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CW Renews Arrow, Supernatural, The Flash and More

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The CW

The CW chose not to make fans wait when it came to seven of its shows.

On Sunday, January 8, CW president Mark Pedowitz announced the renewals during the Television Critics Association press tour. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Jane the Virgin were all renewed for the 2017-2018 season.

All are veteran shows. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow will be coming back for their third seasons. The Flash and Jane the Virgin, meanwhile, will return for season 4 next year. Arrow, which started the network’s superhero trend, was renewed for season 6, while perennial favorite Supernatural will return for an incredible 13th season in the fall.

Not every CW program got the good news. None of the network’s new shows from 2016-2017 — Frequency, No Tomorrow, Riverdale — have scored renewals yet, while the spring’s returning programs — The 100, iZombie, The Originals — will have to wait as well.

“Early pickups of these seven series now allow our producers to plan ahead for next season and gives us a solid base to build on for next season, with original scripted series to roll out all year long,” Pedowitz told television critics of the choice to renew so many shows so early.

The Originals Season 3 Finale: The Bloody Crown

the originals season 3 finale the bloody crown cw

Last night was the Originals season 3 finale. The vampire show saw all of the Mikaelson siblings’ lives in jeopardy and a return of a fan favorite, Rebekah Mikaelson. Rebekah and her siblings rushed against time to take down the newly more powerful, Marcel.

The episode begins with Marcel still in the water and some flashbacks. The first are of Klaus giving him the name Marcellus and calling his family. The last is of Elijah teaching Marcel piano. Marcel leaves the water.

Over at the Mikaelson compound, Elijah gently strokes Hayley’s back as she sleeps. When she wakes, she asks if he had been watching her sleep. He had been. He then kisses her hand. Hayley tells him that despite all that what has happened, Elijah still has people who are here for him.

Klaus is holding Hope and talking to her. Elijah comes and says that he won’t ask for his forgiveness. He had no choice but to kill Marcel. They protect the family at every cost.

Meanwhile, Freya tells Kol that she can’t sleep; something doesn’t feel right. With a spell, she uses a map to trace Klaus’ enemies. The map reveals that his enemies are heading to New Orleans.

While visiting Davina’s crypt, Marcel is told by Vincent that Davina had helped with taking down the Ancestors. Marcel tells Vincent that is it now time for him to do is part. Vincent worries about the innocent citizens who may get caught in the crossfire.

The Mikaelsons are still safely protected in their compound. Separate from her siblings, Freya is doing a spell when a vampire cuts her throat. More vampires, including Marcel, surround her siblings in the other room.

The Mikaelsons are confused about how Marcel is alive and how they got into the compound. Marcel had friends who helped with the dead issue. And he had to be a step ahead of them, of he would have been dead for good. Also the vampires who arrived with him were part of Klaus’ sire line until it broke.

Elijah tells Marcel that his anger is directed at him and not Klaus. Doesn’t matter- Marcel believes that if you take on one Mikaelson, you take them all on.

Meanwhile, Vincent meets with the witches and lets them know the Ancestors none longer are linked to them. The witches voice concern about the vampire problem. And Vincent tells them that Marcel is handling that.

Detective Kinney was at the speech and informs Vincent of a recent crime that he can’t call in. he needs Vincent to come check it out. Kinney takes Vincent to Marcel’s vampire fight club/old church. Dead bodies of the Strix lay on the ground. While there, a vampire attacks Kinney.

Hayley comes to Freya’s aid and attacks the vampire who attacked her. Freya tells her that she has been poisoned. Hayley takes down another vampire and leads Freya to her safety. When safe, Hayley gives Freya some of her blood to drink.

Freya tells Hayley that Lucien had an antidote for the poison and that she doesn’t have enough power to defeat Marcel. Hayley says there is only one thing to do and leaves.

Meanwhile, Kol tells Marcel that he loved Davina and that Marcel’s actions will break her heart. He believes that this is an insult to her memory. Marcel attacks and bites him. Elijah gets bit too. Klaus and Marcel are about to fight, but then Rebekah steps in.

She tells Klaus to take their brothers and leave. Marcel won’t hurt her. Klaus follows her orders.

Freya and Hayley are searching Lucien’s penthouse for the antidote. If they can’t find the cure, then Freya dies. Klaus brings his brothers there. In total, they will need three different cures. One for her, another for Kol and Elijah, and the last for Rebekah.

Rebekah tells Marcel to cure her brothers, but there isn’t a cure. They are going to die, and Klaus will follow suit. Rebekah wonders if she is next and grabs Marcel’s neck, but Marcel says that he’s not going to hurt her. However, he doesn’t plan on backing down.

Rebekah says that the Marcel that she knew and loved would have never done this. Marcel says that she wants justice and that’s more than they ever offered him. But he doesn’t agree to give them justice.

Meanwhile, Freya is tending to Kol. And Klaus and Elijah talk. Elijah tells Klaus to take care of Hayley. Klaus says that Marcel will pay. Elijah considers himself to blame for all of them. And then Klaus says he doesn’t believe that he can do this without Elijah. They hug, and Elijah tells him that he needs to be strong for Hope and Hayley. They still need him.

The vampires are destroying the Mikaelson compound, breaking, trashing, and tearing things. Rebekah calls Klaus and informs him that Marcel is allowing for him to have a trial. His old sire line will determine his faith. If Klaus doesn’t arrive for a trial, they will tear the city up looking for him.

Kol is getting worse and calling out for Davina, and his other siblings discuss strategy.  Elijah tells Hayley to take Hope and leave the city, but Hayley isn’t leaving. Freya tells Klaus that the trial is the easy part. He has to come out alive to save them.

Klaus leaves a note in Hope’s crib and Hayley wants go with Klaus. He says no. He also says that he was wrong for keeping her from Hope.

Rebekah meets Klaus at the compound. Freya stays at the Penthouse to do the spell. She tells him that for Freya’s plan to work she can’t go mad and he can’t die. They enter.

Marcel mockingly tells Klaus that it is an honor for him to grace them with his presence. Klaus says that he has nothing to hide. This causes the crowd to yell. Marcel wonders how it feels to be this hated. Klaus understands that his sins are terrible, but they taught the world to fear him. And that fear is what protected him and his family. Marcel snaps back. He was considered family, and look where that left him?

Marcel points to individuals in the crowd and lists of the horrible things that Klaus had done to them. Klaus retorts with without him they would be alone which in turns causes Marcel to wonder if Klaus turned them because he was lonely.

In the end, Klaus made them in his image, but took everything they loved and abandoned them. He must pay. Rebekah steps in. They will not condemn Klaus without letting her speak on his behalf.

She asks the crowd how this is different from any of their actions. They all fight for power. Klaus’ was only trying to protect his family; it’s his first instinct. They would all do the same.

Marcel tells her that her argument is weak because it is on the basis that all is fair in the defense of family. He reminds her of when she was punished because of Klaus’ fear that she might love someone more than him. As Marcel speaks, Rebekah’s mark on her arm begins to burn and she holds it.

She tells him that they have been together for years, of course they are going to have a few fights. Marcel asks if it was a little fight when she was daggered for loving him. Rebekah warns him to stop, as her mark burns more. Rebekah’s curse begins to take control over her. Then she says that he is right and that she hasn’t been honest. It’s time to tell the truth about her brother now. Klaus tells her that she’s not well, but Marcel demands that he let her speak. Rebekah tells them that Klaus can’t handle the truth.

He murdered their mother and both of his fathers. He breaks hearts. She envies all of them, because they are free from him. She is forever chained to him because of a “foolish” promise they made when they were children. The crowd has reached a decision.

Meanwhile, Elijah is sweating and shaking. He tells Hayley that he saw her in his dream. He was holding her and she was happy. She tells him that it wasn’t dream. He did hold her, and she was happy. Elijah tells her that if Klaus doesn’t make it, she has to promise him that she will get far away from this place and be happy.

Klaus tells Marcel that he is disappointed that his ill sister was used. He also blames Marcel for Davina’s death. Klaus owns up to his sins. He tells the crowd that the reason they are here because of him. Their immortality came from him. It’s a gift, and they will never be able to repay that debt.

He tells them that they can kill him; he owes them nothing. He welcomes “the peace of death compared to this tedium and the scales remind in his favor.” In the end, he will be the winner. They will forever remember him, their maker.

Rebekah shouts that death would be too good for him. He needs to suffer. The crowds yells. Marcel says that Klaus’ fate will be worse than death. He pulls out a blade that is filled with dark magic. The blade will cause “unending agony”. The crowd grab Klaus and present him to Marcel. Marcel daggers him.

Rebekah goes outside and calls Freya. Their plan worked. It is up to Hayley to make the sacrifice count. Freya uses the blood of her and her siblings and does a spell. When the spell is complete, the Mikaelson siblings pass out. Hayley is the only one left.

Vincent lets Marcel know that he’s aware that he killed the Strix members. Vincent believes that Marcel is just as dangerous as Klaus. He doesn’t do what is necessary, he just does what he wants to do. Vincent says that Kinney got hurt because Marcel got sloppy.

Vincent tells Marcel that the vampire fight club is now his. He’s making it a church again and anyone- vampire, human, witch, anything- is allowed to attend. If Marcel has any issues with that, Vincent is willing to damn all consequences and act just like Marcel.

Meanwhile, Hayley loads the Mikaelsons into coffins. She lingers on Elijah’s longer and kiss him before she closes it. They are in a moving truck, with her and Hope up front. Klaus’ letter, for Hope, is read as a voice over. He had to do whatever it takes to save his family.

Elsewhere, Kol, Rebekah, Elijah, and Freya are currently in a spell that Freya had created. It is a form of the spell that Dahlia had used on her.

Where they are is bright and full of flowers. In the real world, they are in a deep sleep until Hayley can find a cure for them. They are linked to Klaus’ life force.

Rebekah tells her siblings that Klaus saved them, while he is in agony. Marcel traps Klaus’ body behind a brick wall.

In the letter, Klaus writes that he regrets that he has to be away from Hope. However, because of his sacrifice she will be allowed to grow. She will give them hope. Hope and Hayley drive out of New Orleans.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “We’re still here.” –Hayley
  • “Like always the Mikaelsons made my choice for me.”- Marcel
  • “I am taking back my home, my city, my freedom.”-Marcel
  • “Not our finest moment, Niklaus.”-Elijah
  • “I can’t do this without you, Elijah.”-Klaus
  • “You will remember me. Klaus Mikaelson, your maker.”-Klaus
  • “The king is dead or all hail the king?”- Vincent
  • “You are and will always will be our hope.”-Klaus

The Originals Recap: Give ‘Em Hell, Kid

the originals give em hell kid daniel gillies phoebe tonkin elijah hayley cw

The episode begins with what appears to be Cami’s funeral. A band plays in the street and a horse and carriage is pulling a coffin. By voiceover, Vincent is reading a prayer. Elijah is shown getting ready for a funeral while Klaus still mourns. Like Elijah, Marcel and Josh are in black suits.

At the cemetery, Vincent is still speaking. Kol, Josh, and Marcel are there, and it is revealed that this is Davina’s funeral. When Vincent is done, Josh says that Davina was the only person he told about his first ex-boyfriend. She was like a sister and a best friend to him.

Kol doesn’t speak, and when it is time for Marcel to speak, he says that words are not any good and that the Mikaelsons will answer for their actions.

At Cami’s wake, Elijah tells Hayley that Cami would appreciate would she had done. Hayley asks about Klaus.

Several episodes ago, Klaus compelled Detective Will Kinney to forget him. Now, Detective Kinney tells Klaus that he looks familiar. Klaus plays it off and says that he has one of those faces. Kinney, then, asks if he knew how Cami died. Klaus says that it was an accident.

Marcel shows up to the wake and lays a flower with the others. He doesn’t say a word to Klaus as he leaves. Elijah tells Klaus that he needs more time. Klaus says that time won’t bring Davina back.

Meanwhile at the Mikaelson compound, Kol speaks to Freya. He wants to know if she knew that Davina’s funeral was today and if she skipped Cami’s because of her guilt. Freya says that she needs to channel the remains of Lucien’s oracle to see if the prophecy still is happening.

Kol says that he hopes the prophecy is true and that they all rot in hell. He’s leaving because there is nothing left for him here.

Elsewhere, Kinney tells Vincent that something is going on in the city. Vincent says that what is happening is a curse, and that he should be careful what he wishes for. Kinney still wants to know what happened to Cami; there was no coroner’s report or death certificate. Vincent tells Kinney to follow him.

At Marcel’s penthouse, Josh is heavily drinking. Marcel tells him to slow down. Josh asks about Marcel’s declaration of war against the Mikaelsons. Marcel shows Josh the serum. Josh doesn’t believe that is a good plan. Josh says it didn’t work well for Lucien, and would Davina would haven’t wanted this?

Meanwhile, Freya is trying to see the prophecy but it keeps fading. When Elijah puts his hand on her shoulder, she sees something. Elijah give her his hand, and they see Marcel attacking them, Hayley, with blood on her face, holding Hope, and Klaus daggered. They also see Elijah dead from a bite. Freya and Elijah realize that Vincent must have given the serum to Marcel. Freya was only able to channel the ancestor’s power to defeat Lucien. She won’t be able to stop Marcel if he turns. Elijah goes to find Marcel.

Meanwhile, Klaus is with Marcel, and Marcel says that they did to Davina wrong. She would have been brought back if it hadn’t of been an inconvenience to his family. Klaus says there was no other way. Lucien had to die.

Marcel wonders what he is to Klaus. Is he a friend? A sidekick or an ally? Because if he is, he isn’t treated like one. Klaus says that they are blood, and even though they fight, they are still family. Marcel says that once upon a time, Klaus had been his mentor, savior, and sire; never his brother. But now Klaus is nothing to him. Klaus wants a chance to prove that Marcel is wrong, so he asks Marcel to come with him. Marcel agrees, and while Klaus isn’t looking slip the serum in his pocket.

Kol hears a music box playing, and wonder who caused it to. Then a matches catches fire and the door closes. And when he looks in the mirror, he sees Davina. She chokes him and he tells her he didn’t mean to hurt her. He loved her. And in a second, she is gone, and everything is back to normal.

Vincent brings Kinney to his old house where he lived with his crazy ex-wife. She used to perform ritual sacrifice there; she also tried to siphon the power of the Ancestors. She wanted to make a battery like object which can house negative energy. Vincent tells Kinney that witchcraft was supposed to keep things in balance and protect New Orleans. That all changed when the Ancestors made a deal with Lucien. Vincent says that is how Cami died.

Meanwhile, Klaus takes Marcel to the bridge where Marcel had spread his father’s ashes. Klaus tells Marcel that he did something that he could never do. He released his hatred. On that day, Klaus saw his full potential. When Klaus tells Marcel that he was his son, Marcel laughs. Marcel believes that Klaus thinks that Marcel would feel like he owed him something. He doesn’t. Marcel says that he has paid back any debts that he owed already. Klaus says that he raised Marcel in his image, but when he saw that he could be better, he began to fear him. Marcel never wanted to be better than Klaus. Well, not until Klaus tried to hold him back. According to Klaus, they will always be family. They are bonded by fate, history, and blood. And then Elijah arrives.

Elsewhere, a SWAT, led by Kinney, charges into a shop where witches are chanting. The witches are arrested for animal cruelty and other things. When they are gone, Vincent collects some objects. He tells Kinney that cemeteries hold the spirits of the Ancestors. Scared places are what helps them focusing their energy. In turn, it is where the “world’s touch.” Vincent plans to go into their world and cut of their tie for this world. When Kinney asks how, Kol arrives and says that Vincent has to die in order to. Because Davina is reaching out to Kol, he convinces Vincent to let him go too.

Elijah tells Klaus that they need to talk. And then Elijah asks Marcel where the serum is. Marcel holds it up, and says that he should take it because loyalty never got him anywhere. Klaus demands that Marcel stop. Marcel asks why would this change anything if they were truly equal. Besides they are “just family.” Again, Klaus demands that Marcel hand it over. If he does, he will be forgiven. Marcel says that Klaus always has to be the king; he has to have people below him. However, eventually kings fall. Elijah begins to worry when he notices that the scene happening right now, was shown in the prophecy.

Meanwhile, Josh brings Davina’s favorite record to the cemetery like Vincent asked. Vincent tells Kol that they need to get this done fast. They have to conjure Davina and use the bomb.  Then, Vincent drinks something and him and Kol join hands with Josh. Vincent chants. Both of them, Vincent and Kol, wake on the other side. Kol goes to Davina’s headstone, while Vincent chants. Davina appears.

Elijah demands that Marcel give him the serum. Klaus will not allow for Marcel to destroy his family. Marcel tells Klaus that he maybe he is the villain of Lucien’s story. The Mikaelsons do everything in the name of family. Marcel used to admire that because it gave him faith in those you love. But now he sees that forever and always was an excuse for them to do whatever they please. In mid-sentence, Marcel gets his heart ripped out by Elijah. He is thrown off the bridge and into the river. Klaus screams no.

Marcel’s body gets carried away by the current. Klaus believes that he could have talked him down. Elijah explains to Klaus that he couldn’t let Marcel kill his family. Marcel had turned into their foe once Davina had died. There was no choice for Elijah.

Meanwhile, Davina believes that once the link between the Ancestors and the real world is gone, the living witches will need Vincent, so he needs to survive. She sends him back.

Back at the Mikaelson compound, Elijah returns home looking upset. He falls to his knees and cries. He tells Hayley that he killed Marcel, and she holds him.

Davina wants Kol to tell Josh that he shouldn’t be sad. She also wants him to tell Marcel thanks for being her family. Kol agrees to. Davina doesn’t know how to say goodbye to Kol. Kol tells her that he was dead for a long time. The first thing he saw when he woke was her leaving the church. She brought some dead flowers back to life, and she smiled. When she did that, it was the first time he had felt alive in a while. They exchange I love yous. Kol goes back to the real world, and Davina activates Vincent’s bomb. It goes off, and in the real world, Kol, Josh, and Vincent run as the cemetery goes up in flames.

Meanwhile, Hayley goes to talk to Klaus, who is staring down at the street. She defends Elijah’s choice. Freya had showed her the prophecy. Elijah is always forgiving him. Klaus says that she sounds like Cami. Speaking of her, smoke blows across her headstone.

Vincent tells Kinney that the Ancestors are cut off and the witches are free. Kinney says that for months he felt like he was losing his mind, and that there was something in the darkness waiting for him. Vincent tells him that it wasn’t all in his head.

Hayley goes back to comforting Elijah. She tells him that he needs to forgive himself. Elijah starts to walk away from her, but then turns back around and kisses her.

Meanwhile, Klaus is at Marcel’s penthouse and Josh and Vincent arrive. He tells them that Marcel is dead and leaves. Josh feels guilty because he believes that it is his fault; he told Marcel not to take it. Vincent says that Marcel is still alive. He took the serum the minute he gave it to him.

Marcel is shown in the river-still very much alive.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Let’s us mourn because we cannot move on until we do.”- Vincent
  • “Oh cool, so you’re going to die soon too?”- Josh
  • “It seems you’re always willing to watch the world burn, as long as you survive.”- Marcel
  • “From the moment I met you, I saw myself in you.”- Klaus
  • “The thing about kings, though, eventually they all fall. Even you.”- Marcel
  • “Always and forever is just an excuse to whatever the hell you want.”- Marcel
  • “He was one of us.”- Klaus
  • “I don’t know how to say goodbye to you.”- Davina
  • “Give them hell, Davina Claire.”- Kol

2016-2017 Season: What’s Renewed, Cancelled, and Picked-Up?

The state of far too many of your favorite shows (Courtesy: ABC)

Ready for your TV to change?

Well, you’d better be because it’s Upfronts time. Every May, networks meet and plot and make decisions about all of their shows, renewing some and cancelling others. It’s a bit of a bloodbath. But at the end of it, we at least know what’s coming back next year and what new shows may fill the voids left behind by particularly painful cancellations.

The end results? Check out the list of shows coming (or not) for the 2016-2017 season below — it will be updated as news comes in over the next few days.



  • Agents of SHIELD
  • American Crime
  • Black-ish
  • The Catch
  • Dr. Ken
  • Fresh Off the Boat
  • The Goldbergs
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • How to Get Away with Murder
  • Last Man Standing
  • The Middle
  • Modern Family
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Real O’Neals
  • Quantico
  • Scandal


  • Agent Carter
  • Blood and Oil
  • Castle
  • The Family
  • Galavant
  • The Muppets
  • Nashville
  • Of Kings and Prophets
  • Wicked City


  • Conviction
  • Designated Survivor
  • Downward Dog
  • Imaginary Mary
  • Notorious
  • Speechless
  • Still Star-Crossed
  • Time After Time
  • Untitled Katy Mixon sitcom



  • Aquarius
  • The Blacklist
  • Blindspot
  • The Carmichael Show
  • Chicago Fire
  • Chicago PD
  • Chicago Med
  • Grimm
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • Shades of Blue
  • Superstore


  • Crowded
  • Game of Silence
  • Hannibal
  • Heartbeat
  • Heroes Reborn
  • Mr. Robinson
  • Mysteries of Laura
  • The Player
  • Telenovela
  • Undateable 


  • The Blacklist: Redemption
  • Chicago Justice
  • Emerald City
  • The Good Place
  • Great News
  • Marlon
  • Midnight, Texas
  • Powerless
  • Taken
  • This Is Us
  • Timeless
  • Trial & Error
  • Untitled Mike Schur comedy



  • 2 Broke Girls
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Blue Bloods
  • Criminal Minds
  • Elementary
  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Life in Pieces
  • Madam Secretary
  • Mom
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • NCIS: New Orleans
  • Scorpion


  • Angel from Hell
  • CSI: Cyber
  • The Good Wife
  • Mike and Molly
  • Person of Interest
  • Rush Hour


  • Bull
  • Doubt
  • The Great Indoors
  • Kevin Can Wait
  • MacGyver
  • Man with a Plan
  • Pure Genius
  • Training Day



  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Bones (for a final season 12)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Empire
  • Family Guy
  • Gotham
  • The Last Man on Earth
  • Lucifer
  • New Girl
  • Rosewood
  • Scream Queens
  • The Simpsons
  • Sleepy Hollow


  • Bordertown
  • Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life
  • Grandfathered
  • The Grinder
  • Minority Report
  • Second Chance


  • 24: Legacy
  • APB
  • Exorcist
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Making History
  • The Mick
  • Pitch
  • Prison Break
  • Shots Fired
  • Son of Zorn
  • Star



  • The 100
  • Arrow
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • The Flash
  • iZombie
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Legends of Tomorrow
  • The Originals
  • Reign
  • Supernatural
  • The Vampire Diaries


  • Beauty and the Beast (final season airing this summer)
  • Containment


  • Frequency
  • No Tomorrow
  • Riverdale
  • Supergirl (moving from CBS for season 2)



  • Faking It (MTV)
  • House of Lies (Showtime)
  • Recovery Road (Freeform)


  • Will (TNT)

* Not all cancellations, renewals, and pick-ups are listed here, simply because it’s way too hard to keep track of them. I am adding information as I see it though.


The Originals Recap: Where Nothing Stays Buried

the originals where nothing dead stays buried marcel cw

The episode begins with Kol holding Davina’s lifeless body. Marcel comes and demands to know why Kol is back in town. When he notices blood, he runs to Davina’s body and begins to sob.  Kol tells Marcel that it was the ancestors. He had made Davina dagger him in an attempt to stop him, but it did not work. Marcel stands and starts punching Kol. When he stops, he tells Kol that this New Orleans. Because of this witch spirits can be brought back from the dead. They will bring Davina back.

Meanwhile, Cami’s body still lays on the bed that she died on. Klaus hasn’t made an effort to move it. Hayley comes and tells him that she wants to arrange an Irish wake for Cami. Klaus says no.
Vincent tells Freya that he had found a spell to drain the serum out of Aurora. And Freya tells him that she thinks that she has found a way to kill Lucien. Esther Mikaelson once made a spell to undo her children’s vampireyness. Freya believes that this spell will work on Lucien. There is only one problem.

The witch who cast the spell has to perform it. It wasn’t Vincent’s magic who turned Lucien into who he is; it was the Ancestors. Therefore Freya needs the Ancestors magic. Vincent gets a call from Marcel and leaves.

Elijah enters, and gives Freya a string of his hair. She is working on an early warning system because Lucien has the Ancestors on his side, she wants to know if and when they plan to mess with her siblings.

Vincent tells Kol and Marcel that they need to consecrate Davina if they want to bring her back. Kol says that if they do that then the ancestors will get to her. Vincent says that they will put her in a safe place when they consecrate her. Also Vincent needs Freya because he power isn’t strong enough.

At the Penthouse, Lucien is getting impatient that he still isn’t able to get into the Mikaelson’s Compound. Van Nguyen tells him that it is not magic keeping him out, it is the fact that the house is in Freya’s name. Lucien plans to kill Rebekah to lure Klaus out.

Klaus agrees to Freya help Kol, Vincent, and Marcel out. While Vincent is setting up for the spell, he tells Davina that he thought that the Ancestors were supposed to offer a safe place after death. He doesn’t know what they are doing.

Elsewhere in the house, Freya gears up to do her part of the spell. She will use a spell to create a circle and will need to channel from an original. Kol volunteers, but he can’t help because he has already been marked by the ancestors. It has to be Elijah or Klaus.

Freya’s warning system begins to work and in the background a portrait of Rebekah goes up in flames. They realize that Lucien is going after Rebekah. Since Klaus moved Rebekah from her original spot, he goes to get her. Hayley comes with Klaus, and Elijah helps Freya with her spell.

Vincent begins the consecration. When Davina wakes in the afterlife, she is in the cemetery. Van’s mother is there waiting for her and slams Davina using magic. Other Ancestors begin to gather around Davina; they have such plans for her.

Freya finishes her side of the spell, and Davina returns to them, trapped in the circle on the floor.

Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley are in the bayou getting Rebekah. Hayley says that she knows and understands that he is hurting; but Klaus disagrees. The person who she shares a connection with her is still alive.

Davina tells Kol what happened to her while she was in the afterlife. And Kol tells her that the green stone that they are using could cause her to have a faith much worse than death. They tried to use it on him while he was there, but it didn’t work because he is a vampire.

Behind closed doors, Freya tells Elijah about how she can change Lucien back into a normal vampire. She also tells him that since Davina is caught between worlds, she can use her to channel the Ancestors magic.

Once she has it, she can make Lucien killable. But the problem is that Freya will have to draw from Davina which will break through the circle that is protecting her. Elijah tells Freya that she can’t do it. Freya knows the consequences, but what are they supposed to do?

Elijah calls Klaus and tells him of the plans. Klaus says that they will find another way. If they destroy Davina, Kol and Marcel will turn against them.

Meanwhile, Van hasn’t found Rebekah’s body. But he knows that she isn’t at the bottom of the ocean, she is somewhere in the bayou.

Speaking of Rebekah, Klaus and Hayley load her coffin in the trunk of his car. Klaus tells Hayley that she needs to stop wasting time and talk to Elijah. They aren’t out of the clear of the prophecy yet.

Vincent goes to the cemetery and chats with Van. Vincent knows that he isn’t supposed to be there, but he wants to know why they are targeting Davina. Also why Van is helping Lucien when he plans to destroy New Orleans. Van says that they killed Davina for working with the vampires. Vincent uses magic on Van, and Kol throw him into a tomb.

Hayley isn’t sure that Elijah still wants her. Klaus says that he does. Like he knew he was being talked about, Elijah calls, but they don’t get a chance to answer because another car slams into them.
At the compound, Elijah tells Freya that they didn’t answer his call. The Strix had told him that Lucien was headed towards the bayou. Freya tells him that there is no time, they must do what they have to do.

Davina tells Marcel that the Ancestors hate her because of the choices that she made. Marcel is not at fault. He couldn’t keep her locked up forever. She does thank him for saving her and everything else he has done for her. Davina tells Marcel that she loves him.

Moments later, Elijah slams Marcel and Freya goes toward Davina, using a spell. Davina begs Freya to stop, as her eyes begin to bleed. Freya continues on with the channeling. Now in the afterlife, the ancestors begin to attack Davina as she screams.

When she is done, Freya tells Elijah that it had to be done. They both leave. Vincent arrives, and Marcel tells him what had happened. Van and Kol are there too.

When Klaus comes to, Lucien is there and attacks him. He throws Klaus into a house.  Davina starts to run from Van’s mom, as elsewhere Lucien hunts for Klaus in the now destroyed house.  Van’s mom begins to use the stone on Davina. Davina begs her to stop, as a symbol begins to show on her forehead.

Meanwhile, Marcel brings Davina’s body back to the circle. Van attempts to use a spell to bring her back, but then he stops. However, Davina is still gone. Apparently, it felt was like she wasn’t at the afterlife at all.

Van doesn’t know where she is. The Ancestors had gotten to her first. When Marcel realizes that she is gone, he begins to sob. They kick Van out of the compound. Marcel tells Kol that he should have never trusted his family. Everything they touch gets destroyed.

At the bayou, Hayley, who had been impaled metal, wakes up. She hears sounds of Lucien and Klaus fighting. She goes directly there and tries to help Klaus against Lucien. Lucien puts his hand in Hayley back, holding her heart.

Klaus asks Lucien what he is trying to prove by killing Hayley. Lucien says that he doesn’t care who dies. He wants Klaus to knee or he will rip Hayley’s heart out. Klaus does kneel and Elijah and Freya to come to help.

Freya does the spell and causes Lucien to become a normal vampire again. Klaus says that Lucien never recovered from losing his name and was never able to crawl from his shadow.
With that, Klaus rips out his heart. At night fall, Klaus burns Lucien’s body. While Lucien desiccates, Klaus tells Hayley that Cami’s wake should be at Rousseau’s. Freya tells Klaus what she had to do to stop Lucien.

Meanwhile, Marcel is drinking and still upset about Davina’s death. Elijah and Klaus arrive. But he’s angry at them. He did everything they asked. He fought for Hope, kept Hayley alive, and kept them away from the white oak.

Elijah is aware that he’s done all of that, but Marcel doesn’t believe that they do. Klaus says that there was no choice to make. Marcel says that Aurora, Lucien, and Tristan were right about them.
If you aren’t family to them, you’re nothing. Elijah tells Marcel that he is family, but Marcel says that he isn’t anymore, never again. When Klaus attempts to comfort him, Marcel leaves.

At the cemetery, Kol tells Van that Davina was the only one keeping him alive. Now that she is gone, there is no reason for him to be. Kol kills Van.

Vincent tells Freya that instead of saving Davina, she chose to save individuals who have lived forever. Freya is aware, and she’s sorry. But she had to save her family. Vincent tells her that she’s a bloodsucker, like the rest of her family.

Hayley and Elijah share a moment. Hayley comes in the room, as Elijah is sitting, drinking. She sits next to him and takes his drink to set down. Elijah kisses her hand, and her face nears. A couple second of stares pass between them and Elijah kisses her hand. She rest her head on his shoulder. His arm goes around her.

As Klaus plays with Hope in her crib, Freya comes in. He tells her that they shouldn’t be celebrating. They avenged Cami, but in doing so they sacrificed someone she cared about. Even though the family is safe, they are fractured. Klaus believes that he’s created a new monster.

Vincent tells Marcel that he doesn’t like vampires, but he has respect for him. He hands Marcel the serum that made Lucien powerful. Marcel and Mikael had been the only two people who had driven the Mikaelsons out of New Orleans, Vincent wants Marcel to do it again.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “We are going to bring her back.”- Marcel
  • “Maybe death does something to us. Twist us all into something ugly.”- Vincent.
  • “We both know that the person you share a true connection with is still breathing.”- Klaus
  • “Honey, you will always be my responsibility.”- Marcel
  • “You didn’t let me down. I just grew up.”- Davina
  • “You people destroy everything you touch.”- Marcel
  • “You are nothing.”- Klaus
  • “You destroyed somebody good today; in order to save people who had more than their share of lifetimes.”- Vincent

Stray Thoughts:

  • Was it really necessary to kill two characters back to back?
  • Has it been officially confirmed that Davina is dead?
  • Davina’s not dead for good. She’ll be back. This is either speculation or denial.
  • The title of this episode almost is ironic.
  • Will the ancestors bring her back to use against the Originals?
  • Can Cami come back?
  • Klaus was so heartbroken.
  • Klaus giving romance advice to Hayley.

The Originals Recap: No More Heartbreak


This episode of The Originals begins with Lucien still in Cami’s apartment. Cami is on the ground, and only wakes when he puts the kettle on the stove. She notices the bite on her arm. Lucien tells her that her days had been numbered since the day she discovered Klaus. Cami escapes her apartment and goes to the Mikaelson’s compound.

Before she tells Klaus what happened, she wants him to promise that he will stay calm. She doesn’t get a chance to tell him because he notices her arm. Cami tells Klaus that she loves him. Klaus doesn’t say it back. He will tell her tomorrow because she’s not going to die today.

After collapsing, Cami comes to. The Mikaelsons and Hayley are trying to find a way to save her. Freya gives Cami a healing salve. It will ease the pain, but it won’t stop the infection. Hayley promises Cami that they will do everything they can to save her.

When Vincent arrives, Klaus blames him for what has happened. He is the one who turned Lucien into a beast. Cami tells Klaus to stop, and he focuses his attention back to trying to save Cami. Klaus says that Lucien had always been obsessed with him. He wonders if his blood will kill him. Cami remembers that some of Lucien’s blood is at her apartment.

Meanwhile, Davina is upset with Kol because he attempted to leave without telling her. Kol tells her that the ancestors won’t allow for him to leave. If he does, he will desiccated at the city limits.

Marcel calls Davina to tell her about Cami. Instead of going to the Mikaelson compound, Davina wants to go straight to Lucien to get some answers. Kol attempts to stop her, but she knocks him back with magic. She thinks that maybe she can get Lucien to tell her what the ancestors are doing.

Cami finds Klaus staring at Aurora, who is comatose. Klaus says that he was wrong to “deny her the satisfaction of revenge.” Cami says that anger and fear isn’t her, and that she is the type of person who helps people like Aurora. She will not let Aurora take that from her.

While Cami is looking out the window, Freya brings Klaus something to help Cami. When Freya leaves, Cami tells Klaus that it is a beautiful day. Klaus says that when she is better they can go for a stroll. He hands her what Freya brought her.

Cami offers to make him a drink and tells him that she loved being a bartender. She also asks him to write up her will. Klaus agrees to.

Meanwhile, Marcel goes to watch Lucien’s back as he collects Lucien’s blood from Cami’s apartment. Vincent collects the blood by using a spell successfully, but begins to struggle when putting it in the bowl. The ancestors are working against him.

Cami lists off who gets what as Klaus writes it down. Cami plans to leave Davina all of her clothes, only the ones that aren’t too revealing. Josh gets all of her records. Vincent will be left with her books and Kieran’s files.

Cami’s dark objects will go to Hayley but Hope will get them when she is old enough. Hope is a New Orleans witch; she’ll need them. An old game of Trivial Pursuit will go to Elijah. When Cami gets to Klaus, he tells her to stop.

Elsewhere, Lucien is celebrating by partying with a several vampires. Davina arrives and salts the doors. She uses a spell to stop the party and uses a spell to knock out everyone but Lucien. Davina holds a doll and demands that Lucien tell her the truth.

So Lucien tells her the truth. The juicy stuff- like that’s he a Scorpio. That’s not what Davina was wanting to know; she wants to know how to save Cami. Instead of telling her, Lucien steps over the salt line.

Of course, the ancestors helped him get passed Davina’s spell. They only reason they are helping him is because he promised to “exterminate” the Mikaelsons. Unfortunately for Cami, there is no cure that can save her. Lucien’s bite has no cure.

Meanwhile, Hayley and Elijah go to the bayou to get Hope. Elijah has to stay outside because Mary, Jackson’s grandmother, doesn’t like vampires. Hayley says that their lives are insane and that she can’t stop losing people. Elijah says that he’s not afraid to die and that they fight for the ones they love.

Cami is in the bed. She isn’t looking better. Klaus sits beside her, holding her hand. The two enter an illusion. They are at a café and Cami looks healthy. Cami believes that it is a perfect day. Klaus, who is still positive that Cami will recover, says that they can go to Rome tomorrow. If Cami had known that Klaus was so romantic then she wouldn’t have played hard to get.

In real life, Freya tells Vincent that Cami is getting worse. Vincent suggest asking the Strix, but Marcel tells him that they can’t help. Something like this has never existed before, they don’t know how to deal with it.

Vincent wonders what else there is to save Cami. Hayley says that maybe Hope can help.

Meanwhile, Davina asks Lucien why he is doing this. Lucien says because Klaus stole the love of his life. Lucien believes that love can only make you weak, and when Cami dies his theory will be proven correct. Klaus will come to kill him, but in the end Lucien will be the one killing him.

Lucien tells Davina to leave. She isn’t his to kill. The ancestors have something else in mind for her, and she should ask Kol about it.

In the illusion, Klaus and Cami are walking downtown holding hands. They look like a happy, normal couple. Cami says that he is afraid of what will happen when she is gone. Klaus doesn’t want to talk about the possibly of her death.

She begins to talk about their first meeting. Klaus was damaged, but Cami believes that he is capable of joy, hope, and love. He is loved by his family and her. When Cami brings up the possibly of her dying again, the illusion begins to diminish, but it stops when Cami tells Klaus that he will be okay.

Meanwhile, Davina goes to Kol and wants to know why he didn’t tell her that he was sent back to kill her. Kol says eventually he will give into the spell, so he hands her a dagger. This will keep her safe while she tries to find a way to lift the curse. Davina does ultimately dagger him after hesitating at first.

Just like Lucien’s blood, Hope’s didn’t work either. The infection has spread everywhere, and Cami doesn’t have much longer. Freya suggests that they move Cami’s soul, but Vincent knows that she wouldn’t agree to that.

In the illusion, Cami and Klaus are at the spot where they first met. When they are reminiscing about that night, Cami stumbles back a little. Klaus finally tells Cami that he loves her, and at this moment Cami realizes that she’s dying.

In this heartbreaking moment, Cami tells Klaus that she wanted to be brave, but right now she is scared. Cami wishes that she would have done more, but Klaus doesn’t want her to think for a moment that she failed him. She inspired goodness in him. He will always carry her with him.

In return, Cami tells Klaus that there is light in him. Also that he needs to stop the cycle of abuse, so that he can be the light for Hope. As Cami dies, Klaus holds her crying. There will be no more pain, no more heartbreak for her. Klaus says that she will find peace.

Davina comes to the compound and notices the somber faces of everyone. Marcel comes up to her and hugs her. Meanwhile, Vincent sits at Cami’s bedside and says that he and the quarter need her. He will continue fighting and he knows that she is right there ahead of him-keeping the fire warm and the beer cold.

Elijah and Freya both agree that this fight is not over. Lucien will go down. After, Elijah goes to Klaus to put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Also, Hayley goes to visit Cami. She tells her that it’s sad that Hope will never know her and that’s not fair. Hayley believes that Cami deserved better.

Meanwhile, Davina talks to Kol’s lifeless body. She wishes that she can talk to him. A wind blows and then at the cemetery a crypt cracks. The Mikaelson’s compound and other buildings begin to shake. Lights also flare.

When Davina focuses her attention back on Kol, he isn’t one the floor anymore. With the dagger gone, he attacks her- biting her neck. She goes limb. Kol stops and realizes what he has done. He tries to save her, but she is gone.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “I can tell you I love you tomorrow. You’re not dying today.”- Klaus Mikaelson
  • “Just promise me you’ll never leave me again.”- Davina
  • “All of that anger and fear is not me.”- Cami
  • “You know, it’s not polite to stare.”- Davina
  • “Do you see how insane our lives have become?”- Hayley
  • “We fight for those we love.”- Elijah
  • “Love will make you strong.”- Cami
  • “I thought you were going to tell me that tomorrow. I really don’t have a tomorrow; Do I?”- Cami
  • “You will find peace.”- Klaus
  • “Keeping the fire warm and the beers cold.”-Vincent

Stray Thoughts:

  • How are the Mikaelsons going to win this battle? The odds are against them.
  • Cami and Klaus were holding hands. It was so cute.
  • Nope, Davina better not die.
  • Cami was such an amazing character. All the feels were felt when she died. It was an emotional scene. She will be truly missed.
  • Leah Pipes was a great actress, and it’s sad to see her leave the show.

The Originals Recap: The Devil Comes Here and Sighs


The Originals episode begins with Lucien and Aurora in a date like setting. He shows her the serum, and proposes that she become what he is. They could spend the rest of their immortal life together if she does. When Aurora mentions that she doesn’t want to enjoy it because Tristan is suffering, Lucien promises that he’ll have Tristan back by the end of the day or he will kill Elijah.

While Freya is working on a spell to end Lucien, Klaus goes to Cami’s place. Because the lease is in her neighbor’s name he can’t end. But that’s okay with him, he just wanted to make sure she was safe. When Aurora is mentioned, Klaus says that he doesn’t care about her. He only cares about Cami, however, she made her feelings perfectly clear.

While leaving, Klaus notices Lucien lurking and goes after him. Lucien attacks him, and says that Klaus will help him get Elijah. Klaus doesn’t have a choice, because Lucien daggers Klaus. Cami sees the entire scene.

Earlier, Davina and Kol had went to Saint James, and spotted Vincent. Now, Vincent is asking Kol if he heard anything- chants or voices- when he was bought back. Kol says that there was no noise and the ancestors hate him. Vincent tells them that the ancestors made a deal with Lucien.

Apparently, since the vampires had taken over the city, the ancestors have been restless. They might be using Lucien as a weapon against the Mikaelsons.

Meanwhile, Cami tells Elijah and Freya what she saw. After Lucien had daggered Klaus, he had brought him to his penthouse. Elijah gets a text from Lucien. Lucien wants Elijah to meet him or else Klaus dies. Hayley attempts to stop Elijah, he is dead set on going to meet up with Lucien.

Speaking of Klaus, he is currently chained up and screaming. Nothing supernatural can escape. Lucien had been planning this for centuries and had stocked up on items to use. Aurora is there for the show. Lucien has business to attend so he leaves.

Vincent attempts to talk to the ancestors at the cemetery. He tells them that he can’t lead the covens if they continue to “jerk” him around. Van Nguyen is there. His mom is one of the ancestors now; and they want Vincent out. Van throws Vincent aside and declares that he is the new regent.

Meanwhile, Klaus tells Aurora that the only reason he locked her up was he because he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. Him hiding her away was like when Tristan did. He still has hopes for them. And they burn brighter when they are together. Klaus would be willing to forgive everything, if she forgave him.

And the Academy Award of Best Actor goes to… anyone but Klaus Mikaelson.  According to Aurora, it was a pathetic attempt at seduction. Klaus tells her that she would never love Lucien. Instead of denying it, Aurora says that Lucien is just a means to an end. She’ll let him save her brother and accepts his gifts. She pulls out the vial to show Klaus and tells him that she will be a power creature so she can kill him.

Klaus doesn’t believe that she will be able to spend eternity without him. Jokes on him, because she apparently can because she drinks the serum.

Elijah goes to meet up with Lucien. Elijah demands his brother back. Lucien tells him that if he doesn’t get Tristan back, he’s dead.

Back at the penthouse, Aurora wonders if Klaus would like to see her burn then rise from her ashes. Let’s be real, Aurora, he would probably rather you stayed dead. Klaus doesn’t say those words, but he could be thinking them.

What he does say is, if she becomes him she would only be more miserable. According to Klaus, no men in her life could save her from her own madness. Klaus taunts her some more, and Aurora eventually begins to torture him.

Meanwhile, Cami and Hayley are heading towards Lucien’s penthouse. Cami starts to worry that she will be a liability. Hayley says that because she can control her emotions she is already one step ahead of Aurora. Cami spots a pharmacy and tells Hayley that she was an idea.

Elijah tells Lucien that he’s an abomination who has become an errand boy for a lunatic. Elijah also tells him that he has no idea where Tristan is. Elijah doesn’t believe that Lucien cares about Tristan. Lucien agrees and says that at least he can tell Aurora that he tried. After, he kicks Elijah and sends him flying in the air.

When Elijah is up again, Freya comes and traps Lucien in a sigil. It is a bind and will weaken him. She might not be able to kill him, but she can make him wish he was dead.

Back at Saint James, Davina and Kol are dancing. Because magic doesn’t work there, Kol had been able to control himself. But something happens and he begins to hear the heartbreaks of everyone there. Kol struggles with trying to not bite Davina. Marcel arrives and snaps Kol’s neck. He tells Davina to go help Vincent.

Aurora stabs Klaus in the throats and announces that it is time to end him. But before she does, she is going to stake herself and be reborn. When she’s ready to, the elevator dings. It’s Cami.

This would be Cami and Aurora’s first interaction after Cami turned into a vampire. Cami says that she is enjoying being a vampire and pulls out a knife. Klaus urges Cami to leave, but Aurora tells Klaus to shut it and let her kill her.

Cami doesn’t attack, instead Hayley comes in and attacks Aurora. Klaus warns her to stop before they kill Aurora. Remember she drank the serum. Hayley does, and Aurora snaps Hayley’s neck and kicks Cami.

Kol wakes, and Marcel gives him some blood bags. Marcel tells Kol that he needs to leave town. The ancestors’ magic won’t work on him if he’s out of the city. Kol insists that he would never hurt Davina. Marcel tells him to do the right thing and leave.

Kol’s other half, is at the cemetery. When she is about to touch a match book, Vincent warns her not too. Van casted a spell and the ancestors are coming for Kol. Davina and Vincent channel each other to try to stop the spell.

Still trapped, Lucien screams. And seconds later, he stands, appearing to not be in pain anymore. Freya uses an aneurysm spell on him. Then the Stix surround him. Lucien laughs because he can kill them all. The ancestors are helping him, and he steps through the sigil. The Strix attack him. Freya continues to hit him with magic.

Aurora wonders who she should kill first- Hayley or Cami. She approaches Cami first. It is worth mentioning that Cami hadn’t been invited in. She is currently in the door frame. Because of this fact, Aurora grabs Cami and shoves her through the door. Cami begins to scream in pain and blood comes from her eyes. So that’s what happens when they enter a place they aren’t invited in.

Lucien and the Strix are fighting. The Strix are losing. Elijah watches. The ancestors help Lucien withstand Freya’s magic. Freya uses a spell to throw Lucien. When he looks up, Freya and Elijah are gone.

Aurora still holds on to Cami as she screams. Cami has a syringe in her hand, and Hayley gets Cami out of the room. The syringe is used on Aurora.

Meanwhile, Davina goes to Marcel looking for Kol. Marcel tells her that Kol is gone. Even though Davina had stop the ancestors spell, she still needs to find a permanent solution. Marcel notes that in the 200 years that he’s known Kol, this is the first time he’s ever done the right thing.

Kol drives out of New Orleans and the blood craving is instantly gone. However, his hand begins to desiccate. He goes back to New Orleans.

Lucien goes back to his penthouse and a mess. Klaus and Aurora are both gone. He had hid a video camera behind a mirror and when he watches, he sees Aurora saying that he is just a means to an end.

At the Mikaelson Compound, Hayley mentions that Aurora is out cold. And Freya says that she will use her blood to figure out how to destroy both Aurora and Lucien. Hayley tells Klaus that Cami went through a lot of save him. Meanwhile, Lucien pays a visit to Cami. She thinks that he can’t come in. But he can. He killed the human who had the lease in her name. He enters and bites Cami.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “And they call me delusional.”- Aurora
  • “Perhaps I’ll return the favor.”-Klaus
  • “Defeated at the hands of a stable boy? I sincerely doubt it.”- Klaus
  • “Tell me does how it feels knowing you’ve been out done by your better.”-Lucien
  • “It does sound a little reckless.”- Elijah
  • “We burn brighter together than we ever did alone.”- Klaus
  • “Here’s the thing about being afraid. If you have to do the thing that you’re afraid of than all this fear is for nothing. Either turn it into anger or leave it at the door. But either way you control your emotions.”-Hayley Marshall
  • “Maybe I can’t kill you, but I can make you wish you were dead.”- Freya

Stray Thoughts:

  • No, Cami can’t die.
  • How are they going to stop Lucien?
  • Poor Kol!
  • It appears that Hayley and Elijah will have a moment soon.
  • Could Lucien possibly kill Aurora too?

The Originals Recap: Behind the Back Horizon


The Originals episode begins with Lucien revealing his plan to Freya and Vincent as he drags them into the woods at Mystic Falls. Yes, the Mystic Falls where Esther changed her children into vampires. Lucien plans to not necessary be an original, but an upgrade.

Meanwhile, Kol and Davina go to Saint James, a bar where magic doesn’t work. Vincent was supposed to meet them, but he’s not there. Davina finds Vincent’s phone. Vincent had recorded a video on it for her. Davina takes the phone to the other Mikaelsons and plays it for them.

Vincent says that magic is their enemy and that he needs Davina’s help to save Freya. Also, a thread between Vincent and Kol must be found in order for his and Freya’s location to be tracked. Davina and Kol split up to do the spell and Finn and Elijah go on the hunt to find Freya and Vincent.

At Mystic Falls, Lucien bites into Freya and drains some of her blood. After, he orders Vincent to begin to spell. Vincent attempts to resist, but the ancestors begin to force him to do the spell.

Davina and Kol figure out that Finn and Elijah need to go to Northern Virginia. Kol says that they were born in Mystic Falls, which is in Northern Virginia. Kol needs Davina to be more specific than Northern Virginia.

She can’t, so they need one of Kol’s dark objects. A dark object which Cami has. Cami gives them the dark object, and suggests to Davina that Kol might be cursed after seeing him get angry.

While the spell is being done, Lucien fills Freya in on his motives. He’s still bitter about being compelled to believe that he was Klaus Mikaelson. He’s still not over losing Aurora, but it did teach him that he needed to be better than the Mikaelsons. And when he discovered the prophecy, he realized that it would help him achieve this. His rise will be their downfall.

Elijah and Finn arrive in Mystic Falls and begin to bicker.  Finn voices his reason for his resentment toward his family. Yes, Finn “poisoned” this siblings and threatened their survival. But Finn is the way he is because he was locked in a box. When he got out, he was so mad. He’s still mad.

Despite his anger, he will not let Freya be killed in Mystic Falls. When he says that he will tear the town apart looking for her, Matt Donovan overhears them. For those who are unaware, Matt Donavan killed Finn in season three of The Vampire Diaries. Matt, who is now a deputy, tells Elijah and Finn that he had ran every vampire out of Mystic Falls and they aren’t allowed to be there. Elsewhere in Mystic Falls, Vincent finishes the spell and Lucien takes a drink of the blend.

After checking out Kingmaker Land Development offices in various locations, Hayley and Klaus end up at the Tennessee office. Instead of helping his brothers, Klaus decides that he needs to be with Hayley.

In the office, Klaus attempts to compel the desk worker, but it fails and she pushes the alarm button. Klaus and Hayley take out the team and discover where the wolves are being held. It’s a laboratory setting, and the wolves aren’t dead. However, there is a vampire who is.

Meanwhile, Elijah tells Matt that they are in town to recuse their sister. Their other sister, Freya. But Elijah will be willing to pass Matt’s regards to Rebekah.

Kol and Davina use the dark object to start another spell. It works and Finn falls to the ground. He knows where Freya is. Finn, Elijah, and Matt find Lucien, who is about to take a drink of the blend. Lucien shields himself with Freya’s body. Finn uses Matt’s gun to shoot through Freya to get to Lucien. Lucien falls to the ground, and Elijah gives Freya some of his blood.

Klaus begins freeing the wolves. Hayley offers blood to one, but he turns it down believing that she is a vampire. When she says that he’s a hybrid, he takes her blood. Klaus realizes that Lucien was testing a cure for wolf venom. But why would he test out a cure for something that he knows that would work?

Lucien should be dead, but unfortunately, he had already taken a drink of the blend. He wakes up and starts fighting Elijah and Finn. Finn gets bitten by Lucien. Freya creates a barrier spell, with prompts Lucien to leave.

Meanwhile, Davina tells Kol that he might be cursed. Kol doesn’t take the news well. Everyone is always trying to get in his business. After angrily punching a mirror, he leaves.

Finn is brought back to New Orleans. He’s in bad shape. They need Klaus’ blood. Klaus arrives, after Hayley says that he should attempt to make Finn an ally. Klaus gives Finn his blood. Finn heals and says that today he saw a glimpse of their always and forever.

Seconds later, he starts coughing up blood. His siblings try to come up with a plan that could save Finn. His body is dying. Finn doesn’t want to be saved; he just doesn’t want his siblings to leave him. His siblings, now emotional, are with him when he dies. In the next scene, the Mikaelson siblings, spread his ashes and say their goodbyes.

Meanwhile at Saint James, Davina tells Vincent that Kol has been cursed. She tested his blood, from when he punched the mirror, and it’s filled with magic. The ancestors are making him lose control. Vincent and Davina both agree that it is time for the ancestors to be stopped.

At the compound, Klaus tries to understand what exactly Lucien is. Hayley arrives and says that Lucien hadn’t been trying to find a cure of wolf venom. Instead, he had been attempting to create a more dangerous venom from all seven packs of the wolves. He was trying to be more powerful, and has it inside of him now.

Lucien had created two batches of the spell. Who was the other one for? Aurora. When Klaus goes to her tomb, he realizes that she’s gone.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “I was made that way because of that box.”- Finn Mikaelson
  • “Yes, we have another.”- Elijah
  • “I’m here, brother.”- Klaus
  • “You fought against what time and circumstance made you. You’re free now, Finn.”- Elijah
  • “Always and forever, Brother. ‘Till forever ends.”- Freya

Stray Thoughts:

  • Seeing Elijah get punched around by Lucien was tough.
  • Finn’s death was emotional.
  • An important character is dying soon.
  • Aurora is probably going to go after Cami.

The Originals Recap: Alone with Everybody

the originals alone with everybody

The Originals episode begins with Elijah at bar. Elijah listens in as a mystery man talks about killing Klaus. Two guys are watching Elijah, Strix members who are there to protect Elijah. A waitress bumps into them, and Elijah follows the mystery man out. He doesn’t get far.

He’s stopped by the two Strix members and Marcel. Elijah needs to stay put, and they will find the missing white oak bullet.

Vincent has the white oak bullet. Well, he did until he gets surrounded by vampires. He manages to use spells to knock out two. However, Sofya, who appears to be in charge, defeats Vincent and takes the white oak bullet.

Meanwhile, Josh goes to Marcel to chat about the Strix. He wants to be a member. The Strix might be fancy and all, but they do not know everything.

For example, they don’t know that there is an auction for the white oak bullet. Marcel believes that they are auctioning off a fake. Vincent arrives and says that it’s real.

Over at the Mikaelson compound, Lucien is being denied access by the guards. Freya lets him in and he gives her the flowers he brought for her. Lucien is intrigued by her and there’s a spark between them.

Also at the Mikaelson compound, Kol is telling Elijah that Finn has to be one who started the rumors about the white oak bullet. Freya defends him. Naturally, Elijah and Kol disagree with her.

Elsewhere, Hayley and Klaus walk into a bar. The bar is closed, but Hayley knows someone who works there named Hollis. Hollis comes and Hayley introduces Hope and Klaus to him. Apparently, Hayley used to dance on the bar there.

Anyway, Hayley wonders if Hollis can give them a place to lay low. He agrees and tells her that it’s be a rough time. People have given up on the pack. There isn’t much of a pack anymore.

Elijah gets a call from Marcel warning him about the auction. The compound is secure and no one is allowed to enter or leave. This will give Marcel time to win the auction or if it comes down to it, kill the man who does win.

Back at the bar, Klaus complains about the dirty glass. He and Hayley argue and then Hollis comes to tell them that someone tried to rob the local gas station. Kayla, a girl that Hayley used to babysit, was there.

It triggered her wolf curse. Hayley wants to go help her, but Klaus not so much. It is not time to be a wolf counselor.

Marcel and Josh have a man who was planning to enter the auction. He’s knocked out. Josh uses his log in to get access to the auction. The opening bid is $5 million. There are tons of bids already. Marcel tells Josh to enter a Latin phrase that means “The Strix will fulfill their command.” Their bid gets accepted and they get a phone call.

Earlier, Finn and Kol were close to fighting. But Freya managed to stand between them. Now Freya is telling Finn that they acted as expected given the family history. Finn still would rather die than be a part of the family. Elijah comes and Freya leaves.

Elijah wants to know why Finn is here. Finn wants Freya to put him in a witch body, and then he will leave.
Josh goes to collect his prize. He ends up attacking Sofya. However, she overpowers him. Her boss is someone who wants the Mikaelson’s to pay for their sins. She commands her men to attack Josh.

Meanwhile, Klaus insist that they are leaving, but Hayley wants to stay in help Kayla. She refuses to let Klaus raise their daughter to be just like him. One day their daughter could need help with the same thing, and she hopes that someone will help her. Hayley goes to help Kayla.

Davina tries to take Kol’s mind off of things, but he’s doesn’t think it will work. He wants revenge on Finn. Davina promises that Finn will suffer and kisses him again. Kol does give in, however, he isn’t able to control himself and almost bites her. He speeds away before he does.

Marcel comes to recuse Josh. Josh got his blood on Sofya, which will allow for Vincent to do a locator spell. They find Sofya, and if she tells them her boss’s name, she is as good as dead.

At the Mikaelson compound, Elijah tells Kol to stop with whatever he’s planning. In this scene, Elijah learns that Kol isn’t not able to control himself. Kol does want to gain control- for Davina.

Elsewhere, Hayley goes to see Kayla. Hayley gives her a speech.  She also takes Kayla to a spot where the pack used to go there when someone triggered their curse. Hayley tells Kayla of her experiences and that she can’t let the past define who she is. Hayley gives Kayla the wallet of the man she killed, and Kayla hangs his ID up with the other collection of items.

Klaus watches, and eventually comes out of the shadows.

Davina uses a spell on Finn, which will make him stuck in his original body. Finn attacks her, but Kol comes to stop and fight him. Elijah breaks up the fight, and Kol leaves. He would rather take his chances with the white oak bullet than be in the compound. Davina goes with him.

Kol will be fine. Elijah has the white oak bullet now. And when he tries to destroy it in a fire, Finn grabs it. He really doesn’t want to be a vampire. Lucien takes the bullet from Finn and gives it to Elijah. Elijah doesn’t destroy it, instead he gives it to Freya. Freya will hide it under a thousand spells.

Vincent and Josh still have Sofya. She hasn’t told them her boss’s name yet. Something begins to happen. Vincent gets knocked back and the candles go out. On the ground now, Vincent screams.

He sees the prophecy and his eyes bleed. He then snaps Josh’s neck using magic and frees Sofya. The ancestors don’t want him to kill Sofya. They want him to work with her.

Elsewhere, Klaus decides that it is time to start living where they both decide. They need to be partners for Hope. He comes to the realization, after viewing Kayla’s victim’s ID, that the wolves are being killed off. They aren’t just disappearing.

He calls Elijah to tell him that Kingmaker Land Development is still targeting wolves. Elijah wonders if the old enemies arriving were a distraction. The real threat has been in front of them the whole time.

Freya is walking to her car when Vincent arrives and uses a spell on her. She passes out, and she’s put in the van, that just pulled up. Lucien is there and he takes the white oak bullet from her.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Weird. It’s almost like you’re making this all about you again.”- Hayley
  • “So tell me, how was hell?”- Elijah
  • “At the end of the day, the enemies that you have are the ones that you made.”- Hayley
  • “Being kind doesn’t make you weak, Klaus.”- Hayley
  • “Bullies never leave.”- Josh
  • “Control yourself.”- Elijah
  • “But hurting the ones we love, whether we mean to or not, that’s just what we do.”- Kol
  • “It is who we are.”- Elijah
  • “You can’t let the past define who you are.”- Hayley

Stray Thoughts:

  • That delivery of the line “control yourself” was A+
  • Klaus’ car is cute.
  • Freya, don’t you dare betray your family.
  • Lucien!
  • So Lucien wants to be an Original?
  • Hayley had some good speeches.

The CW Renews Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural… and Everything Else

One network has just made a lot of fans of all of their currently airing shows very, very happy. That’s what happens when The CW renews just about everything airing for a new season.

Which shows were renewed?

  • Arrow – season 5
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – season 2
  • The Flash – season 3
  • iZombie – season 3
  • Jane the Virgin – season 3
  • Legends of Tomorrow – season 2
  • The Originals – season 4
  • Reign – season 4
  • Supernatural – season 12 (yes 12… this show will out live us all)
  • The Vampire Diaries – season 8
  • The 100 – season 4

Impressively, it’s a much shorter list of shows not renewed at this point — Beauty and the Beast (which already was announced to be going into its final season) and Containment (which hasn’t premiered yet).

So sit back and relax, CW fans! Your shows aren’t going anywhere!