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Arrow, The Flash, and More Go Lego to Promote Lego Batman

lego batman arrow the flash warner bros
Warner Bros.

A whole bunch of Warner Bros. TV shows have been bricked in order to help promote the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie.

On February 6, Warner Bros. revealed a series of Lego-inspired billboards advertising some of the studio’s biggest shows — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, 2 Broke Girls, Gotham, and The Middle all got the Lego treatment. Warner Bros. said in a press release that over 10,000 Lego bricks were used to create the whimsical posters.

And because banners alone are not enough, there’s video fun to be had as well. A short animated video came out as well, featuring Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) interacting with some of The CW’s own superheroes. Batman, it turns out, isn’t so impressed by the Flash, the Green Arrow, Supergirl, or Atom (each voiced by their TV actors Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist, and Brandon Routh, respectively).

More Batman and more Lego will be seen between February 6 and 8, when Batman will be crashing through the Berlanti Productions logo at the end of episodes of Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow.

All of this is leading up to the theatrical release of The Lego Batman Movie on Friday, February 10.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Gotham Recap: Mommy’s Little Monster

gotham 206 mommy's little monster camren bicondova david mazouz selina kyle bruce wayne fox

The episode and this Gotham recap begin with Penguin and Butch going to a warehouse to retrieve Penguin’s mother. Poor guy! All Penguin wants is his mother back. Unfortunately, that isn’t happening. Before Penguin even has a chance to break her free, Tabitha and Theo arrive.

Penguin orders Butch to shoot Theo and Tabitha. Unfortunately, that is not happening either. Butch no longer follows Penguin’s orders because the Galavans have “fixed” him. So instead he turns the gun on Penguin’s men and shoots them.

Penguin tells Theo that he will do anything if they let his mother go. Theo releases Penguin’s mother, but this isn’t a happy moment because Tabitha stabs her in the back. Tragic. Penguin holds her as she dies. Theo orders Butch to kill Penguin. Penguin calls Theo as coward because he can’t kill him himself. Theo takes the gun and asks “Any last words?” Penguin grabs the knife from his mother’s back and slashes Theo’s neck. He runs.

Elsewhere, Ed Nygma awakens to find his alter-ego back. His alter-ego has noticeably been missing for a few episodes, so maybe the trauma of Kristen Kringle’s death brought him back. Ed’s alter-ego tells him that he hid the body while he was sleeping. He also hands him an envelope full of riddles about where to find her body.

Theo Galavan’s campaign is going very successfully. The news is already predicting that he’ll be wining in a landslide. Silver joins him and says that she wants to go to the victory party. Theo tells her that there will be plenty of times for parties when Bruce signs over his company. He reminds Silver of her involvement in his plan by telling her that she is to make sure that no one is telling Bruce what to do. She says that Bruce is wrapped around her finger.

At the GCPD, Harvey and Jim are discussing the Penguin. Jim says that Penguin’s actions don’t make sense. Harvey disagrees and says that Penguin is unpredictable. Theo arrives at the GCPD, and announces that Penguin tried to kill him. Commissioner Barnes gets an arrest warrant for Penguin and is ready to take him down. Gotham is on a curfew until Penguin is found.

Theo and Jim talk. Jim says that “if we starting knocking down doors, we are no better than he is.” Gotham’s people just want to feel safe.  Theo tells Jim to remember why he came to him and leaves.  Jim is probably regretting backing up Theo’s campaign.

Meanwhile, Selina comes the Wayne Mansion and finds Silver there. Bruce introduces the two, and when Silver suggest that Selina stay for lunch, Bruce goes to inform Alfred of the added guest. When Bruce is gone, Silver shows her true colors. She gives Selina some “advice” and warns her that if she comes around again it would be very bad for her.

Selina ends up staying for lunch. She’s obviously still upset about Alfred slapping her and comments on the tea by saying “That smell really does smack you in the face. Doesn’t it, Alfred?” After her comment, she attempts to tell Bruce how Silver really is. However, that doesn’t work. Silver leaves crying and Bruce ends up kicking Selina out.

Ed is on the hunt for Kristen’s body. The first clue is to find Kristen’s initials. He ends up finding her initials on a vending machine. He pushes the option “KK’ several times before her hand falls out.

Back to the Galavans: Tabitha tells Theo that they can’t kill Penguin if they can’t find him. Theo says that Penguin will be “delivered” to them because of his craving for revenge. Theo gives a press conference. It is clear that the press conference is a ploy to draw Penguin out. Theo taunts him and talks about his mother.

Jim voices some concern to Harvey about Theo. He says that Theo’s timing is perfect and Penguin isn’t the type of guy to go after mayoral candidates and Wayne Enterprises buildings. Harvey and Jim visit Butch in hopes of finding the whereabouts of Penguin and what is really going on.

Before they can get any relevant information out of him, Zsasz arrives and gives them 60 seconds to escape the building before he and his men fire. Jim chains Butch up and threatens to leave him. Butch finally tells them what is going on between Theo and Penguin. They don’t have time escape the building because their 60 seconds are up and Zsasz has opened fire. Harvey and Jim manage to stay alive by firing back using some of Butch’s machine guns. When the shootout finally ends, Jim realizes that Butch has escaped.

Bruce goes the Galavan household and hopes to find Silver. He finds Theo first, and Theo says that they are alike. He says that he and Bruce both are haunted by loss and are trying to prove themselves worthy of the ones who came before them.

Elsewhere Ed finds another clue and heads to the morgue. He finds Kristen’s body, but Lee walks in. He convinces Lee that he was just double checking notes for a Jane Doe case. When Lee asks some questions about the case, he quickly switches the subject to his and Kristen’s relationship. He says that they got into an argument and wants Lee to give him some advice. Lee takes the bait, and the two go for coffee.

Theo attends his victory party, under the protection of the GCPD, of course. Theo questions Jim about the shootout and asks if Jim got any information out of Butch. Jim lies and says no.

On the roof, a Strike Force sniper sees a large group of men approaching the party and radios Jim. Jim orders him not to shoot.

Tabitha, who is on the roof as well, shoots a man who she thinks in Penguin. It’s not. Penguin is a smart man and ordered his men to dress and walk like him. So it is very impossible to know who the real Penguin is.

It is worth mentioning here one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the episode. A Strike Force officer orders Tabitha to drop the gun. Instead of following directions, she takes him down and stabs her heel in his throat.

Inside the party, it’s very chaotic. Penguin’s men are practically shooting everyone trying to find Theo. Jim manages to get Theo out of there. But before they are able to get away, Penguin finds them. Penguin tells Jim to step aside and that Theo killed his mother.

Jim says that he knows. Penguin explains that having his mother killed changed him and that one of them is going to die tonight. Still on the roof, Tabitha takes a shot and hits Penguin. Penguin hops in the car and drives away.

While Theo is holding another press conference, Silver is still doing her uncle’s dirty work. She tells Bruce that she doesn’t think that she and Selina will ever be friends. Bruce basically says that he is done with Selina and kisses Silver. Selina watches from afar. Ouch. I see that this Bruce Wayne is already breaking hearts.

Jim and Theo have a chat. Theo tells Jim that he had high hopes for Jim and thought that Jim would do anything to rid Gotham of the monsters. Jim says that he will and that he is going to start with him. Finally someone in Gotham realizes that Theo isn’t the good guy. Hopefully, Jim will have a well thought-out plan. Theo is a very smart guy.

At the end of the episode, Ed goes back to the morgue and questions his alter-ego about his motives. The point was to get away with it and he can still feel the rush. After some taunting, Ed admits that killing was a “beautiful” experience. There’s probably going to be some more killing in his future. Ed’s alter-ego merges with him and now they are one. It is safe to say that Ed Nygma has officially gone off the deep end.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “He’s so dull. He just moans all the time.”- Tabitha
  • “What do you have against the front door?”- Bruce
  • “That smell really does smack you in the face. Doesn’t it Alfred?”- Selina
  • “Nobody’s telling the truth. This is Gotham.” – Harvey
  • “Sometimes the good guys have a bad night.”- Harvey

Stray Thoughts:

  • Theo is an untrustworthy man, so is Silver really his niece? Or this a lie as well?
  • Where’s Barbara?
  • Is this show ever going to address the madness that Jerome apparently put on Gotham?
  • Is Lee only in scenes where she is Jim Gordon’s girlfriend? Is she going to get a storyline of her own?

Gotham Recap: Knock Knock Is No Joke

gotham season 2 episode 2 202 knock knock jim gordon essen fox

The latest Gotham episode begins with Theo Galavan holding Major James hostage with a chained box over his head. The major is given two options — have a poisonous spider released into the box or the Major can lie to his secretary and say that he ran away with mistress and that he will leave specific instructions.

The major takes the latter option and Theo admits that there was no spider and that he will make the major suffer if he does not listen to him. When asked why he was doing all this, Theo replies, “monsters are coming” and that they will “cleanse this city of blood and fire.”

Over at the Gotham Gazette, the editor is giving a speech about how the staff needs to get better headlines — careful what you wish for. Because as he does, bodies fall from the roof behind him. Of course, the people behind this wicked act are the newly escaped Arkham inmates.

Each victim is straightjacketed with a spray-painted red letter on their chest. The fallen victims’ straightjacket spell out the name of the group, “Maniax.” The Gotham police force receives news about incident and wastes no time getting started investigating it.

Meanwhile, Theo is congratulating the Maniax and says that they can offer the city salvation and that they have to take what the people hold dear. He also insists that the group needs a spokesperson. Jerome earns his right as the spokesperson

Before Bruce can see what is on the computers, Alfred smashes them with a hammer because he’s trying to protect Bruce. This results in Alfred being fired. But no worries, it doesn’t last long.

Later on in the episode Bruce tracks Alfred down and promises to rehire him if he fixes the computers and train him. Alfred agrees only insisting that Bruce does exactly what he says. The butler and kid duo is back — along with Lucius Fox, who Alfred recruits to help fix the damaged computers later on in the episode.

Back at Theo’s place, Jerome and Robert Greenwood, another member of the Maniax, haven’t exactly been getting along. The two get into an argument about a sword they both want to use. This results to Jerome grabbing a chainsaw.

Before any blood is shed, Theo comes in to break it up.  Since the two had been arguing about who would lead the team, Theo tells them to play Russian Roulette. Robert Greenwood goes first. Jerome goes second and ends up becoming the boss of the group.

Where’s Jim? Jim Gordon goes to Harvey and intends to ask him to rejoin the force. However, before he can even get the words out, Harvey’s fiancee declares that that is not happening. Harvey agrees with her but still manages to help by assisting Jim with the investigation.

With their new boss, the Maniax wastes no time causing trouble. After spotting a school bus carrying cheerleader, they group decides to chase it and terrorizes the teens. They handcuff them to their seats and soak them in oil. I’m sure the teens let out a sigh of relief when the lighter would not work. And as soon as Jerome is offered a replacement, the Gotham Police department, including Jim Gordon, pulls up.

Jerome and some of the team manages to escape. However, the guy with the replacement lighter, Arnold, stays near the bus and manages to light the oil on the ground. Jim manages to steer the bus away from the fire, saving everyone. Before the police can even get answers out of Arnold, he is shot dead by Tabitha.

While all of this was going on, Ed Nygma is still struggling with his personality disorder. It is safe to say he’s getting closer and closer to becoming the Riddler.

When he arrives back the station, Jim receives a call from Barbara. After some small talk, Jim tells Barbara if she turns herself in, he could help her. Barbara laughs at this and it is revealed that she’s in the police station. She runs out; Jim follows her. Barbara finally stops, and she isn’t alone.

A member of the Maniax steps in and starts beating Jim up. After a couple of punches, Barbara urges him to stop and tells Jim that she’s not sick, but free. The two leave, and Jim is left bruised and bloody on the street.

While Jim is out, Jerome and Robert enter the station and start shooting. All hell breaks loose. Jerome enters Essen’s office and ties her up.

Like most villains do, he breaks out in a monologue. Robert has a video camera and is filming. When Robert says, “Nothing is more contagious than laughter,” he is killed by Jerome. That was his line. Jerome takes over filming duty.

Jim finally stumbles back to GCPD, and he finds it looking absolute chaotic. He finds Essen, and she is almost dead. Her last words are, “It’s a new day, Jim.” When he enters, Essen’s office sometime later, Harvey arrives back on duty. He tells Jim “We are who we are. No use fighting it.”

The episode ends with the news airing the footage Jerome captured. He ends the video by telling the people of Gotham that they “ain’t seen nothing yet.”

‘Gotham’ Gets Full 22-Episode Season 1 Order

gotham season 1 ben mckenzie jim gordon donal logue harvey fox

Gotham is going to be around for awhile: FOX has ordered a full 22-episode season for the new Batman-based drama.

The network announced Monday (Oct. 13) that the previously ordered 16 episodes of Gotham would get six additional installments for the inaugural season. “Gotham debuted as one of the most buzzed-about shows of the fall, and with good reason,” said FOX co-CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman in a statement. “Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon have created an incredibly rich world, with characters that draw you in and a cast that brings to life these heroes and villains in a way we’ve never seen before.”

On the ratings side, Gotham is one of the success stories in the new Fall 2014 TV season. The premiere earned 8.2 million viewers, and ratings have stayed strong since. In a season that has been a struggle for FOX, this success is even more notable.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm.

‘Gotham’ Review: Excellence Despite Expectations

gotham pilot ben mckenzie donal logue fox

Gotham may have had the biggest expectations of any new show airing on Fall 2014 TV. Fortunately for this Batman prequel, the pilot delivers.

For those of you who have been living under a rock with terrible television reception, here’s the basic premise of Gotham: Years before Batman becomes the caped crusader of Gotham City, his world is already forming. Jim Gordon is a junior detective with high morals and a taste for heroism. Organized crime runs the city from its shady quarters. The anarchy that would later define Gotham is only in its infancy.

And a young boy named Bruce Wayne loses his parents in a senseless act of violence.

Gotham is, in many ways, set up like a chess board. All of the pieces are in play — in addition to the future Batman and Commissioner Gordon, the pilot gives us the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman and Poison Ivy — slowly moving to their eventual fates as heroes and villains. It will take a while though, which is a good thing for a show dedicated to the origins of the Batman story.

Because of this, Gotham is as much a police procedural as anything — at least when it’s at its best. The noir story of cops investigating organized crime in a deteriorating city is top-notch, thanks especially to strong performances by Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith and others. Of the more colorful criminals, Robin Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot (aka, the Penguin) is the standout.

I still have a few reservations about the series that will follow this solid pilot. Is this the story of cops like Gordon taking on the losing fight in Gotham City? Or is it simply the origins of the Batman world? The pilot makes both possibilities equally likely, meaning that it’s hard to guess what sort of show Gotham will be in the long run.

It’s a good start though. And it will be interesting to see what follows.