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Teen Wolf Season 6 Video: Watch the First 10 Minutes of the Final Season

The final season of Teen Wolf is nearly upon us, so it’s only fitting that the creepy show released the first 10 minutes on Saturday at the New York Comic-Con.

What’s in the video? Well, there’s a date horribly ruined by paranormal phenomena (and by a failure to have proper repair equipment), a brave attempt to stop a helium theft, and a brief glimpse at what could be Teen Wolf‘s newest Big Bad — a creepy, gun-wielding fellow on a black horse.

It’s a bit nuts. But that’s what you should expect in a Teen Wolf season 6 video like this. Watch for yourself below.


Teen Wolf returns with new episodes on Tuesday, November 15 at 9pm on MTV.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Trailer: Senior Year Is Scary

Teen Wolf will soon be back on MTV for season 5. But this is not a happy, fun romp through the woods with Scott and friends. As the trailer for the new season shows, dark forces are coming for the Pack. Forces even worse than SAT tests and college-admissions essays.

What are those forces exactly? Teen Wolf is keeping silent for the moment, but they may come in the form of creepy figures with gas masks or as hot new guys with potentially evil ulterior motives.

Teen Wolf season 5 begins with a two-part premiere on Monday, June 29 at 10pm and Tuesday, June 30 at 9pm.