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Arrow, The Flash, and More Go Lego to Promote Lego Batman

lego batman arrow the flash warner bros
Warner Bros.

A whole bunch of Warner Bros. TV shows have been bricked in order to help promote the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie.

On February 6, Warner Bros. revealed a series of Lego-inspired billboards advertising some of the studio’s biggest shows — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, 2 Broke Girls, Gotham, and The Middle all got the Lego treatment. Warner Bros. said in a press release that over 10,000 Lego bricks were used to create the whimsical posters.

And because banners alone are not enough, there’s video fun to be had as well. A short animated video came out as well, featuring Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) interacting with some of The CW’s own superheroes. Batman, it turns out, isn’t so impressed by the Flash, the Green Arrow, Supergirl, or Atom (each voiced by their TV actors Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist, and Brandon Routh, respectively).

More Batman and more Lego will be seen between February 6 and 8, when Batman will be crashing through the Berlanti Productions logo at the end of episodes of Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow.

All of this is leading up to the theatrical release of The Lego Batman Movie on Friday, February 10.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

CW Renews Arrow, Supernatural, The Flash and More

cw renewal arrow the flash legends of tomorrow supergirl supernatural crazy ex-girlfriend jane the virgin
The CW

The CW chose not to make fans wait when it came to seven of its shows.

On Sunday, January 8, CW president Mark Pedowitz announced the renewals during the Television Critics Association press tour. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Jane the Virgin were all renewed for the 2017-2018 season.

All are veteran shows. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow will be coming back for their third seasons. The Flash and Jane the Virgin, meanwhile, will return for season 4 next year. Arrow, which started the network’s superhero trend, was renewed for season 6, while perennial favorite Supernatural will return for an incredible 13th season in the fall.

Not every CW program got the good news. None of the network’s new shows from 2016-2017 — Frequency, No Tomorrow, Riverdale — have scored renewals yet, while the spring’s returning programs — The 100, iZombie, The Originals — will have to wait as well.

“Early pickups of these seven series now allow our producers to plan ahead for next season and gives us a solid base to build on for next season, with original scripted series to roll out all year long,” Pedowitz told television critics of the choice to renew so many shows so early.

CW Crossover Video: Watch the Arrow-The Flash-Supergirl-Legends Team-Up Trailer

There’s something new to be thankful for this Thanksgiving — The CW has released the trailer for its upcoming four-way crossover event: “Heroes vs. Aliens.”

Characters from Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow will all work together to fight against an alien invasion in the four episodes making up the crossover. Considering that the plot seems to involve aliens — ominously called Dominators — invading Earth and causing all sorts of trouble, it may take every character in the CW’s comic-book universe to save the day.

What’s the plot of this series of episodes? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. But who cares when all sorts of fun characters get to interact — Supergirl‘s Kara and Legends‘ Heatwave are a highlight in the trailer.

The CW crossover event starts Monday, November 28 with that week’s episode of Supergirl and continues on over the next few days.

Arrow Recap: Things Oliver Queen Sucks At

arrow season 5 episode 2 the recruits oliver queen stephen amell cw

Yes, I know that’s technically not good grammar. But it sounds weird any other way. So there.

Arrow season 5 is giving fans a different view of Oliver Queen than before, and it’s not always a view that show’s our favorite arrow-wielding vigilante in his best light. Sure, Oliver is still kicking butt and shooting arrows better than everyone else, but this new season is showing that he isn’t always great at everything else.

The most recent episode, “The Recruits,” showed clearly that Oliver totally sucks at a bunch of things. And they are…

1. Training

Faced with the task of rebuilding his team, Oliver has reluctantly recruited Curtis, Mad Dog, and Evelyn Sharp. Now he just has to train them… You would think this wouldn’t be so hard, as all three have previously proven themselves to be badasses (even if Curtis can’t salmon-ladder as well as Oliver).

You would be wrong. Oliver mostly just yells at the new recruits and then makes them wear ugly t-shirts. Unsurprisingly, this makes them all quit. They only come back when Oliver reveals his identity and gets off his whole “stand on the line and ring the bell!” kick.

2. Being the mayor

We can only hope that the good people of Star City don’t notice how Thea is the one doing everything in the mayor’s office (including hiring Lance to… not be drunk? His specific job is vague otherwise).

3. Not making deals with people who turn out to be doing bad things

In one of Oliver’s rare attempts to be mayoral, he sets up a free clinic with what seems to be a lovely bit of corporate sponsorship.

They’re evil, of course. It takes many octopus-like attacks by Ragman (or whatever we’re calling them, see point #6) before Thea catches a corporate-type being bad.

4. Getting over Felicity

Does Oliver even know that Felicity is dating the world’s most trusting detective?

5. Keeping in touch with Diggle

Because he’s still a main character, it’s important for Arrow to catch up with John Diggle, even if Oliver does not. Too bad for Diggle though — he’s in Latvia (why not?), where his supposedly decent commanding officer decides to set-up John for stealing a nuclear warhead and killing a subordinate.

Oliver (or maybe his bratva buddies?) may need to help out.

6. Helping the audience get clarity on the various bad guys

Is it just me, or is keeping track of the villains on Arrow particularly hard this season? I mean, I know we’ve got Tobias Church being all crime-lordy. And there’s Ragman, who might be a good guy or he might be a bad guy or he might be out for something else. Also, is he the same person as Prometheus? Dark shadows and face-concealing costumes make that really hard to tell.

7. Keeping other people alive

While Oliver does do a better job of not causing deaths in the present-day (only maybe killing a henchman or two), the same cannot be said of Mr. Queen back in his bratva days. That bell-ringing exercise? However awful it seems in Star City, it was way worse back in Russia.

Oliver did ring the bell, but it cost everyone else their lives. Whoops.

What else does Oliver suck at? We’ll find out in the next Arrow, airing Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.


Arrow Season 5 Spoilers: 5 Things to Know About the Premiere

arrow season 5 premiere spoilers legacy 501 oliver queen stephen amell cw
The CW

It’s been a long summer, but Arrow season 5 is about to premiere with new episodes. What does that mean? Well, for the premiere episode, “Legacy,” it means a whole lot of changes for Oliver Queen and company. Remember — most of the team dropped the whole vigilante gig after the season 4 finale.

Oliver and Felicity Smoak are still in the game, a fact complicated somewhat by their breakup and by Oliver’s new job as mayor of Star City. And they’ve got Curtis Holt hanging around the lair, but everyone else is keeping their distance.

Will the team come back? Will Oliver be forced to hire some new blood? Arrow will most likely spend much of the coming season answering these questions. In the meantime, however, here are a few Arrow season 5 spoilers from the premiere.

1. Thea hasn’t gone far.
While Thea Queen may have hung up her Speedy hood at the end of last season, Oliver’s baby sister is sticking close to family — she clearly has a major role in the mayoral office, often covering for her absent brother.

2. The more things change, the more crime stays the same…
Sure, Damien Darhk is as dead as his creepy, subterranean utopia, but other bad guys are happy to pick up the slack. We meet one of them — Tobias Church (Chad L. Coleman) — in “Legacy,” and he’s all kinds of evil-awesome. Another baddie, Prometheus, seems to be in the mix as well. Who he (?) is and what he wants, we’ll be finding out over the next few episodes.

3. Killing is back on the menu.
You know how Oliver hasn’t been doing much in the way of killing over the past couple of years? Yeah, that’s over with. There’s some violence both in flashbacks and in the present-day. Not everyone is OK with this turn of events.

4. Oliver and Felicity aren’t exactly on the same page, relationship-wise.
Things are impressively friendly between these former significant others — think season 1/2 friendliness with occasional reminders of the attraction between them. Interestingly, one of these two may be reading more into this attraction than the other.

5. Always a triangle…
As anyone who has watched the Arrow season 5 trailer knows, Felicity has a new man in her life. The character is more than just a pretty face and appears elsewhere in the episode. Who is he and how does he figure into the new season? The episode doesn’t give a lot of answers. The character is clearly related to law enforcement.

Arrow season 5 premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm on The CW.

Watch the Arrow Season 5 Trailer from Comic-Con

The Arrow season 5 trailer was released at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. What’s in it? Well, there is a whole bunch of Green Arrow fighting, along with some clues that things will be changing the new season. For one thing, Oliver Queen seems ready to take on some apprentice vigilantes in his ongoing quest to save Star City.

In addition to Echo Kellum’s Curtis Holt, the wannabe vigilantes include Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin) and Wild Dog (Rick Gonzales). There’s no word on which of these trainees will remain on the team.

The new trailer does make it clear that supposedly departed team members Thea Queen and John Diggle won’t be gone for long. Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity are still working together to save the city — even while Oliver takes the office of Mayor.

Arrow season 5 will premiere on Wednesday, October 5 on The CW.

Arrow Season 4 Finale: Defeating Darhk

arrow season 4 finale schism oliver queen stephen amell cw

Arrow has been something of a roller coaster this year, what with strange subplots and death and magic twists all over the place. What does this mean for the Arrow season 4 finale? Keep reading to find out!

Evil Guy Isn’t Done Eviling

Damien Darhk’s grand plan may have been reduced to Stepfordian rubble in the previous episode, but he’s got plenty of evil left. And where does one direct evil when short on time? At Felicity Smoak, of course!

A bunch of threats from everyone later and Curtis Holt is bleeding on the floor while Darhk gets away with his scowling daughter (appropriate for the only child of an evil demigod, I guess). Oh, and he got all the Rubicon access info too, so that nuclear apocalypse scenario is back on.

Yes, he’s cool with just destroying the world. No, that makes no sense. But Damien Darhk is eeeeeeeevvvvviiilllll so don’t overthink it.

It’s Bad, In Case You Missed That

“We only have 45 minutes.” Conveniently, the time until Star City finally meets its maker is roughly the amount of time left in the Arrow episode at this point.

While the loved ones hunker down in bunkers, the heroes sit around being all hopeless and despondent and stuff like that. Even an ARGUS attack on Darhk does little to dispel the negativity, particularly after they all die horribly off-screen.

Then a bunch of people with machine guns infiltrate the secret lair. Does anyone not know where that place is now? Fortunately, those with guns are henchmen whose bullets are guaranteed to miss most of their targets. The good guys therefore fend off the attack, with surprising assists from Malcolm Merlyn and a club-wielding Felicity.

“A sane person wouldn’t live here.”

Everyone makes it through the attack OK, but they’re even more mopey than before. Felicity even confronts Oliver on the fact that he has given up hope completely.

On the plus side, Curtis isn’t dead. Near-fatal injuries notwithstanding, he’s got hope to spare — along with the rather astute observation that only crazy people still live in Star City, what with the near-destruction that happens weekly.

It’s enough. Oliver immediately rushes into a riot-ish street and stands on a taxi to give a rousing speech to the masses.

OK, is it just me, or does the setting of this particular speech seem a lot like a similar scene in Sharknado 2? Only without sharks and chainsaws.

Sharks or missiles? Hard to tell...
Sharks or missiles? Hard to tell…

Instead of a flying shark, a nuclear missile comes flying at the city. Did you know that you can just disarm those things with some basic electronics and witty banter? Apparently you can, which is something Felicity and Curtis should maybe tell the rest of the world before all the rest of the nukes arrive.

Darhk Just Wants to End the World in Peace… Not Gonna Happen

With the speeches and nuke-stopping tech over, it’s time to move on to some other stuff. Oliver decides to head to City Hall. Diggle wants to go to, but Oliver wants him to stay behind and rally the troops. That can only happen after Lyla pep-talks him a bit though.

Oliver and Darhk go fight at the same time. Although Oliver gets beaten up for a while, most of this is just a set-up so that the citizens of Star City can rise up en masse against Darhk. There’s a bunch of magic involved with this, effectively cancelling out Darhk’s typical advantage.

It quickly devolves into a street brawl.

Down in a bunker somewhere, Felicity finds Cooper, who’s still running Rubicon because he hurts or something. This is kind of vague, but the important thing is that Felicity inspires her ex to save the world instead of ending it.

Then he dies horribly, because that was Darhk’s punishment for the “weak-willed dust mite.”

No Choice

Back at the rumble, everyone brings back-up — Ghosts and Team Arrow and random city-folk with clubs — and the whole thing goes nuts. Darhk even manages to shoot Oliver with one of the hero’s own arrows, but it doesn’t take. Oliver has to win now, after all.

Alas, to win, Oliver does need to go back to his old, killing ways. It’s fair, I suppose, to say that Oliver really has no choice but to kill Darhk, considering that the man is a magic-wielding, nihilistic, genocidal immortal otherwise.

Adios, Damien Darhk!

Oh yeah, and Curtis and Felicity stop all the other nuclear warheads from hitting targets by… Honestly, I have no clue how they do it. It involves computers.

Saying Goodbye

The team meets up after Darhk’s defeat and complains briefly about the mess in the lair before the goodbyes begin. Lance is off to a much-needed vacation with Donna Smoak. Thea follows suit by pointing out that she really, really needs a break from the killing. Diggle wants a break too, which is totally fair when you consider that he probably hasn’t been paid in a couple of years and never gets vacation days. Of course, Diggle’s idea of a vacation seems to be going back to active military duty.

Felicity’s cool with staying though and gets practically giddy with the idea of going back to Team Arrow OG.

Meanwhile, On Evil-Foreshadowing Island

Baron Reiter and the Russian-chick-whose-name-I-still-keep-forgetting (Taiana, actually) have a death-magic stare-off that ends in Reiter dead and Taiana all death-crazed nutty. She almost kills Oliver before demanding her own death.

He does it — remember, this is pre-“I’m not going to kill people” Oliver, and he kills people sometimes.

The remaining former prisoners on the Island briefly threaten Oliver but they all agree that it’s OK, because Oliver’s radio to ARGUS is the only way to leave this place. ARGUS grabs the Evil Mask of Doom, and everyone gets to go home.

Except Oliver. He’s going to Russia now.

New Beginning?

Oliver finishes up the episode back in the cemetery, talking to Laurel’s tombstone and being all sad. On the plus side, Felicity’s still hanging out and being cheerful. She points out that Oliver has an internal schism, fighting his dark and light sides.

Then Oliver gets appointed mayor.

That’s what happens when you give a rousing speech in a crisis. And when every other possible candidate is very, very dead. He’ll be a busy guy next season, what with running a city and stopping crime with only Felicity still by his side…

2016-2017 Season: What’s Renewed, Cancelled, and Picked-Up?

The state of far too many of your favorite shows (Courtesy: ABC)

Ready for your TV to change?

Well, you’d better be because it’s Upfronts time. Every May, networks meet and plot and make decisions about all of their shows, renewing some and cancelling others. It’s a bit of a bloodbath. But at the end of it, we at least know what’s coming back next year and what new shows may fill the voids left behind by particularly painful cancellations.

The end results? Check out the list of shows coming (or not) for the 2016-2017 season below — it will be updated as news comes in over the next few days.



  • Agents of SHIELD
  • American Crime
  • Black-ish
  • The Catch
  • Dr. Ken
  • Fresh Off the Boat
  • The Goldbergs
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • How to Get Away with Murder
  • Last Man Standing
  • The Middle
  • Modern Family
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Real O’Neals
  • Quantico
  • Scandal


  • Agent Carter
  • Blood and Oil
  • Castle
  • The Family
  • Galavant
  • The Muppets
  • Nashville
  • Of Kings and Prophets
  • Wicked City


  • Conviction
  • Designated Survivor
  • Downward Dog
  • Imaginary Mary
  • Notorious
  • Speechless
  • Still Star-Crossed
  • Time After Time
  • Untitled Katy Mixon sitcom



  • Aquarius
  • The Blacklist
  • Blindspot
  • The Carmichael Show
  • Chicago Fire
  • Chicago PD
  • Chicago Med
  • Grimm
  • Law & Order: SVU
  • Shades of Blue
  • Superstore


  • Crowded
  • Game of Silence
  • Hannibal
  • Heartbeat
  • Heroes Reborn
  • Mr. Robinson
  • Mysteries of Laura
  • The Player
  • Telenovela
  • Undateable 


  • The Blacklist: Redemption
  • Chicago Justice
  • Emerald City
  • The Good Place
  • Great News
  • Marlon
  • Midnight, Texas
  • Powerless
  • Taken
  • This Is Us
  • Timeless
  • Trial & Error
  • Untitled Mike Schur comedy



  • 2 Broke Girls
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Blue Bloods
  • Criminal Minds
  • Elementary
  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Life in Pieces
  • Madam Secretary
  • Mom
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • NCIS: New Orleans
  • Scorpion


  • Angel from Hell
  • CSI: Cyber
  • The Good Wife
  • Mike and Molly
  • Person of Interest
  • Rush Hour


  • Bull
  • Doubt
  • The Great Indoors
  • Kevin Can Wait
  • MacGyver
  • Man with a Plan
  • Pure Genius
  • Training Day



  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Bones (for a final season 12)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Empire
  • Family Guy
  • Gotham
  • The Last Man on Earth
  • Lucifer
  • New Girl
  • Rosewood
  • Scream Queens
  • The Simpsons
  • Sleepy Hollow


  • Bordertown
  • Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life
  • Grandfathered
  • The Grinder
  • Minority Report
  • Second Chance


  • 24: Legacy
  • APB
  • Exorcist
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Making History
  • The Mick
  • Pitch
  • Prison Break
  • Shots Fired
  • Son of Zorn
  • Star



  • The 100
  • Arrow
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • The Flash
  • iZombie
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Legends of Tomorrow
  • The Originals
  • Reign
  • Supernatural
  • The Vampire Diaries


  • Beauty and the Beast (final season airing this summer)
  • Containment


  • Frequency
  • No Tomorrow
  • Riverdale
  • Supergirl (moving from CBS for season 2)



  • Faking It (MTV)
  • House of Lies (Showtime)
  • Recovery Road (Freeform)


  • Will (TNT)

* Not all cancellations, renewals, and pick-ups are listed here, simply because it’s way too hard to keep track of them. I am adding information as I see it though.


Arrow Recap: Guilt and Legacies in Canary Cry

arrow season 4 canary cry john diggle david ramsey cw

This week on Arrow

In the aftermath of Laurel’s death, Team Arrow deals with their grief in their own ways. It becomes a little more of a challenge when a new player shows up in Star City while an old one exacts her revenge.

Blame Game

Out of everyone, Digg blames himself the most for Laurel’s death. He sees a direct correlation between listening to his brother over Oliver, leading to the events of Darhk killing Laurel. While Oliver tries to encourage him to not blame himself, he doesn’t listen.

Later, when Digg opens up to Felicity she says she wasn’t there and doesn’t really know what to say, essentially letting him believe that it could have been his fault.

Felicity finds Oliver and they talk. She knows that he’s beating himself up about everything, again. He tells her that he shouldn’t feel responsible, but he does. She says she feels the same and tells him about her conversation with Digg.

She tells him that he was looking to her to absolve some of his guilt, but she couldn’t because she feels guilty that she wasn’t there. She blames herself on some level for Laurel’s death because she left.

He asks her if she knows why he always blames himself, and his answer is because sometimes they just need an answer when a situation is completely unreasonable.

Their conversation is cut short when Felicity gets a call from Lyla who is looking for Digg, who happens to be AWOL. They leave to go find him.

Where is he, you ask? He’s going after Ruve Adams. He shoots her driver and limo passenger with tranq darts and holds a gun to her head. He’s about to shoot her for revenge when Oliver shows up and shoots the gun out of his hand.

They scream at each other and Digg breaks down. He’s so angry that Andy is still out there, still able to hurt the people he loves. Oliver tells him that this isn’t him, and he can never forget that. No matter what he does, it’s not gonna bring Laurel back, and they can never become the people they try to save the city from.

Later, Felicity apologizes to Digg for letting him think he was responsible. She tells him that she was dealing with her own guilt and that he doesn’t know that Laurel would still be alive if his actions had been different. There is no way to know.

Digg says that he always tells Oliver to not have a blind spot, but that’s exactly what he did. Meanwhile, Digg is blaming himself for something that’s not his fault. Talk about a role reversal.

Is the BC Back in Town?

Some criminals are attempting to do an arms deal when the canary cry is heard above them. The Black Canary jumps down and steals the guns.

Oliver calls a meeting of the team to discuss how they’re going to go after Darhk, but Thea thinks it’s too soon. Captain Lance is there also, and he tells the team about the BC sighting. He thinks it’s Laurel.

Someone stole the sonic device from Laurel’s belongings at the hospital. Cisco had programmed the frequency to her vocal chords only, so no one else should be able to use it.

Though Oliver and the rest of the team have accepted that Laurel is gone, Lance has not. Oliver takes him to the morgue to identify her body, leaving Lance in a state of despair.

Oliver speaks to the doctor at the morgue, thanking her for her discretion. She tells him that it’s all part of doctor-patient confidentiality. She knows of Oliver’s identity, but will not divulge any information because she feels as if they do right by the city.

He tells the doctor about the BC sighting and about someone stealing Laurel’s voice device, and asks if she can point him in any direction. She tells him about a frequent flyer, a patient that comes in often. She tells him that something is off about this girl, but she won’t give him a name.

When Thea meets Alex for a date, she asks him why he became a political operative. He never gets to answer because the BC comes out of nowhere to attack him for working with “her”. Thea is able to fight her off, but Alex gets knocked out in the process.

Thea calls Oliver and tells him what happened. He finds her and confronts her. She’s angry at him and accuses him of abandoning “us,” and leaving them at Reddington. He left them to die, because he only cared about his friends.

Back in the Foundry, Felicity tells the team that the sonic device the girl stole had been modified to fit her voice, and that she’s been using it at much higher decibels than Laurel ever did.

Oliver explains that she mentioned Reddington Industrial, which happens to be the H.I.V.E. compound that Darhk held them in when they were kidnapped.

They discover that her name is Evelyn Sharp, and her parents were killed the gas chambers they were held in. She attacked Alex because he took a job working for Ruve, who is associated with H.I.V.E.

Dissatisfied with the fact that the new BC is not Laurel, Lance calls Nyssa. She is grateful that he did, as she considered Laurel a good friend. Unfortunately, Lance didn’t just call Nyssa for comfort, he called her because he intended on reviving Laurel in the Lazarus Pit.

Nyssa tells him that she destroyed the pit months ago. He says there has got to be another way, and he’s gonna find it.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

We’re not on the island for this flashback, guys. Instead, we’re in Season 1.5. At Tommy’s funeral.

The episode opens with his funeral, and Oliver is supposed to be delivering the eulogy. But, as we know from the beginning of Season 2, Oliver left for Lian Yu, right? He did, just not right away.

See, Oliver was there for Tommy’s funeral, but he couldn’t bring himself to let anyone see him. Except Laurel that is, who stood in Oliver’s place to deliver the eulogy.

Sometime later, Oliver shows up at Laurel’s door, not knowing where else to go. He tells her that he tried to write the eulogy, stayed up all night trying to, but all he wrote down were happy memories of them.

He tells Laurel that he failed him. He came back with a second chance, one to make the city better and he couldn’t. Laurel tells him that he can’t blame himself, but then again, at the time, Laurel had no idea that Oliver was the Arrow.

A week later, Oliver visits Laurel again. They reminisce about the past, and how they made a great team. Laurel tells him that she was thinking about what he said about saving the city and she thinks that he can, that they can do it together.

Later, Laurel finds a note that Oliver left for her, it explains that he needs to go away (which we know is to Lian Yu) and encloses the picture of her that she once gave him.

Moving Forward

After Digg attacked Ruve, she releases a press statement calling to issue arrest warrants to all of the city’s vigilantes. Starting with the vigilante that attacked her staff member, Alex Davis — The Black Canary.

Ruve plans on dedicating the arrest of the BC to the recently passed, beloved Assistant District Attorney, Laurel Lance (fully knowing Laurel’s true identity).

Oliver gets a call from Nyssa, and he goes to meet her. She tells him about Lance and being worried about his actions. Oliver goes to find him and stop him from doing anything rash. Lance lashes out at Oliver, telling him he doesn’t understand what it’s like to lose a child. Oliver agrees, but he does know what it’s like to lose a father, a mother, and Laurel. Because they have lost her.

Captain Lance breaks down. Laurel has always been there for him. After Sara died, and he became an alcoholic, Laurel was there. She is his rock, and he doesn’t know what to do without her.

Felicity gets a hit on Evelyn’s location. She’s planning on attacking Ruve at a mayoral function. The team shows up, poised to stop her, but they’ve got their own problems with the newly minted vigilante taskforce in full effect.

When a guard sneaks up on Evelyn, she lets out a canary cry, which alerts all the other guards (and Team Arrow) to her presence. Oliver finds her and tries to stop her from doing what she’s going to do, but she goes after the mayor anyway. She shoots Oliver and turns the gun on Ruve.

Oliver tries one more time to stop her by saying that this isn’t what the BC would want her to do. This isn’t what the Black Canary stood for.

Evelyn puts the gun down and Ruve calls for their arrest but they escape.

Back in the Foundry, Thea is upset that the world is going to remember the Black Canary as a criminal because of Evelyn, and not the hero that Laurel was.

At the funeral, Lance and Dinah walk together to say goodbye to their daughter.

Oliver stands up to deliver a eulogy. He tells everyone that Laurel always wanted to do something good for the world. In order to preserve her memory, he reveals that Laurel was the Black Canary. She was a hero and she would expect everyone to live up the standard that she set.

The final scene of the episode was the one that haunted us for almost an entire season. Barry shows up as Oliver stands over Laurel’s grave. He tells him that it’s not his fault, and Oliver knows that — but it’s his responsibility to end it. Once and for all. He says he’s going to kill him.

Oliver gets in the car with Felicity, she tells him that he knows what he has to do. He tells her that he knows but doesn’t know how to. Darhk’s magic is too strong. He’s seen it before, back on Lian Yu, and it’s not just magic, it’s darkness.

Felicity says that she refuses to believe that he can’t defeat it. She tells him that she fell in love with him for many reasons and one of them is that he always finds a way. He has to find a way now.

For Laurel. For the city. For all of them.

Catch Arrow next Wednesday at 8pm on The CW!

Arrow Recap: Saying Goodbye to the Canary Cry


This week on Arrow

It’s the episode we’ve waited an entire season for. Ever since that premiere we’ve been speculating who exactly would end up in that grave. Tonight we finally found out.

Brothers in Arms v Brothers in Blood

Andy Diggle has been staying with his brother and Lyla since his rehabilitation from Darhk’s mystical persuasion powers. Digg runs into Andy, who is mysteriously retrieving a gun from the Diggle’s home.

Andy tells Digg that Malcolm Merlyn came to see him. He warns him that there’s something going on between Merlyn and Darhk and that they want him to help hijack a shipment of missiles.

Back in the foundry, Oliver tells the team that he has seen Damien’s idol before — on the island. It’s the same one that Reiter had.

When comes time for the missile hijacking, Oliver and Digg await the signal from Andy to help stop the operation. They are able to stop the shipment, but Oliver finds that it was just a little bit too easy of a mission.

Oliver’s initial assumption was right, because while they were out, Malcolm and his merry band of former league misfits took the opportunity to show up in the foundry to find Thea and Laurel.

Merlyn demands that they hand over the idol. Thea fights him, and she almost bests him with two swords crisscrossed over his neck, but he knocks her out of the way and disappears with the idol.

When Oliver and Diggle return, Oliver feels guilty about not being there to help them. While talking to Laurel, Oliver comments on just how easy the mission was. He tells her that he has doubts that Andy isn’t still working for Darhk.

The team tracks Merlyn to a warehouse. Things go awry and Andy ends up getting shot with an arrow. He survives it, and tells them that they need to get to Darhk before Merlyn has a chance to give him back his idol.

When Digg is patching up Andy in the foundry, Andy expresses his fear that Darhk will find them and kill them. Digg tells him that he can’t do anything, because there’s a crucial piece missing from the idol that prevents it from working.

Overhearing this, Oliver snaps at Diggle for revealing information with Andy (whom Oliver is having a hard time trusting). Later, when Oliver finds Andy snooping he confronts him about looking for the missing piece and tries to intimidate him into telling the truth.

Unfortunately, this is the exact moment Digg walks in to see his best friend torturing his brother. Digg takes Andy’s side and kicks Oliver out. When he sees him in the foundry later, he tells Oliver that he is stuck in self-pity and self-righteousness and that is why Felicity left him.

Oliver tells Digg that he is the one who always told him not to let family be a blind spot, but it seems he’s having a hard time taking his own advice.

Baddie Boys Club

After stealing the idol, Malcolm heads to Iron Heights to deliver the idol to Darhk.

If you’re wondering why Merlyn has been doing some of Darhk’s evil bidding, it’s because he struck himself a little deal. When Darhk gets out and H.I.V.E. moves forward with Genesis, Malcolm and Thea will be saved.

Merlyn gives Darhk the idol, but that crucial piece is missing. He sends him back out to retrieve the last piece so that the idol will work again for him.

Meanwhile, on Flashback Island

Oliver and Taiana are on their way to take down the guards and release the prisoners when Taiana breaks down. She sits and pulls out an old photograph, one of her brother. Oliver is reminded of the photograph he kept of Laurel, but tells Taiana that she can’t stay rooted in the past, not if she wants to survive.

Taiana comes running out of the cave screaming. She is convincing enough that the guards are drawn to go and look inside. Once there, Oliver begins to attack them while Taiana begins to free the other prisoners.

Once Oliver shoots the guards, they realize that they need to find a way to trap Reiter inside. Luckily for them, there just happens to be a massive pile of C4 at their handy disposal. They place the bombs and knock down the front of the cave.

Taiana tells Oliver that he was right, the island did change him. Oliver shares his picture of Laurel with her, and wonders what she would think of him now. Taiana says that is he doesn’t make it out alive, she will go and explain everything to Laurel. And if she doesn’t make it out alive, he must go to Russia to find her parents and explain (helllllooooo, Bratva.)

Unfortunately for them, Reiter still has the idol. And with great idols, comes great power. He blows out the blocked entrance and he’s obviously not too happy about their little plan.

Fallen Hero

When Laurel goes with Oliver to lend his vocal support to Ruvè on her mayoral win, Ruvè introduces herself to Laurel and asks her if she would be the next District Attorney (since she’s promoted the current one).

She ends up discussing the possible career move with multiple people. Most notably, with her father. They meet for some tea (at that Chinese restaurant the Lance’s love so much). Lance tells Laurel that he doesn’t really want her working for Ruvè, and finally approves of her status as the Black Canary. However, being the new DA means putting away the mask.

When she finds out about Malcolm bringing the idol to Darhk, she uses her status as current Assistant District Attorney to have all of the cells checked in Iron Heights. She comes up empty, but not before a verbal showdown with Darhk.

Laurel talks to Oliver about taking the position. She tells him that she wants to turn it down and remain on the team. However, Oliver tells her that he thinks she should take it. She’s spent a long time with the goal of becoming DA and it’s time that she lets herself be the hero she can be — without the mask.

She decides to take the job, but not before suiting up one last time, to stop Darhk.

Meanwhile, Murmur (who works for Darhk) walks around the prison, handing out books to all the prisoners. These books? They’re not just filled with literature. They’ve actually got some knives stashed. The prisoners break free of their cells and attack the guards, taking two hostages.

While Lance provides a distraction, the team arrives (with Andy) to the prison. They go off to fight. Thea finds Malcolm. She’s a worthy opponent but (According to Malcolm) since she’s been cured of her bloodlust, she lacks the necessary drive to defeat him.

Darhk orders the prisoners to kill their hostages, but Oliver, Laurel, Digg, and Andy save them just in time. Darhk trains a gun on Andy and demands that everyone lower their weapons. Andy pulls the missing piece out of his pocket and hands it to Darhk.

Just as Oliver had suspected, Andy had been working for Darhk the whole time. He just needed to get close to Digg to find out where the piece had been hiding.

Thea shoots Damien with a couple arrows, but it’s too late, he’s already absorbed the power of the idol. He needs more however, so the hostages are killed to provide Darhk with more soul power.

Darhk reveals that he knows the identities of everyone. He turns to Laurel and tells her that he made a promise to her father. If he didn’t do what he said, he’s hurt her. He decides he wants to make good on that promise. He stabs her with an arrow.

Oliver rushes Laurel to the hospital. Diggle, Thea, and Felicity join him. The doctor tells them that Laurel is going to be okay. Laurel tells everyone that she’s not giving up the Black Canary, because it makes her happy.

When everyone leaves the room except Oliver, she asks him to get something from her gear. It’s an old photograph. (Sound familiar?) She tells him that she’s happy he found Felicity and that she knows that she is not the love of his life, but he will always be hers.

She starts seizing, and everyone rushes into the room while the doctors try to resuscitate her, but she flat lines.

Dinah Laurel Lance dies at 11:59 pm.

(Say hi to Tommy for us, BC. You finally got your wings.)

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