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Want to make your writing the best it can be? For that, you need an editor — and you can hire one here!

Laurel Brown is an Ivy League-educated writer and editor with experience in journalism, fiction, and screenwriting. Editing services include both copy-editing and content-editing.


Copy-editing – $1/page (approximately $0.004/word)
Content-editing – $2.50/page (approximately $0.01/word)

Both rates assume a standard 250 words per manuscript page. Special rates apply for already-formatted TV and movie scripts — $0.50 per page for copy-edits, $1 per page for editing content. I also offer a reduced rate for manuscripts previously edited by me that need one final polish.

What You Get

  • Copy-editing — This is the final polish that all manuscripts should have before they’re sent out into the world. I will check for typos, spelling/word-choice errors, punctuation, and improper grammar in order to make appropriate changes.
  • Content-editing — If you need more than just simple checks and fixes, content-editing is for you! I will suggest edits and changes that you can make to help your story flow more clearly from beginning to end. It’s your choice whether to accept or reject my suggestions! Copy-editing is also included when you hire me for content-editing.
  • Summary report — This is a short (approximately one page) summary of what I found in the editing process and where you should focus your attention going forward.

What I Edit

My editing background is mainly in fiction novels and short-form, non-fiction writing. I have also edited short stories and television scripts. If your work is in English and does not require extensive research from me, I will edit it!

Turnaround Time

Quality editing takes time — but it doesn’t have to take forever. Shorter edits can be completed within a day or two, while a novel needs at least a week. Timing is very flexible, and we can make the editing work within your schedule.


E-mail is always the best way to reach me. Send a message to laurel@docbrowntv.com and include some details about your writing project if you would like to get started!

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