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CW Renews Arrow, Supernatural, The Flash and More

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The CW

The CW chose not to make fans wait when it came to seven of its shows.

On Sunday, January 8, CW president Mark Pedowitz announced the renewals during the Television Critics Association press tour. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Jane the Virgin were all renewed for the 2017-2018 season.

All are veteran shows. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow will be coming back for their third seasons. The Flash and Jane the Virgin, meanwhile, will return for season 4 next year. Arrow, which started the network’s superhero trend, was renewed for season 6, while perennial favorite Supernatural will return for an incredible 13th season in the fall.

Not every CW program got the good news. None of the network’s new shows from 2016-2017 — Frequency, No Tomorrow, Riverdale — have scored renewals yet, while the spring’s returning programs — The 100, iZombie, The Originals — will have to wait as well.

“Early pickups of these seven series now allow our producers to plan ahead for next season and gives us a solid base to build on for next season, with original scripted series to roll out all year long,” Pedowitz told television critics of the choice to renew so many shows so early.

CW Crossover Video: Watch the Arrow-The Flash-Supergirl-Legends Team-Up Trailer

There’s something new to be thankful for this Thanksgiving — The CW has released the trailer for its upcoming four-way crossover event: “Heroes vs. Aliens.”

Characters from Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow will all work together to fight against an alien invasion in the four episodes making up the crossover. Considering that the plot seems to involve aliens — ominously called Dominators — invading Earth and causing all sorts of trouble, it may take every character in the CW’s comic-book universe to save the day.

What’s the plot of this series of episodes? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. But who cares when all sorts of fun characters get to interact — Supergirl‘s Kara and Legends‘ Heatwave are a highlight in the trailer.

The CW crossover event starts Monday, November 28 with that week’s episode of Supergirl and continues on over the next few days.

Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Baby Legends

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This week on Legends of Tomorrow

The lives of the team are threatened when The Timemaster Council sends their number one assassin, The Pilgrim, after their younger selves.

Her mission is to completely erase them from the timeline before they can ever inflict any damage on it.

Mini Rebels

In Central City 1990, a teen-aged Mick Rory is sitting and watching his house burn, while his family sleeps inside. The Pilgrim sneaks up behind him and is about to shoot when Ray knocks the blast out of the way and grabs Young Mick.

The legends take him back to the Waverider where Jax tells him that they are a secret organization known as ARGUS (very funny).

Then, Gideon gets word of an anomaly in the timeline. The Pilgrim is headed for Starling City, 2007. Here we find teen Sara Lance in all her rebellious glory. She’s been jokingly detained at the precinct by her father to teach her a lesson. When The Pilgrim shows up to kill her, Det. Lance fights her off while Young Sara attempts to run to safety.

When Det. Lance can’t hold her off anymore, she goes after Young Sara, which is when Sara shows up to protect her younger self. Unfortunately, Sara recognizes just how familiar her savior looks in the process. Mick fire-blasts The Pilgrim, and they grab Young Sara.

They put Young Sara in the med bay with Young Mick, where the two rebellious teens can keep each other company. When Young Mick makes a pass at her, however, she ends up slapping him, causing Sara to intervene. Young Sara wants to know when she’s going home and worries that her father is going to lose her, to which Sara tells her he never will.

Timeless Romance

After Kendra met her former self, she chose to ignore her and not tell Ray what she’d said to her about the prospect of their relationship. When Kendra discusses this with Sara, she tells her that she should be honest with Ray, if she wants a real relationship with him.

When Kendra goes to speak to Ray, he tells her that he’s worried about possibly losing her. He’s about to tell her that before they left he was set to propose when he collapses in pain. It seems that The Pilgrim has attacked a younger version of him. Gideon tracks the attack to Palmer Industries in 2014.

The legends show up to fight her off and get Ray out of there. However, The Pilgrim’s got some tricks up her sleeves. Namely, the ability to control time (that’s right people, full on freeze and manipulate time!) Rip manages to subdue her with the A.T.O.M. suit prototype that Ray happens to be working on.

While the team is in 2014 saving Ray’s life, he struggles for his back on the Waverider. Kendra stands at his side, and thinking that he may be dying — Ray proposes. Kendra accepts, but after they realize that Ray will be fine, has some second thoughts.

Later, when Kendra confides in Sara about her second thoughts, Ray overhears. When he confronts her about it, she tells him the truth about the conversation she had with her former self. He tells her to figure out what she wants and get back to him.

In the end of the episode, Kendra decides that there will never be the right time, so she tells Ray that yes, she will marry him. (Does this mean we’re gonna get a Legends of Tomorrow wedding?)

Cutest Little Heroes

So, The Pilgrim is gonna have a hard time finding a younger Kendra to hurt due to the whole reincarnate thing, and she’s gonna have a hard time killing a younger Rip due to his Timemaster contributions. She is not, however, going to have a hard time finding younger versions of Leonard, Stein, and Jax.

Since there’s no good way to find how when she’ll attack any of them, Rip decides that the best course of action is to abduct themselves on the days that they were born so that nothing can ever happen to them.

Sara and Kendra go to find baby Leonard in his hospital crib. They get mildly distracted by how adorable he is before grabbing him and bringing him back to the Waverider and leaving Young Sara and Young Mick to look after him.

Next up? Baby Martin Stein. The good doctor is born in Ivy Town in 1950, in the back of a car. Rip and Leonard grab him under the premise of taking him to the hospital and bring him back to the Waverider to join in the other children.

Finally, Central City 1993. Jax is born. The legends show up to retrieve him when they run into Jax’s father — who according to Jax, left his mother as she was in labor to ship off to war where he will eventually be killed.

Jax gets to meet his father for the first time, who did not leave while his mother was in labor, but stayed to see him just once while he was in his crib at the hospital. Jax wants to explain everything to him, but he can’t. Jax’s father asks Jax to tell his mother that he’s so proud and happy of their son, and that he will see her soon.

After they leave with baby Jax, Rip decides that the children are not safe on the Waverider, so he takes them to a safe house. Whose house is this you ask? Why, it’s Rip’s mother’s house.

Family Affair

So, turns out — Rip has a mom, guys. Well, an adoptive mother. Also, his birth name is Michael.

His mother watches over all the orphaned children who will later train to become Timemasters, and although she works for them, she will always be on Rip’s side. Plus, her home is undetectable.

At the house, Mick finds his younger self with a match. He confronts him about his pyromania, and how the house burning got out of control because he fell in love with the flame. He tells him that there better not be any accidents in this house, to which Young Mick replies that he sounds just like his father.

Gideon informs Rip that The Pilgrim has left a digital message for him. See, she’s caught on to what they’ve been doing and she’s not happy. Her message reveals that she has taken a family member of each of the legends hostage. (This means — Lisa Snart, Det. Lance, Ray’s former fiancée Anna, Clarissa Stein, and Jax’s father.) She offers them a trade, their lives for the teams.

Rip tracks her signal and sends her a message in response. He offers a different trade — his life, for his team’s. But not current Rip, a younger version of Rip. One before he ever even became a Timemaster.

They meet at an abandoned Timemasters outlet. Neutral ground. Young Rip is brought there by his mother. As a show of faith, The Pilgrim trades Jax’s father for Young Rip. But, before she can leave with him, Ray attacks, which initiates a chain of attacks by all the legends.

The Pilgrim manipulates time again, stopping everyone by literally holding them frozen in time. Satisfied with her actions, she misses Young Rip who stabs her with an apparently concealed knife. She evaporates, removed from the timeline, and the legends are free to move in real time.

Back at the house, Rip tells the team that he was a pretty rotten kid, and that he knew he’d kill her if she tried to hurt him.

Mick finds Young Mick again and speaks to him. He tells him the truth about who he is, and that he knows the fire getting out of control was not his fault. He spent his whole life hating himself for something he didn’t mean to do. He tells him to not be like him, but to be better.

Sara tells her father the truth about the legends, and he says he always knew she’s be doing something that helped people. Then she gives him an amnesia pill.

Jax speaks to his father, he tells him the truth. He tells him to be careful when he goes out to war and to keep his head up for what is bound to happen to him.

Stein tries to speak to his wife, Clarissa, but she doesn’t remember him. See, the time in which they took the legends as infants is starting to set in. If they don’t return them to their respective times soon, they will be removed from the timelines of everyone around them.

Unfortunately, they may have already run out of time.

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Howdy, Heroes

dc's legends of tomorrow 19th century jonah hex cw

This week on Legends of Tomorrow

When the Timemaster Council sends the Hunters after the team in order to kill them, the legends seek a hideaway in the Old West. Time to saddle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

Within the timeline, there are temporal blind spots known as fragmentations. These fragmentations allow the legends to buy themselves some time before they are found.

So which particular fragmentation have our friends landed in, you ask? Why, a little Dakota Territory town by the name of Salvation. The year? 1871. Yee-haw!

Not From These Parts

When the legends arrive in the Old West, they’re anxious to get out and explore — despite Rip’s protests (but, really, when is not protesting?) They have the fabricator whip them up some outfits and grab some revolvers for age-appropriate protection.

Rip warns them to not get into any trouble before they head out onto the streets. He tells them that while they go exploring he will remain on the ship and being plotting their next move against Vandal Savage.

The team goes to an old fashioned saloon to get a lay of the land. While there we discover that Sara can outdrink Mick if challenged, and Stein plays a mean hand of cards. Looks like Leonard isnt’t the only one with a degenerate father. Apparently, Stein’s father was a criminal gambler who taught him a few things. However, Stein chose to not become his father and urges Leonard to do the same.

When Stein upsets one of the losing players by insisting that he stops harassing a waitress, he pulls a gun on him. However, before he can shoot him Leonard pulls a gun out and shoots him instead.

Unfortunately, this guy’s got friends, and they’re angry. The team quickly turns this family outing into an all-out barroom brawl. (Shocker, right?) The fight is stopped when a man comes in shooting the air, informing them that playtime is over. Who is this man, you’re wondering? Why, Jonah Hex, that’s who.

It is revealed pretty quickly that Jonah is aware of the fact that the team is not from around here, or from around this time period. In fact, he knows our Rip Hunter, and he’s got some words to say to him.

The team takes Jonah back to the Waverider. Once Rip realizes who it is exactly that they’ve brought back, Rip asks what it is that Jonah is doing here. Jonah informs him that he’s collecting on a bounty. Because the man that Leonard shot in the bar happens to belong to a notorious gang known as the Stillwater gang, they’ve got some serious trouble coming their way.

Though Rip advises strongly against getting involved and disrupting the timeline, Ray insists that they have to stay and help the people of this town from getting terrorized by the Stillwater gang.

Ranger Ray

Young Raymond Palmer always dreamed about becoming a cowboy. Here he is, being given the chance — and he is going to take it.

Accompanied by Jonah, Ray makes his way to the county Sheriff’s office in order to offer their services in taking down the Stillwaters. Instead of welcoming them to help, the Sheriff hands over his badge to Ray and makes him the new Sheriff. He tells him that he’s done pushing his luck.

The Stillwater gang rides through the center of town where Ray meets them and informs them that there’s a new Sheriff in town. The gang threatens the town and Ray informs them that it’s under his protection and that their reign of terror stops now.

The leader, Jeb Stillwater, pulls out his pistol to shoot Ray, but Leonard (who is on a roof with a sniper rifle) shoots the gun out of his hand. Ray tells them that he’s got smart shooters all around, so he better not test him. He tells the gang to get out of town and not come back.

Back on the Waverider, Ray is happy with his perceived victory, but Jonah is quick to shut him down. See, after they leave, the gang is just going to come back and wreak even more havoc on Salvation. He knows this because it’s happened before. That’s how he knows Rip.

See, Rip was once on a mission with the Timemasters to travel to Calvert, a town in Oklahoma circa 1868. It was destroyed because Rip got too attached, and then left.

Once the team discovers where the Stillwater gang is and decides to ensure that they never terrorize Salvation again, they head to their grounds and fight. Though they are able to subdue most of the men and arrest Jeb, the Stillwater gang manages to kidnap Jax.

Modern Medicine

Ray isn’t the only team member with a hero complex.

When Stein goes back to the saloon to get some information on the Stillwater’s whereabouts, he runs into a waitress who appears to be crying. He asks if she is alright and she claims that she is fine but would like to be alone.

Stein is persistent, however, and she admits that her son is sick and that he is going to die. Stein tells her that he is a scientist and would like to help, so she takes him to her home to meet the boy. He has The Consumption (aka Tuberculosis) and has only a day or two more to live, according to the local doctors.

Later, Stein is caught stealing a vile of medicine from the Waverider by Rip and Ray. Because the medicine that can save the boy will not be invented for some time in the future, by giving it to the boy it could cause major repercussions to the timeline. Stein argues that just like Ray couldn’t give up on the Stillwater gang, Stein can’t give up on the boy.

Stein gives the medicine to the boy and saves him. He urges his mother to destroy the medicine once he is fully cured. She agrees. In the aftermath of everything, Stein discovers that this boy he has saved? His name is Herbert George Wells. That’s right folks, Martin Stein saved H.G. Wells.

Ghosts of the Past

While everyone was at the bar, Kendra accidentally bumps into an older woman. She apologizes, and the woman waves it off as no bother. Kendra has a flash of something involving this woman, but it’s very unclear. When she returns to focus, the woman has disappeared.

When Sara confronts Kendra about her weird mood, Kendra explains the strange flashback. They decide to go to the place that Kendra saw in her dream to see if she can help Kendra to find Carter. They ride out on horses and arrive to the place that Kendra says she feels like she’s being drawn to.

When they arrive, the woman is there and threatens to shoot them with a shotgun. She doesn’t want anything from the, she just wants them to leave as she likes to keep to herself. Kendra realizes that this woman is not an old friend from a past life, but herself from a past life.

In this past life of hers, Kendra discovers that she lost Carter very young. Older Kendra shows the girls a drawing of herself and Carter from a fair. In the drawing, Kendra recognizes a bracelet that she is wearing. It is from Kendra’s first life. As we know, items present at the time of Kendra and Carter’s first death can be used to kill Savage.

However, there’s not much Kendra can do to kill a man with a bracelet. Older Kendra urges Kendra to not fight her destiny. She lives, she loves, she dies. She tells Kendra that they’ve tried to find love after Carter many times before in their past lives, but without fail it always ends in tragedy or heartbreak if it’s not Carter.

Back on the Waverider, Sara tells Kendra that she doesn’t have to listen to the older version of herself. She never met Ray Palmer in any of her past lives and she loves him in this one, so she decides her destiny. Kendra agrees when she explains all of this to Ray later and they agree that this is what they both want in this life.

Playing With Fire

The team argues over how to get Jax back from the Stillwaters. While most of them agree that they should just trade Jeb (who resides knocked out in their prison) for Jax, Ray disagrees. He says that if they do that, they will be right back where they started.

Jonah suggests that perhaps they have a good old-fashioned gun draw. Whoever shoots first wins. Whoever gets shot? Dies. Ray volunteers since no one else does, but ultimately Rip decides that he must do it. He has to face his fear of repeating the past of his attachment to this era.

Rip and Jeb face off in the middle of town. Rip ends up successfully drawing and shooting first and Jeb dies. The Stillwater gang releases Jax back to the legends.

Unfortunately, that’s when the Timemaster Hunters show up. The team is able to fight them off after forgoing their era appropriate weaponry for their much more advanced futuristic technology. As Mick kills off one of his former comrades, the hunter tells him that the Timemasters have initiated the Omega Protocol and it’s only a matter of time before they’re all dead.

As the team gets back on the Waverider and prepares to head out, Mick informs them that the Timemasters have sent The Pilgrim after them. She is the deadliest assassin they have. Though the team may be able to handle her in the present, they won’t be able to handle her in the past — so that’s where she’s headed. She’s not gonna stop until every single one of them is erased from the timeline.

In Central City, 1990, a teenaged Mick Rory watches his house burn from a slight distance. He doesn’t see the woman who comes up behind him and he doesn’t hear when she pulls the trigger on her gun.

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap: A Team Divided

This week on Legends of Tomorrow

We’re headed back to the future, baby. Luckily for the legends, this future is mildly less grim than the last time we were there — for now. The team tracks Vandal Savage to the year 2147, where they’re gonna have to make some difficult decisions in order to save, well, the world.

Prevention or Heroism?

In 2147, Savage is set to attend a meeting of the shareholders for Kasnia Conglomerate. His actions at this meeting will lead to the destruction of the world.

As the team heads out into this futuristic metropolis (where everyone wears matching grey wool outfits). Rip explains that 2147 is considered to be one of the highest points ever in the history of the world, and it will remain that way — for a good five years.

In five years’ time, a ruthless dictator named Per Degaton will come to power. He will release the Armageddon virus that will end up killing billions of people and ultimately lead to Savage’s rise to power.

Rip gains access to the meeting of shareholders by inserting contacts that allow him to pass through the retina scanner. Once he’s in, he hears the board of directors discussing the issues that exist outside of their compound. Namely — overpopulation.

Savage suggests that they use the technology they have in order to downsize the population. This technology? The Armageddon virus. His request is denied by Tor Degaton (Per’s father) and current ruler of the conglomerate, and it’s not the first time.

Once out of the meeting, Rip follows Savage, who runs into a 14-year-old Per Degaton. It appears that Savage has taken on the role of tutor for the future dictator.

When Tor Degaton dies his son, Per, will take control of the conglomerate and under the training of Vandal Savage, release the virus. Once he does this, he leaves the world vulnerable to a hostile takeover — which gives Savage the perfect opportunity to kill Per Degaton and destroy the world.

In order to stop all of these from happening — they have to kill Per Degaton themselves.

Of course, a team full of heroes isn’t too happy about the idea of murdering a 14-year-old. The team becomes divided. While Rip, Leonard, and Sara see the that it must be done; Ray, Stein, Jax, and Kendra and very much against it.

The settle instead on a kidnapping. If they can’t kill him, at least they can remove him from the timeline.

Robots and Revelations

Ray Palmer discovers something very interesting about his stay in the future. The law enforcement officers are autonomous versions of — the A.T.O.M. suit.

Disturbed by this realization that his creation once designed for good, now strikes fear into citizens, leads Ray to investigate exactly how this has happened.

He takes Stein and Jax along with him to a museum of the A.T.O.M. robots. While there, he meets the young female inventor of them. Careful not to reveal too much about himself, but knowing just a little bit too much about them, she becomes suspicious.

She reveals that the suit the robots wear has been in her family for generations. To prove her point, she shows Ray, Stein, and Jax a giant bust statute of a Dr. Palmer, the original creator. Also? Her great, great, great, great grandfather.

While Ray is understandably upset that he may have had a part to play in the future destruction of the world, he’s more upset that he apparently had a child he never knew about.

The only person he’d been sleeping with before he left in 2016 had ghosted him a week before he left. If he never left that child would have had a loving father.

Hawk History

While Ray is coming to terms with his future offspring, Kendra is remembering her past.

She has a flashback to one of her past lives with Carter, one in which they have a young son — Aldus. You may remember him from a while back, as an aging expert on Vandal Savage and well, his parents.

In the flashback, Kendra senses that Savage is near. She fears that they have to move again in order to escape him and protect Aldus. They assume new identities, Edith and Joseph Boardman. Kendra struggles with wondering if they should explain the truth to their son, since they keep having to move.

She asks Carter if they’re being selfish, for wanting to have a family. He insists that they are not, and that no matter what, Savage is not the only thing that is immortal — their love is too. They sit Aldus down and explain everything to him, starting from the beginning.

Later, when Ray finds Kendra to ask her what’s been going on, she explains that she feels as if she’s cheating on Carter with him. Upset, but not angry, Ray says he understands. She and Carter have fallen in love so many times that he knew what he was getting himself into.

Ray then explains that he may have a child back in 2016 that he never knew about. The couple is stuck at an awkward impasse with their revelations, unaware of how to move forward.

Like Tutor, Like Son

After the team decides to kidnap Per Degaton, they nominate Leonard (their resident super thief) to get the job done, with Sara and Rip’s help. They kidnap the boy and bring him back to the Waverider, where Gideon begins to monitor his dreams to see if the kidnapping had any effect on him at all.

Despite their best efforts, the kidnapping did nothing to impact the future timeline. No matter where they drop him, he will still rise to power and kill billions of innocent people. With this revelation, Rip decides they need to go back to plan A — kill him.

Meanwhile, with Savage’s help, Tor Degaton discovers who kidnapped his son and sets out to get him back, no matter the cost.

As Rip prepares to kill Per Degaton, something prevents him. Instead, he cuts his anesthetic and steals the jump ship, taking the boy with him. When the team gets word of this, they try to track him but Rip has shut off his transponder, making sure no one can find him — or stop him.

Rip brings Per Degaton to a secluded lake, where he has planned to kill him. He holds a gun up, but Per Degaton tells him he’s weak and that he won’t kill him. Savage has trained him to see whether or not someone is a killer, and Rip is not.

Rip lowers the gun and tells him that he is right, he is not a killer — but that doesn’t make him weak. It means he has good in him, and for the sake of the future of the world, he hopes Per Degaton has a shred of goodness in him too.

Back on the ship, Kendra has a flash that Savage is coming. The Waverider comes under attack, so everyone suits up to fight them off. They can handle the fighters, but not the robots, as their technology is too advanced.

Ray and Kendra go to the control center to sabotage them. While there, Ray is stopped from destroying the robots by his great, great, great, great granddaughter. In order to convince her of the severity of the situation, Ray reveals himself to her.

There’s just one teensy-weensy problem with that reveal — Ray Palmer is not the inventor of the robot army, Sydney Palmer is. Who is Sydney Palmer you ask? Why it’s Ray’s brother, apparently. Sydney must have gone to work for Felicity at Palmer Tech when Ray left and eventually had children which led to this.

Despite everything, they still need the youngest Palmer to help. And because she has Palmer blood, she does the right thing and dismantles the robot army.

Back at the battle ground, Savage has managed to grab Sara and hold her hostage. He demands a trade, Sara’s life for Rip’s. However, Rip has another solution. He offers another trade, Per Degaton for Sara. Tor Degaton accepts despite Savage’s protests and they leave unharmed.

Back on the Waverider, Rip checks the timeline to see if anything has changed. In fact, it has — just not for the better. You see, Per Degaton is angrier than ever. With the instruction of Savage, Per Degaton kills his father in his sleep, leaving Savage temporarily in charge.

With Savage in charge, it means the Armageddon virus isn’t going to be released in five years, but in just a matter of days.

A Reconciliation?

After it is revealed that Ray did not, in fact, have a child in 2016 — Kendra decides they need to talk. Despite her feelings for Carter, she claims that this life is different. She never met Ray in any of her past lives. She asks him not to give up on them, because while Carter may be her past, Ray is her future.

It seems I may be forgetting something? No wait, someone. Mick Rory is still trapped in the ship’s prisoner holding cell.

Throughout the episode, Mick receives many visitors. First, Rip goes down to apologize to him for trying to get him to go against his true nature — which ultimately led to Leonard abandoning him.

However, one his most important visitors was Sara. She attempted to convince not only Mick, but Leonard too, to have a chat and work things out. She explains to Mick that when she and Leonard almost froze to death, all he felt was guilt for leaving Mick.

Despite this, Mick maintains that the only thing he wants to do with Leonard is kill him. Finally, in the end of the episode Leonard pays his old friend a visit. He proposes that he opens the door to the prison and they fight it out until one of them dies.

Mick agrees and they fight. Just as Mick is about to finish Leonard off, something stops him. He says that he doesn’t know what he wants anymore — they’re all going to die anyway.

There’s one problem with that fact that Mick (as Kronos) failed to bring in the legends and their rogue timemaster leader, now there is a bounty on all of their heads, including Mick’s.

They’re called The Hunters, and they’re not going to stop until every last one of them is dead.

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Time Jumping is Tricky

legends of tomorrow sara kendra fight white canary hawkgirl cw

This week on Legends of Tomorrow

When Kronos ambushes the time ship, Rip is forced to leave three of his team members behind — in 1958. The thing about time travel? It messes with you a little.

When Kronos breaks onto the ship and fights off the team, he manages to snag Leonard and hop off to the jump ship, leaving the legends with less than half their team. To make matters worse, he sabotages the navigation system on the Waverider, forcing Rip to reboot Gideon. Which, unfortunately, leaves the ship freefalling in time, with no way to find their team and with no measure as to how long they’ll be gone for.

Stuck in the Past

After the time ship leaves Sara, Kendra, and Ray stranded in the fifties, the three of them adapt in very different ways. Ray immediately assumes that the team will be coming back for them, whereas Sara firmly believes that they’re gone forever.

Sara calls upon her years of dating delinquents in high school to hot wire a car, and the three of them head back to the apartment Kendra and Ray shared as a pretend married couple.

10 days later

The three of them have settled slightly into this new life that was thrust upon them. The only person struggling to accept the fact that they may be stuck forever is Ray. He insists on building a machine called a Time Beacon Radio that will send a signal to the ship to notify the team of their location.

2 weeks later

Sara and Kendra have fully accepted that the team is not coming back. Sara is increasingly frustrated that Ray still continues to work on his Time Beacon Radio and refuses to accept that this is their new life. When Ray’s first prototype of the radio explodes, Sara tells the couple that she needs to move on. They have each other, and it’s time that she finds somewhere she feels like she belongs. And she leaves.

2 years later

Ray is working as a professor (notably to a certain Bill Gates’ father) in the local university, Kendra is a librarian. She visits him at the school and the two go have a picnic to celebrate their two-year-anniversary. Ray pulls out a much smaller, much more streamlined prototype of the Time Beacon Radio and asks Kendra to destroy it with him. He is finally happy here, with their life. He has finally accepted it. He’s so happy, in fact, that he reaches for a wedding ring to propose to Kendra just as the radio starts to pick up a signal.

The Waverider touches down in front of them, and Kendra and Ray return to the ship. Kendra is extremely pleased that the team came back for them. Ray, on the other hand, had gotten used to his life the past two years and is not quite as excited about the prospect of it ending.

Rip, Stein, and Jax discover that it has been two years since they left, and Kendra and Ray discover that Leonard was taken. Kendra suggests that perhaps he was taken for a reason, since it seems odd that Kronos would have chosen to take Leonard instead of Rip.

After they’ve settled, Ray realizes that he needs to go back to the apartment in 1960 to get his A.T.O.M. suit, and asks Kendra if she wants anything. When she dismisses all of their belongings that they shared for the past two years, Ray gets pretty upset.

Later, Kendra finds Ray and asks if they can talk, but he doesn’t really want to. Kendra tells him that she’s just excited to be herself again, and doesn’t want to live in the past anymore. It then dawns on her that Sara, who had left them two years ago, may be living in a part of her past. The League of Assassins.

The Future is Frosty

Leonard wakes up, handcuffed to a post on the jump ship, where he has been held captive by Kronos. He demands to know why he was taken and not the others. Kronos tells him that he really should have figured it out by now.

He takes off his mask, and low and behold, Kronos is Mick Rory. You heard me, Kronos is Mick Rory. Talk about a twist in time. How is this possible, you ask? Well, you see — Leonard never actually shot his partner out in those woods. He did, however, knock him out. He had always planned on coming back for him, but he just lost track of time.

When Mick came to, he started to go crazy. He had to scavenge for food, struggling to survive. That’s when the Timemasters found him. They took him in, and brought him to a place where the rules of time don’t really exist. He spent lifetimes training, and preparing for vengeance.

Mick has set a course for Central City, where he can go and kill Lisa Snart in front of her brother, over and over again (a perk of time travel). That plan is halted when Mick receives word that the team is headed for one Nanda Parbat, where they hope to find a feisty blonde assassin. He sets course to meet them there.

League of Legends

When Kendra and Ray stayed in Harmony Falls, Sara decided to head for the one place she always felt like she belonged — Nanda Parbat. We find her here, in 1960, training under Ra’s Al Ghul (who just happens to have a young daughter. Her name? Talia. Shout out to my comic book fans.) She has been cured of her bloodlust, and is taking to her training rather quickly (not like she hadn’t been trained before or anything.)

The team figures out where Sara headed and goes to rescue her. Because of Rip’s insistence on being stealthy, he is able to infiltrate the compound and find Sara, sleeping. He wakes her up and she instinctively holds a dagger to his throat. She recognizes him immediately, but feigns going with him before tackling him and alerting the league to his, and the rest of the team’s, presence.

See, Sara doesn’t need or want to be saved. So, the league captures the legends and shackles them, holding them prisoner. Trespassers are to be executed by league law.

Kendra tells the team that during the time they were trapped, her powers went dormant. She hasn’t been able to hawk-out in two years. Ray asks why she never said anything, and she tells him she was always concerned that he was never going to get over being stuck, so she didn’t want to worry him. She says she loved being with him, but she was losing a part of herself, and her memories of her past lives.

Rip tells them that when you’re stuck in time for so long like they were, you start to lose yourself. Struck by an idea, Rip asks to speak to Ra’s Al Ghul about a possible way to get them out of this situation.

Meanwhile, on the jump ship — Mick has gone off, so Leonard tries to break free of his handcuffs. He manages to knock over his gun in the process. He positions the gun to shoot at the handcuffs and once they’re frozen, he smashes them (and unfortunately his hand) and breaks free.

When the league grants Rip access to Ra’s, he suggests that they battle. By league law, they are entitled to a trial by combat. (Arrow fans know this pretty well.) Ra’s agrees to the battle, but nominates Sara to fight in his place. In retaliation, Rip nominates Kendra to fight (despite her dormant powers) because he believes that she can bring out Sara’s humanity.

Sara and Kendra face off. Naturally, Sara gets the jump on Kendra — though Kendra proves to be a pretty good student, seeing as she happens to be fighting her teacher. Sara’s attacks awaken Kendra’s powers and she is almost able to fight back when Sara gets her again. Kendra is able to convince Sara not to kill her, because that’s not who she is, she is the White Canary.

Sara pulls away just as Mick (as Kronos) comes in with guns blazing. Sara tells Ra’s to free the team so that they can help fight him off. Ra’s agrees that since they brought him here, it’s only right that they kill him.

Ray suits up, Firestorm merges, and everyone battles. They are able to knock Kronos down and are just about to kill him when Leonard walks in and tells them not to. He tells Jax to remove his mask, and Mick’s identity is revealed to the team. Mick threatens them and Sara kicks him to knock him out.

Sara and Rip explain the time travel situation to Ra’s. He tells Sara that he knew she had acted as if she’d already been trained, but he can tell how conflicted she is. He tells her that there is no room for someone so conflicted in the league and releases her without consequence. Sara tells him that in October of 2008, to make sure his daughter stays off the coast of the North China Sea. Ra’s questions why Talia would be there, and Sara corrects him by saying not Talia, but his future daughter who has yet to be born — Nyssa.

The team returns to the Waverider and places Mick in a holding cell. Rip suggests that they have the perfect opportunity to reform him. Whereas Leonard regrets not killing him in the first place, Sara sympathizes with him, she knows what it’s like to be taking into an organization and trained to kill. The rest of the team all begin to side in favor of helping Mick.

Rip takes Leonard to Gideon and has him sit in a chair to regenerate his hand. The future, guys. No, but Rip apparently collected stem cells from everyone before they left for this very purpose. No one can say he’s not prepared.

Kendra finds Ray and confronts him to ask if he was planning on telling her he moved into his own room. He tells her he thought she’d like some space. Kendra tells him that just because she wasn’t satisfied with the circumstances, doesn’t mean she didn’t fall in love with him. She tells him that for the first time in centuries, she was able to decide who she fell in love with. It doesn’t matter when or where, he is the person she chooses to be with. She asks him what she wants, and he kisses her.

Now that everyone is back on the ship, it’s time to move forward with the mission. They’re heading back to the future. The year? 2147. A decade before Savage destroys everything.

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap: (Not So) Pleasantville

This week on Legends of Tomorrow

Sock hops and soda shops are all the rage in 1958. The legends (sans Mick after the events of last week’s episode) have tracked Savage to Harmony Falls, where he’s supposedly involved in a series of strange murders and disappearances. The fabulous fifties aren’t what they claim to be.

The episode opens with four teens drag-racing late at night. Something malfunctions on one of the cars and they lose a wheel and end up crashing into the woods. When all four of them get out of their cars they’re drawn to a glowing blue meteorite.

Suddenly, Vandal Savage appears — apparently drawn to the meteorite himself. And what does he tell them this chance encounter is? Why, destiny, that’s what.

Super-Secret Special Agents

When the legends arrive in 1958, their plan is to investigate the murders in order to figure out what exactly Savage has planned and ultimately, stop it from happening.

In order to do so, Rip and Leonard pose as Special Agents of the FBI. (We even get to hear Rip with an American accent!)

The two of them head to the local police precinct and ask to see the case files for the cases. Though they are met with slight resistance, they’re ultimately granted access.

Panels Aren’t the Only Thing in Hall H

Stein goes undercover in the local insane asylum / hospital with his trusty assistant and nurse — Sara. (Yeah, she’s not happy with it, either.)

While there, Sara sees another nurse, being hit on by a sleazy doctor. She knocks out a drawer into him and causes him to spill his coffee all over himself, effectively removing him from the situation.

Nurse Carlisle thanks Sara and tells her that stuff that like happens all the time, and the nurses let it happen because they all want to be married, except her. They’re not exactly her type.

She offers to give Sara a tour of the hospital and they happen upon something called Hall H (shout out to all you Comic Con-ers out there) where Dr. Curtis Knox treats his strangest patients. The picture of Dr. Knox on the wall just happens to be our friend Vandal Savage.

Later, Sara and Nurse Carlisle share a drink and have a chat. Sara asks if she has a girlfriend and she is immediately embarrassed (and nowhere near out of the closet). She says she kissed a girl once, but using the word lesbian in the late 1950s is not something you do.

When they talk again, Sara asks her if she’s ever afraid of being alone in an insane asylum, and she says only of Hall H. The two share a kiss, but Sara pulls away and runs.

Honey, I’m Home

While Leonard and Rip are busy playing cops, and Sara and Stein busy playing doctor — Kendra and Ray are busy playing house.

When one of the victim’s houses is put on the market, Kendra and Ray — posing as a married couple — decide to purchase it. But, because this is the fifties, their realtor is a raging racist and assumes that Kendra is the help.

When Kendra points out to her that she’s wrong, she suggests they move to a more progressive town. Kendra fights back, and they end up buying the house.

On their first night in their new home, they get a knock on the door. It’s a woman, Gail. Gail Knox. Oh, and her husband, Curtis Knox (aka Savage). They welcome them to the neighborhood and invite them to a cocktail party they’ll be hosting.

Since Savage doesn’t think Kendra recognizes him, he can’t kill her. This gives them the perfect opportunity to investigate him and his home without putting her in direct danger.

At the cocktail party, Kendra and Ray once again feel the scrutiny of being involved in an interracial marriage in 1958. They’re there to investigate however, so Kendra suggests they split up and do just that. Ray is uncomfortable with the idea of leaving her alone with Savage but she insists that she can handle herself.

At the party, Savage attempts to get Kendra to remember by asking her questions about past lives, fate, and destiny. She is only saved by a phone call to Savage from the hospital — where he needs to attend to one of his patients.

When Savage gets to the hospital, he finds an orderly that has been killed at the hands of the three demonic birdlike creatures that he keeps there. They also happen to be the three boys that went missing after the crash in the beginning.

The next day, Ray puts on his A.T.O.M. suit and shrinks down to break into Savage’s home to investigate further. While there, he finds the dagger that Kendra needs to kill Savage with.

Love (Really, Really) Hurts

While everyone else is a little unbelievable as a teenager, Jax fits right in. As he, Sara, and Stein sit at a local diner enjoying some shakes and fries, he spots a girl sitting across from them. He recognizes her from the articles about the car crash.

Jax gets up to go introduce himself and flirt with her, finding out that her name is Betty. However, some racist punks come over and threaten him. Jax stands up and defends himself and Betty is impressed. She invites him to hang out.

Jax prepares for his date with Betty when Rip warns him to be careful, especially since her boyfriend was one of the missing boys.

Betty takes Jax in her car to somewhere secluded and she kisses him immediately. He almost gives himself away when he stops he by saying he thought girls in the fifties moved a little slower than that.

They slow things down and he asks her about the crash. She starts talking about it and is about to tell him about this thing they found when they are attacked by those punks from the diner.

Then, the three birdlike demons come out and force the punks to run away while they move on to attack Jax and Betty themselves. She recognizes one of them as Tommy, her boyfriend. Jax is able to get them out of there, but not before realizing that Betty has been seriously injured.

As he’s rushing to get her back to Gideon to save her, he’s pulled over by a cop for speeding. The cop makes an assumption about what has happened, and decides that because of his race, Jax is guilty. He knocks him out and drags him back to his police vehicle.

Stuff of Legends

After not hearing from Jax, Leonard and Rip track him and find Betty and the car, with no Jax. They take her and return back to the ship to have Gideon take a look at her. Gideon tells them that her injuries were made by talons.

They find out that the meteorite they found gave them powers. The same kind of meteorite also gave Kendra, Carter, and Savage their powers. Stein suggests that the effects may be reversible, and goes off to work on finding a way.

Meanwhile, Ray gives Kendra the dagger that he found in Savage’s home. She suggests that they use her as bait to draw Savage in, but once again Ray is unhappy with the idea.

At the hospital, Jax awakens to find that he is strapped to a table in Hall H, where the cop who knocked him out has delivered him right to Savage. Savage injects a syringe into the meteorite (which he somehow managed to transport here) and then injects it into Jax, transforming him into a birdlike demon just the like other boys.

Kendra goes to see Savage and attempts to seduce him. It almost works, but he sees through her. As she reaches for the knife, he pulls it out and holds it to her throat, informing her he knew all along. She fights him off, with the help of Ray, and Savage disappears.

Stein and Leonard go off to find Jax, since Stein lost their psychic connection. They find him wild and transformed. Stein tries to reach him, but he’s too far gone. Leonard has the chance to shoot Jax but abstains, shooting a pipe and causing a distraction instead.

Because the craziness never stops, the birdlike demon boys are set free and begin wreaking havoc all over the hospital.

Sara stops one of them who tries to attack Nurse Carlisle, revealing her fighting abilities — she promises to explain later before running away to knock out Jax so that they can bring him back to the ship and administer the anecdote Stein and Gideon crafted.

Back on the ship, the cure works, and Jax slowly begins to return back to normal.

Sara returns back to the hospital to apologize and say goodbye to Nurse Carlisle. They kiss once more, with the sad promise that she may see her again one day.

Jax goes to see Betty, giving her a new car (and a souped-up one at that!) and she thanks him before she is reunited with Tommy.

Kendra apologizes to Ray for getting too confident, and he apologizes to her for being overly protective. They kiss, with the promises of working together as partners.

As Rip, Leonard, Stein, and Jax await the return of the other legends on the ship, they are suddenly attacked by Kronos. That’s right, he’s baaaaaack.

Kronos manages to break his way almost onto the ship, so Rip shuts the doors and immediately flies away to avoid the destruction Kronos has begun to cause.

There’s just one little problem — they left Kendra, Ray, and Sara in 1958.

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Pirates of the Space Time Continuum

legends of tomorrow wentworth miller leonard snart caity lotz sara lance cw

This week of Legends of Tomorrow

Being stuck in space and time can make anyone go a little stir-crazy, right? Well, that’s certainly no exception for our legends. Since the previous damage to the ship, Rip has been stuck trying to figure out where to look for Savage next — without Gideon’s help.

You see, when you become a rogue timemaster and launch a personal vendetta mission to save your family from being killed in the future, your former time friends aren’t so keen on helping you out with the necessary software update that Gideon requires to find our Big Bad.

So, when Rip receives a request for a critical rescue of another timeship belonging to one Eve Baxter, he jumps on the opportunity to not only save a fellow timemaster, but to access the ship’s computer to update Gideon’s software.

No Time(masters) For Love

A common theme threaded throughout the episode was Rip’s relationship to the Timemaster Council, which we know he’s estranged from. The episode opens with an old holographic message (think the future of visual voicemail) of his son and wife telling him they miss him and hope he comes home soon.

In order to reiterate some of his past — we traveled back in time. But not with a spaceship — with a flashback!

In the flashback, a younger looking Rip hunter is under attack. He and his partner Miranda, his future wife, fight back. She manages to get them to safety — and then the simulation is over. Looks like we’ve flash-backed to a little Timemaster Council Academy (of sorts). They are praised for their success, though they seem to be in a constant state of disagreement.

Guess that passion translates directly to the bedroom too, because the next shot we see of them they are caught making out by their superior, and sentenced to a disciplinary hearing. Relationships are strictly forbidden for timemasters.

They appear before a disciplinary board and plead their cases. It doesn’t bode well for either of them, and they are told to wait for their verdict. Rip is prepared to be discharged when his superior comes back and tells them that Miranda took sole responsibility for the affair, and resigned.

Later, when Rip finds Miranda, he is upset with her — claiming she is the better timemaster, anyway. He wants to resign also, but she encourages him to do this. He agrees and all is happily ever after?

Well, you know (and I know) it’s not for long…

Aye Aye, Captain!

When Rip, Jax, and Mick go off to the other timeship to help Captain Baxter and get the update for Gideon, they run into one teensy problem — SPACE PIRATES.

Oh yes, space pirates. It’s all been a trap. In walks Captain John Valor, who has commandeered this ship. Apparently, there’s a long standing rivalry between space pirates and timemasters (who knew?), and Captain Valor has heard of the infamous Rip Hunter before.

Rip attempts to explain the situation of the future and Savage, but Valor wants none of it. He wants The Waverider (Rip’s ship) and he’s going to take it.

Though Captain Baxter was not a part of the takeover, she has her own issues with Rip. She doesn’t approve of him breaking away from the timemasters and betraying the rules they were meant to abide by. She doesn’t want to be saved by a criminal.

Fire and Ice, Nothing Nice

Following the events of last week, Leonard and Mick are still on shaky ground. Mick is clearly done with playing superhero, and Leonard is starting to like it more and more.

When the opportunity comes for Mick to get away from his partner for a while and join Jax and Rip on the rescue mission, he takes it.

While he’s gone, Sara talks to Leonard about it. She understands why Mick is so upset, seeing as Leonard made him leave “Disneyland for Felons.”

When the ship comes under attack, it blasts a hole through the ship, and Leonard and Sara go to fix it. As Leonard patches it up temporarily with his ice blaster, an emergency shutdown protocol leaves the two trapped in the room together — freezing to death (literally).

Star Date – Wait, But Really?

While Rip is gone, Ray asks if he can look over the ship — with the help of Kendra. As one does, Ray has way too much fun play-acting captain. That is, until, the Waverider comes under attack. Ray is forced to take the ship over manually, and manages to get the main system of the other ship down. Unfortunately, in all of this, Leonard and Sara get trapped.

In order to save his teammates from freezing to death, Ray has to put on his A.T.O.M. suit and go out and fix the ship himself. Kendra talks him through it, with some incredibly awkward small talk that has Ray lamenting about it being a good thing she said no to that drink.

In the process of fixing the ship, Ray begins to lose oxygen. Kendra tries to talk him through it, tries to keep his focused, as his body starts shutting down. He manages to fix the ship, and just barely makes it inside before he passes out.

Kendra tries desperately to resuscitate him, and get him to stay with her. She tells him she can’t lose him too, and that she needs him. He finally breathes again (after maybe dying for a second in there).

Later, Ray tells Kendra that he heard what she said and that she doesn’t need him, and he’s glad that they’re friends. Then Kendra kisses him — so much for that.

Space Ranger Stein

While everyone else is busy doing their own thing, Stein is enamored with the fact that not only can they jump from place to place and time to time, but that they can also explore deep space. This comes as an utter delight to a man who once dreamed of becoming a space ranger. Shocking, I know.

Since nothing seems to be going as planned, Stein decides to take it upon himself to save the day. He somehow finds his way to the other ship, beats up a pirate, and steals his weapon (and hat).

He finds the team, and tells them he has a plan. They find Valor and his men and Rip shoots at them. They get into a fight, with Rip losing, when suddenly Stein tells him it’s time to initiate the plan.

The team each grasps something tightly before the doors of the ship are released open and Valor and his men are sucked out into space. They shut the doors, saving themselves just in time.

Baxter thanks Rip, and apologizes. She believes he’s still a true timemaster. She hands him what he needs to locate Savage.

It’s Getting (Too) Hot in Here

It’s no secret by now that Mick Rory runs hot. After getting into an argument with Rip, Mick decides he’s done helping the team and asks to speak to Valor to make a deal. Mick tells Valor that he can get him the Waverider, so long as he returns him (and Leonard) to Central City 2016, the day they decided to join the legends. He agrees.

When the team hears word that Mick is okay and on his way back, they don’t consider the fact that he has brought an army of space pirates with him. Mick tells Leonard it’s time to go home. Leonard responds that it’s time to choose — the team, or him — and he chooses the team.

Sara and Kendra fight off the pirates while Leonard goes in search of Mick, who has headed towards the time drive. It’s Sara who finds Mick first though, and she stops him.

The two fight, and Mick gains the upper hand. Leonard blasts Mick just before he has the chance to kill Sara. Later, once the team is safely back on the Waverider, and Mick is knocked out — the team discusses what to do with him.

Leonard doesn’t want to leave him back in present day Central City. Their families are all there, and Mick is a vindictive man. Leonard tells everyone that he will take care of it.

He drags an unconscious Mick out somewhere in the middle of nowhere. When Mick wakes up he sees Leonard with his gun pointed at him and tells him he doesn’t have the guts, and that only one of them is walking out of there alive.

Then Leonard shoots his blaster. Dun, dun, dun. 

So that device that tells us where Savage is? It’s in Harmony Falls, Oregon. 1958.

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Legends of the Future?

legends of tomorrow star city 2046 oliver queen stephen amell cw

This week on Legends of Tomorrow

So, after the ship went down, the legends were stranded on whatever space and time they landed in. That just happened to be Star City, 2046. Yep, you heard me — it’s the future, baby.

Only problem? Star City looks positively post-apocalyptic. Not to fear, because who guards over this city and always makes it right? The Green Arrow. Except, when the legends run into the emerald archer, it’s not Oliver Queen.

This young archer has never heard of these legends before, and so presumes them to be a threat and attacks. The team is unprepared and is forced to retreat back to the ship.

The Science of Flirting

Since the ship is broken from the crash, Rip has Jax and Ray stay to fix it — with the help of Kendra and Stein. Kendra has been assigned by Rip to work with Ray to help fix Gideon’s controls, and Stein and Jax are assigned to fix the ship’s mechanics.

Stein notices that something is off with Jax as the two overhear Kendra and Ray flirting, and Stein discovers that Jax may have a little crush on our resident hawk goddess. He encourages Jax to exude confidence, and go for it, despite Ray.

Stein decides he’s going to help his young friend out by playing wingman and takes it upon himself to speak to Ray. He tells him he’s noticed him and Kendra flirting, which is news to Ray, who had not previously thought of their relationship romantically. Stein tells him that hooking up amongst the team would be a bad idea, and Ray agrees.

Unfortunately, Stein’s plan backfires and Ray decides that he does, in fact, like Kendra and would like to pursue something with her. Stein feels guilty, which leads to Jax discovering just what Stein had done. Though disappointed, Jax agrees he should still be confident.

Ray asks Kendra out, and she turns him down gently. After everything she’s gone through, she’s not ready to be dating. Naturally, as Ray leaves the room he runs into Jax who has been listening the entire time.

Ray apologizes to Jax, claiming that he knew about his crush and went for it anyway. Jax forgives him.

In an amazing twist, Kendra ends up fixing the ship while the men around her were too busy fighting over who gets her.

Next Generation

When Sara, Rip, Leonard, and Mick leave to steal an important piece of technology from Smoak Technologies (yes, you heard me correctly) that might help them, they run into the new Green Arrow and a band of criminals.

Sara watches as the Green Arrow gets shot down, and rushes to his side. She’s shocked when she discovers that he’s fine (kevlar, man) and she demands to know where Oliver Queen is. The new Green Arrow pulls back his hood and turns off his modulator, before telling Sara that Oliver Queen is dead.

He apparently went missing after something called The Uprising and was presumed dead. The Uprising was the result of someone bringing an army with him. That person? Deathstroke.

Kidding, this Deathstroke is very much like our new Green Arrow friend, meaning he is of a next generation (so, no Slade). Although, this new Deathstroke just happens to be related to Slade. His name? Grant Wilson. When Grant has his army attack them, Green Arrow manages to grappling hook them out of there just in time.

He brings her back to the old foundry (where Felicity had all of her old projects relocated to), telling her that Oliver had tried to fight off the army — but he didn’t have one of his own, and that everyone was more concerned with getting to safety than fighting.

When they get there, they’re confronted by the OG GA himself, Oliver Queen. Though, this Oliver Queen looks a little different — he’s got a full on beard, some wrinkles, and oh yeah he’s missing an arm. He tells them to leave, especially the new Green Arrow who he reveals to be John Diggle, Jr. Though John refuses to go by that name anymore, since he could not save his father and feels he has not earned it. Instead, he goes by Connor Hawke.

Oliver has given up. Everyone is dead. Except Felicity, who left after things started to fall apart. Sara is upset that he’s no longer the man she once knew. They leave and go in search of the prototype they need.

When they finally find it, they’re attacked by Grant’s men. They try to fight them off, but they capture Connor in the process.

Baddie Breakup

Post-apocalyptic worlds are about as good as it gets for two power hungry thieves like Leonard and Mick. Whereas Mick is absolutely thrilled to be placed in a world that needs his unique skillset, Leonard is more concerned with staying on track of the mission.

After Leonard and Mick are sent out to steal Felicity Smoak’s technology, they are attacked by an army of criminals. Mick shoots the leader with his heat-gun and kills him, then claims his fancy fur coat and his army.

They are welcomed into this world of drinking and debauchery (think the Snugly Duckling from Tangled, but with no songs), but when Grant Wilson shows up and tells his men to kill the Green Arrow, Sara, and Rip by morning, Leonard insists that they leave to help Rip and Sara.

They argue, but eventually table the discussion until later. When Mick suggests that they take down Grant and then take over and stay forever, Leonard knocks him out and takes him back to the ship.

Later, when they talk, Leonard tells Mick that he is the brains behind the operations, whereas Mick is the muscle. It’s always been that way, and always will. But Mick is done with Leonard’s heroic actions. Leonard has decided, somewhere along the line, that he wants to take down Savage, and be remembered as one of the two biggest bad guys to do it. Mick, however, just wants to see the world burn. And if Leonard ever lays a hand on him again? He’ll burn too.

Mi Future es tu Future

From the beginning of the episode, Rip was adamant that Sara and Ray not be very involved in this world, as they are too close to it. If we know anything about Sara, though, it’s that she doesn’t take a backseat when she can be of help.

Though Rip insists repeatedly that this world is not a real one, but just a possible future that they can prevent, Sara finds it difficult separating herself from the fact that in this world, her friends and family are mostly dead.

Sara blames herself when Oliver explains that because she and Ray were not there for The Uprising, he had no one left to fight with him. Because of this, when Connor gets captured, Sara feels responsible for helping save him.

Rip refuses to help her, claiming once again that this future is not real. Though Sara had the support of Jax and Stein, Rip tells her she’s on her own. The ship is fixed, and will be leaving in one hour — with, or without her.

Sara leaves to go find Oliver. She asks for his help, but he’s not up for it. She tells him that she needs him to be the Green Arrow again, to save Connor. She hands him his old bow (which she had grabbed while they were looking for Felicity’s prototype) and he agrees.

Back on the ship, Stein convinces Rip that they need to go help Sara. Because to her, this future is very real, and as her teammates, they need to support that. Reluctantly, Rip decides that Stein is right.

At Connor’s public execution, Sara gets captured and brought up to the front. However, she’s only the distraction. Oliver shows up and shoots Grant, stopping him from killing Connor, and a fight breaks out. They are clearly outnumbered, until the legends show up to help.

At one point, Oliver loses his bow and Grant is about to kill him, when Connor picks up Oliver’s bow and shoots him (symbolic, right?) In the end, Oliver finally approves of Connor as the new Green Arrow, and the two of them decide to work together to start rebuilding the city.

Sara wants to stay and help, not wanting to leave them again. Oliver tells her that she needs to go back with the legends and do what she was meant to do.

Back on the ship, Sara thanks Rip for sending the team in. Rip agrees that every future is worth fighting for, he just needs to know that she is definitely a part of this team.

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Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Prison (Gulag) Break?


This week on Legends of Tomorrow

In continuation of the events of last week’s episode, Stein, Ray, and Mick have all been captured by Savage’s men and sent to a Russian gulag. It’s up to the rest of the team to band together to get them back before Valentina Vostok and Vandal Savage create their very own Firestorm.

Soviet Firestorm

The title of MVP (Most Valuable Prisoner) of the week goes to none other than Martin Stein. Due to the fact that Stein is responsible for inventing the original Firestorm, Valentina has taken Stein and demanded that he give her the necessary research to complete the project. (In a fun twist — Cisco, from The Flash, appears in the beginning of the episode as a hallucination induced by Vostok to try to convince Stein further).

When Valentina’s threats prove ineffective for Stein, Savage intervenes and informs his that they will have no problem torturing what they need from him (based off the sage advice of Savage’s old friend, Joseph Stalin). After Savage leaves, Valentina tries one last effort at appealing to Stein, and we discover that she has built more than one thermocore. All she needs is the final piece of the puzzle.

When Stein still fails to submit to them, they bring in Ray and Mick and attach them to electrical currents, preparing to torture them in front of Stein until he caves. Stein tries but fails to remain stoic, and eventually caves in order to save their lives.

Tales from the Gulag

While Stein is being kept in a separate location in order to get information from him, Mick and Ray are stuck in the regular old Russian gulag. Mick may have his fair share of prison knowledge, but Ray certainly does not.

In an effort to get information about where they could be keeping Stein, Ray seeks out an old man in the prison yard. When an alpha prisoner catches this, he starts beating the old man. Because Ray has to always do the right thing, he intervenes and gets severely attacked himself — while Mick stands on the sideline and watches.

When Ray gets back to the cell after being practically left for dead, his is upset that Mick didn’t step in and act like members of a team, Mick assures him the only team member he has is Leonard.

The two are suddenly taken away to be tortured in front of Stein in order to get information. When Mick talks back to the torturer and almost gets himself killed, Ray goads him and takes the beating himself. The tides shift slightly, and Mick thanks him in his own way.

Precautionary Measures

While Stein, Mick, and Ray are stuck in prison — Leonard decides the best course of action is (c’mon you guys got this one) a prison break.

There’s just one itty-bitty little problem, breaking into a Russian gulag is not as easy as it sounds (any fans of Arrow know this first hand). Sara suggests they seek help in the form a familiar organization. That’s right, the Russian Bratva (meaning mob, in case anyone is unfamiliar).

Rip and Leonard go to meet a Bratva captain in a sauna, and despite their best efforts (and this captain’s dislike for Savage), they are unable to convince the man of their trustworthiness and has his men attack them. In true fashion, Sara comes busting through the door and takes out six of his men, saving Rip and Leonard. This convinces the captain to help them, as his organization runs black market goods trading through the gulag.

Once back at the ship, it is decided that the three of them will be the ones to break in and save their team. Rip pulls Sara aside and shows her a projection of what Star City will look like in the future, if they are unable to get Stein out and stop him from helping create Soviet Firestorm. The image is one of mass destruction and death. Rip tells Sara that if they are unable to extract Stein, Sara must assassinate him.

Leonard confronts Sara about what Rip told Sara to do, despite no one telling him. He is very much against the idea, claiming even he would never take out one of his own. The two break in, and Leonard diverts from the plan to go find Mick, while Sara goes in search of Stein.

Leonard manages to find Mick and Ray, and tells Mick to leave an unconscious Ray behind, but Mick instead decides to risk getting caught to carry Ray out with them.

Sara tries to go after Stein but is attacked under heavy gunfire and is unable to get him out. Rip tells her that she knows what she has to do.

Legends Get Benched?

While everyone else is out either rescuing or being rescued, our two flying team members have been sidelined from this week’s activities. Jax and Kendra are benched by Rip in an effort to protect them.

Kendra realizes that Jax is having some trouble dealing with residual guilt over Stein being in jail because Jax couldn’t be there with him to save him. She suggests that they somehow send Stein a message. Jax remembers a story about something Stein and Ronnie did once and asks Kendra to carve the words “we’re coming” into his arm, so that Stein can see it. If one of them gets hurt, the other feels it.

Jax and Kendra confront Rip about not being able to help their teammates, and Rip reluctantly agrees to let them help. They devise a plan that Rip will distract the guards while Kendra flies Jax in and Jax gets Stein out.

Unfortunately, Stein is no longer able to stall and is forced to write out the formula — though he leaves out a crucial detail. However, Valentina is able to figure out that Stein is one half of Firestorm because of the writing on his arm and she informs Stein that she will be merging with him to create Soviet Firestorm.

Just as Sara is about to take Stein out, Leonard comes out of nowhere and convinces her that she is no longer a killer, and she puts down her gun, stopping herself.

Stein warns Valentina that merging is a delicate process and without a quantum splicer to stabilize them, she will not be able to control her power and could kill the both of them. She ignores him and they merge, though her powers are unstable.

When Kendra and Jax arrive, Savage sees Kendra and goes after her. However, Rip gets to him first and holds a gun to him. He demands the watch that Savage stole from him back, and Savage takes yet another opportunity to threaten Rip’s family once again. Rip blows up the building Savage is in and walks away.

Jax risks his life to confront Valentina to appeal to Stein who is somewhere within her. He tells him to fight his way out, and Stein is able to. Without Stein, however, Valentina is unable to regulate her powers at all and the legends quickly evacuate before she completely implodes.

Crashes are Better with Vodka

To celebrate stopping the Soviet Firestorm from ever being created, the team celebrates back on the ship with a little stolen vodka. (It’s the only acceptable way to leave Russia, right?)

Their party is quickly thwarted when the ship comes under attack by Kronos the bounty hunter (Remember this guy? He never dies). Though they manage to escape Kronos’ ship, they can’t escape the last missile he sent their way and the ship gets thrown from the time stream, leaving them stuck in whatever time or place they land in.

What might that be, you ask? Star City, 2046. The legends run into an old pal, the Green Arrow — except, wait — that’s not Oliver Queen.

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