to get married, or have been recently, according to gossip sites. Felicity calls and tells them that she has located Cupid’s next couple.

The team tracks down Cupid, who is posing as a couple’s limo driver, right after they’ve been married. Thea jumps on the car to stop them but gets hurt in the process. Oliver orders Diggle to stay with Thea while he chases Cupid.

Once he finds the car, Cupid is not in it, but she attacks from behind. They fight, and he is able to subdue her to try and help the happy couple, but she escapes before he can take her in.

When the team returns to the foundry, Oliver gives Felicity a piece of cloth to examine to help locate Cupid. Diggle finds Oliver and asks him how he’s holding up. He convinces Oliver to tell Felicity that he still wants to be with her, still wants to marry her.

Felicity is able to trace the cloth to a wedding dress storage facility. When the team goes to check it out, Diggle finds Cupid’s shrine of married celebrity couple targets. Fortunately, (or not so) Oliver and Felicity are no longer targets of hers.

When the team decides they need to find a way to figure out who Cupid’s next target is, Oliver refuses to use an innocent couple as bait. Instead, he turns to Felicity and tells her that they need to get married.

Darhk (Witch) Trials

After the events of the last episode, Damien Darhk stands trial to be incarcerated for his actions — specifically the kidnapping of William, with Laurel as the lead prosecutor on his case.

During the trial, Darhk’s lawyer claims that his client’s real name is not Damien Darhk, but Kenneth Bender, from Marcovia. They file for dismissal of all charges based on a complete lack of evidence tying Kenneth to the charges.

Later, when Diggle is testifying against Darhk by reiterating the events of his, Thea’s, and Felicity’s kidnapping at the Smoak-Queen holiday party, Darhk’s lawyer presents him with a signed affidavit by Thea’s former dealer. The document states that Diggle helped Thea purchase a ridiculous sum of cocaine, and alludes to the fact that Diggle only fronts as personal security to Oliver Queen, when in reality he is involved in drug distribution with Thea.

When the team regroups after the setback in court, Captain Lance says that he will testify against Darhk, and risk his own incarceration if it puts Darhk behind bars. Laurel and Captain Lance discuss his decision. She cannot grant him immunity, so she doesn’t want him to testify but he is able to convince her.

Lance is put on the stand and Laurel cross examines him. He admits to doing awful things for Darhk, as he was asked to, because Darhk threatened Laurel’s life if he did not. The judge is moved by Captain Lance’s testimony, and ultimately denies the defenses motion to dismiss and sentences Darhk to trial.

Lance’s gun and badge are taken from him, and he is put on suspension until his hearing for his crimes against the SCPD.

As Darhk is transported to his prison cell to await trial, he pulls a ring out of his mouth and puts it on. Presumably, this ring gives him back some level of power — if his eerie smile is any indication.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

Oliver, Taiana, and Reiter have finally reached their destination in these ever elusive caves. That destination? A strange totem.

Reiter explains that when he was young his village in Africa was destroyed and turned into nothing but dust — leaving him vulnerable, something he very much did not like. Since then, he has vowed to never let anyone make him feel vulnerable ever again.

To do this, he plans to destroy everyone and everything that threatens that. To prove his point to Oliver and Taiana, Reiter shoots one of his men. The totem then absorbs his (soul? energy? life source? voodoo magic?) and then transfers this essence to Reiter by way of his tattoo (which may have something to do with why Oliver’s tattoo was of such importance to him in the first place).

Oliver and Taiana knock out Reiter and his men, and steal the talisman. Once they get far enough away, they debate what to do with it. Taiana tries to destroy it, but it doesn’t break.

Reiter contacts Oliver through the radio he still has, and informs them that he has them surrounded — and his men have guns, so it would be wise to surrender. He sends his men after them.

When Reiter’s men locate the totem, Oliver and Taiana are nowhere to be found. The men go to pick up the talisman, and Oliver and Taiana attack them and take their guns.

I Do, Do You?

Now, given the fact that Felicity just broke off her engagement, one would presume that she wouldn’t exactly be gung-ho about going through with said engagement in a fake wedding ceremony to lure out a deranged villain that hates love, right? One would be correct.

Oliver says that he’ll call the venue and have the date moved up. Felicity is upset, considering she asked him to cancel the venue. However, Oliver admits that once he picks up the phone, it’s really over. She tells him it already is.

Despite herself, Felicity agrees to the ruse. Thea leaks that Oliver and Felicity have decided to have a secret wedding to the tabloids, in the hopes that Cupid will take the bait.

Unfortunately for Olicity, their very real, very new, and very raw emotions are unavoidable when Oliver sees Felicity walk down that aisle in a beautiful white wedding gown. Things get even more real when their officiant has them recite their own vows.

Felicity goes along with the ruse and says some quick vows, in order to get it over with. Oliver, however, takes this opportunity to express everything that he loves about her. He tells her that she brought him into the light, and that loving her is the best thing about him. He puts the ring back on her finger just as he tells her that she is his always.

Not expecting the outpouring of emotion, Felicity is stunned. She doesn’t have time to react though, because right on cue, Cupid shoots an arrow between them. Oliver tells the officiant to run, and crouches down with Felicity to guard her.

Oliver informs Thea and Diggle, who are on location, waiting for their cue. Cupid shoots Oliver in the chest, and Felicity runs to his side as he lays there. Cupid tells them that she’s rigged the entire building with enough explosives to take it down.

Oliver gets up and pulls the arrow out, revealing that he was wearing a Kevlar vest. He tries to talk Carrie out of going through with her plan, but it’s of no use, because she’s lost the only two men she ever loved and now she wants to see anyone in love burn.

Felicity steps in and explains to her that love is not a bad thing. She tells her that if she dies today, that’s okay, because she was fortunate enough to get to experience the kind of love that changes a person into the best version of themselves, and that was worth it.

Though Felicity’s speech almost convinces Cupid, she is too far gone. Luckily, Thea and Diggle and there to help fight her off. Cupid is subdued and Oliver shoots her, but not fatally.

As Cupid is dragged off by the SCPD, she tells Oliver and Felicity that they give hope to the rest of us. Oliver attempts to talk to Felicity about what they both said, but she’s not ready to.

Later, in the foundry, Felicity comes to talk to Oliver. He tells her that he meant every word he said to her, and she tells him that she loves him, but what she said to Carrie doesn’t apply to them. Oliver pleads with her, telling her that things can be different, and that he can be different. He promises never to lie to her again, but she can’t accept it.

Felicity tells him that a part of him will always default to that person on the island — alone, and that person who came back to fight his mission — alone. She knows that there will be times in which he may have to make the decision to keep things from her again.

Oliver tries to deny that, but Felicity is certain that she was wrong. She was wrong when she told him that they could make it work, being together and being vigilantes. She doesn’t believe they can anymore. She tells him that it’s too hard working with him every night, and that they need to let each other go.

She gives him back the ring, and tells him she wants him to keep it for good this time. Oliver tells her that he doesn’t want to let her go, but she tells him that she’s already gone.

Buzzing for more Arrow? Catch the next episode, Wednesday at 8pm on The CW!

Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Legends of the Future?

legends of tomorrow star city 2046 oliver queen stephen amell cw

This week on Legends of Tomorrow

So, after the ship went down, the legends were stranded on whatever space and time they landed in. That just happened to be Star City, 2046. Yep, you heard me — it’s the future, baby.

Only problem? Star City looks positively post-apocalyptic. Not to fear, because who guards over this city and always makes it right? The Green Arrow. Except, when the legends run into the emerald archer, it’s not Oliver Queen.

This young archer has never heard of these legends before, and so presumes them to be a threat and attacks. The team is unprepared and is forced to retreat back to the ship.

The Science of Flirting

Since the ship is broken from the crash, Rip has Jax and Ray stay to fix it — with the help of Kendra and Stein. Kendra has been assigned by Rip to work with Ray to help fix Gideon’s controls, and Stein and Jax are assigned to fix the ship’s mechanics.

Stein notices that something is off with Jax as the two overhear Kendra and Ray flirting, and Stein discovers that Jax may have a little crush on our resident hawk goddess. He encourages Jax to exude confidence, and go for it, despite Ray.

Stein decides he’s going to help his young friend out by playing wingman and takes it upon himself to speak to Ray. He tells him he’s noticed him and Kendra flirting, which is news to Ray, who had not previously thought of their relationship romantically. Stein tells him that hooking up amongst the team would be a bad idea, and Ray agrees.

Unfortunately, Stein’s plan backfires and Ray decides that he does, in fact, like Kendra and would like to pursue something with her. Stein feels guilty, which leads to Jax discovering just what Stein had done. Though disappointed, Jax agrees he should still be confident.

Ray asks Kendra out, and she turns him down gently. After everything she’s gone through, she’s not ready to be dating. Naturally, as Ray leaves the room he runs into Jax who has been listening the entire time.

Ray apologizes to Jax, claiming that he knew about his crush and went for it anyway. Jax forgives him.

In an amazing twist, Kendra ends up fixing the ship while the men around her were too busy fighting over who gets her.

Next Generation

When Sara, Rip, Leonard, and Mick leave to steal an important piece of technology from Smoak Technologies (yes, you heard me correctly) that might help them, they run into the new Green Arrow and a band of criminals.

Sara watches as the Green Arrow gets shot down, and rushes to his side. She’s shocked when she discovers that he’s fine (kevlar, man) and she demands to know where Oliver Queen is. The new Green Arrow pulls back his hood and turns off his modulator, before telling Sara that Oliver Queen is dead.

He apparently went missing after something called The Uprising and was presumed dead. The Uprising was the result of someone bringing an army with him. That person? Deathstroke.

Kidding, this Deathstroke is very much like our new Green Arrow friend, meaning he is of a next generation (so, no Slade). Although, this new Deathstroke just happens to be related to Slade. His name? Grant Wilson. When Grant has his army attack them, Green Arrow manages to grappling hook them out of there just in time.

He brings her back to the old foundry (where Felicity had all of her old projects relocated to), telling her that Oliver had tried to fight off the army — but he didn’t have one of his own, and that everyone was more concerned with getting to safety than fighting.

When they get there, they’re confronted by the OG GA himself, Oliver Queen. Though, this Oliver Queen looks a little different — he’s got a full on beard, some wrinkles, and oh yeah he’s missing an arm. He tells them to leave, especially the new Green Arrow who he reveals to be John Diggle, Jr. Though John refuses to go by that name anymore, since he could not save his father and feels he has not earned it. Instead, he goes by Connor Hawke.

Oliver has given up. Everyone is dead. Except Felicity, who left after things started to fall apart. Sara is upset that he’s no longer the man she once knew. They leave and go in search of the prototype they need.

When they finally find it, they’re attacked by Grant’s men. They try to fight them off, but they capture Connor in the process.

Baddie Breakup

Post-apocalyptic worlds are about as good as it gets for two power hungry thieves like Leonard and Mick. Whereas Mick is absolutely thrilled to be placed in a world that needs his unique skillset, Leonard is more concerned with staying on track of the mission.

After Leonard and Mick are sent out to steal Felicity Smoak’s technology, they are attacked by an army of criminals. Mick shoots the leader with his heat-gun and kills him, then claims his fancy fur coat and his army.

They are welcomed into this world of drinking and debauchery (think the Snugly Duckling from Tangled, but with no songs), but when Grant Wilson shows up and tells his men to kill the Green Arrow, Sara, and Rip by morning, Leonard insists that they leave to help Rip and Sara.

They argue, but eventually table the discussion until later. When Mick suggests that they take down Grant and then take over and stay forever, Leonard knocks him out and takes him back to the ship.

Later, when they talk, Leonard tells Mick that he is the brains behind the operations, whereas Mick is the muscle. It’s always been that way, and always will. But Mick is done with Leonard’s heroic actions. Leonard has decided, somewhere along the line, that he wants to take down Savage, and be remembered as one of the two biggest bad guys to do it. Mick, however, just wants to see the world burn. And if Leonard ever lays a hand on him again? He’ll burn too.

Mi Future es tu Future

From the beginning of the episode, Rip was adamant that Sara and Ray not be very involved in this world, as they are too close to it. If we know anything about Sara, though, it’s that she doesn’t take a backseat when she can be of help.

Though Rip insists repeatedly that this world is not a real one, but just a possible future that they can prevent, Sara finds it difficult separating herself from the fact that in this world, her friends and family are mostly dead.

Sara blames herself when Oliver explains that because she and Ray were not there for The Uprising, he had no one left to fight with him. Because of this, when Connor gets captured, Sara feels responsible for helping save him.

Rip refuses to help her, claiming once again that this future is not real. Though Sara had the support of Jax and Stein, Rip tells her she’s on her own. The ship is fixed, and will be leaving in one hour — with, or without her.

Sara leaves to go find Oliver. She asks for his help, but he’s not up for it. She tells him that she needs him to be the Green Arrow again, to save Connor. She hands him his old bow (which she had grabbed while they were looking for Felicity’s prototype) and he agrees.

Back on the ship, Stein convinces Rip that they need to go help Sara. Because to her, this future is very real, and as her teammates, they need to support that. Reluctantly, Rip decides that Stein is right.

At Connor’s public execution, Sara gets captured and brought up to the front. However, she’s only the distraction. Oliver shows up and shoots Grant, stopping him from killing Connor, and a fight breaks out. They are clearly outnumbered, until the legends show up to help.

At one point, Oliver loses his bow and Grant is about to kill him, when Connor picks up Oliver’s bow and shoots him (symbolic, right?) In the end, Oliver finally approves of Connor as the new Green Arrow, and the two of them decide to work together to start rebuilding the city.

Sara wants to stay and help, not wanting to leave them again. Oliver tells her that she needs to go back with the legends and do what she was meant to do.

Back on the ship, Sara thanks Rip for sending the team in. Rip agrees that every future is worth fighting for, he just needs to know that she is definitely a part of this team.

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Arrow Recap: Magic and Family Matters

arrow season 4 vixen Megalyn E.K. cw

This week on Arrow

It was bound to happen — all of Oliver’s lies catching up to him, that is. One of the major arcs this season dealt with Oliver finding out he had a son, William.

As we know — Samantha, Oliver’s former fling, only recently let Oliver see William based on the condition that Oliver never tell anyone (including William) that he is the boy’s father. Though Oliver wanted desperately to include Felicity, he chose to abide by Samantha’s rules so that he could spend time with him.

Alas, this is Arrow — and in Arrow, your secrets always have a way of surfacing. Because Oliver just happens to be a vigilante, his secrets only surface after a villain decides to come for you. Cue Damien Darhk, who comes to him and tells him that he has his son, and he’s being held hostage.

Darhk gives Oliver an ultimatum, he must announce his resignation for mayoral office by 6pm on Friday, or William suffers the consequences.

This, of course, is a huge problem for Oliver — especially considering he has to tell his fiancée exactly who this boy is. And she doesn’t take the news too well.

Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past

It’s no secret to those who knew Oliver Queen pre-island, that he had a little problem with infidelity. Only after Oliver has been informed of Darhk taking his son, does his mother Samantha even tell Oliver that William had gone missing (she only came to Oliver thanks to a little birdy named Barry Allen).

Oliver quickly confesses to Samantha that he is the Green Arrow, and that he is going to do everything in his power to bring back their son. He brings Samantha to meet the rest of team Arrow.

Once meeting Laurel, Samantha recognizes her name, and apologizes for having an affair even while knowing that Oliver was with Laurel at the time.

Later, when Samantha is left with Felicity while the team (plus a very special guest) are out searching for William, Samantha tries to explain to Felicity that keeping William a secret from her was an ultimatum she gave to Oliver, and urges her to place the blame on her, not him.

Unfortunately, the team continually gets beat by Darhk’s magic. And what’s the only way to fight magic? With more magic, of course. Our old friend Constantine is stuck in hell, but our new friend Mari McCabe, aka Vixen, might be able to help.

Hello, Vixen

You might recognize Vixen from CW Seed’s animated spinoff series, but Arrow got a special treat when Oliver tracks down a live action version of the warrior goddess in this week’s episode.

He finds Mari beating up some bad guys in her neck of the woods. He offers her a helping arrow and then asks for her help. She agrees, and he brings her back to the foundry to introduce her to everyone, explaining they had an “animated encounter” (I see what you did there, writers) in the past. Though she’s already met Laurel and Felicity — Digg, Thea, and Samantha are all new faces.

Mari explains to the team that she can channel the spirit of any animal through her necklace that gives her these mythical powers. She suggests that she can help locate William. Samantha gives Mari a Flash action figure, William’s favorite toy, and Mari is able to track the scent.

The team infiltrates the location in which Mari was able to locate William’s scent. While Digg, Thea, and Laurel take out some of Darhk’s men, Oliver crashes through the window that Damien himself is in. He’s followed closely by Mari. Damien is intrigued by Mari’s power, and recognizes her necklace. The two try to fend off Darhk’s magic but it proves futile.

Damien tells Oliver that they missed William by two minutes, and that he has been moved to another location. The team retreats back to the foundry and Oliver receives a call from Darhk that demands he resign that night — as well as endorse Ruvé — or he never sees William again.

Mari suggests that they try to locate the source of Darhk’s power, similar to how her necklace provides hers. Lance says that he saw such a thing a few times while working with Darhk and Mari asks him to draw it for her.

Mari sends the picture to an old friend of hers and is able to identify how to locate it.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

Back in their cell, Taiana and Oliver discuss Reiter’s plans, just as he comes to get them. He brings them to a cave structure, that holds the source of a primordial energy. From this cave comes a zombie/demonic man.

The man speaks in a language that no one can understand. Reiter holds a gun to Oliver and Taiana and forces them to be stuck with the creature. Once he leaves, the man speaks to Oliver before he evaporates into the air, leaving Oliver’s Chinese symbol tattoo glowing orange.

When Reiter comes back and discovers the man missing, he forces Oliver and Taiana to enter into the cave to find answers.

End of an Era?

The episode begins with Oliver supporting Felicity at physical therapy. She struggles to walk, despite her high hopes for Curtis’ bio implant. Though she knew there was a possibility of it not working, she confesses to Oliver that she was really hoping to be able to walk down the aisle.

Their conversation gets cut short when Darhk shows up and gives them the bad news about William. Their once warm and loving banter turns cold as Felicity starts to realize the harsh reality that Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, Barry Allen, and Thea all knew about Oliver’s son before she did.

Given Felicity’s hatred of lies, we can all pretty much guess how she feels about this. Despite this, however, Felicity puts on a brave face for the time being, knowing just how important it is to Oliver to get William back safely.

During this time, Oliver struggles with making a decision about how to continue his relationship with William after the fact. On one hand, Digg supports Oliver being a father, and encourages him to become as involved as possible in his life (just as he is with his adorable baby Sara). On the other hand, Mari tries to convince Oliver that William may be better off without all of this in his life (this stems from her own person experiences with her biological parents and the whole magic necklace talisman thing).

When Oliver is given the ultimatum of either dropping out of the mayoral race, or risking his son’s life, he makes the decision to suspend his candidacy. (Pretty careful choice of words, though, huh?) This, naturally, confuses his campaign manager, Alex. However, given the circumstances, Oliver has no choice but to leave Alex without any explanations.

After Oliver steps down, Darhk calls him, telling him to meet him in three hours, at Nelson Plaza. The team goes out to save William and end Darhk’s reign of power once and for all.

Mari crashes in through the ceiling and manages to grab Darhk’s totem of power (in a wicked cool flippy move, just sayin’). Even separated from the item, his powers remain. The rest of the team tries to fight him off, but his powers prove too much.

William comes out of the house and begs Darhk not to hurt them. Mari then inhabits the spirit of a gorilla and begins smashing the totem until it eventually breaks, effectively cutting off Darhk’s powers and releasing the team to fight him on an even playing ground.

Later, William is finally reunited with Samantha. She gives him his Flash toy, but he says he’d rather get a Green Arrow one instead.

Oliver has one final discussion with Mari, thanking her before she leaves. She reminds him again to keep William as far away from that life as he can — to let him have his innocence.

Amidst all of this commotion, Thea confronts Malcolm on how Darhk knew about William in the first place. Though Malcolm lies about his involvement at first, Thea finds out the truth when Lance tells her and Oliver that the man who actually took William in the first place was missing an arm. She finally stands up to him, telling him that this relationship they have is over for good. Malcolm doesn’t like this too much and lashes out at Thea. He tells her that she can’t see the bigger picture, and never could, but he can.

In the end, Oliver records a video for William. He confesses to him that he is his father, at least biologically speaking. He says that he cannot be the kind of father that William deserves, and that is due to the fact that he is, in fact, the Green Arrow. He also tells him that he told Samantha to take him far away, and not to tell anyone where she is going — even Oliver. This video is meant to be shown to William only after his eighteenth birthday.

Of course, Felicity happens to hear the entirety of the recording and confronts Oliver. She tells him that now that William is safe, she needs space from him. She understands why he did what he did, but she doesn’t think that Oliver knows how to lean on her, like he should have.

She gives him her engagement ring back, and then (literally and symbolically) walks away — breaking the heart of Oliver, and the entire Olicity fandom.

Arrow returns Wednesday, March 23rd at 8pm on The CW!