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Arrow Season 5 Video: Stephen Amell and More at Comic-Con

Arrow season 5 promises to be a big one for Oliver Queen and company. After all, at the end of the previous season, most of the team abandoned their vigilante mission for… well basically, anything else. It’s like they don’t want to be in life-and-death situations all the time!

Fortunately, this is Arrow and the whole gang is likely to be back, fighting for justice and their very lives, within the near future.

Who better than to tease when this might occur than the cast of Arrow themselves? Watch these Arrow season 5 video interviews shot at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Stephen Amell

Emily Bett Rickards

David Ramsey

Willa Holland

Echo Kellum

Paul Blackthorne

Executive producer Wendy Mericle

Arrow season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm on The CW.

Arrow Recap: Guilt and Legacies in Canary Cry

arrow season 4 canary cry john diggle david ramsey cw

This week on Arrow

In the aftermath of Laurel’s death, Team Arrow deals with their grief in their own ways. It becomes a little more of a challenge when a new player shows up in Star City while an old one exacts her revenge.

Blame Game

Out of everyone, Digg blames himself the most for Laurel’s death. He sees a direct correlation between listening to his brother over Oliver, leading to the events of Darhk killing Laurel. While Oliver tries to encourage him to not blame himself, he doesn’t listen.

Later, when Digg opens up to Felicity she says she wasn’t there and doesn’t really know what to say, essentially letting him believe that it could have been his fault.

Felicity finds Oliver and they talk. She knows that he’s beating himself up about everything, again. He tells her that he shouldn’t feel responsible, but he does. She says she feels the same and tells him about her conversation with Digg.

She tells him that he was looking to her to absolve some of his guilt, but she couldn’t because she feels guilty that she wasn’t there. She blames herself on some level for Laurel’s death because she left.

He asks her if she knows why he always blames himself, and his answer is because sometimes they just need an answer when a situation is completely unreasonable.

Their conversation is cut short when Felicity gets a call from Lyla who is looking for Digg, who happens to be AWOL. They leave to go find him.

Where is he, you ask? He’s going after Ruve Adams. He shoots her driver and limo passenger with tranq darts and holds a gun to her head. He’s about to shoot her for revenge when Oliver shows up and shoots the gun out of his hand.

They scream at each other and Digg breaks down. He’s so angry that Andy is still out there, still able to hurt the people he loves. Oliver tells him that this isn’t him, and he can never forget that. No matter what he does, it’s not gonna bring Laurel back, and they can never become the people they try to save the city from.

Later, Felicity apologizes to Digg for letting him think he was responsible. She tells him that she was dealing with her own guilt and that he doesn’t know that Laurel would still be alive if his actions had been different. There is no way to know.

Digg says that he always tells Oliver to not have a blind spot, but that’s exactly what he did. Meanwhile, Digg is blaming himself for something that’s not his fault. Talk about a role reversal.

Is the BC Back in Town?

Some criminals are attempting to do an arms deal when the canary cry is heard above them. The Black Canary jumps down and steals the guns.

Oliver calls a meeting of the team to discuss how they’re going to go after Darhk, but Thea thinks it’s too soon. Captain Lance is there also, and he tells the team about the BC sighting. He thinks it’s Laurel.

Someone stole the sonic device from Laurel’s belongings at the hospital. Cisco had programmed the frequency to her vocal chords only, so no one else should be able to use it.

Though Oliver and the rest of the team have accepted that Laurel is gone, Lance has not. Oliver takes him to the morgue to identify her body, leaving Lance in a state of despair.

Oliver speaks to the doctor at the morgue, thanking her for her discretion. She tells him that it’s all part of doctor-patient confidentiality. She knows of Oliver’s identity, but will not divulge any information because she feels as if they do right by the city.

He tells the doctor about the BC sighting and about someone stealing Laurel’s voice device, and asks if she can point him in any direction. She tells him about a frequent flyer, a patient that comes in often. She tells him that something is off about this girl, but she won’t give him a name.

When Thea meets Alex for a date, she asks him why he became a political operative. He never gets to answer because the BC comes out of nowhere to attack him for working with “her”. Thea is able to fight her off, but Alex gets knocked out in the process.

Thea calls Oliver and tells him what happened. He finds her and confronts her. She’s angry at him and accuses him of abandoning “us,” and leaving them at Reddington. He left them to die, because he only cared about his friends.

Back in the Foundry, Felicity tells the team that the sonic device the girl stole had been modified to fit her voice, and that she’s been using it at much higher decibels than Laurel ever did.

Oliver explains that she mentioned Reddington Industrial, which happens to be the H.I.V.E. compound that Darhk held them in when they were kidnapped.

They discover that her name is Evelyn Sharp, and her parents were killed the gas chambers they were held in. She attacked Alex because he took a job working for Ruve, who is associated with H.I.V.E.

Dissatisfied with the fact that the new BC is not Laurel, Lance calls Nyssa. She is grateful that he did, as she considered Laurel a good friend. Unfortunately, Lance didn’t just call Nyssa for comfort, he called her because he intended on reviving Laurel in the Lazarus Pit.

Nyssa tells him that she destroyed the pit months ago. He says there has got to be another way, and he’s gonna find it.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

We’re not on the island for this flashback, guys. Instead, we’re in Season 1.5. At Tommy’s funeral.

The episode opens with his funeral, and Oliver is supposed to be delivering the eulogy. But, as we know from the beginning of Season 2, Oliver left for Lian Yu, right? He did, just not right away.

See, Oliver was there for Tommy’s funeral, but he couldn’t bring himself to let anyone see him. Except Laurel that is, who stood in Oliver’s place to deliver the eulogy.

Sometime later, Oliver shows up at Laurel’s door, not knowing where else to go. He tells her that he tried to write the eulogy, stayed up all night trying to, but all he wrote down were happy memories of them.

He tells Laurel that he failed him. He came back with a second chance, one to make the city better and he couldn’t. Laurel tells him that he can’t blame himself, but then again, at the time, Laurel had no idea that Oliver was the Arrow.

A week later, Oliver visits Laurel again. They reminisce about the past, and how they made a great team. Laurel tells him that she was thinking about what he said about saving the city and she thinks that he can, that they can do it together.

Later, Laurel finds a note that Oliver left for her, it explains that he needs to go away (which we know is to Lian Yu) and encloses the picture of her that she once gave him.

Moving Forward

After Digg attacked Ruve, she releases a press statement calling to issue arrest warrants to all of the city’s vigilantes. Starting with the vigilante that attacked her staff member, Alex Davis — The Black Canary.

Ruve plans on dedicating the arrest of the BC to the recently passed, beloved Assistant District Attorney, Laurel Lance (fully knowing Laurel’s true identity).

Oliver gets a call from Nyssa, and he goes to meet her. She tells him about Lance and being worried about his actions. Oliver goes to find him and stop him from doing anything rash. Lance lashes out at Oliver, telling him he doesn’t understand what it’s like to lose a child. Oliver agrees, but he does know what it’s like to lose a father, a mother, and Laurel. Because they have lost her.

Captain Lance breaks down. Laurel has always been there for him. After Sara died, and he became an alcoholic, Laurel was there. She is his rock, and he doesn’t know what to do without her.

Felicity gets a hit on Evelyn’s location. She’s planning on attacking Ruve at a mayoral function. The team shows up, poised to stop her, but they’ve got their own problems with the newly minted vigilante taskforce in full effect.

When a guard sneaks up on Evelyn, she lets out a canary cry, which alerts all the other guards (and Team Arrow) to her presence. Oliver finds her and tries to stop her from doing what she’s going to do, but she goes after the mayor anyway. She shoots Oliver and turns the gun on Ruve.

Oliver tries one more time to stop her by saying that this isn’t what the BC would want her to do. This isn’t what the Black Canary stood for.

Evelyn puts the gun down and Ruve calls for their arrest but they escape.

Back in the Foundry, Thea is upset that the world is going to remember the Black Canary as a criminal because of Evelyn, and not the hero that Laurel was.

At the funeral, Lance and Dinah walk together to say goodbye to their daughter.

Oliver stands up to deliver a eulogy. He tells everyone that Laurel always wanted to do something good for the world. In order to preserve her memory, he reveals that Laurel was the Black Canary. She was a hero and she would expect everyone to live up the standard that she set.

The final scene of the episode was the one that haunted us for almost an entire season. Barry shows up as Oliver stands over Laurel’s grave. He tells him that it’s not his fault, and Oliver knows that — but it’s his responsibility to end it. Once and for all. He says he’s going to kill him.

Oliver gets in the car with Felicity, she tells him that he knows what he has to do. He tells her that he knows but doesn’t know how to. Darhk’s magic is too strong. He’s seen it before, back on Lian Yu, and it’s not just magic, it’s darkness.

Felicity says that she refuses to believe that he can’t defeat it. She tells him that she fell in love with him for many reasons and one of them is that he always finds a way. He has to find a way now.

For Laurel. For the city. For all of them.

Catch Arrow next Wednesday at 8pm on The CW!

Arrow Recap: Original Team Arrow Rides Again… as the Canary Flies Once More

arrow 403 season 4 restoration original team arrow oliver felicity diggle stephen amell emily bett rickards david ramsey cw
All photos courtesy of The CW

The most recent Arrow episode, “Restoration,” has just about everything. An “original Team Arrow” adventure, some Malcolm-Thea repartee, a metahuman visiting from Central City, and a trip to Nanda Parbat. Most of it didn’t really turn out so well, as you will soon see in this Arrow recap.

The OGs: Original Team Arrow…

Those nostalgic for Arrow season 1 get a treat in “Restoration”: With Thea and Laurel off on a girls’ weekend to Nanda Parbat, the only crime-fighters left in town are Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity.

Not that Original Team Arrow (aka, the “Original Gangstas,” a term I only got defined thanks to Felicity in this episode) is functioning at optimum performance right now. Oliver and Diggle chase down some ghosts in a massive, dimly lit lumber yard (or something like that) but can’t seem to catch any of the bad guys. Diggle does managed to subdue one — and remove his cyanide tooth with his bare hand — but the guy uses an electroshock to get away before Oliver can show up to help.

These guys are so not in sync. Diggle doesn’t even want to join the others for celebratory margaritas while the team analyzes the truth.

Instead, Diggle goes home to find a guy with info on who hired Floyd Lawton to kill Diggle’s brother. Oh, and just by coincidence, she’s in town to hang with Damien Darhk!

She’s an emissary from H.I.V.E., it seems, an organization that thinks Damien is way too slow about killing vigilantes. She has brought with her Jeremy Tell (aka Double Down), a Central City transplant and metahuman with the ability to toss deadly playing cards at his opponent.

You wouldn’t think that this would be so dangerous. But Double Down is played by JR Bourne, who has proved repeatedly on Teen Wolf that he can kill anyone with anything at any time. So of course he can kill with playing cards.

arrow 403 restoration jr bourne jeremy tell double down teen wolf cw
What’s up, Papa Argent?

But he can’t kill Oliver, because Oliver’s all heroic and has impressive reflexes. The bad guy thus moves on to hunting Felicity.

One Terrific Fight

Because turning tattoos into deadly cards isn’t weird enough, Double Down can use the ones he’s thrown as a homing device. That means he can find a missing card, even when it’s in Curtis Holt’s Palmer Tech lab.

arrow 403 restoration felicity smoak curtis holt emily bett rickards echo kellum cw
What a terrific employee!

That’s just where Tell shows up, ready to throw cards at both Felicity and Curtis. The two science types survive by taking the elevator down to Lair 2.0. Curtis, terrific as he is and shall be, is pretty cool with everything, even when he is injured in the struggle. Mostly he’s just impressed by Felicity’s badassery and gun-slinging.

arrow 403 restoration felicity smoak gun emily bett rickards cw
Everybody run, Felicity Smoak has a gun!

Fun Times in Nanda Parbat

Over on the other side of the world — which might, judging by flight times, be within a few hundred miles of Star City — Thea and Laurel interrupt Malcolm and Nyssa trying to kill each other. Since the new Ra’s al Ghul and the former Heir to the Demon are cheerfully casual about their sword fight to the semi-death, this might be a common activity for the pair. Too bad for Nyssa that Malcolm still has a bit of an edge.

They do seem to welcome the distraction provided by Laurel and Thea, especially Thea who is greeted as a daughter and as a sister-in-law. I guess Nyssa and Oliver’s forced marriage is legal then?

But the visit isn’t just a family reunion… Kind of. Laurel wants Malcolm to use the Lazarus Pit to revive Sara. As everyone points out — repeatedly — this is a very bad idea.

Meanwhile, Thea gets some answers about why she suddenly is really into killing people. Malcolm tells her that the Lazarus Pit absorbs anger and violence from everyone who uses it. And Thea has inherited a bunch of that. She can only get rid of the blood lust for good by killing the one who nearly killed her. Since that was the now-dead Ra’s al Ghul, Thea is basically screwed.

Her loving daddy does provide a temporary remedy though: murder. If Thea kills someone, she won’t want to kill for a while. Kind of like a fix for a junkie. Only deadlier. She isn’t a big fan of this, so Malcolm decides to make up for his paternal deficiencies by bringing Sara back from the dead. Thus Malcolm continues his Worst Dad Ever reign.

Whatever the motivations, Sara gets revived amidst bubbles and feral jumps. It all looks to be going as well as Malcolm expected.

arrow season 4 caity lotz sara lance canary lazarus pit cw
Yeah, she’s doing just fine…

And then it gets worse. Not wanting Malcolm to use the Pit at all in the future, Nyssa destroys it. No more take-backs, Arrow people!

Love and Death in the Poppy Fields

Back on Lian Yu, Oliver isn’t taking well to his new guard job, despite what the hot and dismissive slave lady says. Thanks to a very chatty co-worker, Oliver learns two things: They’re growing a heroin-cocaine hybrid on the island, and the guards are expected to be brutal.

A short time later, this is proven when some of the “product” is found to be missing. Oliver gets the fun job of torturing workers in order to find out who took it. He is really, really good at torturing people, by the way. I wonder if that’s going to come up again this season?

Anyway, the culprit turns out to be the hot slave lady. Oliver manages to save her from an immediate bullet by saying he can make her body just disappear elsewhere on the island. Of course, since Oliver is at least nominally a good guy — even at this point — he doesn’t actually kill her. He just fakes it with a landmine, thus setting up a flashback romance for season 4.

Friends Once More

Oliver and Diggle spend much of the episode a part, much to the detriment of their vigilantism. It takes an “I’m turning this quest around!” lecture yelled by Felicity to get them back together.

It’s too little too late though, at least for Diggle’s attempts at getting answers about H.I.V.E. That’s because an irritated Damien Darhk has already killed her. So they go after the next best bad guy: Jeremy Tell. That metahuman is trying really hard to go home, but the combined efforts of Oliver and Diggle do manage to stop him.

Oliver even takes a bullet playing card for Diggle, thereby cementing the return of that friendship. They don’t learn much about H.I.V.E. though, because Double Down is way more scared of Damien Darhk than he is of a couple of good-guy vigilantes. But Oliver and Diggle are friends! Drinks all around and all’s right with the world!

Except for Felicity’s phone. That’s not quite right. But it’s probably just a message from the not-dead-just-shrunk Ray Palmer, so we shouldn’t worry too much.

Comic-Con 2015: Who’s Coming for Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow?

arrow the flash crossover flash vs arrow barry allen oliver queen grant gustin stephen amell cw
The CW

The 2015 San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, and details are starting to trickle in. One recent trickle included the names of those participating in the panels for Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Subject to change, here’s the lineup:

Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne, John Barrowman, EP Marc Guggenheim, and EP Wendy Mericle

The Flash
Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, John Wesley Shipp, and EP Andrew Kreisberg

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Wentworth Miller, Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Dominic Purcell, Caity Lotz, Ciara Renee, and EP Phil Klemmer

All of the shows will be presented during DC’s hero-TV night at Comic-Con 2015 on Saturday, July 11.

Arrow Season 3: Why Diggle’s Race and Mask-less Status Matter to David Ramsey

arrow season 3 david ramsey john diggle tca 2015 mask cw
The CW

John Diggle is a bit of an anomaly in the world of Arrow. On the one hand, he’s the character who first learned the truth about Oliver Queen’s nocturnal activities (Back in what? Episode 3?). He has far more formal combat training than anyone in the lair. The man is a regular leader and pretty much the only person who regularly tells Oliver what to do.

But Diggle, unlike just about everyone else, doesn’t wear a mask. He is also a semi-well-adjusted person of color who just so happens to enjoy a spot of vigilantism now and again.

It’s odd, really. But David Ramsey, the man behind the Diggle, has thought about this. A lot, it would seem following Sunday’s Arrow panel at the 2015 TCA winter press tour.

For one thing, according to Ramsey, “Heroes don’t need costumes!” That was a pretty legitimate thing for the actor to say, seeing as he was surrounded by roughly a dozen actors appearing in costume on both Arrow and The Flash.

It was more than just a lack of a mask though. “Diggle is exceptional in his normalcy,” Ramsey pointed out. “He has no debate in his spirit between balancing that and his crime-fighting at night… That’s part of what makes him normal and makes him a leader.”

Even though Diggle could wear a mask and costume — and maybe should to protect his soon-to-be-again-wife and daughter — Ramsey thinks Diggle is a better character when he keeps his face out in the open. “Part of the appeal of Diggle is that any of you could be him, and you don’t want a mask to take that away,” he said.

Ramsey has even stronger opinions about the fact that Diggle — a character that never existed in the DC Comic Books before Arrow — is an African-American man. “You’re damn right,” the actor exclaimed when asked by a reporter about this.

“It’s important for television, I think, as a whole, to see this man as second-in-command on Team Arrow, with a wife and child, well-adjusted to his time overseas in the military,” Ramsey added.
It isn’t just for TV either, now that John Diggle has been incorporated into the comic-book world of the Green Arrow. “I’m proud also that he’s part of the DC lore, that he’s now part of the DC canon,” Ramsey said.

Arrow season 3 will return with new episodes on Wednesday, January 21 at 8pm on The CW.

The Flash-Arrow Crossover Episodes: Watch the Extended Preview Video

 It’s time. The FlashArrow crossover episodes are just about here. And there are a whole bunch of video promos to prove it. Check out four The Flash videos right here!

First up, there’s the extended trailer for “Flash vs. Arrow” above. A full 20 seconds are taken up with the intro, but that still leaves over a minute for clips from the episode itself. Some things you might want to notice include:

  • Barry’s expression upon seeing the Arrow in his town
  • Oliver does not like the term “metahuman”
  • You have to wait for the episode to see the entirety of it, but there is at least a glimpse of Diggle’s reaction to Barry’s superpowers in this video
  • Barry rightly points out that Oliver’s world has people with weird names too
  • You may be able to figure out why Felicity strips after watching this
  • Barry doesn’t think Oliver can hit him with an arrow — but he may be wrong
  • Even if Barry does have his speed, he may not be able to beat Oliver
  • And there is a real reason why Barry is so awful in some of these clips

Get a clue of why Barry loses it in a clip from “Flash vs. Arrow.”

Who will win in a Flash vs. Arrow fight? Fans at the advance screening had opinions (I’m not in the video, but I was totally one of those around-the-corner people in the line).

An earlier trailer for the crossover episodes is much shorter than the new, extended version, but there are a few different glimpses that you might want to notice. Also, there is at least one scene that comes from the Arrow episode, “The Bold and the Brave.”

Finally, CTV released a separate Canadian trailer for the Flash crossover episode. It features more of the fighting, plus the intriguing fact that Harrison Wells really, really wants to know who the Arrow really is.

The Flash episode, “Flash vs. Arrow,” airs Tuesday, December 2 at 8pm on The CW. The Arrow part of the crossover, “The Bold and the Brave,” follows on Wednesday, December 3 at 8pm.

‘Arrow’ Season 3 Photo: Meet Baby Diggle

Are you prepared for the cutest thing ever to come to Arrow season 3? You’d better be, because there is now a photo of Baby Diggle!

arrow baby diggle season 3 david ramsey cw

Yes, it looks like John Diggle (David Ramsey) will be a father by the time the show returns in October. And based on the color scheme used in the child’s room (as seen in a photo from TVLine), it’s a girl! Alternatively, Diggle and Lyla are just very progressive in their opinions on what colors are appropriate for boys.

Either way, it does not seem like fans will have to wait to meet the newest addition to Team Arrow. Who knows what role the Digglette might play in the future?

Arrow season 3 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 8pm on The CW.