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Arrow, The Flash, and More Go Lego to Promote Lego Batman

lego batman arrow the flash warner bros
Warner Bros.

A whole bunch of Warner Bros. TV shows have been bricked in order to help promote the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie.

On February 6, Warner Bros. revealed a series of Lego-inspired billboards advertising some of the studio’s biggest shows — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, 2 Broke Girls, Gotham, and The Middle all got the Lego treatment. Warner Bros. said in a press release that over 10,000 Lego bricks were used to create the whimsical posters.

And because banners alone are not enough, there’s video fun to be had as well. A short animated video came out as well, featuring Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) interacting with some of The CW’s own superheroes. Batman, it turns out, isn’t so impressed by the Flash, the Green Arrow, Supergirl, or Atom (each voiced by their TV actors Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist, and Brandon Routh, respectively).

More Batman and more Lego will be seen between February 6 and 8, when Batman will be crashing through the Berlanti Productions logo at the end of episodes of Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow.

All of this is leading up to the theatrical release of The Lego Batman Movie on Friday, February 10.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Gotham Recap: Wrath of the Villians – A Legion of Horribles

gotham season 2 jada pinkett smith fish moony fox

Gotham brought back a key player in the newest episode and set up the season finale. The episode also introduced a major organization and another villain from the Batman comics into the series, and a character got a somewhat clone. The episode was quite fast paced, and left characters trapped in dangerous situations.

The episode begins where last week’s left off. Selina is desperately trying to escape from Firefly and her flamethrower. Selina does eventually knock Firefly out with a punch.

Meanwhile, Bruce begins to worry about Selina’s whereabouts when she doesn’t show up to the rooftop.

At the GCPD, temporary captain, Bullock, is having a press conference about Theo Galavan’s death. After, Jim Gordon tells him that he needs to bring Hugo Strange in. However, because there is no evidence, Bullock can’t.
Bruce comes to the GCPD to tell Jim that something may have happened to Selina.

Elsewhere, a mystery woman watches the news report about Azrael. This prompts her to make a call. She believes that Hug Strange is out of control; she tells the receiver of the call that they need to gather the Court. Directly by the phone lays an owl mask. Could it be the Court of Owls?! Intriguing.

Hugo Strange brings another man back to life. The patient wakes up confused. And when he pulls his cheeks, it stretches. According to Hugo, this is caused by “octopod DNA.”

Miss Peabody voices concern about their employees shutting them down because none of their patients have awaken with their memories. Hugo Strange moves on to Subject 13, Fish Mooney.

Alfred is upset with Bruce because he got Selina involved. Alfred and Bruce along with Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox come up with a plan to get into Indian Hill. Bruce and Lucius are going to go there for a tour. While there Lucius will be able to use a Geiger counter to trace the lab.

Alfred tells Bruce that for the past two years he has been trying to keep him safe. Thomas Wayne fought for what he believed in and Alfred doesn’t planning on stopping Bruce from doing so.

Meanwhile, Hugo had used a DNA from a cuttlefish to recover Fish Mooney. He also plans to use a stronger charge to wake her up. The charge works, and she wakes up.

Because Ed Nygma attempted to escape he now has a new cellmate. Someone who used to eat people. Ed tells Miss Peabody that Jim Gordon has been there twice, he has to know something. Ed believes that they’re going to need his help.

Now that Fish Mooney has been brought back, Hugo Strange attempts to tell her of her new origins. She is to be a war goddess named Andraste. His plan would have probably worked if she hadn’t had her memory. But nope, Fish Mooney knows exactly who she is.

Hugo believes that their “masters” will be pleased that someone was brought back with their memories intact. Miss Peabody asks him about Ed’s offer, and he agrees to it. Moments later, they get word that Bruce Wayne and a Wayne Enterprise employee have shown up.

Hugo goes to meet Bruce and Lucius. He tells Bruce that what had happened to his parents was a tragedy. Bruce informs Hugo that he wants to know how the money Wayne Enterprises supplies to Arkham is being spent.

He requests that Lucius be given a tour, and that him and Hugo talk. Hugo agrees. Before he leaves, Lucius goes to his car and opens the truck revealing Jim Gordon. He tells Jim that if he sees anything, he’ll mark it.  Jim, now dressed as an Arkham guard, gets inside Arkham by claiming that he had lost his guard ID and that he plans to get another one soon.

Miss Peabody leads Lucius into the rec room, and Lucius makes a comment about the uniforms.

Meanwhile, Hugo skips right to the point and tells Bruce that Jim came by and asked about a project that him and Thomas had been working on years ago. He wonders if that is the same reason Bruce is visiting. Bruce plays it off.

Hugo tells Bruce that he understands that Bruce wants answers, a reason, and someone to blame for his parent’s murder. Bruce says that there is someone to blame for their murder, and Hugo agrees.

Miss Peabody spots Lucius’ Geiger counter. Lucius lies and says that he is measuring the air quality with it. As Miss Peabody continues on walking, the counter goes off. Lucius marks the wall.

Meanwhile, Hugo believes that Bruce reminds him of Thomas. They have the same look in their eyes, certainty. He warns Bruce that he needs to make the choice that his father did not.

Jim finds the mark made by Lucius.

Hugo tells Bruce that the answers to who killed his parents are right in front of him. His father is the one who made him an orphan. Thomas knew what he did, and he did it anyway. Once again, Hugo begs Bruce to not follow his father’s led.

Bruce tells Hugo that his father fought and died for what he believed was right, and if necessary he will do the same. Hugo pushes a button and commands the guards to take them- referring to Bruce, Lucius, and Jim. Guards come for all three.

Elsewhere, Selina is using Firefly’s flame thrower to melt the wall so that she can escape. Firefly begins to wake.

Fish Mooney is in her cell when a guard comes and brings her lunch. She grabs his hands and says that she wants him to make her a grilled cheese sandwich. He turns and leaves.

Miss Peabody tells Hugo that someone will come looking for Bruce and that Hugo likes him. Hugo doesn’t deny it. He thinks that Bruce reminds him of Thomas. Miss Peabody thinks that he is a threat.

They get a call from the mystery woman, now wearing the mask, from the earlier in the episode. Hugo tells her that everything is under control. But she doesn’t have much faith in him. He then tells her that he succeeded in bringing someone back with their previous memories intact. He can repeat the process if given time. She tells him to find out what the Wayne boy knows and then destroy every evidence of Indian Hill. Everything will be moved to a “facility upstate”.

The guard brings Fish Mooney a grilled cheese. She confused about why he did. After he leaves, she discovers that she has some type of persuasion power.

Wide awake and with a new flame thrower, Firefly is ready to kill Selina again. She is the Goddess of Fire. Selina attempts to remind her of the person she used to be. Firefly ends up remembering how she killed her brothers. However, the newly discovered memory doesn’t defer Firefly from trying to kill Selina.

Selina uses the flamethrower in her hand to blast Firefly. It doesn’t work, because fire can’t hurt her. Quick on her feet, Selina tells Firefly that she’ll be her servant. Every goddess needs a servant.

Alfred goes to Bullock to tell him that Bruce, Jim, and Lucius are still at Arkham. Bullocks gathers up the strike force.

Meanwhile, Lucius and Bruce are locked up in a room together, unsure where Jim is. Bruce apologizes for getting them involved. But Lucius says that they got involved because they wanted to. They weren’t forced. Ed’s voice comes over the intercom. Ed wants to know what Bruce and Lucius know. If they don’t talk, then poison gas will enter the room.

Jim is brought to Hugo, and then strapped down to a chair. Then a metal looking device is put over his head and a white solution is poured into it.

They take the device off of Jim’s head and bring in the patient who had the stretchy skin. His name is Basil Karlo, also known as Clayface in the comics. Hugo describes him as a performer and a “chameleon of sorts.” The device is put over Basil’s head.

The GCPD is on their way, but will they make it in time to save them?

Bruce and Lucius are still trapped. Firefly accepted Selina as her servant. And Fish looks at her hands, no doubt attempting to understand how she has powers.

Meanwhile, when the device is taken off of Basil’s head, he looks exactly like Jim. He doesn’t have hair, but Hugo gives him a wig. Basil is also able to sound just like Jim.

2016-2017 Season: What’s Renewed, Cancelled, and Picked-Up?

The state of far too many of your favorite shows (Courtesy: ABC)

Ready for your TV to change?

Well, you’d better be because it’s Upfronts time. Every May, networks meet and plot and make decisions about all of their shows, renewing some and cancelling others. It’s a bit of a bloodbath. But at the end of it, we at least know what’s coming back next year and what new shows may fill the voids left behind by particularly painful cancellations.

The end results? Check out the list of shows coming (or not) for the 2016-2017 season below — it will be updated as news comes in over the next few days.



  • Agents of SHIELD
  • American Crime
  • Black-ish
  • The Catch
  • Dr. Ken
  • Fresh Off the Boat
  • The Goldbergs
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • How to Get Away with Murder
  • Last Man Standing
  • The Middle
  • Modern Family
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Real O’Neals
  • Quantico
  • Scandal


  • Agent Carter
  • Blood and Oil
  • Castle
  • The Family
  • Galavant
  • The Muppets
  • Nashville
  • Of Kings and Prophets
  • Wicked City


  • Conviction
  • Designated Survivor
  • Downward Dog
  • Imaginary Mary
  • Notorious
  • Speechless
  • Still Star-Crossed
  • Time After Time
  • Untitled Katy Mixon sitcom



  • Aquarius
  • The Blacklist
  • Blindspot
  • The Carmichael Show
  • Chicago Fire
  • Chicago PD
  • Chicago Med
  • Grimm
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • Shades of Blue
  • Superstore


  • Crowded
  • Game of Silence
  • Hannibal
  • Heartbeat
  • Heroes Reborn
  • Mr. Robinson
  • Mysteries of Laura
  • The Player
  • Telenovela
  • Undateable 


  • The Blacklist: Redemption
  • Chicago Justice
  • Emerald City
  • The Good Place
  • Great News
  • Marlon
  • Midnight, Texas
  • Powerless
  • Taken
  • This Is Us
  • Timeless
  • Trial & Error
  • Untitled Mike Schur comedy



  • 2 Broke Girls
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Blue Bloods
  • Criminal Minds
  • Elementary
  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Life in Pieces
  • Madam Secretary
  • Mom
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • NCIS: New Orleans
  • Scorpion


  • Angel from Hell
  • CSI: Cyber
  • The Good Wife
  • Mike and Molly
  • Person of Interest
  • Rush Hour


  • Bull
  • Doubt
  • The Great Indoors
  • Kevin Can Wait
  • MacGyver
  • Man with a Plan
  • Pure Genius
  • Training Day



  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Bones (for a final season 12)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Empire
  • Family Guy
  • Gotham
  • The Last Man on Earth
  • Lucifer
  • New Girl
  • Rosewood
  • Scream Queens
  • The Simpsons
  • Sleepy Hollow


  • Bordertown
  • Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life
  • Grandfathered
  • The Grinder
  • Minority Report
  • Second Chance


  • 24: Legacy
  • APB
  • Exorcist
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Making History
  • The Mick
  • Pitch
  • Prison Break
  • Shots Fired
  • Son of Zorn
  • Star



  • The 100
  • Arrow
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • The Flash
  • iZombie
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Legends of Tomorrow
  • The Originals
  • Reign
  • Supernatural
  • The Vampire Diaries


  • Beauty and the Beast (final season airing this summer)
  • Containment


  • Frequency
  • No Tomorrow
  • Riverdale
  • Supergirl (moving from CBS for season 2)



  • Faking It (MTV)
  • House of Lies (Showtime)
  • Recovery Road (Freeform)


  • Will (TNT)

* Not all cancellations, renewals, and pick-ups are listed here, simply because it’s way too hard to keep track of them. I am adding information as I see it though.


Gotham Recap: Unleashed

The Gotham episode begins with Bullock and Jim at Arkham. They have a search warrant for Strange’s office. Unfortunately, Hugo Strange had been in the mood for “Spring Cleaning” and a bag of shredded documents is the only thing that looks atypical.

Meanwhile, Ed gets escorted back to his cell by guards after he had been wandering the halls of Indian Hills. While in his cell, when he looks up he notices an air vent. Interesting, wonder what Ed is going to do what that discovery?

Elsewhere, a Priest is yelling in a church because he believes that a couple of teenagers are there ringing the bell. The bell ringer turns out to be Azrael. Azrael breaks the man’s neck.

The news is reporting that Commissioner Barnes is in a critical condition. However, the only news Penguin is interested in is the return of Theo Galavan. He proclaims, to no one, that he is coming for Theo Galavan.

Over at GCPD, the cops turn to Bullock for leadership since Barnes is in the hospital. Although, Bullock believes that he isn’t a leader, Jim is, he gives a great speech about how they need to do whatever it takes to capture Theo Galavan.

Jim thinks that they need to step outside the box to find Theo, so he and Bullock deduct that Tabitha can help them find him.

Meanwhile, Bruce convinces Alfred to let him do some investigating. He’s tired of sitting at home and doing nothing. Also he is tired of trusting Mr. James Gordon.

Apparently Butch had kicked Barbara out, and now Tabitha has one foot out the door, ready to go. Jim and Bullock arrive, asking for help with tracking her brother. She tells them that the man who stabbed Commissioner Barnes was not her brother; that was a three hundred year old ancient assassin named Azrael.

She tells them that her family used to tell her stories about this ancient assassin, and that this present day Azrael would most likely try to track down the original sword. Which belonged to her grandfather. And when he died it was buried with him.

Bruce finds Selina and wants her to help him break into Arkham. She is hesitant at first, but when Bruce mentions that her friend, Brigit, was sent there she agrees to help. However, she wants to go alone, so that he can stay safe.

Tabitha, Bullock, and Jim head to her grandfather’s crypt and open it. Like Tabitha mentioned, the sword is there. Jim picks up, but Azrael arrives. Azrael takes down Jim and Bullock. Tabitha attempts to get her brother to remember her.

It doesn’t work exactly. In turn, Azrael remember his plans to kill Bruce Wayne, stabs Tabitha, and takes her whip. Azrael also remembers that Tabitha betrayed him. With Azrael gone, Tabitha tells Jim of his plan to kill Bruce Wayne. Jim rushes to find Bruce.

Meanwhile, Selina sneaks on Arkham grounds by hoping into a laundry truck. She uses her future “Catwoman” skills to climb and jump until she finds a vent that she can crawl into.

After stealing a cop car, Jim is making his way to Wayne Manor. On the first call, no one answers. On another call, Alfred finally answers. Alfred tells Jim that Bruce is in the city. When they hang up, Alfred notices that Bruce is already back at the house.

Meanwhile, Selina is still crawling through the vents and who does she find? The forensics guy, Ed Nygma. Ed warns Selina to not go to Indian Hill. The basement is filled with terrible things. Selina still wants to go; she is here for a friend. Ed eventually tells her how to get there, and she tells him how to get out.

Butch visits Tabitha in the hospital. And tells her unconscious body that she is the only person who looks him in the eye when she is talking to him and laughs at his jokes. He doesn’t think that he can do this without her.

He’s about to drop the “L” word but he begins crying. And then Penguin walks in. Butch immediately gets defensive; pulling a gun out. But no worries, Penguin isn’t here to cause trouble, he just wants Theo dead. And when Theo is dead, he will leave Butch and Tabitha alone.

Alfred calls Jim, still on his way to the Manor, and tells him that Bruce safe. After Bruce and Alfred begin locking up the house and securing it so that Azrael cannot get in. Bruce notices a broken window and goes to warn Alfred. And Alfred is opening the secret cave entrance when he finds Azrael, who demands that Bruce be handed over.

Now fully inside Arkham, Selina hides as the guards start searching for something because they heard a noise. When they look into Ed’s cell, they notice that he is missing and the open vent. They sound the alarm, and Selina runs. She enters the room with the secret elevator and picks the lock.

Azrael and Alfred have a sword fight. It was going surprisingly well for Alfred, until he is thrown out a window. Bruce runs away.

Selina is exploring Indian Hill, before she hides when she sees Hugo Strange and Miss Peabody coming. Miss Peabody believes that Azrael has gone rogue. To cover their tracks, they are planning to move all the test patients to a new location.

Meanwhile, Bruce is in the garage now, trying to find a car to use. While searching for him, Azrael mentions how the Wayne family had no beliefs, honor, or respect. When he finally kills Bruce, the Wayne name will be “eradicated” forever.

Azrael believes that he has found Bruce when he spots his shoes behind a car, however, Bruce ticked him and slams into him with a car. It doesn’t kill Azrael.

Azrael snaps the whip around Bruce’s neck and raises his sword. And with perfect timing, Jim walks up and begins shooting at him. Azrael goes down. Jim runs to Bruce, and Alfred joins them. Of course, that would be way too easy.

Azrael gets up. And yikes, Jim is out of bullets. But never fear, Penguin and Butch arrive with a RPG and blows Azrael up. They leave as quickly as they came.
Meanwhile, Ed finally reaches the vent which is outside of Arkham. But the guards show up. At Indian Hill, Selina finds Bridgit, who has a new suit and flame thrower. Unfortunately, Bridgit isn’t herself; she doesn’t remember anything before Indian Hill.

She goes by Firefly now. Firefly believes that Selina sent her so she can be used as test dummy. Firefly points her flame blower at Selina and opens shots.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Let’s get him; whatever it takes.” – Bullock
  • “Alfred, please let me go.”- Bruce
  • “We were happy once.”- Tabitha
  • “We have all suffered by his hand.”-Penguin
  • “You’re more to me than just a guardian. You’re my friend.”-Bruce
  • “I think we can safely say that Azrael has gone rogue.”- Miss Peabody
  • “Face death.”- Azrael
  • “See you in hell, Theo.”- Penguin

Gotham Recap: Rise of the Villains – Into the Woods

The Gotham episode begins with Bruce and Selina running away from a man on a rooftop. They appear to have stolen a bag filled of money from him. When they safely get away, Bruce throws the money and the bag off the roof. He does manage to save a few dollars so he and Selina can eat. Priorities.

At the GCPD, Commissioner Barnes wonders if Harvey Bullock has anything to do with Jim escape from prison. Bullock says he doesn’t and then goes to meet Jim in an apartment building. Jim believes that the person who framed him has to be an active cop. Also someone who is smart and has access.

Jim refuses to run until his name is cleared. Bullock mentions that he knows someone who is an IA agent, someone who records all the tips given to the GCPD. Bullock seduces the IA, while Jim acquires the tape.

When he leaves, he sees a woman being attacked. He stops the attackers. But unfortunately for Jim a GCPD officer arrives. Jim takes the man down, and gets away.

Elsewhere at a funeral, Penguin is gloomy about the death of his father. And when it’s time to leave, his step-mother tells him that he’s not welcome at the house. She doesn’t feel comfortable sleeping under the same roof as him.

Penguin begs, and she does allow for him to stay because they need “help around the house.” She tells her children that the plan is to keep him close, and eventually he’ll take his own life. What an awful woman.

After waking up in the previous episode, Barbara Kean is on her road to recovery. In a group therapy session with Hugo Strange, she says that she’s doesn’t feel insane, just sad. Ms. Peabody questions her recovery.

Hugo Strange has no idea if she’s acting or not. Later in the episode, Hugo Strange will decide to release Barbara “to the wild to observe her behavior.”

Jim and Bullock meet up, and listen to the tape. The voice is disguised and unclear. Jim will have to find someone to clean it up. Jim tells Bullock that he can handle it from here. Ironically, Jim goes to Ed Nygma for help with clearing up the tape. This will be interesting.

Meanwhile, Penguin has taken on the role as servant to his step family. He’s cooked, however, they don’t like it. His step-brother and step-sister begin to throw food at him. He laughs it off, but it can assumed that Penguin’s true nature will be coming out at the end of the episode.

Ed and Jim discuss the case. And when Jim refers to the potential killer as a psychopath, Ed begins to debate him on that opinion. Jim begins to suspect, and when the tape is finally clear, he realizes that it was Ed all along. Kudos to Jim figuring out the true murderer, however, Ed was one step ahead of him. Ed had installed an electric stock setup under Jim’s chair.

After shocking him, Ed drags Jim’s body down an alley to his car. When he turns back from opening the truck, Jim is gone. Ed searches for Jim in a building. Jim does escape, but with a gunshot wound in his leg.

At their hideout, Selina sees that Bruce had stitched up her jacket. This is a cute moment, but it doesn’t last. Jim arrives and barely gets a full sentence in before passing out.

Meanwhile, Penguin is looking for cherries for his step-mother. Instead of finding them, he finds the bottle that his father was poisoned with. After sniffing it and gagging, he pours the liquid into a bowl and gives it to the dog. When the dog dies, Penguin laughs.

Bruce brings Jim to the Wayne Manor. He’s okay now; Alfred tended to his wound. Jim and Alfred talk about Bruce’s situation, but also Jim’s situation. Jim tells Alfred about Ed Nygma and then tells Selina that he needs her help.

Selina goes to the GCPD, and wants the ten thousands dollar reward for aiding in the effort to find Jim Gordon. She tells Bullock and Commissioner Barnes that Jim came to her house, and said that he knew where the Penguin was. Selina also says that Jim is going to ask Penguin where the body is buried.

Ed Nygma, who was listening in, begins to panic and eventually leaves. He goes to the forest where Ms. Kringle is buried and begins to dig up her. Jim’s followed him there. When Ed points a gun at Jim, the GCPD arrive. Ed attempts to run, but is caught when he falls in the snow.

Meanwhile, Penguin serves his step-mother a roast for dinner. She thinks he looks different but Penguin credits his change in appearance to him doing his hair a different way. His step-mother calls for her children, but Penguin says they won’t hear her and then tells her that he found what she used to kill his father.

When she calls for her children again, Penguin says, referring to the roast, that she believed that they tasted the same. They don’t because Sasha was “more tender” than her brother, but that’s just in his opinion. Translation- She. Ate. Her. Children. Penguin killed her children and fed them to her. After the shocking confession, Penguin kills her.

Meanwhile at GCPD, Barnes apologies to Jim. Jim tells him that he’s not coming back to work because he has something he needs to do first. Barnes gives him Lee’s number, but Jim believes that he has to solve the Wayne’s murder before he can do anything else. Barnes tells Jim that if he calls Lee, he can have the Wayne files.

Speaking of the Waynes, Alfred tells Bruce that his father’s computer is fixed. But he can’t continue living on the streets with Selina. He can either work or go back with her. Poor, Bruce, already having to choose between love and duty. Bruce chooses his duty, and Selina angrily leaves.

Jim calls Lee, but hangs up the phone when she answers. After hearing a knock on the door, Jim goes to get it, revealing Barbara Kean on the other side.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “People of Gotham can eat my socks.”- Harvey
  • “I feel sad.”- Barbara
  • “Psychopath seems a strong word.”- Ed
  • “I knew that you knew that you knew.”- Ed.
  • “Alfred says it’s an important skill for young bachelors.”- Bruce
  • “Great, a dead cop in my crib now.”- Selina
  • “I’m doing my hair a different way.” – Penguin

Stray Thoughts:

  • Penguin is savage.
  • Jim and Barbara’s conversation is going to be interesting.

Gotham Recap: Jim Gordon Is One of the Prisoners

gotham season 2 ben mckenzie jim gordon fox

The Gotham episode begins with Jim Gordon in Blackgate Penitentiary. He goes through routines- exercising, sleeping, etc. The routines are repeated for an unspecific amount of days. Jim looks tired and isn’t talking. He keeps a photo of Lee on his cell wall.

The Warden comes and tells Jim that it has been several weeks and he hasn’t been involved in any incidents. Jim is being transferred from the protective custody to the F Wing, the general population. Also known as the “The World’s End.” And according to the Warden, the only way out is parole or a body bag. However, no one ever gets parole.

At the GCPD, Harvey Bullock is trying to help Jim with no avail. He talks to Ed about Jim’s innocence. When Harvey leaves, Ed smiles.

Meanwhile, Penguin is having dinner with the Van Dahl family. Penguin’s father, Elijah, tells the story of how he met his new wife. He met her at a diner. Grace was a waitress, with two young children, Charles and Sasha. When Elijah makes the declaration that Oswald is his “only true blood relative”, a glass shatters in Sasha’s hand.

After dinner, Elijah tells his son about the Van Dahl family fortune. Apparently his family had been premium tailors in Gotham. However, Elijah had been held back by his mother when his father had died. While this conversation is taking place, Grace replaces Elijah’s heart medicine with mints.

Back at Blackgate Penitentiary, Jim is now in the F Wing. He’s is observing the other prisoners when he is told that he has a visitor. It’s Harvey. He’s trying to get Dent to re-open the case and that they are looking for Penguin. Harvey also came with bad news.

Lee miscarried. She moved down south and no one has heard from her since. But he doesn’t want this to beat Jim up. He promises that he will find a way to get him out. Later, Harvey will go to Carmine Falcone for help.

Earlier while Jim was leaving, the Warden told another inmate that he wants Jim dead by the “week’s end.” Now when visitation is over, the inmates attacks Jim and takes Jim’s photo of Lee. Jim doesn’t fight back. Another inmate tries to step in, but the guard removes Jim from the situation.

Penguin wakes up from a nightmare starring his hideous crimes. When he leaves his room, he finds his father sleepwalking and helps him back to his bed. Elijah tells Penguin that he believes that his hole in his heart is getting bigger because his “demons are feeding on it.”

Penguin then tells his father of his own sins. Elijah doesn’t care because their life “together started when we met in that cemetery, nothing else concerns me.”

Meanwhile, the inmate who attempted to jump in the fight, is now in the infirmary. He, Puck (Peter), considers Jim a true hero. Sometime ago, his sister was abducted, and Jim was the one who brought her back home. Puck is in Blackgate because he stole a car to impress a girl. He got six years.

Back to Penguin, Grace and her children inform Elijah that Penguin is a criminal. He has murdered and rape several. Which is offensive, considering that Penguin has never raped anyone. However, Elijah doesn’t care about Penguin’s past. Elijah’s lack of concern, prompts Grace and her children to come up with another plan. Their plan involves Sasha attempting to seduce Penguin. It doesn’t work.

Penguin and Elijah have some father-son bonding time. Penguin is getting fitted for a custom suit, when his father begins to cough and passes out. This isn’t good. He has an infection and the doctor thinks that he isn’t going to make it. It’s time to get his affairs in order. Elijah requests to speak to his lawyer, no doubt changing his will. Grace and her children aren’t happy about the possibility of Penguin getting anything or everything. So it’s time to kill him.

Meanwhile, Jim warns Puck, who is still in the infirmary, to stay away from him. After, Jim is warned by a guard that it is movie night. Which means, that all the inmates are going to be in one room with the lights off. Whose idea was that?

It is worth mentioning here that the inmates are watching Looney Tunes. Nothing says prison like a Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny movie. While there is a musical happening on screen, the inmate, who attacked Jim earlier, sneaks up behind him with a knife in hand.

However, before he can make it to Jim, another inmate gets there before him. He stabs Jim many times and Jim bleeds out. The guard, who warned Jim earlier about movie night, request a body bag. Of course, this is a part of the plan.

The guard and Harvey sneak Jim out. It was only fake blood and a retractable knife had been used. Falcone had a hand in the escape plan as well. Jim is hesitant to leave, and sneaks back in to get Puck.

Meanwhile, Elijah tells Penguin that his father had his own set of demons. He eventually killed himself. But he doesn’t want Penguin to ever “give into the pain as he did.” Penguin is loved and definitely not alone.

Elijah takes a drink of the alcohol that Grace originally bought for Penguin. He tells Penguin that he wants him to have it all. Tomorrow he will have his lawyers draw it up. Unfortunately, Elijah won’t live another day.  The alcohol had been poisoned by Grace.

Safely away from Blackgate, Jim makes the decision to stay in Gotham instead of having Falcone help him leave the country. He wants to find Lee and the only way he can do that is to stay in Gotham and clear his name. When Jim goes to talk to Puck, he realizes that he has died.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “I love it.” –Jim
  • “Believe me, I have done bad things.”- Penguin.
  • “Just doing my job.”- Jim
  • “The law is the law.”- Puck
  • “You’re too modest, son.”- Elijah
  • “I’m not a hero. And I’m not you’re friend. I’m just a convict.”- Jim
  • “I’m surprised as you are.”- Jim

Stray Thoughts:

  • Was that Barbara in the preview for next week?
  • Poor Puck
  • Where is Lee?
  • Elijah was such a good man.

Gotham Recap: This Ball of Mud and Meanness


The episode begins with Penguin’s nightmare which was induced by Hugo Strange’s virtual reality stimulator. Penguin’s tied up to a chair. His Mother’s across from him. Behind his mother, Penguin sees himself walk up and begins to kill her with a bat. He screams.

Hugo Strange puts Penguin through another test, The Ice Cream Test. For dinner, Penguin is given ice cream. Another inmate gets upset that he didn’t get any and attacks Penguin. Penguin doesn’t fight back. The treatments are working.

Meanwhile at the GCPD, Lee begins to worry about Kristin Kringle. She never came and got her paycheck and she hasn’t been heard of since she left. Lee’s worry prompts Jim to ask Ed if he has heard from Kristin. When Jim leaves, Ed starts to believe that Jim is tricking him and knows more about Kristin’s disappearance than he’s letting on.

After getting a gun from Selina, Bruce goes home. He and Alfred make a plan to go to Cupcake, an ex-partner of Matches. They locate Cupcake at a fight club. It’s worth mentioning here that people were shouting “Solomon Grundy”.

Onward, Cupcake says that he will tell them of Matches’ whereabouts for 50k and Alfred has to fight him. Alfred agrees. Of course, he holds his own and wins. But after the fight Alfred passes out. He ends up in a hospital, and Bruce continues on with the mission without him.

Back to Arkham, Penguin is in his rehabilitation session with Hugo Strange again. They are doing a word association game. Penguin says that he wants to be normal and good. More therapy and time will allow for him to be.

Jim and Harvey go talk to Alfred. Alfred tells them that Bruce has the name of the man who killed his parents and what he plans to do. They have to stop him.

Meanwhile, Bruce goes to the Celestial Garden club, which has videos of the Maniax playing in the background and is full of people with Joker-style grins. He was directed here by Cupcake. There’s a woman, here named Jeri, who can tell him where Matches is.

Jeri doesn’t give him the information right away. She only does when Bruce is about to leave. Apparently Matches will be happy to see him and Bruce is the “childish hand of fate.” While leaving, Jim stops Bruce. But Jeri steps in and has the crowd surround Jim.

Bruce finds Matches’ apartment, but attempts to trick him. Bruce tells him that he’s looking for a hitman. He asks him questions- how many people he has killed, his ability to kill, and his skill level.

At the GCPD, Jim has Jeri in an interrogation room. At first, she avoids his questions and mentions his anger problems. When she does eventually tells him, she mentions that Jim will get there in time for clean-up.

Meanwhile, Bruce gets to the point and pulls the gun out. He tells Matches that he’d killed his parents, also where and the place of their deaths. Matches doesn’t remember killing him. He doesn’t remember killing a lot of people. But at the mention of Martha Wayne’s pearl necklace, it begins to ring a bell.

Bruce asks who hired him. Matches refuses to tell him. When Bruce cocks the gun, Matches doesn’t move. It’s been a long time coming. He’s tired of doing wrong and not getting punished. He’s a monster.

Bruce doesn’t end up killing him. He says, “I wish you were a monster. But you’re just a man.” Bruce leaves the apartment. Jim finally arrives just in time to hear Matches shot himself down the hall.

Meanwhile, Penguin and the inmate who attacked him earlier are locked up together. The inmate is tied up and in front of him is a knife and glass of water. Hugo Strange and Ms. Peabody are watching from above. Penguin uses the knife to cut the man free and gives him the water.

Hugo declares Penguin a sane man. He’s passed all of the test and free to leave Arkham. He gives Penguin a certificate of sanity, and Penguin walks a free man.

Ms. Peabody questions Hugo’s decision to let him go. But Hugo says that he has “deeper plans for Cobblepot” that she can’t know of right now. Ms. Peabody responds with “deeper than building semi-humans in the basement?”

Meanwhile, Jim and Harvey sort of close the Wayne’s murder case. Jim still wants to know who paid Matches to murder them. Ed walks up and asks if there has been any new information about Kristin. Jim says that he’s been busy. As Jim leaves, Ed’s paranoia grows.

At the Wayne Manor, Alfred finds a letter from Bruce. Bruce has decided to live on streets with Selina for a while. Bruce writes that you can’t kill murder and that one days he going to help the citizens of Gotham. But for right now, he needs to learn to live in the world how other people live in it.

The episode ends with Ed being paranoid and drawing a green question mark on Jim Gordon’s face in the newspaper.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Are you sure?”- Alfred
  • “Pick your battles. Don’t let them pick you.”- Alfred
  • “You’re a tough old cat.”- Cupcake
  • “Please come in, how can I help you?”- Ed
  • “For a butler you sure do get beat up a lot.”- Harvey
  • “What you gonna do when you find him?”- Jeri
  • “I was busy that year.”- Matches
  • “Here’s to you, Son.”- Matches
  • “You can’t kill murder.”- Bruce

Gotham Recap: A Dead Man Feels No Cold

gotham david mazouz fox a dead man feels no cold bruce wayne

The Gotham episode begins with the GCPD raiding Ace Chemicals, a division of Wayne Enterprises. Ace Chemical makes the liquid helium Victor Fries needs, so Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon believe that he is here. When the cops enter, they find many frozen individuals and the words “Free My Wife” craved in ice.

Meanwhile, Lee Thompkins is at the Wayne Manor having a chat with Bruce. Alfred was worried, so she was brought in. However, Bruce believes that Alfred shouldn’t worry. Instead of feeling scared when he was taken, he felt alive.

Furthermore, Bruce’s plan are still the same. He’s going to find the man who murdered his parents. He also mentioned that people can be two people at once. Is that hinting at something?

Over at the GCPD, Commissioner Barnes is angry that Fries hasn’t been caught yet. He develops a plan which involves transferring Nora Fries to Arkham. It’s more secure than a hospital.

Jim agrees with the plan, but Lee protests. She believes that they are using Nora for bait. And because Nora is Lee’s patient, she insists on going as well.

Hugo Strange attempts to create Victor Fries’ formula, but it isn’t working. When he hears about Nora’s transportation to Arkham, he decides to seize this opportunity to get the formula. Elsewhere, Victor is listening to the radio and hears about his wife. He immediately realizes that it’s a trap.

Back at Arkham, the Penguin’s rehabilitation begins. He’s redundant. Ms. Peabody straps him down and covers his face with a mask. Penguin screams in pain. When he wakes up, he’s not in the rehabilitation room, but instead with his fellow Arkham inmates. They are in a circle and playing “duck, duck, goose.”

The GCPD arrive with Nora Fries. Nora Fries is brought into the hospital wing. But she isn’t alone. In another bed lies a comatose Barbara Kean. Lee isn’t happy about this arrangement.

After making sure Nora Fries is settled, the GCPD go outside to make sure that Arkham is secured and on lockdown. While being dragged away, Penguin tries to tell Jim that he’s being tortured.  Jim dismisses Penguin’s claim, which in turn causes Penguin to shout that Jim killed Theo Galavan. Hugo Strange watches the scene unfold through a security camera.

Meanwhile, Bruce is boxing and angry at Alfred. Alfred wonders if him and Bruce are in this together. Alfred also had done some digging and found a GCPD file on Patrick Malone (Matches).

When asked what he plans to do, Bruce states that he’s going to kill him. Alfred believes that Bruce is too young to have a death on his conscience, so he states that he will be the one to kill Patrick Malone. Bruce agrees with the plan, however, later on he will ask Selina to get him a gun so that he can kill Malone himself.

Back at Arkham, Lee leans into a comatose Barbara and says “You have no idea what you’re missing, bitch.” Ouch.

Nora wakes up and explains that her husband isn’t an evil man and that the only reason he’s doing this is for her. She saw the path he was going down, and she could have saved him.

Outside, Jim and Harvey are on stakeout when a van comes crashing through the gates. When the van finally comes to a stop, they realizes that it’s the janitor that Victor Fries had abducted from Ace Chemicals. The janitor has his hands frozen to the well.

Inside, Victor Fries starts making his way through Arkham looking for his wife. He has some new and improved gear. And he’s getting some help from Hugo Strange. Hugo Strange stopped the GCPD from entering the medical ward by closing the door on them. Jim was the only one who wasn’t trapped.

After, Hugo Strange began unlocking doors for Victor, guiding him into the room that Penguin had been tortured in. Over the intercom, Hugo Strange tells Victor that him and his wife can walk free if he gives him a formula of the cryonic formula. Victor Fries does and goes to his wife.

Jim attempts to escape with Nora and Lee, but Victor arrives. Jim gets locked in a closet, and Victor leaves Arkham with Nora and Lee. After he freezes Nora, she has to be kept in a cryo-chamber. When free, Jim realizes that only place that Victor can go is his own home.

Meanwhile, Victor is preparing to freeze Nora when she asks for her necklace she got for their first anniversary. When he goes to get it, she asks for Lee to get her some water. While Lee isn’t looking, Nora switches the container of formula. Victor comes back and begins to freeze her.

However, when she begins to crack, Victor notices that the formula has been switched and that his wife is dying. He asks Lee to tell the cops outside that he surrenders. When she leaves, he opens his suit and begins to ice. He’s freezing to death.

Later at home, Jim gets a call from Hugo Strange informing him that Victor has died. He tells Lee and then voices his disapproval of her putting herself and their baby in danger. Lee believes that Jim was the one who put them at risk when he sent Nora to Arkham. It wasn’t just “good police work.” She knows Jim and she knows that he’s involved with Theo Galavan’s murder.

Meanwhile, Penguin is getting more treatment and Hugo Strange believes they need to be more aggressive. He leaves and then goes to Indian Hill. Victor Fries is there, but looks different. He skin, hair, and eyes are white now. Also, he can only survive in severe hypothermic conditions. But he shouldn’t worry, Hugo Strange is working on a suit that will allow for him to be free.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “I felt alive.”- Bruce
  • “It’s the least bad of several bad options.”- Jim
  • “I’m a penguin.”- Penguin
  • “Kill him.”- Bruce
  • “I’ll take it from here.”- Victor
  • “As long as you’re alive, there’s hope, right?”-Victor
  • “Death is a new beginning.”- Hugh Strange

Stray Thought:

Is this the first scene that Lee and Bruce have shared alone?

Gotham Recap: Wrath of the Villains – Mr. Freeze

gotham mr freeze robin lorde taylor fox

The Gotham episode, “Mr. Freeze,” begins with Jim Gordon testifying at a deposition about the events that happened in the winter finale. It’s been a month since the events. Jim’s testimonial is creditable, until he switches up the story and lies.

Jim tells Harvey Dent that he had never located Theo Galavan after Penguin had taken him. Jim also says that he wasn’t present during the murder. After, Jim goes to a pregnant Lee, who had been waiting for him. He tells her that the charges have been lifted and that he’s cleared.

Unknown to them, Commissioner Barnes is watching them and basically tells Harvey Dent that he doesn’t believe Jim’s story. The man is smart, because Jim is definitely lying.

While Penguin’s roaming the streets in hiding, Butch is the new King of Gotham. He now has a drill attached to his hand. Tabitha invites herself over and wants to be his partner in crime. As they kiss, Selina watches from a vent.

On the streets of Gotham, a cop finds a man standing behind a van. She starts questioning him. When he fails to answer to her liking, she orders him to open the van. He does and also pulls out a gun, and freezes her.

At the GCPD, Harvey informs Jim about the officer who was found frozen to death. The two go visit Ed Nygma. He’s doing test with liquid nitrogen, and he finds that the murderer must be using super-cooled liquid helium. It couldn’t be liquid nitrogen because it doesn’t go fast enough.

When Harvey leaves, Jim questions Ed about his relationship with Penguin. Ed says that he nursed Penguin back to health and that he thought the Penguin was a good man now. It was an innocent mistakes. Sure, Ed.

Speaking of Penguin, Commissioner Barnes arrives to the GCPD with him in handcuffs. Barnes interrogates Penguin about what happened to Theo Galavan. Penguin says that he took Theo to the river and slowly killed him. And that he isn’t a criminal, he’s just insane.

When asked what Jim did, Penguin says “What did he say he did?” Barnes then goes to Jim and tells him that Penguin backed his story, and that he trust him. He doesn’t want Jim to make a fool out of him.

Meanwhile, Victor Freeze arrives home to his wife Nora. She’s visually sick, and he reminds her their plans. The plan is to freeze her so that he stop the disease from killing her. However, he hasn’t figured out how to bring her back yet.

Nora mentions her concern for the mice that’s experimenting on. Nora is apparently unaware that her husband isn’t experimenting on mice, but people. And once they’re frozen he brings them to his basement and puts them in freezers.

Meanwhile, Ed and Penguin chat. Penguin ask Ed to visit his mother and also leaves flowers. Penguin is being transported to Arkham.

Jim and Harvey meet up to Lucius Fox after they discover that Wayne Enterprises is the place that produces liquid helium and that there have been three abductions related to the same van. Lucius tells them that the Wayne Enterprise’s program, cryogenics and others, were shut down two or three years by Thomas Wayne. It always goes back to Wayne Enterprise.

At Arkham, inmates are throwing food at Penguin. He stands on a table and tells them that he is powerful. He also tells them that he’s the King of Gotham. The inmates begin to mock him and repeat, “I’m the King of Gotham.”

Victor Fries begins testing on his victims with solution A14. It appears to be going well. A person is thawing. However, he begins to start melting instead of coming back to life. When he goes up stairs, he finds Nora coughing up blood.

He goes to the pharmacy to refill her medications. But it he doesn’t have the prescription and there isn’t a refill order. After angrily tossing the bottle at the pharmacist, Victor leaves and returns with his gear. He freezes the pharmacist and gets the medicine.

Meanwhile, Penguin is having a meeting with Dr. Hugo Strange. Yikes. Dr. Hugo Strange brings up the murder of Theo Galavan and the murder of the Penguin’s mother. Penguin isn’t fazed. Dr. Hugh Strange tells Penguin that Arkham has many treatment programs that can help cure him of his sickness.

When she hears her husband walk in, Nora walks up and calls for him. He doesn’t answer, so she goes to the basement and finds out he isn’t really experimenting on mice. The GCPD arrive at her house, after discovering the pill bottle at the pharmacy. Outside, Victor watches from afar as the police raid his home.

Back at Arkham, Penguin is brought back to his cell. Nigel’s, who met with Hugo Strange before Penguin, eyes have been gouged out and chants “See no evil, do no evil.” This was the last thing that Hugo Strange said to him when their session was over.

Meanwhile, Nora Fries is being interrogated by Jim and Harvey. But she won’t betray her husband. He’s doing this to save her. While this is going on, the frozen pharmacist, who was on a medical examiner table, begins to thaw. Unnoticed by Ed Nygma, of course.

Victor Fries arrives at the GCPD with the intent to turn himself in. When he tells a cop that he is the man who has been freezing people and that he needs to talk to Jim Gordon, the cop tells him to go sat with the others waiting to confessor.

Fortunately, for him and unfortunately for Jim Gordon, Victor Fries isn’t going to jail just yet. When he sees the once frozen pharmacist walking – and not frozen – he leaves the GCPD. The A14 solution had worked.

The episode ends with Hugo Strange going to Indian Hill by using a secret elevator at Arkham. He’s met by a woman named, Ms. Peabody. She tells him that a young arsonist isn’t cooperating and that Victor Fries, the media is calling him Mr. Freeze, has fixed the post-cryonic reanimation problem.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Honey bun, look at me.”- Tabitha
  • “That’s it? No hug? No kiss? No welcome back?”- Jim
  • “This is not a game; this is our job.”- Commissioner Barnes
  • “See no evil, do no evil.” – Nigel
  • “One more thing, what’s the correct pronunciation of your last name?”- Harvey

It May Be 2016 But… Here Are the Best Shows of 2015!

Happy New Year!

2015 may be done, but it is not yet forgotten. Before we can truly embrace 2016, it’s time for the writers at DocBrownTV to take one last look back at what they liked on TV. Enjoy the following 10 (or so) Best TV Shows as determined by Tanya Chetty, Kyara Roberson, Danielle Florio, and Laurel Brown.

May 2016 live up to what came before!

unreal season 1 shiri appleby constance zimmer lifetime

Tanya Chetty’s Top 7!

1. unREAL
If you only watch one show from 2015, let it be unREAL. Lifetime’s risky portrayal of the behind-the-scenes action on a Bachelor-like reality show is dark, twisted, and incredibly funny. Roswell fans will appreciate Shiri Appleby as series lead Rachel, but, be warned, this is Appleby like you’ve never seen her before. In my books, her unREAL turn is one of the best performances of the year.

2. Mr Robot
Whether you’re into tech or not, Mr Robot is worth a look if only to watch Remi Malek light up the screen. He deserves all the glory of 2015.

3. How to Get Away with Murder
Second seasons are often tough but the Viola Davis-led How to Get Away with Murder has succeeded in creating a season that is as mind-boggling and excellent as the first season was. Every episode was gold and every performance memorable.

4. Master of None
I’ve been watching Aziz Anzari kill it on multiple shows over the years, so it was no surprise that I loved Master of None as much as I did. Witty, relatable, and hilariously honest are just some of the terms that have been used to describe Master of None, and I couldn’t agree more.

5. Limitless
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Limitless is the best show that you’re not watching. Led by instantly likable Jake McDorman and the brilliant Jennifer Carpenter, it’s the most fun you’ll have in front of your TV.

6. Arrow
The often-overlooked big brother, and now in its fourth season, Arrow has come a long way from its first season (which we sometimes like to pretend never happened). It doesn’t hurt that series leads Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards are a TV match made in heaven.

7. Quantico
I know it’s been done before but I’ve got to give kudos to Quantico, which has managed to worm its way onto my must-watch list with its insanely likable cast and a long line of unpredictable twists and turns.

the 100 blood will have blood clark octavia cw
The CW

Kyara Roberson’s Top 10!

1. The 100
Who doesn’t love a show that is post-apocalyptic and features strong, three-dimensional characters? The 100 is different than any show that I’ve seen and isn’t afraid to inflict pain on both the characters and viewers.

2. Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones has strong female characters and is not afraid to break barriers. The show never ceases to amaze me with its outstanding writing and plot. This isn’t just a show about a former superhero.

3. Supergirl
There’s something about Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl that makes you want to watch. Supergirl is a great show and sends a powerful message to young girls everywhere.

4. Arrow
After a disappointing predecessor, season 4 of Arrow is rediscovering its roots and getting back to great storytelling.

5. Gotham
Gotham has great storytelling and always leaves me wanting more.

6. The Originals
Julie Plec manages to keep the show entertaining and not cliche. The Mikaelsons’ family drama is never boring.

7. Grey’s Anatomy
I was afraid that the show was going to go downhill after the death of McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey); however, the medical drama stayed strong. Props to characters like Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) for keeping the show magical.

8. Orphan Black
I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but this show deserves to be on the list. It amazes me that one person can play so many distinctive characters. Where’s Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy?!

9. Finding Carter
Even though the show can be a little over-dramatic, it has an interesting concept and amazing characters — like Max (Alex Saxon) and Grant Wilson (Zac Pullam) — make it worth watching. The main character, Carter Stevens (Kathryn Prescott), is flawed but you can’t help but root for her.

10. Red Band Society
The show was cancelled, but will forever live in my heart. Red Band Society was an inspiring show and deserved to have a second season. Octavia Spencer and Dave Annabel gave the show a little extra something special.

arrow season 4 stephen amell emily bett rickards oliver queen felicity smoak olicity cw
The CW

Danielle Florio’s Top 10!

1. Arrow
In its fourth season, the show is the strongest it has ever been. As the first DC comics-themed show to appear in the CW-WB universe, Arrow has leaped to stardom (launching its predecessors with it). It’s hard to maintain that level of excitement for a show after four years but Arrow seems to manage it. This season, the show balanced comic cannon, new romance (Olicity, anyone?), and amazing action sequences. I can’t imagine any other show being my number one for 2015.

2. The Flash
In its sophomore season, the show is getting better and better. The cast is tighter, the action sequences better, and the story arcs more intense. All of this, combined with the light and fun feel of the show, provides audiences with every reason to tune in every week.

3. Jessica Jones
Netflix and Marvel teamed up to come up with something really amazing here. This show walked a very bold line, managing to address some extremely serious issues. The narrative of abuse is very present and very real. However, due to the superb delivery of the all-star cast, and the excellent writing team, the show educates as it entertains. Though some of the themes may be hard to swallow, it is an absolute must-watch.

4. Daredevil
The other lovechild of Netflix and Marvel. The show is gritty and realistic (dealing with some very dark themes), yet still manages to stay true to comic canon. The combination of the two manages to reach old and new audiences, providing a superhero show that keeps the heroics, but doesn’t isolate.

5. Quantico
This show captivates you from the pilot and never lets you go. The cast is bright and fresh (as well as full of different genders and races!) and it excites the viewer with the format of alternating present day and flash-forward sequences. Plus, it never ceases to keep you guessing.

6. Gotham
The show has only gotten better in its sophomore season. This year, we saw a lot of classic DC comic villains surface, providing the show with the perfect mix of realistic and campy elements. And we’re finally seeing young Bruce Wayne start to develop into the billionaire playboy we all know and love.

7. Agent Carter
Any show that has an amazing, kickass, female lead is a win in my book. Agent Carter manages to balance some great banter among the main characters, while staying true to Marvel comic roots and giving everyone a little something to love.

8. How to Get Away with Murder
Somehow, even in its second season, this show still manages to shock me. With the introduction of an entirely new murder arc this season, the show maintains its freshness. It forces viewers to never look away for fear of missing something. I know I can’t miss a week!

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
The show had me cackling uncontrollably with every episode. The seasoned, all-star cast is full of perfectly timed one-liners and side-splitting delight. It’s impossible to not watch it all at once. My ultimate feel-good show of the season.

10. Jane the Virgin
The fun soap opera parody has proved itself to be more than just a few laughs. In its sophomore season, the show manages to touch upon real-life issues amidst all the crazy, all while maintaining its zesty and spirited nature.

BONUS: (My most anticipated show for 2016?)
Legends of Tomorrow

jane the virgin season 2 chapter 30 jane rafael gina rodriguez justin baldoni mateo christmas cw
The CW

Laurel Brown’s Top 10!

1. Jane the Virgin
Always crazy, always charming, always perfect.

2. The Flash
If you ever needed proof that a superhero show didn’t need to be dark and brooding, this is it.

You don’t have to be a Bachelor fan to enjoy this beautiful nightmare of a drama.

4. Parks and Recreation
It’s rare for a show — especially a long-running comedy — to have a kickass finale. It’s rarer for the entire final season to set up that finale perfectly. Parks and Recreation did both.

5. The Americans
Telling their daughter they were super-secret Soviet spies should have spelled doom for Philip and Elizabeth. Maybe it will next season…

6. How to Get Away with Murder
Implosion is imminent as the crimes and secrets mount… But oh the ride is amazing!

7. Playing House
I don’t just want to watch the antics of Maggie and Emma — I want to hang out with them.

8. Limitless
Movie adaptations are iffy at best, but Limitless seems to have found the formula. Funnier and far more philosophical than the original film, Limitless the series was a happy surprise this fall. Plus, they managed to get Bradley Cooper to cameo!

9. Inside Amy Schumer
Yes, Amy Schumer has been hilarious for a few years now. But 2015 was the year that the world noticed. So she makes the list.

10. Sense8
Perfectly imperfect, this sprawling bit of insanity was the one true Netflix binge I indulged in this year.

Plus five runners-up that couldn’t be left behind…

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
You’re the Worst
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt