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CW Renews Arrow, Supernatural, The Flash and More

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The CW

The CW chose not to make fans wait when it came to seven of its shows.

On Sunday, January 8, CW president Mark Pedowitz announced the renewals during the Television Critics Association press tour. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Jane the Virgin were all renewed for the 2017-2018 season.

All are veteran shows. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow will be coming back for their third seasons. The Flash and Jane the Virgin, meanwhile, will return for season 4 next year. Arrow, which started the network’s superhero trend, was renewed for season 6, while perennial favorite Supernatural will return for an incredible 13th season in the fall.

Not every CW program got the good news. None of the network’s new shows from 2016-2017 — Frequency, No Tomorrow, Riverdale — have scored renewals yet, while the spring’s returning programs — The 100, iZombie, The Originals — will have to wait as well.

“Early pickups of these seven series now allow our producers to plan ahead for next season and gives us a solid base to build on for next season, with original scripted series to roll out all year long,” Pedowitz told television critics of the choice to renew so many shows so early.

Supergirl Season 2 Is a Go… At The CW

supergirl world's finest kara barry allen melissa benoist grant gustin the flash cbs

Supergirl has been renewed for season 2… but not on CBS. Nope, the network that aired the first season of the Warner Bros.-produced superhero show decided to hand it off to The CW going forward.

It actually makes a lot of sense to go that route. Supergirl wasn’t really pulling in the kind of massive ratings that CBS likes, and the show didn’t exactly mesh with the procedurals and sitcoms surrounding it on CBS’ schedule. The CW, meanwhile, is crowded with superhero-fare, almost all of it from mega-producer Greg Berlanti (who is behind Supergirl, of course). Add in the fact that Supergirl already had a crossover episode with The Flash this year and the move makes perfect sense.

Because The CW couldn’t make just one announcement, there was pickup news as well on that network on Thursday. Three new shows — Riverdale (based on the Archie comic books), Frequency (based on the movie), and No Tomorrow (based on a Brazilian show) — will all air in the 2016-2017 season on The CW. They will join a host of already-renewed CW veterans in the crowded schedule — Arrow, The FlashiZombieThe Vampire Diaries, SupernaturalThe Originals, ReignJane the Virgin, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will all be back.

Alone on the CW’s chopping block is its self-described limited series, Containment, which will not return. Beauty and the Beast is also going into its previously planned final season.

The CW Renews Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural… and Everything Else

One network has just made a lot of fans of all of their currently airing shows very, very happy. That’s what happens when The CW renews just about everything airing for a new season.

Which shows were renewed?

  • Arrow – season 5
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – season 2
  • The Flash – season 3
  • iZombie – season 3
  • Jane the Virgin – season 3
  • Legends of Tomorrow – season 2
  • The Originals – season 4
  • Reign – season 4
  • Supernatural – season 12 (yes 12… this show will out live us all)
  • The Vampire Diaries – season 8
  • The 100 – season 4

Impressively, it’s a much shorter list of shows not renewed at this point — Beauty and the Beast (which already was announced to be going into its final season) and Containment (which hasn’t premiered yet).

So sit back and relax, CW fans! Your shows aren’t going anywhere!

It May Be 2016 But… Here Are the Best Shows of 2015!

Happy New Year!

2015 may be done, but it is not yet forgotten. Before we can truly embrace 2016, it’s time for the writers at DocBrownTV to take one last look back at what they liked on TV. Enjoy the following 10 (or so) Best TV Shows as determined by Tanya Chetty, Kyara Roberson, Danielle Florio, and Laurel Brown.

May 2016 live up to what came before!

unreal season 1 shiri appleby constance zimmer lifetime

Tanya Chetty’s Top 7!

1. unREAL
If you only watch one show from 2015, let it be unREAL. Lifetime’s risky portrayal of the behind-the-scenes action on a Bachelor-like reality show is dark, twisted, and incredibly funny. Roswell fans will appreciate Shiri Appleby as series lead Rachel, but, be warned, this is Appleby like you’ve never seen her before. In my books, her unREAL turn is one of the best performances of the year.

2. Mr Robot
Whether you’re into tech or not, Mr Robot is worth a look if only to watch Remi Malek light up the screen. He deserves all the glory of 2015.

3. How to Get Away with Murder
Second seasons are often tough but the Viola Davis-led How to Get Away with Murder has succeeded in creating a season that is as mind-boggling and excellent as the first season was. Every episode was gold and every performance memorable.

4. Master of None
I’ve been watching Aziz Anzari kill it on multiple shows over the years, so it was no surprise that I loved Master of None as much as I did. Witty, relatable, and hilariously honest are just some of the terms that have been used to describe Master of None, and I couldn’t agree more.

5. Limitless
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Limitless is the best show that you’re not watching. Led by instantly likable Jake McDorman and the brilliant Jennifer Carpenter, it’s the most fun you’ll have in front of your TV.

6. Arrow
The often-overlooked big brother, and now in its fourth season, Arrow has come a long way from its first season (which we sometimes like to pretend never happened). It doesn’t hurt that series leads Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards are a TV match made in heaven.

7. Quantico
I know it’s been done before but I’ve got to give kudos to Quantico, which has managed to worm its way onto my must-watch list with its insanely likable cast and a long line of unpredictable twists and turns.

the 100 blood will have blood clark octavia cw
The CW

Kyara Roberson’s Top 10!

1. The 100
Who doesn’t love a show that is post-apocalyptic and features strong, three-dimensional characters? The 100 is different than any show that I’ve seen and isn’t afraid to inflict pain on both the characters and viewers.

2. Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones has strong female characters and is not afraid to break barriers. The show never ceases to amaze me with its outstanding writing and plot. This isn’t just a show about a former superhero.

3. Supergirl
There’s something about Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl that makes you want to watch. Supergirl is a great show and sends a powerful message to young girls everywhere.

4. Arrow
After a disappointing predecessor, season 4 of Arrow is rediscovering its roots and getting back to great storytelling.

5. Gotham
Gotham has great storytelling and always leaves me wanting more.

6. The Originals
Julie Plec manages to keep the show entertaining and not cliche. The Mikaelsons’ family drama is never boring.

7. Grey’s Anatomy
I was afraid that the show was going to go downhill after the death of McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey); however, the medical drama stayed strong. Props to characters like Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) for keeping the show magical.

8. Orphan Black
I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but this show deserves to be on the list. It amazes me that one person can play so many distinctive characters. Where’s Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy?!

9. Finding Carter
Even though the show can be a little over-dramatic, it has an interesting concept and amazing characters — like Max (Alex Saxon) and Grant Wilson (Zac Pullam) — make it worth watching. The main character, Carter Stevens (Kathryn Prescott), is flawed but you can’t help but root for her.

10. Red Band Society
The show was cancelled, but will forever live in my heart. Red Band Society was an inspiring show and deserved to have a second season. Octavia Spencer and Dave Annabel gave the show a little extra something special.

arrow season 4 stephen amell emily bett rickards oliver queen felicity smoak olicity cw
The CW

Danielle Florio’s Top 10!

1. Arrow
In its fourth season, the show is the strongest it has ever been. As the first DC comics-themed show to appear in the CW-WB universe, Arrow has leaped to stardom (launching its predecessors with it). It’s hard to maintain that level of excitement for a show after four years but Arrow seems to manage it. This season, the show balanced comic cannon, new romance (Olicity, anyone?), and amazing action sequences. I can’t imagine any other show being my number one for 2015.

2. The Flash
In its sophomore season, the show is getting better and better. The cast is tighter, the action sequences better, and the story arcs more intense. All of this, combined with the light and fun feel of the show, provides audiences with every reason to tune in every week.

3. Jessica Jones
Netflix and Marvel teamed up to come up with something really amazing here. This show walked a very bold line, managing to address some extremely serious issues. The narrative of abuse is very present and very real. However, due to the superb delivery of the all-star cast, and the excellent writing team, the show educates as it entertains. Though some of the themes may be hard to swallow, it is an absolute must-watch.

4. Daredevil
The other lovechild of Netflix and Marvel. The show is gritty and realistic (dealing with some very dark themes), yet still manages to stay true to comic canon. The combination of the two manages to reach old and new audiences, providing a superhero show that keeps the heroics, but doesn’t isolate.

5. Quantico
This show captivates you from the pilot and never lets you go. The cast is bright and fresh (as well as full of different genders and races!) and it excites the viewer with the format of alternating present day and flash-forward sequences. Plus, it never ceases to keep you guessing.

6. Gotham
The show has only gotten better in its sophomore season. This year, we saw a lot of classic DC comic villains surface, providing the show with the perfect mix of realistic and campy elements. And we’re finally seeing young Bruce Wayne start to develop into the billionaire playboy we all know and love.

7. Agent Carter
Any show that has an amazing, kickass, female lead is a win in my book. Agent Carter manages to balance some great banter among the main characters, while staying true to Marvel comic roots and giving everyone a little something to love.

8. How to Get Away with Murder
Somehow, even in its second season, this show still manages to shock me. With the introduction of an entirely new murder arc this season, the show maintains its freshness. It forces viewers to never look away for fear of missing something. I know I can’t miss a week!

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
The show had me cackling uncontrollably with every episode. The seasoned, all-star cast is full of perfectly timed one-liners and side-splitting delight. It’s impossible to not watch it all at once. My ultimate feel-good show of the season.

10. Jane the Virgin
The fun soap opera parody has proved itself to be more than just a few laughs. In its sophomore season, the show manages to touch upon real-life issues amidst all the crazy, all while maintaining its zesty and spirited nature.

BONUS: (My most anticipated show for 2016?)
Legends of Tomorrow

jane the virgin season 2 chapter 30 jane rafael gina rodriguez justin baldoni mateo christmas cw
The CW

Laurel Brown’s Top 10!

1. Jane the Virgin
Always crazy, always charming, always perfect.

2. The Flash
If you ever needed proof that a superhero show didn’t need to be dark and brooding, this is it.

You don’t have to be a Bachelor fan to enjoy this beautiful nightmare of a drama.

4. Parks and Recreation
It’s rare for a show — especially a long-running comedy — to have a kickass finale. It’s rarer for the entire final season to set up that finale perfectly. Parks and Recreation did both.

5. The Americans
Telling their daughter they were super-secret Soviet spies should have spelled doom for Philip and Elizabeth. Maybe it will next season…

6. How to Get Away with Murder
Implosion is imminent as the crimes and secrets mount… But oh the ride is amazing!

7. Playing House
I don’t just want to watch the antics of Maggie and Emma — I want to hang out with them.

8. Limitless
Movie adaptations are iffy at best, but Limitless seems to have found the formula. Funnier and far more philosophical than the original film, Limitless the series was a happy surprise this fall. Plus, they managed to get Bradley Cooper to cameo!

9. Inside Amy Schumer
Yes, Amy Schumer has been hilarious for a few years now. But 2015 was the year that the world noticed. So she makes the list.

10. Sense8
Perfectly imperfect, this sprawling bit of insanity was the one true Netflix binge I indulged in this year.

Plus five runners-up that couldn’t be left behind…

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
You’re the Worst
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Jane the Virgin Chapter Thirty Recap: Midseason Finale!

jane the virgin season 2 chapter 30 jane rafael gina rodriguez justin baldoni mateo christmas cw

I’m sorry I missed the previous recap of Jane the Virgin — I was out of town visiting family for the holiday. But here’s what you need to know about Jane the Virgin “Chapter Thirty”: Rafael hired the man who went to the cops, Michael wasn’t actually fired but was working undercover to get to Sin Rostro, and Mutter is actually Luisa’s biological mother, not so dead as one would have thought!

Jane is still furious with Rafael over what he did to Michael and how he lied about it, but she’s going to make an effort for Mateo’s first Christmas. A well-meaning woman in the line to meet Santa suggests they go to couple’s therapy. Jane resists the idea.

Petra and her mother are covering up the murder of Ivan. Petra is slowly cracking under the pressure, seeing Ivan’s ghost everywhere, goading her. Rafael notices something is bothering her and that it’s also bothering the babies. She blurts out that her mother killed Ivan and she helped her bury the body.  She ends up telling him everything. Rafael think she finally understands her and what has been going on. He suggests getting her mother out of her life once and for all.

Rogelio is feeling the pinch of being “broke.” One of the issues, however, is that the scholarship that Jane won allowing her to go to school was actually being funded by Rogelio, so now she’s out money for school. She has to come up with ideas on how to make this money, fast. She eventually gets a TA position at the school, which will offset the costs. Meanwhile, Rogelio runs into Michael entirely not on accident; he misses being BFFs with him. But Michael doesn’t think they should be friends anymore. The actor’s intern quits after getting badgered by Rogelio, but before he leaves, he gives Rogelio a script he wrote. Which ends up being amazing, of course.

Luisa admits to being in contact with Rose online for the last six months. Rafael and Michael are stunned. Meanwhile, Michael’s partner thinks Luisa is flirting with her, which is making her very uneasy. They go through a box of Mia (Luisa’s mother)’s things and are able to put together some clues. They find a lead on Mia, which supports the theory that she is Mutter. Luisa goes to see her at the mental institution she’s at, only to find out that the woman there going as “Mia” is not her mother. They believe she’s swapped identities with this woman and the real Mia/Mutter is now on the loose. I’d look in Switzerland.

Rafael sees his mother at the police station, but he doesn’t want to talk to her. He warns her that there’s no amount of money that would ever make him want to leave his son.

Jane and Rafael get into an instant message argument about her keeping him out of Mateo’s first Christmas. He insists on seeing Mateo since it’s technically “his day” to be with his son. The argument escalates until Rafael threatens to bring in a lawyer and Jane eggs him on. Alba’s immigration lawyer recommends Jane use the article that her sketchy classmate wrote exposing the Solanos’ misdeeds so that she can get full custody. She follows the clues, trying to find out exactly what these financial misdeeds entail. She gets a phone number and she calls it up, learning that it’s a domestic abuse shelter and that Rafael has been funding them.

Jane has a change of heart and contacts Rafael about going to couple’s therapy. They have a bit of a realization when they realize that they weren’t taking each other’s feelings into account in their reactions to the Baby Monitor Fiasco. They find a new understanding with each other and Jane realizes the lying is something that bothers her simply because of the years that separated her and her father.

The family gets a series of miracles at the end, including Alba’s new green card. Things aren’t going so well for the Solanos, however. Instead of Petra’s mother being arrested, Petra is instead after her mother rats her out.

And that’s it until January, folks!  Now I feel sorry for Petra… my, how times change!

Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter Twenty-Eight

jane the virgin chapter 28 thanksgiving dinner xiomara alba rogelio cw
The CW

We deal a lot with milestones and the passage of time during this episode of Jane the Virgin. I believe we cover about three months of time, so a lot of information is covered and we see a lot of growth… both in Petra’s belly and Jane’s evolution as a mother.

Jane is still upset about Mateo getting hurt. Xo and Alba reassure her that no permanent damage has been done. She’s also upset about Michael and breaking things off with him.  Of course, this is all pushed aside as she prepares for her first day in the grad school writing program. Michael is on the road with Nadine and he wants her to work with him to take down Sin Rostro.

Jane apologizes to Rafael about Michael before they meet with an lawyer to plan their estates and custody and such. Jane is a bit put off by the morbid questions about what happens in the case of death. Also: Rafael is rich. How is this news?  She worries that it’ll mess up Mateo and keep him from staying grounded.  On cue, Rogelio presents Mateo with his own cast chair on set for his telenovela.  So much for grounded!  Rogelio and Luciana hate each other and have stunt doubles to perform their love scene for them. That’s just ridiculous enough to be completely Rogelio.  Petra deals with Milos and finding a buyer for all those grenades he’s had shipped in.  She complains to her mother in prison (who makes a hilarious reference to a Russian red-haired lady in the kitchen… #OINTB for the win!).

Rogelio wraps on his show and makes a speech to the crew, even though he clearly has no idea what their jobs are. Luciana shoves in and announces she’s doing a new telenovela after this, that Rogelio will not be involved in.  Much worse, her love interest will be played by his arch-nemesis. Jane is rushing to her class and shows up late due to an unfortunate baby-spitup scene. She’s greeted into the class, despite being late and she isn’t using her last name due to all the media uproar surrounding her from the last year.  The professor shows that he has no patience for cell phones during the workshop, which of course becomes a problem when Jane gets a call from Mateo’s pediatrician and has to step outside to take the call. Turns out, it’s not a big deal and the professor locks her out of class.

Later, she confronts the professor about some harsh notes he left on her story. He wants to help her grow as a writer.  He mentions a writer’s retreat next month, which means time away from home and it sounds as though it’s something she can’t excuse out of. She goes to her lactation/mommy & me class, again late, but Rafael is there picking up her slack beautifully.  He goes to all the classes she misses and has bonded with the other mommies in the class.  They discuss the living will stuff over lunch and they argue over her wanting to keep Mateo away from the influence of Rafael’s wealth.  He’s annoyed.  Petra stops by and finishes Rafael’s lunch for him, asking Jane if her family will help her mother get parole, because she could really use her support.

Rogelio pitches some new telenovela ideas to producers and they are less than impressed but make polite noises just to put him off. At the pediatrician’s office, the doctor tells Jane and Rafael that Mateo has a flat head from spending too much time on his back and she recommends a helmet to help aid in reshaping his head. Jane feels guilty since he’s on his back a lot of the time while she’s working on stories for her class. Petra has an ultrasound and they find out she’s pregnant with twin girls which hits Rafael hard. The narrator helpfully reminds us that he’s now got three children and no sex involved in the making of them.  Poor Rafael.

A month later, at her writer’s retreat, Jane has missed the appointment for Mateo’s helmet and she’s feeling terribly guilty about it.  She’s also missing Michael. Petra’s mother has made parole and Petra is excited for her support now that she knows she’s carrying twins. At the retreat, Jane tries to fit in with her classmates and she’s basically out of the group because she hasn’t bonded with them. She shares her guilt about Mateo and his helmet and the classmates respond to that.  So she tells them the whole story. The upshot is she now has friends.  Opening up helped her to write better as well. Rafael brings Jane the plug for her breastpump and stays for a little visit. They talk about the living will, which Jane is still reluctant about but Rafael assures her that money won’t screw up Mateo. He wants to kiss her, but she doesn’t want to complicate things. She tells him she’s not over Michael yet which makes Rafael realize that he has to move on.  When Jane tries to breastfeed Mateo, he won’t latch on but he takes to the bottle like a champ.  Cue: more guilt.

Rogelio is filming his new telenovela and it’s going terribly.  The network execs show up and tell him that they’re pulling the plug. Back at home and at her mommy class, Jane talks to one of the moms who reveals that she is interested in Rafael. Jane assures her that it’s not weird, but of course it’s weird. She’s gotten chummy with her grad school buddy and opens up to him about her problems with the men in her life. He offers her some insight. Rogelio is furious when he sees Luciana’s new show is making fun of him. Milos is leaving because he can’t deal with Petra’s mom. Ivan arrives to “babysit” while he’s gone, so they won’t get rid of the bombs.  Dang, there goes that plan.  Later, while Jane is pumping, she talks to Rafael who tells her that Jill from her mommy class asked him out. He wants to know if she’s okay with it, she says that she is. Neither of them seem particularly okay. Jane falls asleep in class and is put on academic probation.

Another month passes and Jane is as frazzled as ever. It’s clear juggling Mateo and her class is a huge strain on her. In fact, she’s burning up with fever.  Meanwhile, Rafael is dating Jill and it looks pretty serious but he leaves their date to bring Mateo’s lovey to him while Jane tries to take care of herself.  She snaps at Rafael, and Xo and Alba tell him that she’s always bitchy when she’s sick. Ivan has to leave because Milos was arrested for internet scamming while in Prague. Rafael and Jane talk and he thinks she should stop pumping for Mateo and taking more care of herself. Petra and her mother throw the grenades overboard in the Port of Miami, which of course explode.

A month after that, her mother has lost a hand and an eye and is pretty fed up in general. As you would be. Petra goes to Jane for advice on being a mom and Jane tells her that she feels like she knows nothing. She assures her that you can’t prepare, you just learn on the job. This makes Petra feel better and I like seeing these two women bond. Jane and Rafael meet with the lawyer and she tells him that they want to keep the plan fluid. But in the meantime, his trust fund will be attached to a charity so that for every dollar earned, a dollar will be donated. Meanwhile, Rogelio was able to sell a show that’s a comedy, which apparently is more his forte. He’s worried about the pressure for having another hit like his previous show. Mateo’s helmet comes off and Jane has her last day of pumping.  She sees the giraffe Michael carved for her and throws it away.  Is she over him?  There’s a thanksgiving dinner with the whole family, Rafael included. Petra shows up to bring Mateo’s lovey and she invites her to join them for dinner. Petra is pleased. Rogelio’s lawyer calls and apparently the creator of Mad Men sent a cease and desist because Rogelio’s new show is basically ripping his show off. Rafael tells Jane that he and Jill “fizzled out,” that he realized he would rather be with Jane at her worst than anyone else at their best.  He asks her to go on a date with him and Jane says yes.

Michael is back in Miami and wants to talk to Susannah, his former partner. He looks gravely determined. What’s he been up to this whole time? Jane’s grad school buddy is feeding information on the Solanos to someone. So much for opening up.  And we finish with Ivan confronting Petra’s mother about the grenades and Petra arrives to find her mother has murdered Ivan.

Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter 27

jane the virgin chapter 27 gina rodriguez britney spears dancing cw
The CW

Jane the Virgin isn’t above doing a little stunt casting for guest roles but the difference between this show and most other shows out there is that on Jane the Virgin, these stunts actually work. Really well. Case in point: Britney Spears guest starring as… herself!

Jane wakes up the day after her kiss with Michael, feeling blissful and certain of her decision to pick him. However, she worries to Xo about telling Rafael the news, not wanting to hurt Rafael. Meanwhile, Rafael goes to Luisa with his heartbreak who advises him not to let her break up with him. She even suggests him playing the “cancer card” for sympathy.

Speaking of sympathy, Petra is feeling morning sickness and the horror of having to marry Milos. Even telling him that she’s pregnant with Rafael’s baby doesn’t dissuade him. He agrees to her conditions: only one year and no sex as long as she does what she can to make sure the wedding appears “real.” Milos is into the wedding, planning to have it at the Marbella, booking Britney Spears to perform for their reception. Speak of the devil, Jane sees Brit in the lobby and has a bit of a fangirl moment which includes a hilarious daydream where they dance together.

She texts Xo about it who tells Rogelio and he’s less than happy to hear it. Apparently, he has a tempestuous past with her. He claims that they were friends until she betrayed him. Petra tells Rafael and Jane about marrying Milos and she does her best at spinning it to be a real wedding.

Later, Jane tries to tell Rafael about her decision, he puts her off, avoiding the bullet for now. Jane, Xo and Alba meet with a lawyer for Alba’s immigration who tells them that Xo’s felony conviction could be a problem since she’s Alba’s sponsor. It turns out, years ago Xo’s boyfriend stole a ring and she took the fall for him because she thought it was romantic to do so. What they need to do is find this ex-boyfriend, Zed, and get him to admit to the crime.

Jane sees Michael — but before they can have a romantic moment, Luisa pops up to tell Jane that Rafael is waiting for her upstairs. On her way, Jane sees Petra who is suffering with her sickness. She asks Petra why she’s marrying Milos and reminds her that she used to be scared of him. Petra tries to cover by saying they were in love once. Jane isn’t convinced by Petra’s story, however, and tells Rafael about her concerns. He arranges to meet with Petra’s mother in prison to talk to her about Milos.

Rogelio shows up at the Marbella with the intention of confronting Britney, who pretends she doesn’t remember him. He reminds her about the 2009 Latin Music Awards and she remembers him really quickly. Britney brushes him off, enraging Rogelio and tickling my funny bone.

Britney then serves Rogelio with a restraining order, and Xo and Jane tell him that he should let the feud go. He disagrees and calls on his fans, using an anonymous Twitter handle, to put out a call to arms against Britney.

Meanwhile, Slutty Crystal helps Xo locate Zed who deals cocaine and paints a wall down by the beach. Xo pleads with Zed (who wants to be known as Jon Snow now) to come forward for the theft of the ring and he says no-can-do.  Jane intervenes, sending Xo away while she speaks to him and lets him know that statute of limitations is expired so he can’t go to jail. Still, he refuses because he doesn’t want to talk to the police. Jane changes tactics, calling on Michael to help them out with the record. He promises to help by contacting the state’s attorney, getting them a meeting. Susanna, his new partner, overhears and is predictably nosy about it.

Rafael calls Jane and tells her that Magda, Petra’s mother, won’t meet with him but she will meet with Jane. She does, telling Magda about Petra marrying Milos and she implores her to tell her why Petra would be doing this. But Magda doesn’t tell her, but instead warns Jane to be very wary.

While Rafael keeps Milos busy, Jane goes to Petra and tells her Magda suggested that Petra use Milos’ internet scam business to hold over his head so he’d release her from marriage. Rafael is appreciative of Jane’s help, since he didn’t want Milos in his unborn child’s life. Rafael implores with Jane not to pick Michael, not to throw away their family. He tells her to go, clearly hurt when he sees how conflicted she is. Meanwhile, Xo and Alba have eaten half of the chocolate bar Zed gave Jane… the same chocolate bar that has 30% marijuana in it. This can’t bode well for their impending meeting with the state’s attorney!

Alba and Xo are clearly stoned (which is more than a little hilarious), and Jane tries to sober them up — but nothing works. So she tells them she will do all the talking and they will just nod and smile. But Jane doesn’t think it will work and she has to cancel the meeting.

Even worse news is that Petra is still getting married.  Jane calls in Rogelio to babysit (the baby and Xo and Alba, presumably). He’s bummed because Britney put out an embarrassing Vine of him. Jane goes to Petra to try to talk sense into her one last time. But Petra has figured out that Milos is bugging her so she continues to cover, telling Jane she’s marrying Milos for his money. Jane accepts it and helps Petra finish getting ready for the ceremony.

Jane sees a humiliating flyer being distributed calling her father a stalker so she goes to confront Britney herself. She tries to plead his case and Britney says that Rogelio called the paparazzi to crash their shopping trip in Mexico City. They end up apologizing over Skype to one another.

Michael’s boss confronts him about Nadine, saying there’s an anonymous source — who almost certainly has to be Rafael overhearing on the baby monitor. Petra’s wedding commences and Michael confronts Rafael for turning him in. They get into a fight with Michael punching Rafael, who insists he didn’t overhear and he didn’t turn Michael in. Jane is horrified over the fight and Mateo cries pathetically from his stroller when shards from a broken vase cut his arm.

Rafael insists to Jane that he didn’t rat out Michael. Jane isn’t sure what to believe. Alba and Xo get Zed to admit that he committed the crime, solving that little problem. Alba apologizes for not putting Xo first in the past, a mother should always put her child first. This makes Jane think, as she considers Mateo (and his father). Michael learns that in fact that it wasn’t Rafael who turned him in, it was a friend of Nadine’s instead. Jane feels sick for the way she accused Rafael, and the way that Mateo was hurt. She realizes she has to put her son first and that means Michael cannot be the one for her.

We get a super sweet scene with the Villanueva women, bonding as they enjoy Mateo’s first smile and Alba’s green card. This is a reminder of what really matters on this show: not a ship but this family and these strong women.

Milos tells Petra on their wedding night that their wedding provided him a cover to have boxes and boxes of hand grenades sent to him. Since they’re married now, she can’t testify against him. Michael is fired from the police department for breaking into his boss’s office to find out who ratted him out. When he gets in his car, Nadine is in the back seat and points a gun at his head, telling him to drive.

Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter 26

jane the virgin chapter 26 gina rodriguez cw
The CW

This week on Jane the Virgin, we learn that Jane and and her friend Lina have a long history of being best friends (and troublemakers).

Lina attends Mommy and Me fitness class with Jane.  Lina is afraid Jane will “disappear” on her now that is a mother. Months before, Jane had promised to throw Lina a 25th birthday party but had actually forgotten about it, so she quickly covers for it.  She improvises a Great Gatsby theme for a big bash. Of course, these last minute plans backfire spectacularly and when Jane admits to Lina later on that she’d forgotten, Lina’s feelings are hurt and Jane is worried she’s lost one of her oldest and closest friends.

Lina has a “backup” party at a local club and Jane goes to try to make amends. Lina is resistant until Jane admits doesn’t want to forget her friends. Lina accepts her apology and lets her off the hook — she can go back to Mateo. But Jane wants to stay and party. They do their old dance routine from elementary school. Besties again! Jane ends up drunk in the bathroom, pumping and dumping. There’s a lot of texts from Raf about Mateo, and everything is fine at home.

Michael gets a new partner, Susanna and he’s a bit annoyed at her enthusiasm. He meets with Jane and Raf and he tells them about the lead in the Sin Rostro investigation, about Heidi VonOcher. She’s a yodler, apparently. And Rose used to have a relationship with her. So Raf agrees to book her to the hotel so that Michael can investigate her.

When she arrives, Michael interviews Heidi, but she cannot speak English. However, her “milk maidens” speak a little so he tries to see if she recognizes Rose from a photograph. Heidi wants a promise that she can perform if she talks. Apparently there’s bad blood between her and “Denise”/Rose. Heidi tells Michael and Susanna all about her relationship with Denise. There was something about “mutter”, who they believe to be Rose’s mother.  Apparently, she is an even bigger bitch than Rose.

Meanwhile, Luisa is still kidnapped by the creepy Germans and after they send an email with the picture of Luisa being hurt, she is knocked out. She wakes up on a park bench right there in Miami and goes right to the hotel where she runs into Jane, Michael, and Rafael.  They don’t believe her when she says she was kidnapped but Michael keys in when she mentions the Germans holding her captive and how they planned to “mutter” her. He interviews Luisa who tells him how she thought it was Rose behind the abduction until they hurt her. Michael thinks someone took her to send Rose a message.

He asks her about Rose’s mother but Susanna interrupts to ask unimportant questions about what ties were used on her by the Germans. Or, rather, the ties sounded unimportant until Susanna points out that blue silk ties were used by someone who went by the name, “Mutter”, and was a Miami crime boss from the 1970s. Schooled! Later, Michael apologizes to Susanna, saying his old partner messed him up. She reports to his chief, saying that Michael is definitely hiding something. Heidi ends up being late to her performance because she slept with Luisa and then Luisa gets a message from Rose.

Make Love Week is still happening on the telenovela. Rogelio tells Xo he might need to hire Luciana after all. He tells her about the blackmail. Apparently, Rogelio joined up with something like Scientology (let’s be honest, it’s Scientology). His “audit” was recorded by Luciana and she’s threatening to release his confessions. Rogelio and Luciana film their love scene but there’s creative differences when they both want to be filmed from the right side. She reminds of her blackmail, so he gives in. Rogelio appeals to Luciana, trying to take the high road. But it was just a distraction. Xo steals Luciana’s prized rabbits. Luciana shows up at Rogelio’s dressing room and they exchange the blackmail tapes for her rabbits. She teases Xo about something on one of the discs and Xo is intrigued.

Meanwhile, Jane and Rafael haven’t really talked about the kiss after it happened.  Rafael wants to kiss her again, but Jane is still unsure what she wants. She wants to tell Michael, just to be honest. Rafael comes over and tries to kiss her again but she backs off. She tells him it’s too soon, she’s focused on Mateo right now. He doesn’t want to rush her but how things are right now isn’t working for him.  He wants to talk to her about custody, which knocks Jane for a loop. He wants to make sure he’s a part of Mateo’s life. Jane types up a list of instructions on how to care for Mateo and Raf is a bit insulted by it, the insinuation that he cannot take care of Mateo on his own, but he knows better than to argue.

Jane notices at the hotel that Raf threw away the instructions. She wants to check up on him but is worried he’ll be insulted by her doing so. When she nearly runs into him, she ducks into a supply closet and ends up locking herself inside until Michael calls her. She tells him where she’s trapped and he comes and lets her out.  Right away, she confronts Raf right away about the instructions. He accuses her of keeping an eye on him. Michael remembers the pictures Petra showed him of Jane and Rafael kissing and says it was probably her that threw away the list.  He tells them about the picture she took and how she probably thinks she has a chance with Rafael and is trying to cause trouble.

Jane and Raf talk and she admits that Mateo is scrambling her brains. He’s changed a lot in the last three weeks and so has she. She doesn’t even know herself anymore and that’s why she can’t chose who she wants to be with. She’s sorry. She suggests they get a lawyer to deal with the custody so emotions are taken out of the equation. Rafael looks disappointed and he goes to see Petra. He shows her a picture of Mateo and tells her that she’s hurting his son every time she tries to split up him and Jane. She admits that she’s scared and that she made a huge mistake. He agrees, but adds that it’s also kind of a miracle that she ended up pregnant after having so many miscarriages before. It’s still a good thing, even without him at her side. He tells her she deserves someone who makes her happy, not him.

Petra was feeling ready to let Rafael go and arrives at her room to find Milos, her ex-lover, waiting for her. He wants to marry her for tax purposes. There’s strings attached to the hotel shares he gave her, apparently. Petra shows us she’s maturing by offering to give them back, she doesn’t need them anymore. Milos clearly isn’t going to let this go and he threatens to send her to prison with her mother if she doesn’t marry him. This guy is a bit of a creep, isn’t he?

Michael and Jane talk and he helps her zip up her dress which leads to a bit of a moment. He tells her he shouldn’t be upset about the kiss, he has no right. Jane admits didn’t want to tell him because the kiss didn’t change anything. She thinks he’s been honest with her about everything. He tells her about Nadine, the one thing he hasn’t been honest about. He let her go instead of turning her in to the authorities. Raf is in the living room and they worry he overhead, but the monitor is off.  Raf tells Jane that he doesn’t want to go to lawyers yet. He’s not ready to take emotion out of their relationship.

After Lina’s party, Jane ends up kissing Michael, and it’s a lot more of a kiss than she had with Raf the previous week. When Jane gets home, she’s still on a high from her kiss. Both Rafael and Mateo are asleep and all is well.  In fact, things are so well that Jane is ready to choose Michael and she tells her mother.  For a moment, Jane worries that Raf overheard what she’d told Xo, but the monitor in the living room where he is sleeping is off.

However, we see that Rafael is awake when Jane leaves the room… and looking not too happy.  He must have heard and turned off the monitor. My heart goes out to the poor guy. Yep, still #TeamRafael over here!

Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter 25

jane the virgin chapter twenty-five jane xiomara abuela gina rodriguez cw
The CW

Another amazing week at Jane the Virgin, with so much happening that I literally cannot look away or else you’ll miss something. I remain in awe.

Petra’s pregnant

Rafael isn’t the least bit happy about Petra’s situation. He insists on getting a doctor’s confirmation, which they do. He admits to Petra then, that he was playing her and pretending more affection than he actually had in hopes of buying her out of the hotel and getting her out of his life once and for all. Later, at the baptism rehearsal for Mateo, Jane can tell Rafael is upset and troubled and prods him to open up. He does, eventually, telling her that Petra inseminated herself with the remainder of his sperm sample and now she was pregnant. Jane’s reaction is hilarious and perfectly understandable; this is the last thing she needs on her already over-full plate.

Jane and Rafael meet with Petra to discuss what to do and Petra tells them that there three options. The first is abortion. The second is she finds a rich Russian sugar-daddy, convince him the baby is his, and have the baby raised far away in Russia. The third (and clearly most reasonable) option is for them all to co-parent the child. Jane objects to this, which makes Petra wonder if they aren’t actually a couple after all. Raf wants to know what Jane thinks and she can’t decide, telling him to figure it out.

Talking it over with her mother and abuela, Xo says she thinks Petra should abort. Alba prefers the Russian option. Neither answer really helps Jane find any clarity. But, after some thoughtful words from Michael, she tells Rafael that she wants them to co-parent the baby together. He’s happy with that and tells Petra that he and Jane want her to stay so they can raise the baby together. It’s clear that the Petra thing is still between them and Petra seems thrilled at the opportunity to win back Rafael’s heart. However, at the very end of the episode, Jane is celebrating going to grad school and kisses Rafael impulsively, something Petra witnesses (and takes a photo of on her cell phone).

Jane’s school woes

At her “mommy and me” classes, Jane is concerned that Mateo might behind the other children in the class, as he’s not blinking like they are. She wants him to achieve, something that is important to her. She gets her own chance to achieve later on when she finds out she’s been accepted into an exclusive writing program in grad school.  However, her relief is short lived when she learned that there is a literature course pre-requisite that she lacks. She can make up the class before the program starts, however, the class begins the next day and she would have to leave Mateo behind.  Jane asks the dean if she can bring Mateo to class but that ends in disaster. It’s either leave him or reapply to the program in another year. Jane is torn up about the decision and later unloads to her mommy and me class about her struggle. The other women give advice and question their own choices until the teacher cuts in and assures them there is no wrong answer, only what works best for each individual mother.

After the baptism, she tells her mother and abuela that she is going to leave the program and stay with Mateo. Xo urges her not to do that, and both her and Alba assure Jane that Mateo will be in good hands with them while she’s in classes. This will be what is right. So Jane calls back the dean, filling up his voicemail with pleading messages for him to accept her back into the program. Later on, she hears back that she’s back in the program and this joyous news leads to her kissing Rafael.

Michael tries to be macho

Rogelio gives Michael some love advice, which should have been Michael’s first red flag. He cautions Michael to play it cool with Jane, to keep her wondering about his feelings. Instead of confiding in Jane, he should write his feelings in a diary. Michael seems skeptical of the plan but he gives it a try, finding it hard not to ask Jane what’s bothering, not to offer her advice and comfort when he can tell she needs it, to walk away when he should stay and be a friend. Eventually, he gives in and gives Jane the diary to read. It’s filled with lovely sentiments about all the troubles Jane has been dealing with, from Petra to grad school… he encourages her to not make the same mistakes that he made when he found out that Jane was pregnant with Rafael’s baby.  He tells her she should embrace the baby, which leads to Jane telling Rafael she wants to co-parent.  Michael did a solid this episode, I have to admit.  The writers are building a fine case for #TeamMichael here, but instead of swaying me to that side of the shipping spectrum, it’s actually making me worry about Michael’s fate in the future.  Stay safe, Michael!

It’s always drama with Rogelio

It’s “Make Love Week” for the telenovelas and Rogelio’s leading lady is out with an injury. They need to recast the role and they need someone he’s going to have sizzling chemistry with. The show wants to bring in Luciana, who is Rogelio’s ex-wife. Not only that, he’s so broken up about her, he can’t even say her name. Xo encourages him to try to get over her and they go to a storage locker that Rogelio has filled with memorabilia about her so that he can start the healing process and get over her. It turns out that he has a diary too and he spends the next two hours reading the entries to Xo. The upshot of that oversharing is that he feels ready to face her, to let her go, to move on.

On set, Rogelio and Luciana come face to face and the chemistry is definitely still there. As Xo looks on from the craft services table, they share a passionate scene followed by an equally passionate kiss. Xo is hurt and runs off the set, which Rogelio notices with regret. Xo is feeling jealous and upset and is tempted to run but abuela chastises her, telling her that she needs to stick in there with Rogelio. It’s time not to run anymore. So they talk it out like adults and Xo admits her jealousy. He admits that there was chemistry, but that he wants to be with Xo, not Luciana. Xo promises she will deal with it but he tells her she doesn’t have to. He wants Luciana off the show, they can find another actress for him. However, Luciana isn’t giving up that easily and she has some blackmail material that she shows Rogelio, telling her she stays on the show or the word gets out. I can only imagine what it is.

Hunting down Sin Rosetro

Michael is still on the hunt for Rose, chasing down the Swiss vineyard lead that he and Jane discovered last episode. There’s a guest register at the vineyard that lists a “Densie” that was the name Rose signed under. He finally talks to the wine makers who get spooked as soon as they hear the name, “Denise”. It sounds as if she caused a lot of problems for them and for the village. One of them gives him a name: Heidi VonOcher. Sounds ominous.

Luisa is still kidnapped

Remember when Luisa was kidnapped last episode?  She’s tied up in a small room, the same creepy guy who took her last week and another man still around. They’re German, or at least, that’s the language they’re speaking which she doesn’t know more than a few utterly useless phrases of. When she notices the gentle way they’re treating her, she believes that maybe Rose is the one who had her abducted. However, that theory is shot to heck when one of the men clubs her and takes a picture to send to someone. Who is it? Could it be this mysterious “Heidi” character?

Mateo’s Baptism

The big event of the episode was baby Mateo’s baptism. There were a few lovely flashbacks to Xo and Jane’s baptisms, giving us not only a look at 16 year old Xo but at a much younger Alba as well. Baptism is tradition in this family, and it clearly means a lot to the Villanueva women. The night that Mateo was taken (and recovered), Rafael was overcome with gratitude and asked Michael to be the baby’s godfather. However, that was before both men declared their love for Jane so things are clearly a lot more awkward between them now that they are romantic rivals. Jane calls Rafael to double check with him that it is still okay and Rafael, distracted by the business with Petra this episode, doesn’t hear what she asks and just says yes to whatever she wants.

So, predictably, Rafael is surprised when they show up for the rehearsal and Michael is there. He covers his unhappiness well enough, to his credit. And he does have other things on his mind.

At the end of the episode, while everything is up in the air for everyone, Xo shares with Jane a letter that Alba wrote for Xo when she was baptised and that Xo read to Jane at her baptism. Jane is touched and reads it aloud after Mateo is baptised. We are treated to flashes between all three Villanueva women reading the touching letter which expounds on their hopes and dreams for their child’s future. Dry eyes? What dry eyes??

Extra Goodies

  • “Make Love Week – The Shark Week of Telenovelas”. I admit, I snorted.
  • The narrator is gold, yet again.
  • No, seriously.  When Jane is narrating to baby Mateo what she’s doing, he pipes in with, “Wow, she’s pretty good at narration.” I died.
  • “What the–?!?” *church bells clang*
  • Rogelio spitballing potential co-stars, “Emma Stone! I heard she can play any race.” Oh my god, Rogelio.

Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter 24

jane the virgin season 2 chapter 24 jane michael rafael cw
The CW

Did you know that “Chapter 24” is Gina Rodriguez’s favorite episode of Jane the Virgin? It’s a ringing endorsement that lives up to it’s promise. Once again, we had an hour of television that was packed full of events and, yes, that’s pretty much how Jane the Virgin operates. There’s very little lag time with pacing on this show.

The theme this week is Bachelor-inspired, much to my delight. All throughout the episode, Jane is plagued with a choice hanging over her head and her neuroses about it play out in the form of a hallucination that calls herself “Bachelorette Jane”. This alter-ego isn’t very discriminating and swings wildly between preferring Michael and Rafael, given whoever is present at the moment. She tries to get Jane to choose by presenting improbable (and very Bachelor-themed scenarios) where she needs to pick which man she’d prefer to have with her. This doesn’t prove helpful at all. Xo and Abuela get in on the pressuring, with Abuela revealing she is #TeamRafael, not just because he’s the baby’s father but because he’s smoking hot as well.  I knew I liked her.

The episode opens on a flashback of when Jane first began dating Michael and they were getting to know one another. They didn’t have much in common but Jane made an effort, at least until he took her camping. That is when Jane cried uncle (even with the little giraffe that Michael thoughtfully whittled for her). Michael assured her that not liking camping wasn’t a deal breaker, that he truly wanted to be with her.

In the current day, it’s clear that Michael still feels this way. He drops by the house so often that I’m starting to wonder if he has a home or if he just lives in his car parked out in her driveway. When the family, Rafael included, urge Jane to take a shower and leave the house with the baby, a lunch date with Michael and Rafael is proposed. Jane is nervous, not just because of having a new baby but because that baby was kidnapped and she fears a repeat attempt. In fact, while out on this hugely awkward two-on-one date, Jane imagines she sees Rose in the bathroom when she’s changing Mateo. When she shares this with the guys, Michael admits that Rose has had plastic surgery and could look like literally anyone now. This does not make Jane feel much better, shockingly enough.

Meanwhile, Petra’s assistant Scott, reminds her that he knows she took Rafael’s sperm and tells her he wants a promotion that he isn’t exactly qualified for. If not, he’ll spill the beans to Rafael. Rogelio learns that he needs to perform on a cruise ship to make up for skipping out on his show in Vegas when the baby was born. He’s resistant but Xo doesn’t want them to get sued for breach of contract, since they are still married. Unlucky for them, the boat leaves port when they are interviewing with the entertainment director so they’re stuck doing the gig. Rogelio is inconsolable (as per usual).

At home, Jane is having issues with her rocker-chick neighbors (featuring pop-star Kesha!) blasting music late at night when Mateo is sleeping. She tries to ask them nicely to keep it down but it’s clear that they don’t care one bit. They even call Jane an “entitled breeder.” Poor Jane. The fight escalates until Jane steals their amp.

In more plotty news, the creepy guy from the end of last week’s episode checks into the Marbella. Is he there for Jane? Perhaps she isn’t as paranoid as one might think with all her worries? This point is illustrated in the next scene when Michael comes over to install a security system in the home. Jane appreciates this gesture and is touched when he suggests the code word be “giraffe.” Later, as he’s holding Mateo, she asks him if he’s changed his mind about having children. He wasn’t ready before. Is he now? He tells her that he is, because it’s not just any kid, it’s Mateo. Dammit, Michael. He’s making it very hard to be #TeamRafael! He nearly kisses Jane but she pulls away. She needs some time with Rafael before she can decide.

During a business meal with Petra and Luisa, Rafael notices that Petra isn’t eating soft cheeses and wine and wonders to Jane later if this means she is pregnant. He laughs over the “poor sucker,” whoever he is, that impregnated her. He begins to suspect the “poor sucker” is his assistant Scott and that is why she wants him promoted. Feeling indulgent, he approves it.

That night, Jane and Mateo come to his place and she’s touched to find all the baby gear he has littered throughout his apartment. He’s clearly embracing being a father, which means a lot to her. They go out for burgers and bond over all the things they have in common. It would appear she has more shared interests with Rafael than she does with Michael. Then, Rafael admits that he loves her, that never stopped loving her. Oh! My shipper heart! But Jane isn’t ready yet and like with Michael, she steps away from the tender moment.

On the cruise ship, Xo and Rogelio perform dinner theater decked out in cheesy sailor gear.  No one is paying them any attention until the chocolate fountain is brought out on stage behind them. Rogelio mistakes the passenger’s enthusiasm for the dessert for interest in the show and his happiness leads to him seducing Xo later on that night. They admit to loving one another and Rogelio reveals he wants to give the marriage a try. Xo, however, is concerned he still has issues regarding his ex-wife and suggests they get the annulment and perhaps try dating instead, to begin with at least.

When Jane arrives back home from her night at Rafael’s place, she finds the cops there, grilling her abuela. Turns out, they were called by the neighbors regarding the stolen amp. But the visit scared Abuela and Jane both, since the older woman is undocumented. Jane comforts her and Abuela decides she wants to try to get a green card. It’s worth the risk of getting deported for the chance of not having to worry about being separated from her family in the future.

Rafael accidentally sets off the security system and Michael pops right in which leads to Michael and Rafael facing off. They pressure Jane to choose. She says she’s in love with both of them. This upsets both men, who leave.

The next day, Michael calls and he tries to explain his role in Mateo’s kidnapping but Jane insists she was just as much at fault. She’s the one who told Rose about her relationship with Michael, recalling a previous run-in with Rose in which Swiss wine was mentioned. Jane and Michael figure out together that this could mean Rose had been to Switzerland, which is where the woman who threatened her is. Is the mystery woman Rose?

Jane apologizes to Michael about Rafael and she admits that Michael does know her better. He says that means she’s not really in love with Rafael, she just loves the idea of family. She’s not so sure, and neither am I. There’s a lot more to love than knowing someone.

Lachlin returns and plays Rafael and Petra. He plans to build a highrise that will decimate the Marbella’s ocean views, and perhaps even the business. As if that wasn’t devastating enough, the fertility clinic calls Rafael and mentions that Petra took his remaining sample. This leads to Rafael realizing that he is the “poor sucker”.  Meanwhile, Petra has a positive pregnancy test.  Also, Luisa was kidnapped.  Whaaaaat?