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Arrow Season 5 Video: Stephen Amell and More at Comic-Con

Arrow season 5 promises to be a big one for Oliver Queen and company. After all, at the end of the previous season, most of the team abandoned their vigilante mission for… well basically, anything else. It’s like they don’t want to be in life-and-death situations all the time!

Fortunately, this is Arrow and the whole gang is likely to be back, fighting for justice and their very lives, within the near future.

Who better than to tease when this might occur than the cast of Arrow themselves? Watch these Arrow season 5 video interviews shot at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Stephen Amell

Emily Bett Rickards

David Ramsey

Willa Holland

Echo Kellum

Paul Blackthorne

Executive producer Wendy Mericle

Arrow season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm on The CW.

Arrow Season 5 Spoilers: Stephen Amell’s Abs-tacular First Photo

arrow season 5 stephen amell oliver queen naked abs sweaty russia cw
CW (via Stephen Amell on Twitter)

Thanks to star Stephen Amell, fans got their first look at Arrow season 5 on Tuesday. And… wow. It’s a rather abs-tacular view.

That’s what happens, after all, when the Arrow star tweets a photo of his character, Oliver Queen, dripping in sweat and naked as far as the camera angle can see. There’s also an unusual amount of hair — a style more in keeping with flashback Oliver than present-day Oliver — so this may be a scene from the Green Arrow’s heretofore mysterious time in Russia.

Whatever the case, Oliver is very muscular and very unclothed. So enjoy!

Arrow returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm with an episode (directed by longtime fight coordinator James Bamford) called “Legacy.” Keep checking this space for more Arrow season 5 spoilers as we get closer to the premiere!

No More LULZ: Limitless Canceled at CBS

limitless season 1 finale brian finch jake mcdorman cbs

Bad news: Limitless has been canceled by CBS after just one, super-awesome season.

Showrunner Craig Sweeny confirmed the worst on Wednesday with a tweet sent out to his followers:

I’m truly sad to report that will not continue on any platform. Thanks so much to everyone who watched.

Earlier this month, CBS executives had indicated that Limitless was being shopped to other outlets for future airing. But that doesn’t seem to be the case now. Despite solid ratings and the movie-related name recognition that seems to be super-desirable to networks these days — and despite the bright, blue eyes of Bradley Cooper — Limitless was apparently not part of CBS’ vision for its future.

This is just the latest in a series of high-profile casualties on network TV this spring. Popular shows like Castle, Nashville, and more ended up getting cut. Still, seeing Limitless canceled entirely with no hope of a future is a bit of a surprise. And there are no LULZ at all with this news.


Gotham Recap: Rise of the Villains – The Pinewood Mystery

The newest episode of Gotham picks up right where the last left off, with Barbara at Jim’s door. She tells him that she’s better now and that she tells the truth now. When she came out of the coma, it was like waking up from a nightmare, according to her. Barbara says that she is not same person who did those awful things. Jim says that he’s happy for her, and kicks her out.

Meanwhile, Bruce is working on his father’s newly restored computer. He discovers that his father was supposed to visit someone named “Karen Jennings” the week of his death. Thomas Wayne was visiting her to talk about a place named “Pinewood Farms”.

Lucius Fox tells them that “Pinewood Farms” is probably a cover name for another program. Alfred says that they are getting ahead of themselves but Bruce is done waiting.

Jim and Bullock are working on the Wayne case. Since they know who actually did the gruesome killing, they are working backwards. They need to find The Lady, the woman who sent assassins after Jim a couple of episodes ago.

Meanwhile, Professor Hugo Strange and Ms. Peabody are discussing a “Patient 44”, who they are trying to bring back from the dead. Ms. Peabody mentions that someone at Wayne Enterprises had done a search on Karen Jennings. Apparently Karen had been their first patient, however, they haven’t been able to find her for years.

Bruce and Alfred go to a cabin in the woods- Karen Jennings’ home. When they enter, they are attacked by Karen herself. She has a claw for a hand. Bruce begins asking her questions, about his father and Pinewood Farms. Karen warns them that the people who they are looking for will kill them.

Jim waste no time trying to track down The Lady. After beating up a few hitmen around town, one tells him that he should go to a club called Artemis. When he arrives at the club, Jim finds that it’s only female members only. Good thing Barbara Kean is there to help.

Barbara explains that she was there when he “caught” the Wayne case. She knows how much it means to him. When he finally solves it, he will be able to start over. Jim doesn’t protest her help after this, and she goes into Artemis. She immediately goes to The Lady.

Karen had been born with a crippled arm, and her father had beat her because of it. One day in an act of self-defense, she killed him. She was sent to Blackgate. Years ago, Karen had volunteered to be a part of Pinewood Farms, which was a bioengineering program at Wayne Enterprises. She left the program with a claw as a hand.

Karen says that when Thomas Wayne found out about what was happening at Pinewood, he shut the program down. He hid away those who had been experimented on. If shown a picture, Karen could identify who was in charge of Pinewood Farms.

Meanwhile, Barbara tells The Lady that she lied her way out of Arkham. And now she wants to get into the assassination business.

Jim had managed to sneak into Artemis, but ended up being caught. A woman pulls a gun out on him. Moments later, Barbara comes behind him. She grabs him and holds a knife to his throat.

Barbara and The Lady tie Jim up. Barbara tells The Lady that Jim is looking for the person who hired the Wayne murder. The Lady has no idea who did the Wayne murder. All their business was conducted over the phone, but she does know that he is referred to as the “The Philosopher.”

After The Lady reveals this information, Barbara tazes her. This was her entire plan all along.

Meanwhile, Bruce, Alfred, and Karen check out the old Pinewood Farms location. It’s abandoned. Bruce believes that Karen knew it was abandoned all along. Three men show up and start chasing them. Karen stops running, and slashes one of the chasers neck. Bruce grabs her arm, as Alfred starts shooting the others.  When they get outside, the GCPD is there.

Jim is upset about Barbara’s plan, and Barbara tries to convince him that’s changed. Everything she did was for him. When she woke up from her coma, the first image that she saw was his face- him trying to save her. If he could look at her like that again, then she would be okay.

Jim tells her that she can’t be a better person because of him. And that he can’t and won’t forgive her for trying to kill Lee. He leaves when he gets a call from Bruce, leaving Barbara upset. Later in the episode, Barbara goes to Tabitha and Butch’s place.

At the GCPD, Jim finds that Alfred had been arrested and sees Bruce talking to Commissioner Barnes. Alfred is freed, and all three leave to go talk at a diner. After relying the information each side gathered, they conclude that they need to get Karen.

Meanwhile, Hugo is close to bringing back Patient 44. Ms. Peabody lets him know that Karen Jennings had been arrested. Hugo Strange decides to use Mr. Freeze to end her.

While Karen is being transported, her driver notices a hundred dollar bill hit the window. And then he sees a bag of money on the ground. When he stops the vehicle, he begins to collect the money. Jim precedes to knock the other cop out and grab his gun.

After the vehicle is safely acquired, Bruce tells Karen that he can get her out of town, with cash and a new identity. Karen tells him that the others called the man who ran the program “The Philosopher.”

She also says that Thomas Wayne did more than rescue her. He never gave up on. He visited, bought her books to read, and gave her a music book for her birthday. She also reveals that Thomas was the one who started Pinewood. But the man in charge took advantage of him. When Thomas found out what had started happening her shut the place down.

The van encounters some ice and begins to spin out of control. When they exit, they see Mr. Freeze waiting for them. Jim and Alfred start shooting him, but no success. After telling Bruce that his father would be proud, Karen eventually hands herself over, and Mr. Freeze freezes and then shatters her.

When Bruce returns home, he is upset. He believes that Karen died because of him. Alfred disagrees with this statement; he believes that Karen died because of what Bruce is chasing. Lucius Fox arrives and has found a company newsletter that has photo of Thomas Wayne with scientist. Lucius says that the man standing beside Thomas is Hugo Strange aka The Philosopher.

Meanwhile, Hugo Strange and Ms. Peabody realize that Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon are working together. Then the alarm goes off. It’s Patient 44, who is alive and beating guards that are attempting to restrain him. And who is Patient 44? Theo Galavan.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Creation is always so violent.”- Hugo Strange
  • “I’m not afraid to die.”- Bruce
  • “Honestly, I don’t know what I see.”-Jim
  • “In that moment you didn’t see the monster, you just saw me.”- Barbara
  • “How would you like to go on a little field trip?”- Hugo Strange
  • “It’s not a burden, it’s who I am.”- Bruce
  • “You need to have faith, Bruce.”- Jim

Arrow Midseason Finale: Is Felicity Smoak Dead?

arrow season 4 dark waters felicity smoak dead death dies emily bett rickards cw
The CW

Did the Arrow midseason finale just kill Felicity Smoak?

Despite trailers showing Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) asphyxiating in front of her beloved Oliver (Stephen Amell), that didn’t happen. She survived — as did everyone else. Yay?

But then there was a twist. Because of course there was a twist. That’s what finales of any sort are for, after all. Plus, there’s no way Arrow was going to leave its audience enjoying a happy ending (complete with an accepted Olicity wedding proposal), not after the super-mega-happy season finale last year.

The big question, therefore, is whether or not Felicity survived being shot in the final moments of “Dark Waters.” Is she the person Oliver will be mourning at that ominous gravestone? Will she pull through somehow?

No clue. Offer your opinion in the poll below! As for the answer, we’ll get that in January. Sigh…

Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter Twenty-Eight

jane the virgin chapter 28 thanksgiving dinner xiomara alba rogelio cw
The CW

We deal a lot with milestones and the passage of time during this episode of Jane the Virgin. I believe we cover about three months of time, so a lot of information is covered and we see a lot of growth… both in Petra’s belly and Jane’s evolution as a mother.

Jane is still upset about Mateo getting hurt. Xo and Alba reassure her that no permanent damage has been done. She’s also upset about Michael and breaking things off with him.  Of course, this is all pushed aside as she prepares for her first day in the grad school writing program. Michael is on the road with Nadine and he wants her to work with him to take down Sin Rostro.

Jane apologizes to Rafael about Michael before they meet with an lawyer to plan their estates and custody and such. Jane is a bit put off by the morbid questions about what happens in the case of death. Also: Rafael is rich. How is this news?  She worries that it’ll mess up Mateo and keep him from staying grounded.  On cue, Rogelio presents Mateo with his own cast chair on set for his telenovela.  So much for grounded!  Rogelio and Luciana hate each other and have stunt doubles to perform their love scene for them. That’s just ridiculous enough to be completely Rogelio.  Petra deals with Milos and finding a buyer for all those grenades he’s had shipped in.  She complains to her mother in prison (who makes a hilarious reference to a Russian red-haired lady in the kitchen… #OINTB for the win!).

Rogelio wraps on his show and makes a speech to the crew, even though he clearly has no idea what their jobs are. Luciana shoves in and announces she’s doing a new telenovela after this, that Rogelio will not be involved in.  Much worse, her love interest will be played by his arch-nemesis. Jane is rushing to her class and shows up late due to an unfortunate baby-spitup scene. She’s greeted into the class, despite being late and she isn’t using her last name due to all the media uproar surrounding her from the last year.  The professor shows that he has no patience for cell phones during the workshop, which of course becomes a problem when Jane gets a call from Mateo’s pediatrician and has to step outside to take the call. Turns out, it’s not a big deal and the professor locks her out of class.

Later, she confronts the professor about some harsh notes he left on her story. He wants to help her grow as a writer.  He mentions a writer’s retreat next month, which means time away from home and it sounds as though it’s something she can’t excuse out of. She goes to her lactation/mommy & me class, again late, but Rafael is there picking up her slack beautifully.  He goes to all the classes she misses and has bonded with the other mommies in the class.  They discuss the living will stuff over lunch and they argue over her wanting to keep Mateo away from the influence of Rafael’s wealth.  He’s annoyed.  Petra stops by and finishes Rafael’s lunch for him, asking Jane if her family will help her mother get parole, because she could really use her support.

Rogelio pitches some new telenovela ideas to producers and they are less than impressed but make polite noises just to put him off. At the pediatrician’s office, the doctor tells Jane and Rafael that Mateo has a flat head from spending too much time on his back and she recommends a helmet to help aid in reshaping his head. Jane feels guilty since he’s on his back a lot of the time while she’s working on stories for her class. Petra has an ultrasound and they find out she’s pregnant with twin girls which hits Rafael hard. The narrator helpfully reminds us that he’s now got three children and no sex involved in the making of them.  Poor Rafael.

A month later, at her writer’s retreat, Jane has missed the appointment for Mateo’s helmet and she’s feeling terribly guilty about it.  She’s also missing Michael. Petra’s mother has made parole and Petra is excited for her support now that she knows she’s carrying twins. At the retreat, Jane tries to fit in with her classmates and she’s basically out of the group because she hasn’t bonded with them. She shares her guilt about Mateo and his helmet and the classmates respond to that.  So she tells them the whole story. The upshot is she now has friends.  Opening up helped her to write better as well. Rafael brings Jane the plug for her breastpump and stays for a little visit. They talk about the living will, which Jane is still reluctant about but Rafael assures her that money won’t screw up Mateo. He wants to kiss her, but she doesn’t want to complicate things. She tells him she’s not over Michael yet which makes Rafael realize that he has to move on.  When Jane tries to breastfeed Mateo, he won’t latch on but he takes to the bottle like a champ.  Cue: more guilt.

Rogelio is filming his new telenovela and it’s going terribly.  The network execs show up and tell him that they’re pulling the plug. Back at home and at her mommy class, Jane talks to one of the moms who reveals that she is interested in Rafael. Jane assures her that it’s not weird, but of course it’s weird. She’s gotten chummy with her grad school buddy and opens up to him about her problems with the men in her life. He offers her some insight. Rogelio is furious when he sees Luciana’s new show is making fun of him. Milos is leaving because he can’t deal with Petra’s mom. Ivan arrives to “babysit” while he’s gone, so they won’t get rid of the bombs.  Dang, there goes that plan.  Later, while Jane is pumping, she talks to Rafael who tells her that Jill from her mommy class asked him out. He wants to know if she’s okay with it, she says that she is. Neither of them seem particularly okay. Jane falls asleep in class and is put on academic probation.

Another month passes and Jane is as frazzled as ever. It’s clear juggling Mateo and her class is a huge strain on her. In fact, she’s burning up with fever.  Meanwhile, Rafael is dating Jill and it looks pretty serious but he leaves their date to bring Mateo’s lovey to him while Jane tries to take care of herself.  She snaps at Rafael, and Xo and Alba tell him that she’s always bitchy when she’s sick. Ivan has to leave because Milos was arrested for internet scamming while in Prague. Rafael and Jane talk and he thinks she should stop pumping for Mateo and taking more care of herself. Petra and her mother throw the grenades overboard in the Port of Miami, which of course explode.

A month after that, her mother has lost a hand and an eye and is pretty fed up in general. As you would be. Petra goes to Jane for advice on being a mom and Jane tells her that she feels like she knows nothing. She assures her that you can’t prepare, you just learn on the job. This makes Petra feel better and I like seeing these two women bond. Jane and Rafael meet with the lawyer and she tells him that they want to keep the plan fluid. But in the meantime, his trust fund will be attached to a charity so that for every dollar earned, a dollar will be donated. Meanwhile, Rogelio was able to sell a show that’s a comedy, which apparently is more his forte. He’s worried about the pressure for having another hit like his previous show. Mateo’s helmet comes off and Jane has her last day of pumping.  She sees the giraffe Michael carved for her and throws it away.  Is she over him?  There’s a thanksgiving dinner with the whole family, Rafael included. Petra shows up to bring Mateo’s lovey and she invites her to join them for dinner. Petra is pleased. Rogelio’s lawyer calls and apparently the creator of Mad Men sent a cease and desist because Rogelio’s new show is basically ripping his show off. Rafael tells Jane that he and Jill “fizzled out,” that he realized he would rather be with Jane at her worst than anyone else at their best.  He asks her to go on a date with him and Jane says yes.

Michael is back in Miami and wants to talk to Susannah, his former partner. He looks gravely determined. What’s he been up to this whole time? Jane’s grad school buddy is feeding information on the Solanos to someone. So much for opening up.  And we finish with Ivan confronting Petra’s mother about the grenades and Petra arrives to find her mother has murdered Ivan.

Arrow Recap: Saving the Tater Tot in Lost Souls

arrow season 4 406 lost souls felicity smoak curtis holt john diggle emily bett rickards echo kellum david ramsey cw
The CW

The Arrow episode, “Lost Souls,” went to a lot of trouble to rescue a tater tot. Of course, said tater tot is also known as Ray and is way hotter than most fried potato products, so I guess that makes sense. Along the way, romance and mental health were saved too — read this Arrow recap for the details.

Who’s Got the Energy Drinks Now?

It seems like it was just last week (it was) when Felicity Smoak chided Curtis Holt for overdosing on energy drinks during a marathon tech session. Ah, how the tables have turned! Having apparently established that Ray Palmer is alive, Felicity is banking on a sugar rush to find her missing ex.

When Curtis can’t convince Felicity of the irony of this situation, he calls in the big guns. And by guns, I mean muscles, since Curtis calls in Oliver. A few amusing nah-you’re-not-the-Green-Arrow and my-God-you’re-hot moments later, Oliver manages to get Felicity home for rest and a shower.

But that’s not going to happen. Felicity’s trace program finishes right before rejuvenation can happen, and a message comes in from Ray. He’s teeny-tiny now and trapped in a box. This is something of a problem, but Ray thoughtfully invented a resizer before he shrunk. The team just has to break into Kord Industries to get a key component and everything will be good!

Trouble in Paradise

There are complications though. One major complication is a well-meaning and over-enthusiastic woman named Donna Smoak. Yes, Felicity’s mother is back in town… and it’s all Oliver’s fault. He has apparently been texting with the older woman (bad move, buddy) and was convinced by emojis that Donna should come to town and hang out with Felicity.

Felicity is not exactly thrilled with the distraction but initially restricts her frustration to nicknaming Oliver “Chatty Cathy.” Best codename ever?

A somewhat disastrous and decidedly awkward dinner party follows and inspires an argument sure to stop the hearts of any Olicity ‘shippers out there — Felicity is upset that she has gotten “lost” in her relationship. She is particularly upset because running off with Oliver left Ray alone longer than necessary. At least they don’t go much further than that, with Oliver offering space and talking about girls over drinks with Diggle.

Thanks to Donna, Felicity has someone to talk to as well: The oft-flighty mother assures Felicity that she is supposed to feel a bit lost when in love. She also points out that Oliver is not Felicity’s father, bringing up once again the ongoing and frequently mentioned paternity mystery.

Maybe Not the Best Solution to Bloodlust?

Elsewhere on Arrow, Sara Lance is readjusting to being alive and vaguely sane. She even gives her mother a “Guess what! I’m not-dead again!” call and decides to go back to normal. That’s “normal” for Sara, unfortunately, which involves going out and taking down bad guys.

This is perhaps not the best choice when one is afflicted by a never-ending and supernaturally induced bloodlust. Fortunately, Sara realizes this after pummeling two foes into bloody pulps for no particular reason. Laurel and Thea try to talk Sara down after this, but the younger Lance girl has made a decision: She’s leaving town. Where will she go? That would be wherever the Legends of Tomorrow spinoff takes her…

arrow season 4 406 lost souls caity lotz katie cassidy sara lance laurel lance canary cw
Are we sure this is bloodlust and not just a return to old habits?

Big Giant Head

Bloodlust and relationship woes aside, there’s still the issue of Ray being trapped in a box. Because this is Arrow season 4, the owner of said box is of course Damien Darhk. Ray, Felicity, and the audience all find this out when a massive, pale head appears behind the tiny man to offer an evil grin.

Alas, Damien is far too cunning to have missed that his diminutive prize has been calling for help. He tries to make a deal with the shrunken tech genius — Damien wants Ray’s super-suit power source for some nefarious purpose — but Ray isn’t interested. At least Damien’s involvement allows Oliver to use his Lance source to find Ray’s location.

Now all Team Arrow has to do is storm a highly fortified office tower and Ray will be free!

Fooled You!

It looks at first as though this is not exactly the easiest plan to execute. First of all, Curtis needs to come along for both his base-jumping and assembling-resizer-device skills. Does this help the young genius figure out the Green Arrow’s identity? Probably not. But it’s still fun to have him along.

More ominous for the success of the mission is the fact that Oliver gets himself knocked out and captured by a Ghost early on in the siege. He is brought in chains to Damien. The Big Bad wants to find out who is under the mask but is sadly thwarted by Oliver not really being chained or unconscious. That’s because the whole capture was a ruse — Diggle was the fake Ghost — meant to distract the villain while others freed Ray.

The superior brains of Felicity, Curtis, and Ray manage to both save the latter and make him big again. Quips happen almost immediately, even as the good guys make their escape. Ray is back among the big people again, cheerfully describing his time with the giant cockroaches to all who will listen.

arrow season 4 406 lost souls ray palmer brandon routh atom cw
Dude! Giant cockroaches!

Love Is in the Air!

Despite the angst that filled “Lost Souls” throughout much of the hour, the episode ends on a love-fueled note. Thea gets asked out on a date by Alex the campaign manager and eventually says yes. Donna and Lance meet at a bar, where they bond quickly over shared “daughters are frustrating” stories. And Felicity and Oliver make up, declaring that they “found” themselves after getting lost in each other.

A Spider-Man-esque reverse kiss later and all’s right in the Olicity world. For now…

arrow season 4 lost souls oliver felicity kiss olicity spider-man cw
All’s right in the world


  • “The best part about arguing is the make-up sex.” – Donna
  • “You’re married. He’s straight.” – Curtis
  • “I tell you Ray’s in trouble and your first response is ‘You need a shower’?” – Felicity
  • “Ray is…?” – Laurel
    “The size of a tater tot.” – Felicity
  • “The fact that Ray is being held hostage and could be killed at any minute because he’s the size of a Cheeto has dampened my enthusiasm.” – Felicity
  • “I can see where Felicity got her… blonde hair.” – Curtis
  • “You faced down mirakuru soldiers and the League of Assassins. Are you honestly telling me you couldn’t say no to my mom?” – Felicity
  • “I married a woman just like that. Twice, Oliver. Twice!” – Diggle, giving love advice
  • “It’s too easy to lose myself in him.” – Felicity
    “That’s how it’s supposed to feel.” – Donna
  • “Trust me, you’ll never find a guy that hot again who cooks.” – Donna
  • “I’m not sure our company health plan covers supernatural dismemberment.” – Felicity
  • “Just because I understand science doesn’t mean I’m not bored by it.” – Darhk

Empire Recap: Complicated Alliances in Without a Country

empire season 2 episode 2 without a country lucious lyon terrence howard fox

Okay, so this week of Empire did not overload us with cameos every 5 seconds and I’m personally grateful for that. Last week was a little over the top with the guest spots. Anyhow, let’s get into last night’s twists and turns involving the Lyon family drama.

In “Without a Country,” we see Cookie, Hakeem, and Andre trying to form their own company since their hostile takeover horribly failed. Boo Boo Kitty wants to be a part, but Cookie is not having it!

Cookie and Hakeem are really trying to get the company off the ground. Cookie appeals to Jamal (Jussie Smollett) to give Hakeem his album back, but Jamal is not receptive to this. Hakeem is trying to do his part by creating an all-girl group and finding new talent, but he is not going about things in the most professional way. He later releases his album on the Internet for free, which angers Jamal.

Andre’s heart, meanwhile, is really not in trying to start a new company from scratch. Andre is accustomed to working at Empire and starting off at a small studio in a run-down area is not a part of his plans. Andre visits his father and begs to be taken back into the Empire fold, but Lucious denies him.

Lucious is still very much the top dog at the prison. He’s spitting rhymes with his fellow inmates and doing his time with no issues. Things take a turn for Lucious, however, when he’s denied his medication. A guard, played by the rapper, Ludacris, is working with the prosecutor who wants Lucious to plead guilty. Since Luscious will not admit guilt, the prosecutor is using the guard to make things difficult for the Empire founder while he’s locked up.

After a chance meeting with a lawyer — who said he is not Harvard trained, but he can help Lucious more than his current counselor — things turn around. Lucious’ new lawyer gets equipment smuggled into the prison so he can drop a single while locked up. During the storage room session, the guard forcibly comes in and has Lucious locked in solitary conferment. Of course, Lucious is not worried one bit because he knows his lawyer is as shady as he is, and Lucious is confident that he’s going to do what needs to be done.

Well, things are quickly taken care of because the guard is jumped in a parking garage and the goons get the music he confiscated from Lucious. Additionally, the crooked lawyer obtains risque pictures of the judge overseeing Lucious’s bail hearing, which results in Lucious getting a measly $1 million bail. Luscious ends the episode again as the biggest winner because his prison song is getting major play on the radio, as Cookie and Hakeem listen in their meager headquarters for their company, Lyon Dynasty (I know — that’s a corny name, right?).

Naked Olicity Alert! Watch Another Arrow Season 4 Trailer

You thought you were getting a treat when the first Arrow season 4 trailer dropped earlier this week? You had no idea…

There is a second trailer out now and it is, to say the least, rather awesome. Other than a couple of very brief scenes, all of the footage is new and some of it is quite intriguing. For example, Damien Darhk can stop arrows in mid-flight with his hand. Which is a super useful skill for any bad guy in the Arrow world. And then there’s the fact that someone gave Felicity a machine gun. Felicity may not know how to use a machine gun. Speaking of guns, it looks like Oliver is going to stop a bullet meant for Diggle. That should help those two get over their differences, right?

Oh, and Oliver and Felicity are totally naked and in bed together. Yep. Olicity sex. Naked Olicity. And intimacy and cuteness and stuff.

Good luck waiting for the Arrow season 4 premiere on Wednesday, October 7!

FOX 2015-2016 New Show Trailers: Lucifer, Minority Report, The Grinder, Grandfathered, Rosewood, and The Frankenstein Code,

FOX isn’t holding back with its trailers, having released both its fall and midseason offerings already. Check out the video first looks for Lucifer, Grandfathered, The Grinder, Rosewood, Minority Report, and The Frankenstein Code below.



The Grinder


Minority Report

The Frankenstein Code