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Arrow Recap: Things Oliver Queen Sucks At

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Yes, I know that’s technically not good grammar. But it sounds weird any other way. So there.

Arrow season 5 is giving fans a different view of Oliver Queen than before, and it’s not always a view that show’s our favorite arrow-wielding vigilante in his best light. Sure, Oliver is still kicking butt and shooting arrows better than everyone else, but this new season is showing that he isn’t always great at everything else.

The most recent episode, “The Recruits,” showed clearly that Oliver totally sucks at a bunch of things. And they are…

1. Training

Faced with the task of rebuilding his team, Oliver has reluctantly recruited Curtis, Mad Dog, and Evelyn Sharp. Now he just has to train them… You would think this wouldn’t be so hard, as all three have previously proven themselves to be badasses (even if Curtis can’t salmon-ladder as well as Oliver).

You would be wrong. Oliver mostly just yells at the new recruits and then makes them wear ugly t-shirts. Unsurprisingly, this makes them all quit. They only come back when Oliver reveals his identity and gets off his whole “stand on the line and ring the bell!” kick.

2. Being the mayor

We can only hope that the good people of Star City don’t notice how Thea is the one doing everything in the mayor’s office (including hiring Lance to… not be drunk? His specific job is vague otherwise).

3. Not making deals with people who turn out to be doing bad things

In one of Oliver’s rare attempts to be mayoral, he sets up a free clinic with what seems to be a lovely bit of corporate sponsorship.

They’re evil, of course. It takes many octopus-like attacks by Ragman (or whatever we’re calling them, see point #6) before Thea catches a corporate-type being bad.

4. Getting over Felicity

Does Oliver even know that Felicity is dating the world’s most trusting detective?

5. Keeping in touch with Diggle

Because he’s still a main character, it’s important for Arrow to catch up with John Diggle, even if Oliver does not. Too bad for Diggle though — he’s in Latvia (why not?), where his supposedly decent commanding officer decides to set-up John for stealing a nuclear warhead and killing a subordinate.

Oliver (or maybe his bratva buddies?) may need to help out.

6. Helping the audience get clarity on the various bad guys

Is it just me, or is keeping track of the villains on Arrow particularly hard this season? I mean, I know we’ve got Tobias Church being all crime-lordy. And there’s Ragman, who might be a good guy or he might be a bad guy or he might be out for something else. Also, is he the same person as Prometheus? Dark shadows and face-concealing costumes make that really hard to tell.

7. Keeping other people alive

While Oliver does do a better job of not causing deaths in the present-day (only maybe killing a henchman or two), the same cannot be said of Mr. Queen back in his bratva days. That bell-ringing exercise? However awful it seems in Star City, it was way worse back in Russia.

Oliver did ring the bell, but it cost everyone else their lives. Whoops.

What else does Oliver suck at? We’ll find out in the next Arrow, airing Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.


Arrow Season 4 Finale: Defeating Darhk

arrow season 4 finale schism oliver queen stephen amell cw

Arrow has been something of a roller coaster this year, what with strange subplots and death and magic twists all over the place. What does this mean for the Arrow season 4 finale? Keep reading to find out!

Evil Guy Isn’t Done Eviling

Damien Darhk’s grand plan may have been reduced to Stepfordian rubble in the previous episode, but he’s got plenty of evil left. And where does one direct evil when short on time? At Felicity Smoak, of course!

A bunch of threats from everyone later and Curtis Holt is bleeding on the floor while Darhk gets away with his scowling daughter (appropriate for the only child of an evil demigod, I guess). Oh, and he got all the Rubicon access info too, so that nuclear apocalypse scenario is back on.

Yes, he’s cool with just destroying the world. No, that makes no sense. But Damien Darhk is eeeeeeeevvvvviiilllll so don’t overthink it.

It’s Bad, In Case You Missed That

“We only have 45 minutes.” Conveniently, the time until Star City finally meets its maker is roughly the amount of time left in the Arrow episode at this point.

While the loved ones hunker down in bunkers, the heroes sit around being all hopeless and despondent and stuff like that. Even an ARGUS attack on Darhk does little to dispel the negativity, particularly after they all die horribly off-screen.

Then a bunch of people with machine guns infiltrate the secret lair. Does anyone not know where that place is now? Fortunately, those with guns are henchmen whose bullets are guaranteed to miss most of their targets. The good guys therefore fend off the attack, with surprising assists from Malcolm Merlyn and a club-wielding Felicity.

“A sane person wouldn’t live here.”

Everyone makes it through the attack OK, but they’re even more mopey than before. Felicity even confronts Oliver on the fact that he has given up hope completely.

On the plus side, Curtis isn’t dead. Near-fatal injuries notwithstanding, he’s got hope to spare — along with the rather astute observation that only crazy people still live in Star City, what with the near-destruction that happens weekly.

It’s enough. Oliver immediately rushes into a riot-ish street and stands on a taxi to give a rousing speech to the masses.

OK, is it just me, or does the setting of this particular speech seem a lot like a similar scene in Sharknado 2? Only without sharks and chainsaws.

Sharks or missiles? Hard to tell...
Sharks or missiles? Hard to tell…

Instead of a flying shark, a nuclear missile comes flying at the city. Did you know that you can just disarm those things with some basic electronics and witty banter? Apparently you can, which is something Felicity and Curtis should maybe tell the rest of the world before all the rest of the nukes arrive.

Darhk Just Wants to End the World in Peace… Not Gonna Happen

With the speeches and nuke-stopping tech over, it’s time to move on to some other stuff. Oliver decides to head to City Hall. Diggle wants to go to, but Oliver wants him to stay behind and rally the troops. That can only happen after Lyla pep-talks him a bit though.

Oliver and Darhk go fight at the same time. Although Oliver gets beaten up for a while, most of this is just a set-up so that the citizens of Star City can rise up en masse against Darhk. There’s a bunch of magic involved with this, effectively cancelling out Darhk’s typical advantage.

It quickly devolves into a street brawl.

Down in a bunker somewhere, Felicity finds Cooper, who’s still running Rubicon because he hurts or something. This is kind of vague, but the important thing is that Felicity inspires her ex to save the world instead of ending it.

Then he dies horribly, because that was Darhk’s punishment for the “weak-willed dust mite.”

No Choice

Back at the rumble, everyone brings back-up — Ghosts and Team Arrow and random city-folk with clubs — and the whole thing goes nuts. Darhk even manages to shoot Oliver with one of the hero’s own arrows, but it doesn’t take. Oliver has to win now, after all.

Alas, to win, Oliver does need to go back to his old, killing ways. It’s fair, I suppose, to say that Oliver really has no choice but to kill Darhk, considering that the man is a magic-wielding, nihilistic, genocidal immortal otherwise.

Adios, Damien Darhk!

Oh yeah, and Curtis and Felicity stop all the other nuclear warheads from hitting targets by… Honestly, I have no clue how they do it. It involves computers.

Saying Goodbye

The team meets up after Darhk’s defeat and complains briefly about the mess in the lair before the goodbyes begin. Lance is off to a much-needed vacation with Donna Smoak. Thea follows suit by pointing out that she really, really needs a break from the killing. Diggle wants a break too, which is totally fair when you consider that he probably hasn’t been paid in a couple of years and never gets vacation days. Of course, Diggle’s idea of a vacation seems to be going back to active military duty.

Felicity’s cool with staying though and gets practically giddy with the idea of going back to Team Arrow OG.

Meanwhile, On Evil-Foreshadowing Island

Baron Reiter and the Russian-chick-whose-name-I-still-keep-forgetting (Taiana, actually) have a death-magic stare-off that ends in Reiter dead and Taiana all death-crazed nutty. She almost kills Oliver before demanding her own death.

He does it — remember, this is pre-“I’m not going to kill people” Oliver, and he kills people sometimes.

The remaining former prisoners on the Island briefly threaten Oliver but they all agree that it’s OK, because Oliver’s radio to ARGUS is the only way to leave this place. ARGUS grabs the Evil Mask of Doom, and everyone gets to go home.

Except Oliver. He’s going to Russia now.

New Beginning?

Oliver finishes up the episode back in the cemetery, talking to Laurel’s tombstone and being all sad. On the plus side, Felicity’s still hanging out and being cheerful. She points out that Oliver has an internal schism, fighting his dark and light sides.

Then Oliver gets appointed mayor.

That’s what happens when you give a rousing speech in a crisis. And when every other possible candidate is very, very dead. He’ll be a busy guy next season, what with running a city and stopping crime with only Felicity still by his side…

Arrow Recap: Guilt and Legacies in Canary Cry

arrow season 4 canary cry john diggle david ramsey cw

This week on Arrow

In the aftermath of Laurel’s death, Team Arrow deals with their grief in their own ways. It becomes a little more of a challenge when a new player shows up in Star City while an old one exacts her revenge.

Blame Game

Out of everyone, Digg blames himself the most for Laurel’s death. He sees a direct correlation between listening to his brother over Oliver, leading to the events of Darhk killing Laurel. While Oliver tries to encourage him to not blame himself, he doesn’t listen.

Later, when Digg opens up to Felicity she says she wasn’t there and doesn’t really know what to say, essentially letting him believe that it could have been his fault.

Felicity finds Oliver and they talk. She knows that he’s beating himself up about everything, again. He tells her that he shouldn’t feel responsible, but he does. She says she feels the same and tells him about her conversation with Digg.

She tells him that he was looking to her to absolve some of his guilt, but she couldn’t because she feels guilty that she wasn’t there. She blames herself on some level for Laurel’s death because she left.

He asks her if she knows why he always blames himself, and his answer is because sometimes they just need an answer when a situation is completely unreasonable.

Their conversation is cut short when Felicity gets a call from Lyla who is looking for Digg, who happens to be AWOL. They leave to go find him.

Where is he, you ask? He’s going after Ruve Adams. He shoots her driver and limo passenger with tranq darts and holds a gun to her head. He’s about to shoot her for revenge when Oliver shows up and shoots the gun out of his hand.

They scream at each other and Digg breaks down. He’s so angry that Andy is still out there, still able to hurt the people he loves. Oliver tells him that this isn’t him, and he can never forget that. No matter what he does, it’s not gonna bring Laurel back, and they can never become the people they try to save the city from.

Later, Felicity apologizes to Digg for letting him think he was responsible. She tells him that she was dealing with her own guilt and that he doesn’t know that Laurel would still be alive if his actions had been different. There is no way to know.

Digg says that he always tells Oliver to not have a blind spot, but that’s exactly what he did. Meanwhile, Digg is blaming himself for something that’s not his fault. Talk about a role reversal.

Is the BC Back in Town?

Some criminals are attempting to do an arms deal when the canary cry is heard above them. The Black Canary jumps down and steals the guns.

Oliver calls a meeting of the team to discuss how they’re going to go after Darhk, but Thea thinks it’s too soon. Captain Lance is there also, and he tells the team about the BC sighting. He thinks it’s Laurel.

Someone stole the sonic device from Laurel’s belongings at the hospital. Cisco had programmed the frequency to her vocal chords only, so no one else should be able to use it.

Though Oliver and the rest of the team have accepted that Laurel is gone, Lance has not. Oliver takes him to the morgue to identify her body, leaving Lance in a state of despair.

Oliver speaks to the doctor at the morgue, thanking her for her discretion. She tells him that it’s all part of doctor-patient confidentiality. She knows of Oliver’s identity, but will not divulge any information because she feels as if they do right by the city.

He tells the doctor about the BC sighting and about someone stealing Laurel’s voice device, and asks if she can point him in any direction. She tells him about a frequent flyer, a patient that comes in often. She tells him that something is off about this girl, but she won’t give him a name.

When Thea meets Alex for a date, she asks him why he became a political operative. He never gets to answer because the BC comes out of nowhere to attack him for working with “her”. Thea is able to fight her off, but Alex gets knocked out in the process.

Thea calls Oliver and tells him what happened. He finds her and confronts her. She’s angry at him and accuses him of abandoning “us,” and leaving them at Reddington. He left them to die, because he only cared about his friends.

Back in the Foundry, Felicity tells the team that the sonic device the girl stole had been modified to fit her voice, and that she’s been using it at much higher decibels than Laurel ever did.

Oliver explains that she mentioned Reddington Industrial, which happens to be the H.I.V.E. compound that Darhk held them in when they were kidnapped.

They discover that her name is Evelyn Sharp, and her parents were killed the gas chambers they were held in. She attacked Alex because he took a job working for Ruve, who is associated with H.I.V.E.

Dissatisfied with the fact that the new BC is not Laurel, Lance calls Nyssa. She is grateful that he did, as she considered Laurel a good friend. Unfortunately, Lance didn’t just call Nyssa for comfort, he called her because he intended on reviving Laurel in the Lazarus Pit.

Nyssa tells him that she destroyed the pit months ago. He says there has got to be another way, and he’s gonna find it.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

We’re not on the island for this flashback, guys. Instead, we’re in Season 1.5. At Tommy’s funeral.

The episode opens with his funeral, and Oliver is supposed to be delivering the eulogy. But, as we know from the beginning of Season 2, Oliver left for Lian Yu, right? He did, just not right away.

See, Oliver was there for Tommy’s funeral, but he couldn’t bring himself to let anyone see him. Except Laurel that is, who stood in Oliver’s place to deliver the eulogy.

Sometime later, Oliver shows up at Laurel’s door, not knowing where else to go. He tells her that he tried to write the eulogy, stayed up all night trying to, but all he wrote down were happy memories of them.

He tells Laurel that he failed him. He came back with a second chance, one to make the city better and he couldn’t. Laurel tells him that he can’t blame himself, but then again, at the time, Laurel had no idea that Oliver was the Arrow.

A week later, Oliver visits Laurel again. They reminisce about the past, and how they made a great team. Laurel tells him that she was thinking about what he said about saving the city and she thinks that he can, that they can do it together.

Later, Laurel finds a note that Oliver left for her, it explains that he needs to go away (which we know is to Lian Yu) and encloses the picture of her that she once gave him.

Moving Forward

After Digg attacked Ruve, she releases a press statement calling to issue arrest warrants to all of the city’s vigilantes. Starting with the vigilante that attacked her staff member, Alex Davis — The Black Canary.

Ruve plans on dedicating the arrest of the BC to the recently passed, beloved Assistant District Attorney, Laurel Lance (fully knowing Laurel’s true identity).

Oliver gets a call from Nyssa, and he goes to meet her. She tells him about Lance and being worried about his actions. Oliver goes to find him and stop him from doing anything rash. Lance lashes out at Oliver, telling him he doesn’t understand what it’s like to lose a child. Oliver agrees, but he does know what it’s like to lose a father, a mother, and Laurel. Because they have lost her.

Captain Lance breaks down. Laurel has always been there for him. After Sara died, and he became an alcoholic, Laurel was there. She is his rock, and he doesn’t know what to do without her.

Felicity gets a hit on Evelyn’s location. She’s planning on attacking Ruve at a mayoral function. The team shows up, poised to stop her, but they’ve got their own problems with the newly minted vigilante taskforce in full effect.

When a guard sneaks up on Evelyn, she lets out a canary cry, which alerts all the other guards (and Team Arrow) to her presence. Oliver finds her and tries to stop her from doing what she’s going to do, but she goes after the mayor anyway. She shoots Oliver and turns the gun on Ruve.

Oliver tries one more time to stop her by saying that this isn’t what the BC would want her to do. This isn’t what the Black Canary stood for.

Evelyn puts the gun down and Ruve calls for their arrest but they escape.

Back in the Foundry, Thea is upset that the world is going to remember the Black Canary as a criminal because of Evelyn, and not the hero that Laurel was.

At the funeral, Lance and Dinah walk together to say goodbye to their daughter.

Oliver stands up to deliver a eulogy. He tells everyone that Laurel always wanted to do something good for the world. In order to preserve her memory, he reveals that Laurel was the Black Canary. She was a hero and she would expect everyone to live up the standard that she set.

The final scene of the episode was the one that haunted us for almost an entire season. Barry shows up as Oliver stands over Laurel’s grave. He tells him that it’s not his fault, and Oliver knows that — but it’s his responsibility to end it. Once and for all. He says he’s going to kill him.

Oliver gets in the car with Felicity, she tells him that he knows what he has to do. He tells her that he knows but doesn’t know how to. Darhk’s magic is too strong. He’s seen it before, back on Lian Yu, and it’s not just magic, it’s darkness.

Felicity says that she refuses to believe that he can’t defeat it. She tells him that she fell in love with him for many reasons and one of them is that he always finds a way. He has to find a way now.

For Laurel. For the city. For all of them.

Catch Arrow next Wednesday at 8pm on The CW!

Arrow Recap: Saying Goodbye to the Canary Cry


This week on Arrow

It’s the episode we’ve waited an entire season for. Ever since that premiere we’ve been speculating who exactly would end up in that grave. Tonight we finally found out.

Brothers in Arms v Brothers in Blood

Andy Diggle has been staying with his brother and Lyla since his rehabilitation from Darhk’s mystical persuasion powers. Digg runs into Andy, who is mysteriously retrieving a gun from the Diggle’s home.

Andy tells Digg that Malcolm Merlyn came to see him. He warns him that there’s something going on between Merlyn and Darhk and that they want him to help hijack a shipment of missiles.

Back in the foundry, Oliver tells the team that he has seen Damien’s idol before — on the island. It’s the same one that Reiter had.

When comes time for the missile hijacking, Oliver and Digg await the signal from Andy to help stop the operation. They are able to stop the shipment, but Oliver finds that it was just a little bit too easy of a mission.

Oliver’s initial assumption was right, because while they were out, Malcolm and his merry band of former league misfits took the opportunity to show up in the foundry to find Thea and Laurel.

Merlyn demands that they hand over the idol. Thea fights him, and she almost bests him with two swords crisscrossed over his neck, but he knocks her out of the way and disappears with the idol.

When Oliver and Diggle return, Oliver feels guilty about not being there to help them. While talking to Laurel, Oliver comments on just how easy the mission was. He tells her that he has doubts that Andy isn’t still working for Darhk.

The team tracks Merlyn to a warehouse. Things go awry and Andy ends up getting shot with an arrow. He survives it, and tells them that they need to get to Darhk before Merlyn has a chance to give him back his idol.

When Digg is patching up Andy in the foundry, Andy expresses his fear that Darhk will find them and kill them. Digg tells him that he can’t do anything, because there’s a crucial piece missing from the idol that prevents it from working.

Overhearing this, Oliver snaps at Diggle for revealing information with Andy (whom Oliver is having a hard time trusting). Later, when Oliver finds Andy snooping he confronts him about looking for the missing piece and tries to intimidate him into telling the truth.

Unfortunately, this is the exact moment Digg walks in to see his best friend torturing his brother. Digg takes Andy’s side and kicks Oliver out. When he sees him in the foundry later, he tells Oliver that he is stuck in self-pity and self-righteousness and that is why Felicity left him.

Oliver tells Digg that he is the one who always told him not to let family be a blind spot, but it seems he’s having a hard time taking his own advice.

Baddie Boys Club

After stealing the idol, Malcolm heads to Iron Heights to deliver the idol to Darhk.

If you’re wondering why Merlyn has been doing some of Darhk’s evil bidding, it’s because he struck himself a little deal. When Darhk gets out and H.I.V.E. moves forward with Genesis, Malcolm and Thea will be saved.

Merlyn gives Darhk the idol, but that crucial piece is missing. He sends him back out to retrieve the last piece so that the idol will work again for him.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

Oliver and Taiana are on their way to take down the guards and release the prisoners when Taiana breaks down. She sits and pulls out an old photograph, one of her brother. Oliver is reminded of the photograph he kept of Laurel, but tells Taiana that she can’t stay rooted in the past, not if she wants to survive.

Taiana comes running out of the cave screaming. She is convincing enough that the guards are drawn to go and look inside. Once there, Oliver begins to attack them while Taiana begins to free the other prisoners.

Once Oliver shoots the guards, they realize that they need to find a way to trap Reiter inside. Luckily for them, there just happens to be a massive pile of C4 at their handy disposal. They place the bombs and knock down the front of the cave.

Taiana tells Oliver that he was right, the island did change him. Oliver shares his picture of Laurel with her, and wonders what she would think of him now. Taiana says that is he doesn’t make it out alive, she will go and explain everything to Laurel. And if she doesn’t make it out alive, he must go to Russia to find her parents and explain (helllllooooo, Bratva.)

Unfortunately for them, Reiter still has the idol. And with great idols, comes great power. He blows out the blocked entrance and he’s obviously not too happy about their little plan.

Fallen Hero

When Laurel goes with Oliver to lend his vocal support to Ruvè on her mayoral win, Ruvè introduces herself to Laurel and asks her if she would be the next District Attorney (since she’s promoted the current one).

She ends up discussing the possible career move with multiple people. Most notably, with her father. They meet for some tea (at that Chinese restaurant the Lance’s love so much). Lance tells Laurel that he doesn’t really want her working for Ruvè, and finally approves of her status as the Black Canary. However, being the new DA means putting away the mask.

When she finds out about Malcolm bringing the idol to Darhk, she uses her status as current Assistant District Attorney to have all of the cells checked in Iron Heights. She comes up empty, but not before a verbal showdown with Darhk.

Laurel talks to Oliver about taking the position. She tells him that she wants to turn it down and remain on the team. However, Oliver tells her that he thinks she should take it. She’s spent a long time with the goal of becoming DA and it’s time that she lets herself be the hero she can be — without the mask.

She decides to take the job, but not before suiting up one last time, to stop Darhk.

Meanwhile, Murmur (who works for Darhk) walks around the prison, handing out books to all the prisoners. These books? They’re not just filled with literature. They’ve actually got some knives stashed. The prisoners break free of their cells and attack the guards, taking two hostages.

While Lance provides a distraction, the team arrives (with Andy) to the prison. They go off to fight. Thea finds Malcolm. She’s a worthy opponent but (According to Malcolm) since she’s been cured of her bloodlust, she lacks the necessary drive to defeat him.

Darhk orders the prisoners to kill their hostages, but Oliver, Laurel, Digg, and Andy save them just in time. Darhk trains a gun on Andy and demands that everyone lower their weapons. Andy pulls the missing piece out of his pocket and hands it to Darhk.

Just as Oliver had suspected, Andy had been working for Darhk the whole time. He just needed to get close to Digg to find out where the piece had been hiding.

Thea shoots Damien with a couple arrows, but it’s too late, he’s already absorbed the power of the idol. He needs more however, so the hostages are killed to provide Darhk with more soul power.

Darhk reveals that he knows the identities of everyone. He turns to Laurel and tells her that he made a promise to her father. If he didn’t do what he said, he’s hurt her. He decides he wants to make good on that promise. He stabs her with an arrow.

Oliver rushes Laurel to the hospital. Diggle, Thea, and Felicity join him. The doctor tells them that Laurel is going to be okay. Laurel tells everyone that she’s not giving up the Black Canary, because it makes her happy.

When everyone leaves the room except Oliver, she asks him to get something from her gear. It’s an old photograph. (Sound familiar?) She tells him that she’s happy he found Felicity and that she knows that she is not the love of his life, but he will always be hers.

She starts seizing, and everyone rushes into the room while the doctors try to resuscitate her, but she flat lines.

Dinah Laurel Lance dies at 11:59 pm.

(Say hi to Tommy for us, BC. You finally got your wings.)

arrow season 4 11:59 laurel lance death katie cassidy black canary cw

Arrow returns Wednesday, April 27th at 8pm on The CW.

Arrow Recap: Bee-Con of Hope

arrow beacon of hope echo kellum curtis holt cw

This week on Arrow

Felicity gets visited by an old foe, the Bug-Eyed Bandit. When the two hackers face-off for round two, Team Arrow steps in to help their girl out.

That’s Gotta Sting

Fans of The Flash may remember Brie Larvan aka the Bug-Eyed Bandit as Felicity’s own personal archenemy. See, Felicity is responsible for putting our lovely villain in prison. That’s where we find Brie when we open the episode — and it looks like she’s planning something big.

Meanwhile, Oliver, Digg, Laurel, and Thea are busy sparring in the foundry. Oliver has been pushing everyone just a little too hard lately. Thea tells everyone that Alex has a new job interview, for Ruve Adams. Naturally, no one really wants him working with the wife of our Damien Darhk.

Laurel suggests that Alex talk to Felicity about the new position opening for Public Relations for Palmer Tech. While everyone assumes that Oliver will feel uncomfortable after the breakup, he agrees that it would be a great opportunity for Alex.

At Palmer Tech, a very sick Curtis is sent home by Felicity. She’s been busy trying to figure out the costs of bio implants for others that need them, and is frustrated by the expenses.

Her search is interrupted by a few visitors — Donna and Thea. Donna is there to help Felicity get over her breakup, whereas Thea is there to talk to Felicity about Alex. Felicity is expected to attend a board meeting, but decides to make them wait so she can spend time with the girls.

Felicity’s time to talk with Donna and Thea gets cut short when the three are interrupted by Brie Larvan, who has hacked her way into Palmer Tech. She brought her bees with her, and they’ve already killed off one member of the board. She plans on killing the rest, too, if she doesn’t get what she wants.

The problem with that thing that she wants? It’s the bio stimulant implant. The only working prototype just happens to be implanted in Felicity’s spine. They realize that they need to get Felicity out of there quickly, but they’re surrounded. They decide to crawl through the air ducts to get to safety.

Back at home, Curtis sees a massive swarm of bees surrounding Palmer Tech on the news. He rushes to go get help, knowing that Felicity is still inside. He finds his way to the arrow cave, and quickly realizes — he now knows the identities of Star City’s most badass vigilantes, and then promptly passes out.

Once Curtis comes to, he suggests that if someone can stay and hack those bees, while the team goes to fight them, it might stop them. Team arrow happens to be down one hacker genius, so Curtis may be just the man they need right now.

Once Oliver, Digg, and Laurel arrive at Palmer Tech to fight, the bees form into a robot soldier. Oliver attempts to shoot them, but that only makes them angry. And when bees get angry, they sting.

Snitches Get Stitches

After Lance’s testimony, Damien Darhk is sent to prison to await his trial. While there, he is visited by his frenemy, Malcolm Merlyn. Darhk is upset that with all of his resources, he still has not be released from jail. Merlyn informs Darhk that said resources aren’t exactly happy that Darhk kills people willy-nilly. So, Darhk gets to sit in prison while H.I.V.E. moves forward with Project Genesis — without him.

Things just keep getting worse for Darhk, when he is attacked by some of his fellow prisoners. One of these men comic book fans may recognize. I’ll give you a hint — he’s got his mouth sewn shut. Welcome to the Arrow ‘verse Murmur.

Later, when the men return to visit Darhk once more, they are stabbed by Murmur — who works for Darhk now. Apparently, Darhk threatened his grandmother. We’ll do anything for family, right?

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

An angry Reiter holds a gun to Oliver and Taiana, demanding to know where his idol is. They turn the tables on him, and shoot him, but he is completely unaffected.

Reiter informs them that there is primordial energy running though him, providing him with his supernatural strength and power. He absorbs the energy of those that he kills. To prove his power, he attacks Taiana and knocks her unconscious.

Oliver fights Reiter, though he struggles. Reiter tells Oliver of his plan to kill thousands, so that he can become a god. His eyes light up as he lifts Oliver off the ground by his throat, with just one hand.

Fortunately for Oliver, Reiter runs out of steam and Oliver can get the jump on him. Oliver runs to Taiana to make sure that she is alive. When she stands up, Oliver tells her that they have the perfect opportunity to release the prisoners before Reiter has a chance to get to them while he looks for his idol.

The Real Queen Bee

After Oliver is stung by the robot bees, the team takes him back to the foundry. They discover that not only have Oliver been stung, but the bee has actually gone inside his body — and it’s replicating itself. Curtis tells the team that if the robot bees work like real bees, then they all operate on the same frequency. They just need a high-enough one to force them all out.

Luckily for them, Cisco Ramon has fashioned quite a high frequency to a collar that the Black Canary wears. Laurel lets out her best canary cry and the bees leave Oliver.

Back at Palmer Tech, Felicity, Donna, and Thea are still hiding inside a supply closet from the bees. Felicity realizes that she needs to get the rest of the board to safety, so she comes up with a plan. She’s going to take the board down a secret entrance to the panic room. To do this, they have to take the elevator to a floor it doesn’t stop on.

Fortunately, Curtis hasn’t quite figured out to get his communication devices to stop blowing up yet, so Felicity and Thea attach them to the wall of the floor they need to get to and break through to get to the board members. Felicity and Thea stay while Donna takes the rest of the board safely down to the panic room.

Brie confronts Felicity and Thea with a gun. You see, she needs that bio stimulant. She’s got a tumor on her spine, a nasty one. The only way to remove it is to have a surgery that will leave her paralyzed from the waist down. Feeling an obvious sympathy for her, Felicity tells Brie where she can find the schematics for the implant.

In the foundry, Oliver is upset that Thea and Felicity are still trapped. He snaps at Curtis for being a little too happy about saving him, when there’s still so much work to do. Laurel pulls Oliver aside and asks why Oliver is being so tough on Curtis. He says that he’s trying to prevent Curtis from being a part of this life. When he was in Ivy Town, he was the happiest he’s ever been — he still can’t grapple with the fact that he can try to save the city, but he couldn’t save his relationship.

Felicity laments to Thea about the fact that she thought she’d escaped all of this when she quit the team. Though Thea tries to convince her that should come back, Felicity says she’s done. She’s done with the violence, and she’s done with worrying.

One thing she’s not done with? Hacking. She works on controlling the bees. While Felicity is busy facing off against a bunch of tiny bee robots, Curtis hands Oliver something that should help. It’s an arrow rigged with a frequency that should help control the bees.

Despite getting what she came for, Brie comes back for Felicity. See, while going though Palmer Tech’s system to find the blueprints for the implant, Brie stumbled across some very familiar code. I guess you never forget the hacker that sent you to prison in the first place. Whoops.

In true fashion, Team Arrow arrives perfectly on time. Oliver shoots an arrow that ties Brie to a pillar, before running to check if Felicity is okay. The bees merge into a soldier again and begin fighting the team. Thea is knocked out, and Oliver shoots the arrow that submits the frequency —but it’s not enough.

While one bee-battle is going on in Palmer Tech, another is happening in the foundry. Curtis and Lance face off against the bee that has come alive and begun to attack them. Lance is able to kill it, and Curtis lets out a delightful “ewwwww.”

While Oliver struggles to fight off the bee soldier, Felicity grabs an electrically charged pole and attacks the bees with it. In retaliation, Brie shoots Oliver and then turns the gun on Felicity, but Curtis has managed to hack the bees once more and sends them to attack their queen.

When the team gets back, Oliver apologizes to Curtis for treating him poorly, and informs him that he is welcome to join them anytime. Curtis says he needs some time to process and heads home to his very worried husband. Curtis tells him that he was just chasing a fantasy of being able to help the police, but that he’s not going anywhere. He’s right where he belongs.

Thea talks to Felicity once more, asking her if she’s going to miss the thrill of putting away the bad guy. For Felicity, though, it was never about that, it was about making a difference. She decides that she can still do that, but not with Team Arrow — with Palmer Tech. She’s going to figure out a way to use the bio implant technology to help people, through her company.

In the very last moments of the show, Malcolm Merlyn speaks to a mysterious figure in a car about how useful Damien Darhk says he has been. He called him his Ace in the Hole, but you may know him better as Andy Diggle.

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Arrow Recap: An Arrow to the Heart

arrow season 4 broken hearts olicity wedding oliver queen felicity smoak stephen amell emily bett rickards cw

This week on Arrow

Our favorite love-struck foe isn’t so love-struck anymore. When Cupid returns to town on a revenge mission, she brings up some tough stuff for team Arrow, especially for Oliver and Felicity.

Stupid, Cupid

The episode opens with a pair of young newlyweds strapped to chairs, and they look more than a little roughed-up. An eerie love song is being sung by their captor, and why look who it is — Miss Carrie Cutter, well hello lover.

The couple pleads for her to not hurt them, but Cupid is all about the hurt these days. So, she shoots ‘em each with an arrow.

In another part of Star City, Felicity is throwing herself into a complicated algorithm — for packing up her stuff. A heartbroken Oliver stands by while Felicity moves on in her recovery, from both the accident and from him. She asks him to cancel the venue, and she will take care of telling the guests. However, she plans to continue working for team Arrow. Is there hope on the horizon?

In the foundry, Felicity informs the rest of the team about the breakup, though she refuses to speak about it. Oliver gets a call from Captain Lance informing him that their old friend is back at it.

When Oliver arrives to the scene of the crime, he sees the young newlyweds dead, and formed into the shape of a heart on the ground, with a note that reads “love is dead” attached to them.

Thea identifies the couple as celebrity newlyweds and guesses that Cupid is targeting celebrities who are about to get married, or have been recently, according to gossip sites. Felicity calls and tells them that she has located Cupid’s next couple.

The team tracks down Cupid, who is posing as a couple’s limo driver, right after they’ve been married. Thea jumps on the car to stop them but gets hurt in the process. Oliver orders Diggle to stay with Thea while he chases Cupid.

Once he finds the car, Cupid is not in it, but she attacks from behind. They fight, and he is able to subdue her to try and help the happy couple, but she escapes before he can take her in.

When the team returns to the foundry, Oliver gives Felicity a piece of cloth to examine to help locate Cupid. Diggle finds Oliver and asks him how he’s holding up. He convinces Oliver to tell Felicity that he still wants to be with her, still wants to marry her.

Felicity is able to trace the cloth to a wedding dress storage facility. When the team goes to check it out, Diggle finds Cupid’s shrine of married celebrity couple targets. Fortunately, (or not so) Oliver and Felicity are no longer targets of hers.

When the team decides they need to find a way to figure out who Cupid’s next target is, Oliver refuses to use an innocent couple as bait. Instead, he turns to Felicity and tells her that they need to get married.

Darhk (Witch) Trials

After the events of the last episode, Damien Darhk stands trial to be incarcerated for his actions — specifically the kidnapping of William, with Laurel as the lead prosecutor on his case.

During the trial, Darhk’s lawyer claims that his client’s real name is not Damien Darhk, but Kenneth Bender, from Marcovia. They file for dismissal of all charges based on a complete lack of evidence tying Kenneth to the charges.

Later, when Diggle is testifying against Darhk by reiterating the events of his, Thea’s, and Felicity’s kidnapping at the Smoak-Queen holiday party, Darhk’s lawyer presents him with a signed affidavit by Thea’s former dealer. The document states that Diggle helped Thea purchase a ridiculous sum of cocaine, and alludes to the fact that Diggle only fronts as personal security to Oliver Queen, when in reality he is involved in drug distribution with Thea.

When the team regroups after the setback in court, Captain Lance says that he will testify against Darhk, and risk his own incarceration if it puts Darhk behind bars. Laurel and Captain Lance discuss his decision. She cannot grant him immunity, so she doesn’t want him to testify but he is able to convince her.

Lance is put on the stand and Laurel cross examines him. He admits to doing awful things for Darhk, as he was asked to, because Darhk threatened Laurel’s life if he did not. The judge is moved by Captain Lance’s testimony, and ultimately denies the defenses motion to dismiss and sentences Darhk to trial.

Lance’s gun and badge are taken from him, and he is put on suspension until his hearing for his crimes against the SCPD.

As Darhk is transported to his prison cell to await trial, he pulls a ring out of his mouth and puts it on. Presumably, this ring gives him back some level of power — if his eerie smile is any indication.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

Oliver, Taiana, and Reiter have finally reached their destination in these ever elusive caves. That destination? A strange totem.

Reiter explains that when he was young his village in Africa was destroyed and turned into nothing but dust — leaving him vulnerable, something he very much did not like. Since then, he has vowed to never let anyone make him feel vulnerable ever again.

To do this, he plans to destroy everyone and everything that threatens that. To prove his point to Oliver and Taiana, Reiter shoots one of his men. The totem then absorbs his (soul? energy? life source? voodoo magic?) and then transfers this essence to Reiter by way of his tattoo (which may have something to do with why Oliver’s tattoo was of such importance to him in the first place).

Oliver and Taiana knock out Reiter and his men, and steal the talisman. Once they get far enough away, they debate what to do with it. Taiana tries to destroy it, but it doesn’t break.

Reiter contacts Oliver through the radio he still has, and informs them that he has them surrounded — and his men have guns, so it would be wise to surrender. He sends his men after them.

When Reiter’s men locate the totem, Oliver and Taiana are nowhere to be found. The men go to pick up the talisman, and Oliver and Taiana attack them and take their guns.

I Do, Do You?

Now, given the fact that Felicity just broke off her engagement, one would presume that she wouldn’t exactly be gung-ho about going through with said engagement in a fake wedding ceremony to lure out a deranged villain that hates love, right? One would be correct.

Oliver says that he’ll call the venue and have the date moved up. Felicity is upset, considering she asked him to cancel the venue. However, Oliver admits that once he picks up the phone, it’s really over. She tells him it already is.

Despite herself, Felicity agrees to the ruse. Thea leaks that Oliver and Felicity have decided to have a secret wedding to the tabloids, in the hopes that Cupid will take the bait.

Unfortunately for Olicity, their very real, very new, and very raw emotions are unavoidable when Oliver sees Felicity walk down that aisle in a beautiful white wedding gown. Things get even more real when their officiant has them recite their own vows.

Felicity goes along with the ruse and says some quick vows, in order to get it over with. Oliver, however, takes this opportunity to express everything that he loves about her. He tells her that she brought him into the light, and that loving her is the best thing about him. He puts the ring back on her finger just as he tells her that she is his always.

Not expecting the outpouring of emotion, Felicity is stunned. She doesn’t have time to react though, because right on cue, Cupid shoots an arrow between them. Oliver tells the officiant to run, and crouches down with Felicity to guard her.

Oliver informs Thea and Diggle, who are on location, waiting for their cue. Cupid shoots Oliver in the chest, and Felicity runs to his side as he lays there. Cupid tells them that she’s rigged the entire building with enough explosives to take it down.

Oliver gets up and pulls the arrow out, revealing that he was wearing a Kevlar vest. He tries to talk Carrie out of going through with her plan, but it’s of no use, because she’s lost the only two men she ever loved and now she wants to see anyone in love burn.

Felicity steps in and explains to her that love is not a bad thing. She tells her that if she dies today, that’s okay, because she was fortunate enough to get to experience the kind of love that changes a person into the best version of themselves, and that was worth it.

Though Felicity’s speech almost convinces Cupid, she is too far gone. Luckily, Thea and Diggle and there to help fight her off. Cupid is subdued and Oliver shoots her, but not fatally.

As Cupid is dragged off by the SCPD, she tells Oliver and Felicity that they give hope to the rest of us. Oliver attempts to talk to Felicity about what they both said, but she’s not ready to.

Later, in the foundry, Felicity comes to talk to Oliver. He tells her that he meant every word he said to her, and she tells him that she loves him, but what she said to Carrie doesn’t apply to them. Oliver pleads with her, telling her that things can be different, and that he can be different. He promises never to lie to her again, but she can’t accept it.

Felicity tells him that a part of him will always default to that person on the island — alone, and that person who came back to fight his mission — alone. She knows that there will be times in which he may have to make the decision to keep things from her again.

Oliver tries to deny that, but Felicity is certain that she was wrong. She was wrong when she told him that they could make it work, being together and being vigilantes. She doesn’t believe they can anymore. She tells him that it’s too hard working with him every night, and that they need to let each other go.

She gives him back the ring, and tells him she wants him to keep it for good this time. Oliver tells her that he doesn’t want to let her go, but she tells him that she’s already gone.

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Arrow Recap: Magic and Family Matters

arrow season 4 vixen Megalyn E.K. cw

This week on Arrow

It was bound to happen — all of Oliver’s lies catching up to him, that is. One of the major arcs this season dealt with Oliver finding out he had a son, William.

As we know — Samantha, Oliver’s former fling, only recently let Oliver see William based on the condition that Oliver never tell anyone (including William) that he is the boy’s father. Though Oliver wanted desperately to include Felicity, he chose to abide by Samantha’s rules so that he could spend time with him.

Alas, this is Arrow — and in Arrow, your secrets always have a way of surfacing. Because Oliver just happens to be a vigilante, his secrets only surface after a villain decides to come for you. Cue Damien Darhk, who comes to him and tells him that he has his son, and he’s being held hostage.

Darhk gives Oliver an ultimatum, he must announce his resignation for mayoral office by 6pm on Friday, or William suffers the consequences.

This, of course, is a huge problem for Oliver — especially considering he has to tell his fiancée exactly who this boy is. And she doesn’t take the news too well.

Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past

It’s no secret to those who knew Oliver Queen pre-island, that he had a little problem with infidelity. Only after Oliver has been informed of Darhk taking his son, does his mother Samantha even tell Oliver that William had gone missing (she only came to Oliver thanks to a little birdy named Barry Allen).

Oliver quickly confesses to Samantha that he is the Green Arrow, and that he is going to do everything in his power to bring back their son. He brings Samantha to meet the rest of team Arrow.

Once meeting Laurel, Samantha recognizes her name, and apologizes for having an affair even while knowing that Oliver was with Laurel at the time.

Later, when Samantha is left with Felicity while the team (plus a very special guest) are out searching for William, Samantha tries to explain to Felicity that keeping William a secret from her was an ultimatum she gave to Oliver, and urges her to place the blame on her, not him.

Unfortunately, the team continually gets beat by Darhk’s magic. And what’s the only way to fight magic? With more magic, of course. Our old friend Constantine is stuck in hell, but our new friend Mari McCabe, aka Vixen, might be able to help.

Hello, Vixen

You might recognize Vixen from CW Seed’s animated spinoff series, but Arrow got a special treat when Oliver tracks down a live action version of the warrior goddess in this week’s episode.

He finds Mari beating up some bad guys in her neck of the woods. He offers her a helping arrow and then asks for her help. She agrees, and he brings her back to the foundry to introduce her to everyone, explaining they had an “animated encounter” (I see what you did there, writers) in the past. Though she’s already met Laurel and Felicity — Digg, Thea, and Samantha are all new faces.

Mari explains to the team that she can channel the spirit of any animal through her necklace that gives her these mythical powers. She suggests that she can help locate William. Samantha gives Mari a Flash action figure, William’s favorite toy, and Mari is able to track the scent.

The team infiltrates the location in which Mari was able to locate William’s scent. While Digg, Thea, and Laurel take out some of Darhk’s men, Oliver crashes through the window that Damien himself is in. He’s followed closely by Mari. Damien is intrigued by Mari’s power, and recognizes her necklace. The two try to fend off Darhk’s magic but it proves futile.

Damien tells Oliver that they missed William by two minutes, and that he has been moved to another location. The team retreats back to the foundry and Oliver receives a call from Darhk that demands he resign that night — as well as endorse Ruvé — or he never sees William again.

Mari suggests that they try to locate the source of Darhk’s power, similar to how her necklace provides hers. Lance says that he saw such a thing a few times while working with Darhk and Mari asks him to draw it for her.

Mari sends the picture to an old friend of hers and is able to identify how to locate it.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

Back in their cell, Taiana and Oliver discuss Reiter’s plans, just as he comes to get them. He brings them to a cave structure, that holds the source of a primordial energy. From this cave comes a zombie/demonic man.

The man speaks in a language that no one can understand. Reiter holds a gun to Oliver and Taiana and forces them to be stuck with the creature. Once he leaves, the man speaks to Oliver before he evaporates into the air, leaving Oliver’s Chinese symbol tattoo glowing orange.

When Reiter comes back and discovers the man missing, he forces Oliver and Taiana to enter into the cave to find answers.

End of an Era?

The episode begins with Oliver supporting Felicity at physical therapy. She struggles to walk, despite her high hopes for Curtis’ bio implant. Though she knew there was a possibility of it not working, she confesses to Oliver that she was really hoping to be able to walk down the aisle.

Their conversation gets cut short when Darhk shows up and gives them the bad news about William. Their once warm and loving banter turns cold as Felicity starts to realize the harsh reality that Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, Barry Allen, and Thea all knew about Oliver’s son before she did.

Given Felicity’s hatred of lies, we can all pretty much guess how she feels about this. Despite this, however, Felicity puts on a brave face for the time being, knowing just how important it is to Oliver to get William back safely.

During this time, Oliver struggles with making a decision about how to continue his relationship with William after the fact. On one hand, Digg supports Oliver being a father, and encourages him to become as involved as possible in his life (just as he is with his adorable baby Sara). On the other hand, Mari tries to convince Oliver that William may be better off without all of this in his life (this stems from her own person experiences with her biological parents and the whole magic necklace talisman thing).

When Oliver is given the ultimatum of either dropping out of the mayoral race, or risking his son’s life, he makes the decision to suspend his candidacy. (Pretty careful choice of words, though, huh?) This, naturally, confuses his campaign manager, Alex. However, given the circumstances, Oliver has no choice but to leave Alex without any explanations.

After Oliver steps down, Darhk calls him, telling him to meet him in three hours, at Nelson Plaza. The team goes out to save William and end Darhk’s reign of power once and for all.

Mari crashes in through the ceiling and manages to grab Darhk’s totem of power (in a wicked cool flippy move, just sayin’). Even separated from the item, his powers remain. The rest of the team tries to fight him off, but his powers prove too much.

William comes out of the house and begs Darhk not to hurt them. Mari then inhabits the spirit of a gorilla and begins smashing the totem until it eventually breaks, effectively cutting off Darhk’s powers and releasing the team to fight him on an even playing ground.

Later, William is finally reunited with Samantha. She gives him his Flash toy, but he says he’d rather get a Green Arrow one instead.

Oliver has one final discussion with Mari, thanking her before she leaves. She reminds him again to keep William as far away from that life as he can — to let him have his innocence.

Amidst all of this commotion, Thea confronts Malcolm on how Darhk knew about William in the first place. Though Malcolm lies about his involvement at first, Thea finds out the truth when Lance tells her and Oliver that the man who actually took William in the first place was missing an arm. She finally stands up to him, telling him that this relationship they have is over for good. Malcolm doesn’t like this too much and lashes out at Thea. He tells her that she can’t see the bigger picture, and never could, but he can.

In the end, Oliver records a video for William. He confesses to him that he is his father, at least biologically speaking. He says that he cannot be the kind of father that William deserves, and that is due to the fact that he is, in fact, the Green Arrow. He also tells him that he told Samantha to take him far away, and not to tell anyone where she is going — even Oliver. This video is meant to be shown to William only after his eighteenth birthday.

Of course, Felicity happens to hear the entirety of the recording and confronts Oliver. She tells him that now that William is safe, she needs space from him. She understands why he did what he did, but she doesn’t think that Oliver knows how to lean on her, like he should have.

She gives him her engagement ring back, and then (literally and symbolically) walks away — breaking the heart of Oliver, and the entire Olicity fandom.

Arrow returns Wednesday, March 23rd at 8pm on The CW!

Arrow Recap: Secrets, Lies, and More Lies

arrow code of silence oliver queen thea donna smoak felicity smoak olicity cw

This week on Arrow

So, if we counted the amount of times that this episode stressed the importance of telling the truth and avoiding lying to the ones you loved — it would be a real big number. It’s pretty safe to say that this episode’s theme relied heavily on secrets and lies. With an episode plot based on politics and an engagement party, what could possibly go wrong?

H.I.V.E. is Blowing Up (literally)

So we all (including Team Arrow) know by now that Ruvé Adams is Damien Darhk’s wife. She’s not a pawn in his game either — if anything she may call the shots. It’s no surprise that when Oliver, Diggle, Thea, and Laurel follow Ruvé (as they’ve apparently been doing for a while now), Team Arrow ends up fighting off a hoard of H.I.V.E’s men.

Back at H.I.V.E. Headquarters, Damien and Ruvé meet with a host of their peers (including Malcolm Merlyn) and reveal what they know about Oliver’s son, William.

They’re gearing up for Phase 5 of their master villain plan, which apparently requires control over City Hall, and therefore, rests solely on the shoulders of Ruvé’s campaign. They also discuss the little matter of Quentin Lance being a known informant for Team Arrow. Darhk promises to finally cut that tie for good.

When Quentin is called in to handle a petty crime, due to the SCPD being short staffed, Laurel tags along. On the scene, there appears to be no crime, but Quentin is swiftly attacked by the building, as it literally falls to pieces around him. Laurel gets him out, and the two narrowly escape before the entire building collapses. (Flashback to the Season 1 finale, anyone?)

Connecting the falling building to Darhk, the team tracks down H.I.V.E.’s base of operations and has a run-in with some of H.I.V.E’s men, who just happen to be planting bombs to demolish that building. With the help of a speedy Thea, the team manages to make it out of the building (and with a nail gun punctured laptop, no doubt!)

Felicity has Curtis take a look at the laptop, as she deals with the upcoming engagement party (and her mother), just as Dig calls to tell Oliver that H.I.V.E is using a special kind of acid to demolish their buildings, and their source? It’s just been completely ravaged.

Curtis finds blueprints to the next demolition site. It just happens to be City Hall, exactly where everyone is currently gathered for the mayoral debate. By pulling a fire alarm, they are able to get everyone out safely, and the debate goes on as planned — the results of which put Oliver way in the lead.

Donna and Quentin

The deeper that Quentin gets involved with Team Arrow, the more he wants to push away those he loves to protect them. (Sound familiar?)

When Donna comes to speak to him at the precinct, Quentin tells her he thinks they need some time apart due to some danger that he’s in related to gambling. Being the flawless BS detector that she is, Donna sees right through the façade and demands to be told the truth.

When Quentin refuses, Donna ends things, not willing to put herself through the same kind of relationship she had with her ex-husband.

Donna confides in Felicity about what happened, even apologizing to her for being a “momzilla” about the wedding. She tells her that she’s been vicariously living through Oliver and Felicity’s perfect, lie-free relationship. Felicity convinces Donna to try to trust that Quentin is doing what he’s doing to protect her, and to give him another chance.

While Donna confides in Felicity, Quentin repeatedly confides in Oliver. He feels horrible for lying to someone he loves, urging Oliver to never do that. (The foreshadowing is real with this one, kids.)

While this couple certainly portrayed the theme of secrets and lies all on their own, they served mostly to set up Oliver and Felicity for their own upcoming showdown.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

After being clearly favored by Reiter, the other prisoners turn on Oliver. They threaten to hurt Oliver, claiming his attacks have warranted it.

Reiter’s men leave so that he can be taken care of, but Taiana stops them at the last minute. She convinces them not to kill him, and they agree on one condition — Oliver must kill Conklin. Despite his trepidation, Oliver agrees.

When Reiter explains to Oliver that the map he found on him helped him translate the stone he had. They detail a legend of a hidden place. A place of great power. It is believed that this location can only be accessed by someone who is deemed worthy by the Gods. Reiter thinks that Oliver is this person.

After Reiter leaves, Oliver uses a file to break free of his handcuffs and fights Conklin, ultimately killing him. When he is returned to his cell, Taiana thanks him with a kiss on the cheek.

Oliver and Felicity

This entire episode, undoubtedly, was setting us up for a whole ‘lotta angst coming to the Olicity fandom. Every single reference to secrets and lies was framed directly at the big elephant in the room, William.

In the midst of planning their engagement party (and eventually, their wedding), Oliver is preoccupied by a prying Thea who found evidence of an old check that Moira sent to one Samantha Clayton, never cashed. Oliver attempts to convince Thea to let it go, but we all know that the Queens can be a little stubborn when it comes to getting information they want.

Thea confronts Oliver about Samantha and her son, William, who just happens to be about as old as that uncashed check. Oliver confides in Thea about the issues surrounding Oliver keeping William a secret from everyone. He feels guilt over not telling Felicity especially, considering their upcoming nuptials.

Thea convinces Oliver that he did the right thing by keeping William a secret, as the lives they lead can be a dangerous place.

Back at the loft, Oliver and Felicity host their engagement party. They entertain their guests (including Laura — their slow-cooker obsessed neighbor from Ivy Town) and take pictures. While there, Curtis surprises Felicity with her engagement present — an implantable bio stimulant. With the help of the newly developed Palmer Tech power cell, the implant may work just in time for Felicity to be able to walk again, right down the aisle.

In the end, Damien introduces a new friend to his daughter, one that will be staying with them for a little while. His name? William.

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Arrow Recap: Like Father, Like Daughter?


This week on Arrow… With a name like Sins of the Father,” this episode promised a whole gambit of relationships to explore. It did not disappoint.

The episode focused on three main father/daughter relationship combos (surprisingly Captain Lance and one of his girls were not the focus this time). Instead, this week we explored Thea and Malcolm, Nyssa and Ra’s al Ghul, and Felicity and her father, Noah Kuttler.

And, as a bonus we got just a little smidgen of Oliver and his son, William (not a father/daughter relationship, but still crucial to the future story arc).

Hacktivist, Shmack-tivist

Last week we finally got to meet Felicity’s father, Noah (aka Calculator). We left off with Felicity completely shocked to see him (as one would be after not seeing their father for 18+ years).

When we first see them in this episode, Felicity has apparently agreed to sit down for some coffee with her dear ‘ol dad. Though she clearly looks displeased to be doing so. After Felicity cuts the crap on Noah’s attempt at small talk, he asks her if she knows why he’s wanted by the police. She quips that it couldn’t be anything other than petty crime, as that would require commitment.

She has only one question for him. Why now? The answer — he’s doing a job for someone. (Anyone else get a H.I.V.E. vibe?) But, he reveals, he almost got beat. By his own daughter.

That’s right. He knows Felicity is Overwatch. He knows it was her. He knows everything about her. Guess he’s been keeping tabs. Felicity is obviously not pleased, especially considering that he threatened to destroy the city and kill thousands of people. (He tells her they were “empty threats,” but Felicity buys it about as much as we do.)

In an effort to try to salvage their reunion, Noah claims that he wants a chance to prove that he’s not a bad guy, and wants her back in his life. Toying with Felicity’s heart (and therefore ours) he hands her a device that holds all the information about his documented hacks to prove that he’s not lying to her.

Later, after Felicity tells Team Arrow about her father, she decides she needs a way to test her father. However, after speaking to Donna, Felicity shows us just how conflicted she actually feels about her father’s return. Donna is adamant about the fact that “people do not change” (something I have a feeling will come back to bite us in the ass later on this season).

Once Felicity checks out the information Noah gave her, she decides that they may not be so different after all, and gives him a tour of the Applied Sciences Lab at Palmer Tech. There, Noah seems particularly interested in Curtis Holt’s tech (and it’s just as suspicious as it sounds).

Color us not surprised when, back at the foundry, Felicity reveals to Oliver that she had indeed found a test, and finds out that her father is just as bad as her mother had warned her. Felicity had planted a device that had the ability to store all the information from any nearby computer server, to see if Noah would bite. He did. Seems as if Calculator was just out to steal some of his own daughter’s tech, after all.

Felicity delivers one final (and powerful) speech to the man who left her about how much he hurt her, and how much his absence has affected her all these years, right before she has him arrested by Captain Lance and tells him that they are officially done.

Battle of the Leagues

While Felicity is dealing with the mistakes of her father, Thea and Nyssa are dealing with the mistakes of their own.

Thea is still very ill, where we left her at the end of the last episode. Since she chose to ignore the Lazarus Pit induced bloodlust, it began to attack its host (Thea, herself).

Also at the end of the last episode, Nyssa visits Oliver in the hospital, claiming she has a cure for Thea — as long as he agrees to kill Malcolm Merlyn. This episode actually begins right where that one left off, with the same conversation. They play a back and forth blame game, resulting in Nyssa declaring that this will not end well for anyone.

Back in the foundry, Oliver reveals his plan to convince Malcolm to hand over the ring (that declares who is to be Ra’s al Ghul) to Nyssa, in exchange for the cure for Thea. The team splits up, with Oliver going to speak to Malcolm, and Laurel going to speak to Nyssa.

Malcolm refuses to go along with the plan, not believing the effects of the Lotus. Instead, he claims he’s going to seek a real way to save Thea, and not play Nyssa’s game.

Meanwhile, Laurel goes to see Nyssa (who’s still not happy with her about the whole resurrecting the love of her life from the dead thing). Nyssa maintains that the role of Demon’s Head belongs to her, as it is her birthright. She, however, agrees to Oliver’s terms but promises a war if Malcolm does not uphold his end of the bargain.

Inspired by Felicity’s test for her father, Oliver seeks Nyssa out once more to ask for a sample of the lotus to prove to Malcolm that the cure actually works. She gives him one, but lets him know just how naïve she thinks he’s being.

They try the sample on Thea (who is discharged from the hospital and transported to the sublevel of the foundry, because Oliver pulled some strings) and the cure temporarily works. Satisfied with the results, Malcolm agrees to hand the ring over to Nyssa.

Everyone meets to make the exchange, but things go awry (when do they not?) and Nyssa and Malcolm end up fighting, with Malcolm leaving with the ring, and Nyssa declaring war.

When Team Arrow meets to regroup they discuss finding the two leaders, knowing that the four of them cannot take on two entire armies. A war breaks out between the two sides of the league, and the result is destroying Star City in the process. Laurel finds Nyssa and helps her fight off Malcolm’s men, before leading her to Oliver and Diggle, where she gets a tranq dart to the shoulder and a ride back to the foundry.

With Nyssa in their holding cell in the foundry, and Malcolm still missing, both Felicity and Diggle urge Oliver to kill Malcolm and end this for good.

They do eventually find Malcolm right below them, visiting Thea, where Malcolm tells Oliver about the time he first meet Thea when she was a baby. Oliver is unaffected by Malcolm’s story, until he drops a bomb on him. Malcolm knows about William. (Dun dun dun. No, but really, this can’t be good, right? Right.) Malcolm goes on to inform Oliver of all the “good” the League of Assassins does, and stands firm on the fact that he will never turn that kind of power over to Nyssa. In Malcolm’s mind, that means Thea has to die.

In true Oliver fashion, he believes there has to be another way. He suggests that Malcolm keep the ring and get the lotus from Nyssa. How will he do this, you ask? A duel. (Where you expecting something else?)

Just as the big duel is about to commence (shirts on, this time) Oliver invokes the league statute of replacing one’s spouse in battle (Yes, Oliver and Nyssa are still married — we got to hear Nyssa remind us of it a least one hundred times). Naturally, Nyssa turns him down, as she can fight her own battles. However, she yields when Oliver informs her that if he had to pick between the two of them who would survive this, it would be her.

Oliver and Malcolm battle (still with shirts on, *sigh*) and Oliver easily bests Malcolm. As Malcolm kneels before him, Oliver looks to Felicity who nods her approval. In a super-fun twist, Oliver chops off Malcolm’s arm (‘tis but a flesh wound?) and takes the ring off his dismembered hand and hands it to Nyssa. She hands him the lotus potion in return.

Thea is revived, and cured of her bloodlust.

Nyssa then calls a meeting between herself, Oliver, Laurel, and Malcolm. She throws the ring into the fire and informs them that she has disbanded the league, releasing all of her father’s captives in the process.

And now it’s time for… Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

A sick Oliver and Taiana are being held in a jail cell by Reiter. Things are tense, which makes a lot of sense since Oliver just told her that he was the one who killed her brother Vlad.

He tries to make amends, telling Taiana that he has an ancient stone that they may be able to use as a bargaining chip to free themselves. Angry with him, she takes the stone and calls for Reiter, attempting to use it for her own freedom.

Reiter steals it from her, leaving her in the cell with Oliver. He tells her that she is responsible for nursing Oliver back to health, as he is important in helping find what they need. If she doesn’t help him and he dies, she dies too.

She reluctantly cares for him, and Oliver opens up to her about losing his father, and then four more people he’s loved since then. She tells him that she knew, when she met him, that he was lost and shattered.

Reiter comes back and informs them that the stone was the last piece to the puzzle, and that they are starting the digging now. Right underneath them.

Nothing Like Their Fathers

In the end, Felicity, Nyssa, and Thea (though she came to this conclusion a little earlier than the other two) decide that they are not their fathers. They will not repeat their mistakes, ever again.

Felicity and Oliver discuss their issues with parental figures (Noah and Malcolm respectively) and Oliver warns Felicity that closure doesn’t come easy. On a much happier note, the wedding bells are officially chiming, ‘cause Olicity is in wedding planning mode. A small ceremony, a few close friends, definitely no caterer — they finally think the dust has settled and are ready to finally get hitched.

If only Arrow were a nice, fluffy, happy land where that would actually be believable. But it’s not, and we know there’s trouble ahead. And a grave. Always that grave.

The episode ends with Evil I and Evil II (better known as Malcolm and Damien Darhk) conspiring to do evil together, as Malcolm informs Damien that the number one most important person in Oliver Queen’s life? Not actually Felicity, but his son — William. (Told you this couldn’t be good!)

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Arrow Recap: Lots of Angst, Not So Much Death in Blood Debts

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OK, first things first: Felicity Smoak is not dead and buried in that mysterious grave. Arrow at least put that scary theory to rest in its first episode of 2016, “Blood Debts.”

Unfortunately, that leaves just about everyone else who has ever been on Arrow as a likely candidate to kick the bucket before the end of season 4. The only clue given is that this death is bad enough that even Felicity thinks Oliver needs to kill Damien Darhk and be done with it.

That’s not really her style, so it must be bad indeed. Guess we’ll have to keep guessing! Until then, however, here’s the latest Arrow recap.

Not Dead Yet

As you might expect, considering that she’s alive and fuming in the flash-forward scenes, Felicity did not die following Darhk’s attack in the previous episode. She was hurt really badly though and seems to require several surgeries before she’s stable. Oliver sends flowers. But he isn’t there — Oliver is too busy kicking some Ghost butt in an effort to locate Darhk.

He is also killing people all over the place at this point. Oliver is totally cool with this. The others, not so much. And Felicity doesn’t even know how far her fiance (yes, they’re still engaged… for now) has already gone in his rage. That could be a problem down the line.

It’s kind of a problem right now too, since no one is spilling the beans on the Evil Blond One’s whereabouts.

Go Fish

Remember how Team Arrow has Andy Diggle locked up in the lair? That proves to be important in this episode, since Andy actually has information about his erstwhile boss. Not that he wants to say. No, Andy is still all “I’m not going to tell and you can’t make me!” every time Diggle tries to talk.

Beating the information out of Andy doesn’t work so well either. This is where perspective comes in handy: Lyla points out that Diggle needs to treat his captive like a brother. So the Diggle boys talk. Andy remains his tantrum-prone self, but he does reveal that Darhk might be hiding out in Stonehaven.

Later, the two brothers play a still-rather-tense game of cards. Maybe letting Andy win a few hands will soften him up?

Plastic Masks Are Uncomfortable

Did you ever try to wear one of those molded, hard-plastic masks as a Halloween costume? They’re really uncomfortable and honestly kind of hard to keep in place. You’d think that a guy covered in healing burns would avoid such facial gear… But Anarky is crazy.

He’s also back and ready to wreak havoc all over town. Oliver actually lets Anarky wreak more havoc than usual, because the violent young man proves himself to be surprisingly good at tracking down Damien Darhk — when he’s not taunting Thea repeatedly. Anarky really likes taunting Thea. It’s kind of like a tween boy with a crush on a girl, expressing himself by tugging on her pigtails. Only, you know, way more violent.

Thea doesn’t respond though and stays calm enough to have a romantic moment with Oliver’s campaign manager by the end of the episode.

It doesn’t go so well for Anarky, who captures Darhk’s creepy wife and cute daughter at their home. He is about to torture them (or something) when Oliver and Company arrive to save the day. This proves to be a rather conflicted moment for Oliver, seeing as he totally helped out his mortal enemy. As a reward for this help, Darhk offers the Green Arrow a couple of weeks of family time.

Then he’s going to strike. And Mrs. Darhk is very much on-board with this plan.

Other Stuff

  • Felicity didn’t seem to be wearing an engagement ring in that final scene at the cemetery. Will she and Oliver break up before then?
  • Back on the Island, Oliver nearly got killed by Conklin and Reiter before those funky mystical tattoos started glowing. This earned Oliver a reprieve for some reason.
  • Is Thea suddenly 21? There didn’t seem to be much of a worry when she broke out a bottle of wine for her date.
  • Despite all that’s happened — what with the shooting and all — Mama Smoak and Papa Lance still seem to be enjoying their budding romance… I kind of hope they keep embarrassing their kids for a while with this one.