About DocBrownTV

Welcome to DocBrownTV, where fun, intelligence and TV get together and throw a party.

Which shows are covered at DocBrownTV?

Over the past few television seasons, the following shows were covered (some more than others): Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, Haven, Jane the Virgin, How to Get Away with Murder, UnREAL, Teen Wolf, iZombie, Limitless, Lucifer, Supernatural, Blindspot, and The Originals.

Why only those shows?
It takes a lot of work to write about TV shows. Even with an erstwhile crew of talented freelancers (see below), it can be hard to cover everything. Plus, it’s more fun to write about the stuff we love.

But why these shows?
Because I like them. And because DocBrownTV writers like them. And because readers of DocBrownTV have the good taste to like them.

Who are you anyway?
DocBrownTV is the creation of one Laurel Brown, a sometimes TV journalist and actual, credentialed academic. Seriously, she has a PhD in the history of science and once wrote a 300-page book about 10th-century Arabic astronomy. She has more fun writing about TV though — even when such writing requires the awkward use of the third person.

Why isn’t DocBrownTV as pretty as [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH ANOTHER TV SITE’S NAME]?
This is a DIY page started by someone far more familiar with television than website creation.

Can I write for DocBrownTV?
Maybe. If you’re a good writer and reliable and not insane. Use the contact page if you’re interested — I love having new writers contribute!

I love DocBrownTV so much!!! Where can I read more of such brilliance?
For older stuff, I suggest Zap2it (now ScreenerTV), where there are literally thousands of articles written by yours truly. But if you want to stay up-to-date, try my Twitter page for 140-character nuggets of wisdom. Or something like that.

Who writes for DocBrownTV?

Thanks to a whole bunch of super-talented, diligent writers, DocBrownTV has gotten better with time. Check them out here on the site or on their Twitter feeds!

Founder/Editor — Laurel Brown — @DocBrown_TV

  • Contributor — Tanya Chetty — iZombie, How to Get Away with Murder, Limitless, UnREAL@Elektra4
  • Contributor — Josephina Manifold — Supergirl, The Flash — @Jade4813
  • Contributor — Danielle Florio — Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow @syrahandsass
  • Contributor –Kyara Roberson — Gotham, The Originals @krober94
  • Contributor — Riya Verghese — Blindspot@rsarahsays
  • Contributor — Lyra Hale — Supernatural@TheAltSource
  • Contributor — Val Williams — Empire, Sleepy Hollow@MrsValUable

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